Carillion: “Not a single penny more” ..

God Save The Queen – The National Anthem of the United Kingdom ..

Jeremy Corbyn asks the Prime Minister for assurances that “not a single penny more” will go the the chief executives and directors of Carillion.

“One rule for the super rich, another for everybody else ( ).”, Jeremy Corbyn.

“not a single penny more ( )”, Jeremy Corbyn.

And I said: “CASH for Calais security, but none to save Carillion”, surely, we need to start asking real questions, because I am not here for Jeremy Corbyn, or Theresa May with respect, but for me, my own interest and those that belong to mine (children), as the whole process affect us badly and enrich the wealthy, prosper the blessed ones and neglect the rest, mean in law, whichever the government does, the steps it takes and the far / near it goes (, reflects our society and I am one of them, in a manner that is not correct, LEGAL, acceptable, according to the principles that governs us! –

As “We, The Peoples” in the UK (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England) pay TAXES to gain any kind of services (even the homeless pay their own TAXES when purchase any kind of items in the shops, mean they are contributing to the benefit of the area, so where is the AID to them by the same council and area, including their own birth rights, laws, entitlements, benefits, human rights, but roaming freely on the road, with no one, nobody to protect them?) like in the community, because is Not cheap, free, but never at any time to destroy with any excuses, issues, matters, time relate, deals, lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), blame, frame after, innocents, using coercion, intolerance, abuse of power and profession, hate propaganda, unprovoked attack, as I am one of those victims! –

As a victim, the Simple task to find a job in the community “unaided ( mean without, “who is your friend” )” is a complete torture, chambers of horrors, bad dreams (, nightmare, because those jobs and places are ONLY reserved for “who is your friend”, even paying taxes and this reflect the bureaucracy that we habitat, even falsely blame peoples of lies and somehow selected to enforce them to work for them and free, like the WWII victims and/or perish in the holocaust?! –

I was just told by the council staff, that I need a car and wonder if they know truly, why the job is for, if not to gain the finance to own a car (I remember helping sister with cash and prove of money-gram since 1990, till I went to mexico and sold my VW land, mean £100 per moth, for more than 20 years and during those blessed years ££$$, she could pay a new car and even purchase a property in Mexico if saved, never asked nothing in exchange, before, or now, except not to forget the past, but penalise your blood, “when own a miserable quote of power” and thanks to those that are exploited within family, sold for peanuts with any lies: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc, that is not right, because I don’t work for the Mexican, or UK government, but some members of my family that enrich, prosper and aid together with the ex/husband “family problems”, like happened to soco, with the “nada malo beto” and now is my turn, but before blame and frame to mislead the course of the law?! -), mean any kind of excuses for not to hire you and RACISM which is against the law, manipulation, interference and the difference in treatment between one person to another (one member of the family to another!!), by any means, ways, lies, blames, frames, excuses, then blame us after of living with benefits, from the state and even exploiting services in the community and/or any excuse for me to expose the segregate culture, racism, intolerance, abuse of power and profession, because I can probe of the same matter (job) in any court of law, with own writing and I am not just lying, but them, that enrich from the pain of the rest!! –

The same abuse of power and profession affect my life, when expose such matters, even my services in the community restricted, manipulate, controlled, mean I pay is not free, but many times over charged and for me to expose and again, I can probe matters in any court of law, mean unprovoked attack and I question where is the law to my aid? –

I protect me and mine (children) with the law, any law worldwide, including Canon Law, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker



Queen Elizabeth II: “Brexit, or not Exit?” –

God Save The Queen

It is obvious that without the news anchor, there is not coverage and the same who create the news, as you can read today with the NHS struggle, but doctors wages unaffected (?), also one moment we are in the 2nd Brexit stage, but the next moment backs a 2nd referendum, mean keeping the country uphold, unstable, with a coup d’e’tat, hijacked, pinned in the wall with Brexit excuses, land into the unknown world for so long AND after seeing that there is not EXIT one way, or the other, then find a culprit, excuse, someone to frame and even a victim to blame after, “when dare to wear the Australian hat”, without mention Trump remarks complete unnecessarily, without credit, contest, unfriendly, while the UK uphold the free country speech system, but for some peoples only apply, because in reality is badly affected (When last night wanted to explain to my kind my “point of view” into certain things from them, because the next thing I don’t want is them to be financially exploited by the same “family problems” and in order to develop own career, job, dreams and ambition in life, then the next day which is today, 12/1/2017, I got a phone call out of the blue, from the gestapo, mean a place that I was not expected, “until I act upon” not them to me, but suddenly happened, mean comes from last night matters, no wonder I keep losing employments, business, opportunity, education and everything by unsolicited hate propaganda, when the law exist to clarify, but wonder who repairs after the damaged?!- Furthermore when I never ever educate my children into this kind of world, grassing situation, like “dad can you tell him?”- but always ask them to speak, speak, speak, speak and speak each other until any misunderstanding, issues, matters are fully resolved, never ever pass the law, even dare to call somebody else to fix your own family, never, ever, that is the low and the worse of the worse and that is sell your own family for nothing, because any misunderstanding between families can be easy resolved and explain even in a court of law to repair, fix, so who is causing this mayhem between me and my kind, reasons, grounds and when I do the same to you and your family? – I believe strong comes from the ex/husband “family problems” excuses in which the council and government staff relay heavy, “because I am Mexican, impossible”, including my elder sister husband that works for the Mexican government, because “I am unemployed” and I know truly well that everything that comes against me, arrives from higher places and as mention before, “orders” in a form of many ways, forms and shapes, including phone calls, because he is always present when I communicate with my children even by Skype, mean can see, hear and then expose me when see the opportunity, while the rest mothers are glorify, respect and blessed, but no me, never was me and reasons of my divorce, because I never was enough for him, always somebody comes first and me the last, but not anymore and explain in the link: ) to many of us, if dare, now if Mr Trump responds in Twitter is call all the names under the sun, while is our Human Rights to defend ourselves, our reputation and our persona above anyone, furthermore when unable to explain, the reasons why and better use the courts of justice to clarify, but my family problems deny me (with respect to the Queen: ), so how, explain and even apology, because in my case I am a nobody, but Mr Trump is the President of the Unites States of America to show respect, also with Iran issues, mean speak talks of dictators, when the United Kingdom holds a man ( ) in a peaceful country, so tell me, who is the one that suppress humanity to the lowest forms, means, ways and which human rights, freedoms of expression and peace are we talking about and with respect to may concern matters? –

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


“Golden Gloves / #MeToo movement” – speak out against sexual harassment ..

Golden Globes 2018: Stars speak out against sexual harassment.

What concern me is not the harassment itself, with respect to may concern matters, as sexual abuse and harassment against women by men comes from centuries ago, but “Golden Gloves / #MeToo movement” somehow “THANKS” own mother for personal life, matters, issues, encouragement and “as if VIOLENCE against women was a twisted joke from the past and not a crime in law”, while my ordeal and many women worldwide need more than simple WORDS as encouragement to stay alive, happy, content and continue develop own life in holy peace, NEVER EVER feel intimidate, with fear from father, brother, nephew, cousin, husband, ex/husband and men in general, but respect, protect, safeguard and furthermore stay alive, because the same as me is the rest and with respect?! –

etc ..

In my case is not excuse to bring my matters into the police and law places when expose my abusive bullies / family in general, but somehow I don’t see the point anymore, because I already done in the past (with respect to the Queen: ) and so how many more times before, I can gain protection, the law and services in the community, much more for the rest members of my family to stop me, with any excuses imaginary to mind, furthermore when see us as meal ticket to better life (, mean after any family LEADER perish, passed away and removed with intent (, then continue TRASHING, BULLYING, ABUSE, SPREAD and MURDER SPREE within “family and their own problems!!” –

It’s not point from me to sue anyone from family members, even ex/husband that we are divorce, but use our children as form of links, furthermore when the rest takes over, dismiss, deny, hide, helps and even acts as Judas, leaders, fanatics that helps each other, forget somehow the past and invent endless lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc)!! –

A system create that way, so everyone can eat, subside, study, live, travel, prosper and enrich life to the fullest, “as if some form of lottery ticket that you need to win”, with the pain from own blood and reflects truly in my blog (, circulate in public to expose bullying and encourage, safeguard, protect my children (as I already lost unborn children by the intolerance!!), never to thank me, but my kind (children) alone to be so brave, because my family and their own members are not my reflection to be confusse, neither what they looks like, but hide, furthermore aware of danger, mean remove from them at all cost, always polite said 3 words and disappear from the view, otherwise they will drag you into their own messed life – to never end! –

TODAY IS “OK” FOR ME TO EXPOSE MY ABUSIVE PAST, LIFE AND MURDER SPREE, but NEVER before, as need to exploit, cash and steal my life by whoever made this way the turmoil, abuse, intolerance and crime, except silence, pushed aside, grounded, deny, exposed, bullied and lost everything by any excuses (mexican, brown, etc), slander and lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, china girl, etc)!!?-

My children should not be in the way to justify to nobody, is not for us the matters at any time, but whoever create the criminal activity, murder spree, intolerance, confusion, abuse, endless lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), games and weird world against own blood – as me (my unborn children!!), sisters (lupy, flor, soco, etc) and brother (jose), because all the members of my family can read my blog – no problem and this reflects perfectly, when my children is telling me (a few days ago) that, “when I visit them to let them know, as maybe busy and etc”, exactly the same happened to sister (soco) by her child (betito) and when she went to visit him to veracruz, but in different words (of course!!), “that own father (beto hazz) don’t want her (soco) in veracruz”, (as if we are begging for the love of our children and from which planet those men comes from?!), mean the same intolerant attitude that comes from the ex/husbands (beto hazz and david parker) against us (me, soco, etc), furthermore when fully divorce (so what divorce is for, if those men use their own blood children to form links with ex/wives and continue dominate the faena against our lives to the worse possible ways, forms and shapes, because is not just me and sister soco, but the rest victims RIP and many times with help from own family, that is the disgrace!! – I say this matter, as my sister soco just passed away RIP, mean in law is not enough for that men, beto hazz, david parker, or still wants more to satiate their own insides, because I lost unborn children, furthermore when beto hazz is a solicitor in veracruz and david parker done jury service in the UK, so NO EXCUSES for HARASSMENT ACTS after divorce anymore and to ex/wives, neither ignorance of the law, but full aware of own responsibilities, regulations, laws, rights, benefits and respect to us, above all, we are the mothers of own children not them, because bernard parker never used that way, neither the father of beto hazz that I don´t remember his name and if we remember very well, so behold, that I am holding the law by the use of my blog and as student of the law, but not on my yard, neither on my name, furthermore in my family?!!), but SOMEHOW today is me, mean reflects in the same way as sister (soco), mean I have to pay for something that comes from her (soco) ex/husband (beto hazz) direct, never me (but now reflects with ex/husband, david parker, as manipulate by mara who got hold of norma hazz in the past, then after carol parker and both of us “soco and I” divorced, never mara but soco and I, perhaps we need to pay for when mara divorce rafael montaño, as always bullies choose the weaks, but not me, failed, because I know full well the game of mara, she used to confide in me with everything, you may think that I sold the family with secrets, except today to clarify, expose and stop the bullshit, even told me mara, that spoke to Ivan, which was ex-boyfriend of soco and told him that soco “no conviene” and holding the sacred bible, was when soco and beto hazz was divorcing and where the “nada beto” comes from if we remember very well and was dealt with sister josefa, also reflects with me during divorce times with david parker? – SPLIT mother and children from beto and david only, can you see the similarities between me and soco and who is dong the matters and since when, except that ex-huband never paid any maintenance to own children and today, rightful to live in own home and as long as they want, mean he owns me all those years in maintenance, even if married in name because in reality never was with me, otherwise we would never be this bad and way, the same beto hazz never paid any maintenace to his own children, but forced dieter to maintain soco and her children?!!) at any time, mean the children of my sister (soco) after emigrate to own father from germany to veracruz, landed after with sister (mara and raul), only months soco divorced from dieter and create the split from mother (soco) to children (betito and riqui hazz), but I was blame / frame after, happened the same when sister josefa child landed in london during my divorce times and as the link explain, so mean comes from same sisters: mara and josefa that aid each other, including their own children that get the rewards, premiums, benefits, etc? –

Because I went to Germany only and exclusively, when sister (soco) was about to get married and on her wedding day to dieter and after my child was born (1993) not 10 years after, when sister (soco) was divorcing (dieter) and mara’s children arrived to Germany and in order to bring her children back to own father (nada malo beto, remember? !!) and if we remember, but landed with mara and raul after, mean left to own devices alone (leave her!! as ex/husband told me when wanted to see and help my sister soco and if he remember well?!!) in Mexico, Veracruz and etc and sister soco landed in UK to fight home of dieter during divorce times and she told me reasons, but that was a lie, never was possible for her, until own children (betito and riqui) sold her home (8 sherway drive) and moved somewhere else, because not even the goodbye if we remember, so what the hell they are doing in my private life and who give you the rights to intimidate, but somehow today, I need to pay for their own actions, issues and matters, because I never at any time hold any communication with any hazz herrera (excpet mara with norma hazz, neither with ivan after soco finished with him, but mara very close to him and the rest, including the ex/husband, with the help of carol parker!!??), neither members of my family, as even sister soco was detained under the mental health act and I mention before, my family and own members, children are trouble makers, destroy our life and drag you into their own world and for my children to be full aware, that the less, is the better!!? –

The SCREAM link:

The SCREAM link mean in law, that I was right to scream for help when child, when my brother (rafa) was harassing me sexually, physically, verbally and (as link may look as joke to you, but wait to experience the abnormal psychopath syndrome and the rest of my family hide the true, abuse, crime, instead to see help, the law and stop, but somehow I was selected and even mix/match with the ex/husband that looks the same as brother (rafa) and in order to love my blood – brother and wonder the state of mind of such sick peoples that call family, when in reality is against the law to have anything relate and close to own blood, so why me and who selected me, now intent my children to follow matters, because always forced the other sister (tere) to comply with me, not the one (mara) that create the madness, lies and the rest that followed (josefa, etc) after, but in reality who was behind the complete murder spree, intolerance, abuse and etc at home, mean who permitted the harassment acts, bullying and criminal activity and even trow me to their own children (pepita jr, etc) and primiada for help, learn and continue, but what a decency?! –

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


The Real excuses when predominate loneliness, loners, lunatics, madness and weirdos! –

I remember when after married to an Englishman, emigrate to the UK from Mexico and somehow my sister (tere) arrived unannounced from Houston, Tex to Manchester, UK and few days after, we went shopping to the local place that was Oldham, Lancs.

We entered the local toilets, that was placed on one side of the bus station and soon after a lady also entered next to us, obvious she need to wait her turn, as me and sister arrived first by seconds and used the two and only available toilets.

What got me by surprise coming by a large family in Mexico was the British lady attitude, mean she was talking to herself non-stop, while me and sister inside the toilets, acting as if somebody was near her place and answering her concerns, to my surprise when I opened the door was nobody, except the woman in question – alone? –

When sister opened the door found the same as me, the woman in question talking by herself, alone, then she started laughing as if funny, while I was very disconcerted, in fact molested by the whole episode, experience and insensitive attitude of my sister, furthermore when I could not speak properly English to help further, but notice the lonely figure.

The lonely figure full of prejudices in the United Kingdom, with any excuses (color, disabled, mexican, etc), because in Mexico is very rare to see this kind of picture and no wonder we are famous of “amigos”, but followed me since arrived to this country (1985), because what me and sister experienced was not the first time, neither affected by old age, but young peoples, children, teenage, adults, disabled, able, age, colors, religion, sexual orientation and foreign nationals hit badly by the racism, segregate culture.

Many times I saw this whole picture of lonely people in the UK shopping places, walking alone in the streets, acting more like small phantom, than human peoples made of skin and bones, mean invisible to some and others cultures, colors and for some reasons would not befriend one another, themselves, or even between own peoples, manly by old tradition, racist attitude, segregate culture, racism, or strong fear of rejection, furthermore foreign nationals was very painful to live, watch the ordeal, because was not just me, but the rest in this country participate in the “Old English Way Of Life!!” –

One of those times when shopping, I asked the ex/husband mother the reasons why and she told me “the weather”, foreign peoples would not come out in cold weather, but after 30 + years living in the UK, left alone to my own devices and as the ex/husband told me when another sister (soco) arrived to the British shores, “leaver her”, that the weather excuse was not the reasons, but misleading the public by a prejudice society, community and segregate culture like my family demonstrate with me and mine (children), explain properly in my blog ( with more than 600 + notes to aid my problems and following link: mean, we are not alone, but affect badly anyone! –

The reasons why, I tell my children to keep away from family affairs (and I mean both families), problems, issues, fortunes, ups and downs, because they are only using us now, for so long left us alone in the UK (1985 – 2017), unable to participate within own life (if we remember very well, but so young my children to even remember, when Bernard had to sit with us in one table, while carol, david, betty parker, sid and iris sit in another table in blackpool, celebrate own parents marriage anniversary, apparently we came together to the same restaurant, but in reality 2 tables and complete apart from each other, today act, as if those times never existed, furthermore slander of envy and any other kind of excuses to deviate own racist attitude, actions, segregate culture, racism!!), let alone eat, study, work and earn a decent salary, mean live in general a normal life like the rest, but always excluded with intention, lies, malice (because my family was also involve, excuses of 5 boys, the river, the kiss and etc landed in the UK, together with ex-husband family that played the racist card, pushed us to limits and into this kind of horrid, segregate life, by own makings, pretend something else and deviate own racist attitude towards and against us!!), even in funerals (missed my parents, sisters, brother, etc) and somehow during that time (1985-2017), arrived the UK hide from us, a wave of bullies lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) against my reputation, appear just before divorce (2012) “to en-mark the same end”, introduce themselves in London, away from Manchester, mean without my presence and again, excluded.

I cannot speak about one person only, but the rest thieves and robbers that appear after stole my life, sold me to the best bidder, removed years and years of hard work from me and passed with easy to whoever wanted, excuses, lies, that today is not possible and if we have any kind of decency, respect into our persona and I mean me and my children, remove from “family problems”, mean for the first time in my life and after I know what I know today, from them against us, for so long, “together with a wave of criminal activity that lasted, stopped and after everything from me destroyed”, that I agree with own father words, “leave them!” –

What I believe strong is that loneliness can be a passage of life, after so long left alone in the UK (leave her!!), that I learned to live with myself, love and respect my persona above anyone, except my children, that today I canalize properly in my free spare time – sacred, for one time in my life is me, not them “family problems” that dominate, matter, but enjoy my company to the fullest, create my own dreams even with writing, instead of their own that nothing brings, neither create and never worry if such peoples that call friends, remember me, because I am not, furthermore avoid the state of pressure from the rest, that create about “lonely life”, because many times such peoples are more lonely that me and you together and that confusion, may times lead the victim with wrong peoples, gangs, friends, cultures and passages of life! –

In other words and plain English “loneliness” is create only by bureaucratic society, community, family problems and their own environment, prejudices, nothing else and is clear to see, when one against the other by full ignorance of the true facts, furthermore when never travels more than a few yards from own home, so how you expect peoples and cultures to a-brace each other, one another and even open a wave of communication and as such, my children and I should not be hold into this kind of world, never feel that we are in the wrong, ashamed, because nothing comes from us before, but peoples and own responsibility should start addressing attitude, stigmas, racism, prejudices, world, intolerance, abuse, etc.

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


Queen Elizabeth II: “Prenuptial Agreement to Prince Henry (Harry)” –

God Save The Queen ..

Princе Hаrry аnd Meghаn Marklе rеlationship tension, аs Quееn lеaves future royаl ‘hurt’-

I hope Prince Henry ( – known worldwide as Prince Harry ) appreciate and respect His Grandma, The Queen Elizabeth II intentions and regarding the “prenuptial agreement” and in order to safeguard and protect his Royal status, Monarchy, Persona, Environment and Fortune may no happy today, but hope tomorrow is Not a different story, so please respect! –

The small fortune ( was left to Prince Harry by his own mother, HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP) and this FB page and my other one, represent both (because I am unaware of where is Diana, Princess of Wales family, but leaving me and The Queen to sort the matters and what is more painful in full public display, may blame / frame after and Not who is responsible, but us to mediate? – ), The Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Princess Diana of Wales, with respect:

Those 2 FB pages, never ever I wrote at any time, for a pastime, to take full advantage, the center of the place, become famous, big and almighty, but for everybody to know, read the pros and cons of the matters, furthermore the painful past, to no avail! –

As I wrote before and I repeat today one more time, never the matter represent any color, religion, age, sex orientation, or any other kind of excuse to meddle things, but safeguard the interest of Prince William and Prince Harry, motivate because, Diana, Princess of Wales was more inclined to worry about Prince Henry (Harry), than Prince William, furthermore when she knew full well (and on that time, not this time and as if planed, prepare, etc?), that the first one (Prince William) life would be different to his brother, mean more easy and today we witness the matter, she was complete right and mention in the following link:

I am the first one to believe strong, that Prince Harry need to be settle down and the sooner, the better, me and mine are not interested for the post and with respect to may concern, but one of His kind, of what He was born for, never us a nobody, only acting on behalf of his mother, HRH Princess Diana of Wales and as surrogate sister, by far distance, using the internet social places, open for everyone to read, never interfere, but open to dialogue, simple, because unaware of where the rest of Her Spencer family presently habitat, that need the initiative always – which is me and then come after to collect the easy part, freebies, rewards and with respect, but anyone shows respect to own sister?!! –

Yes I am angry, because this is not my duty, care, or place, neither The Queen Elizabeth II to be left alone with the problem and full responsibility, but the better of my ability, because I am not Royal, so no liable, but the people responsible, not just to hold the small fortune (, logos, revenue, trade marks and rights, but the responsibility that con-tray the same family status! –

The boys (Prince William and Prince Harry) is the reasons to create the FB page and in Memory of Princess Diana of Wales, that surge in incredible likes 1.188 and followers 1.233, with thanks and appreciation to everyone, because Kate and Meghan comes with own mothers to protect.

I am not over passing the law, as this FB page is open for everyone to read, acknowledge matters and open to dialogue, discussion, so I stand with the Queen Elizabeth II, anything that She wants better for her own Royal Family and nobody ever at any time – should question The Monarchy, because Prince Henry (Harry) and Prince William born into, mean since children know own Duty, not the public, media, or future family, but them alone responsible young men! –

Because the Monarchy is not an American Show, but an English Institution that comes from centuries ago and nobody has the rights to change the same to own advantage, modernize, but respect the rules to safeguard own legacy! –

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


Pope Francis: “First Homeless Jesus, Installed in Glasgow City Centre” –

Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord – Boney M

Britain’s FIRST ‘Homeless Jesus’ unveiled in Glasgow: “Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon said ( It sends a powerful message – that homelessness could affect any of us at any given time of our lives ( What is equally significant about this particular piece of art is that there are now over 75 of these statues worldwide, from India to Australia and even in the Vatican, demonstrating that homelessness is not just a challenge for a few countries – it is a truly global issue which requires all of our attention” –

And I said: “I went to Glasgow shopping center a few days ago, the view with the homeless is not any better, never pardon the truth fact that is Christmas, disgusting indeed, shame to the UK government and staff, because peoples lives are not political paws”-

Furthermore when intent to label the rest and even parents (, because many need to borrow cash to own children for basic (SOFA) necessities and I can probe in law my words, so down the slander, lies and intolerance, as the community should not be penalize for the (local) government mistakes! –

We can take anyone to the courts of law and prove otherwise, furthermore when spread malicious intent against humanity (, furthermore when speak for everyone with intent to harm the rest, because in reality is only a few UK parents that can afford Christmas presents (, neither my problem into how, benefit agency staff access and conduct own business affairs, but mislead the course of the law with lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) is against the law! –

I am not the Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Joan of Arc, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, neither represent the Vatican, or work in conjunction with Pope Francis and in order to be used, then abused after, when my notes express what the rest is thinking about, furthermore when news should be according to the truth and reality of the case, never mislead the course of the law to earn more and hide the sad / bad situation, because slander is costing nowadays and the rest own living standards, life and progression, so let’s be an example ( to the world and not a cause and effect to regret after!-

Because falsely accuse community for own failures ( is not the correct answer to any crisis, when disabled, able, color, age, religion, sexual orientation and the rest are Not politicians, neither represent the community in (local) government affairs, furthermore responsible for the UK’s productivity problems, much more when the UK system comes a long way with the issues, matters and problems, before Margaret Thatcher ruled the UK and I emigrate from Mexico to be blame / frame after, then en-forced (peoples: “to live within our means – In tough times, everyone has to take their share of the pain, Theresa May”- I wonder why me and my children involve, when UK services removed, otherwise I would not be here writing in my blog the horrid ordeal, with respect to the Queen Elizabeth II but born in Mexico not from English mother to know better and learning the English law to protect my kind. As I can see with my children making my own mistakes by the mislead, lies and intolerance from the rest, unaware of the English law, rules, regulations properly, even in employment – after an accident, because even the “wear and tear” need to be reported at work and GP and asap, but repeat own father words of “leave her / him”, mean leave peoples to own mess and that leave her / him is neglect and that neglect is a crime. As community-watch, we are all responsible for the welfare of the rest, even ex/husband, because his mother an English woman and jury service to know better, but report to the police for forcing my children to leave the rest to own mess, when is a crime, neglect and abuse, then blame and frame after?- I left my sister soco when emigrate to the UK from Germany, forced by the ex/husband “to leave her alone”, so many times saw me in fragrant delivering her food parcels to be grilled after, he was watching me from a distance, perhaps spy and followed by the same staff from grocery stores, trafford hospital and everywhere I went, then my direct family after, falsely accused me of slander, lies, blame and frame, nobody ever bother to ask me the reasons/ grounds, until now writing in my blog with more than 600 + notes, but carry on manipulate the ex/husband family to own pleasure, cashing ££$$ and as link shows. Since then and with the wave of intolerance into my life, with endless LIES against my reputation, that followed after and cashed “££$$$” to own advantage that I don’t follow orders anymore, but follow my own instincts and learn the rules, laws and regulations of the UK, because I am not paying my taxes for to leave peoples in own mess “leave her / him”, furthermore my children not matter age are going to be used, abused, frame and blame after, but educate properly by the REAL laws, not somebody else laws as own father, ex/husband with cruelty against human peoples, twist believe of “”leave her / him” in own mess, no help whatsoever, even homeless comes with rights and responsibilities. I can take to the courts of law, whoever want to challenge me and whoever is responsible for mislead the course of the law to own advantage, irresponsible attitude of “leave her / him” in own mess, but pay for own mistakes, twisted believes, irresponsible attitude, mislead to frame and blame after innocents peoples, like me and my children forced!- As where is responsible peoples paying, sharing, living ordeal but intent to use peoples even for political introduction when SLAVERY is a crime, mean hold peoples as political paws to trade, deal, introduce each other, reflects inability to perform jobs properly!!- I mean to say that matter alone and with respect, because on the 3/12/2017 I went to the local betting place and spend some time away from home the machine at the end was broken after spend a small fortune. I was upset, but staff repaired soon after, mean show me how to cancel betting and control by just lifting the “press” buttons, cleaned, instead remove the damaged slot machine? – In my case, upset, but never used force, police, or made a further complaint and somehow matters end, when staff gave me certain coins to use after, never recoup my lost, including my brother, badly hurt – – never your staff, so can you see the reaction into one and another, mean education, respect? – I understand that one case was in mexico and another in the uk, only I am showing you the political paws, that at any time hurt anyone from your peoples, but behave in a proper way with respect and left premises when machine was damaged, why no for my brother, but perhaps wanted the introduction, trade, deals and more, furthermore how I probe this to my family, also which family member/s put me into this place to be frame / blame after, with a slot machine?! – Up to know, I am unable to know why of the connection, me and my brother, when everybody gamble, play lottery and enjoy life – no problem, no political paws, no worries and with respect to the Queen except when maybe used as political paws, because days after brexit deal was fully granted and even gained and I wonder the exact time, circumstances, reasons, matter and only when I play the machine slots, perhaps as trade deals, political paws, like Johnson in ‘frank talks’ on jailed Briton Zaghari-Ratcliffe. I knew it will come to it after used amusement arcade and UK government may granted the exit from Brussels with brexit, by political paws and even left weeks till now to mention, mean to make sure, even probe in law, as my bank statement from 3/12/2017, including video recording from premises, may delete by now, but no government deals, when taking peoples as political paws – slaves!?- ) and since 2010 change the course of benefit system using ATOS to help, soon after removed entitlements, benefits, social security and forced peoples into work with no basic education, training, shadowing and I wonder how many professionals would be happy to work that way, with such extreme conditions, but expect wonders from the rest, then who in reality responsible of UK problems? –

I protect me and mine (children) with the law, any law worldwide, including Canon Law, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


El Papa Francisco advierte sobre el mal ..

MIRIAM SOLIS – Himno a la Humildad

El #PapaFrancisco hace una nueva advertencia sobre Satanás.

Por primera vez el Santo Papa me està dando TODA la razòn y con todo respeto, al borde de redactar màs de 600 + notas en mi blog ( – por lo mismo, porque la “familia y sus problemas” TE VENDEN ( a base de mentiras; 5 hombres, el rio, la china, el beso, etc), porque no pueden dialogar entre si mismos, porque no pueden discutir sus problemas y como se hacia normalmente desde niños, porque no pueden hablar con la verdad sobre lo que està pasando en la familia, pero esperan a que tome la iniciativa y exponga TODA nuestra verdad (para despues ser duramente juzgada, perjudicada, molestada y hasta matar todo lo mio en vida sin respeto! -), para despues ganarte la partida, correguir tu vida como si fueran juezes, molestar todo tu alrededor junto con sus grupos de crimen organizado familiar (, incluyendo sus hijos bien educados en este molde de vida, “venta de familia sin respeto”, porque a los mios los educo, aùn usando mi blog, incluyendo sus Cristianos, algunos robados de mi pasado (solana senties, solis, etc), para despues echarme la culpa por lo que pase en la familia, unidos entre si, aprendiendo leccion de padres a hijos y asi poder tener la comida de por vida, basicamente vendiendo tu RAZA por nada! –

El Papa Francisco piensa que con sus sabias palabras, despues del crimen organizado, venta familiar, muertes y crimenes en mi familia nos va a devolver la fè cristiana, nos va a devolver todo lo robado y nos va a devolver la confianza otra vez – entre si mismos, piensa que no sabe a que “Satanàs” se refiere (, piensa que todabia somos ingenuos, piensa que no me doy cuenta como pasaròn y ocurrieròn nuestros pasados, piensa que no me doy cuenta “que usaron” la familia y ahora no saben como componer las cosas, piensa que mi Dios no mira, piensa que nuestro Dios no se dà cuenta, pero continuan profesando algo que ya no existe, porque la mitad de la familia falleciò y por la misma venta familiar, porque nuestros problemas se generaròn desde su parroquia (hermano rafa que mi madre lo inclinò a ser padre de la iglesia, pero resultò de su familia, sin embargo como decia hermano josè, “este refiriendose a rafa, nos vende”, quiere decir su religiòn, gobierno desde Mexicali / guadalajara, màs la robada de amistades para despues echarme la culpa! – ), incluyendo su gobierno, alta sociedad toda manipulada.

Al escribir estas palabras anteriores en mi muro del FB (Rosario Castellanos de Parker), hoy 15/12/2017 aprox 12.00 am, pasaròn varias cosas que me hicieròn entender cual y de donde se genera este problema familiar, para despues escribir lo siguiente 9 horas despues, 8.24 pm, tiempo del Reino Unido, “mientras tanto y durante el dia”, el transporte de un lado para el otro y despues el otro tambien se CANCELÔ, los baños pùblicos cerrados, al otro dia 16/12/2017, a las 7.00 am mi pierna sufriò cramp (el mismo cramp que sufria hermana mela en su pierna, despues intentò pasar a una de mis hijas, para terminar el mismo dolor en mi persona con cualquier excusa,vengativa hermana como pocas en el mundo y como decia lupita hermana es un problema grave en la familia, ahora me doy cuenta que las enfermedades no nacen, se hacen, su causa y efecto!!?-) despues de beber chocolate caliente en pret a manger restaurante, mi cuenta del FB no aparecen mis paginas, la computadora hace ruido extraño, no hay servicio del gas – ni pagando y por la misma manipulaciòn, control extremo, mentiras (5 hombres, el rio, el beso, etc), desdicha familiar que siempre se termina pagando, no quien ocacionò el problema original, pero a quien le echaròn la culpa (al borde de perder hijos en terminaciones forzadas por las mismas venganzas, control, violencia familiar, pero lo hicieròn aborto para tapar su crimen organizado, pagar mandas, excusas, odios, molestar, etc! -), pero que dia/s por Dios, tambien gracias (asi le dì las gracias a mara, cuando logrò que mario primo de raul terminara conmigo, despues saliò el ex-marido, para tambien rematar, que ya bàsicamente ni me molesto, porque siempre joden / roban todo lo mio, no hay respeto!), porque asi me doy cuenta claramente de donde viene, origina control, sobre todo manipula el mismo abuso, promueve nuestra desdicha en la familia (usàn visita y excusa de mis hijas para atacar, despues echar la culpa, igùal como la familia lo hacia conmigo, sobre todo cuando se quedaròn no solo con mi pasado, como sergio gomes pintado y asi me dijo pepita jr, pero tambien se robaròn mi presente, usando a su hermana carol parker, igùal que usaròn a norma hazz con soco, unidos en el mix-match rafa, mara y carol parker, que estos 3, me mataròn 3 hijos en terminaciones forzadas y asi poder tapar su crimen organizado familiar y todo lo crearòn en aborto, para que se viera que todo venia de mi y no de ellos!), que bàsicamente no se hubieran molestado! –

Porque no soy la ùnica que tiene problemas con los seres humanos, otros hasta con su Dios mismo (, pero al final, todos tenemos nuestros enemigos, nuestras preguntas y nadie responde, pero como mujer soy altamente juzgada, opacada, burlada, manipulada, abusada sexualmente, fisicamente, moralmente, verbalmente por hermano ( de toda una vida, para asi poder satisfacer todos sus adentros vengativos, actuar como si le perteneciera, siempre echarme la culpa al robar todo lo mio, protejido y escondido por la santa iglesia, gobierno, diablo, pero tengo FÊ en la fuerza de mi Dios! –

Se entiende que nuestro Dios no manda dolor, guerras, odios, confusiòn, tentaciòn al mundo, pero nos dà la libertad para actuar LIBREMENTE, sin yugos, cadenas, muros, problemas, odios que matàn, entonces porque la “familia y sus problemas” inciste TODA UNA VIDA en jodernos la misma a su antojo ( y con respeto para el Santo Papa, pero agradesco una vez màs, que clarifique la misma. (“No es una buena traducción porque habla de un Dios que provoca la tentación” – “Es Satanás quien nos mete en la tentación” ).

Porque mi Dios no manda nada, pero el hombre ( y tengo problema familiar desde niña, por la misma fuerza, control, abuso, odio, que hoy no entiendo como perdì tanto y tampoco como ganè otro tanto, pero Dios bendiga al Santo Papa, porque bàsicamente me dà toda la razòn, cuando es una locura interminable, una pesadilla muy grande, un mundo totalmente obscuro y raro, desconocido a la mente humana y no tengo porque vivir estas cosas a escondidas, sobre todo cuando es crimen organizado, grupos criminales que se juntàn para destruir, tapados esos odios que matàn familia, Cain y Abel, carnivoros, parasitos, vende familia, bolas magicas, payasos, pesadillas, mentiras, encuentros sobre naturales, enfermedades ( y el resto tapar la misma, negando con màs de 600 + notas en mi blog y solo para tomar ventaja! –

Me protejo y a mi hij@s con la ley, cualquier ley mundial y su derecho canonico, que mi Dios es mi testigo, ayudame Dios y asi serà por la ley, Rosario Castellanos de Parker