HRH Prince Charles may hurt, by his son’s documentary ..

Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – Wiyathul

Charles may hurt ( ) by son’s documentary.

I would like to speak over the matters with my full respect to the Queen Elizabeth II and Her beloved husband, Prince (King) Philip and the future King of England, by Prince Charles, also anyone concern over the matters regarding the issues of HRH Princess Diana of Wales, by a film / documentary directed by her own loving sons: “Prince William and Prince Harry” , with thanks!-

First, let´s place the important matters above anything else, then second forget about the last phone call between mother and sons, as HRH Princess Diana of Wales was not a bitter woman, neither she was expecting her young sons to acts as adults, during a transaction between child and teenager age, “except to behave in public relations – when on duty calls” not at home, furthermore wanted at any time, to stop any fun within her children´s life, maybe a simple phone call to say hello and see how, their own life was getting on, nothing else and nothing special, “as she was getting fun herself”, but this is the duty of every mother, father and parent in the world and thirdly, nobody can read / predict the future to know for surely, what is going to happens next, impossible! –

Prince William and Prince Harry were very special children to own mother, Diana, Princess of Wales and I want you always to remember that matter in any stage of your life, to hold into that strong believe today, tomorrow and always, that nothing matters to your own mother, except yourselves, even the last breath of her short existence – she whispered you names and this is how important you were in her world, furthermore on the times when everything happened, you both were extremely young peoples, for any mother to hold into any kind of misinterpretation, neither was her style at any time and the reasons why, the world loved her.

It is understand that during the last phone call Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales were fully divorce and as such, children lived between two places at the same time, dividing parents duty, arrangements, place of residence and difficult many times to gain full access, furthermore tradition was inevitable, but I am unable to understand fully well, why Prince Charles, a man that despised his ex/wife so much during marriage was walking along the line proving too much to the public, but failed own children badly and in order to re-coup own place within the trust from the British peoples and overseas position, when in reality divorce, mean nothing to do with ex/wife anymore, so why the following picture coming out of a hospital? –

I mean to say this matter, as 3 months after Diana, Princess of Wales perished in the accident (RIP), Dale Tryon, Baroness Tryon died?,_Baroness_Tryon But months before that, Kanga as she was warmly known by her close friends was detained under the mental health act and this bring me small believe and hope with Diana, Princess of Wales and when I see the photo where Jane, Sarah and Charles leave the hospital, because he was divorce and her own mother was unable to see own child and this confirm the brother own words then who saw Diana’s body and with respect? –

– In law and furthermore criminology, until there is not body, there is not case not matter how much evidence is show in any court of law, is a wasting time and not case whatsoever just pretences, until then, I am unable to process with investigation ( I left the instructions: ) at any time, as the side where Diana was travelling in the car was also travelling Trevor Rees-Jones, the bodyguard and even better, she was in the back complete cushioned by this man’s side, so what happened to Diana, when arrived alive to the hospital, but only left, Prince Charles, Jane and Sarah Spencer, as you can see photo? –

At this stage, between Prince Charles and Spencer Family solve the matters however you possible can, but leave alone The Queen and Prince (King) Philip of Edinburgh, as I hold witness by the same matters that Prince Philip was doing the gesture only and in order to protect the grandchildren, never at any time the adults, which in this case is Prince Charles and Charles Spencer.

However, coming back to the documentary now, it’s a shame, with pain inside my heart, that such small tribute for a woman of substance, like HRH Princess Diana of Wales, that gave so much for Queen, Country, Land and Glory is seeing with different kind of angles and by certain status, levels, grades and peoples in this country.

I mean honestly, how much the small tribute for HRH Princess Diana of Wales and by Her sons can last live on T.V. and regarding all her hard work into the world and during her lifetime, perhaps 20, 30 minutes – an hour of your time? –

The famous documentary / film is somehow seeing as rejection, from Prince Charles sides, aides, helpers and endless groups and it’s a shame that even today, the same peoples prevail with all kind of stuff against his ex/wife matters and as mention before, when on times of HRH Princess Diana of Wales was a pain too much inside to deal with and for the Lady in question to handle all alone, now the same bureaucracy that “buy your passage to better life (”, still carry on, with the same intolerant legacy, direct and against her sons now, but who give you the full rights? –

It’s extremely sad, that after 20 years passed, such long time enabled the son’s of HRH Princess Diana of Wales to speak open of own pain, issues and matters and when lost own mother at very young age, furthermore to bring the matters in full public and in order to help them cope properly, with their lost, perhaps with the same matters can heal fast inside own heart – the best medicine is to speak, speak, speak and speak of own ordeal.

“I wonder truly well and with respect, if Prince Charles got own heart inside himself, that feel pain inside his precious shinny armour, including such peoples that feel free to comment in a simple documentary / film and in honour of a great woman of substance, that gave so much to this country in a short time of her life-time, HRH Princess Diana of Wales and act as if, the one badly affected was Prince Charles and not his own sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, then how we see his own beautiful and stunning mother, The Queen Elizabeth II working in public duties and almost everyday, but not HRH Princess Diana of Wales, that should be doing her own humanitarian work and as she wanted so badly?” –

The death of a stunning and very young woman, HRH Princess Diana of Wales was not a past memory, but a living one, that shine strong even today, that warm light would never be extincted with the passing time, neither the years to come and her own legacy, as Prince William and Prince Harry will make sure that, such loving memories will continue in own mother footsteps.

I am not here to open dark times, bad wounds, spooky times and furthermore to deal with bully peoples and their own issues, worlds and matters, but as surrogate sister for HRH Princess Diana of Wales, because as student of law, I saw a world, that I believe never existed, the one that destroy human peoples due to envy and this is not what we want for our children of the future, but a good level headed individuals, that can express freely, open and without any restrictions, neither pain, but address any issues that concern, including matters, stigmas, racism in private and in public, without feeling an outcast, shame, restricted and in any way, form or shape and with respect to may concern matters – once again.

I protect me and my children as I am acting as surrogate sister for HRH Princess Diana of Wales, also advocacy for the Lady in question, also Dodi – Al fayed and the driver, that perished for no reasons, except .. whoever you want to put the matters! – Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


Baby Charlie ..

Ave Maria ..

Just to cut a story short, as the severity of the case, with Baby Charlie.

My elder sister (flor) call me years ago, she never done before in my stay in the UK (1985 – 2017), once only and for our mother.

Her (flor) voice was worry sick about the state of our mother, that was unable to respond to treatment and succumbed into deep coma, after an accident.

My sister (flor) told me over the phone, that the money for my mother’s treatment was at their lowest point, asking to me: “what can we do”, otherwise it need the machine to switch off, pretty much like Baby Charlie today and with respect to may concern matters.

( As in my beautiful country Mexico and not the United Kingdom, but the rule is no money, no treatment – simple as that, not extras, no financial help from anybody special, neither collection of millions of pounds like Baby Charlie to seek treatment abroad, furthermore help from government even paying taxes and in order to save my mother’s life, or any kind of religious help, consider my mother spend hundreds of thousands of Mexican pesos, sending ordinary men to become priest and left me and my sisters and brothers with almost no food to eat, as she told me during her lifetime and bring me into her religious world, with such angelic calm of a saint, when recite the holy Rosario day and night, that we almost got no mother for the same reasons and all for what, when she need HELP, I wonder where the Vatican was, the holy priest that she send to gain priesthood, like the Solana’s (read link: ) and today, very rich own a hotel in the mandalas of Jerusalem / Israel, with the tale of magdalenas, when mean our friend from school, marielena mellado “Mary Magdalene”, can you spot the difference, names and even confusion and with respect once again!? – )

However in the phone call by my elder sister (flor), that got me by surprise, as she (flor) never before, she (flor) told me what to do? – And I told her over the phone: “I got no money” and from where the cash? – Without thinking for a minute or two, that the same family arrived in the UK and from long time ago, used all the services in the UK without me knowing, with help and sponsor fully and from ex/husband family, including his sister social worker, that acted on behalf of her brother, as you can see the following link: Including and non-extent the rest, that lived in the UK with free of everything without working, benefits, hospital used as hotel and even used the ambulance as taxi, like link mention, but me and my children in complete poverty, even my jobs desapear from same “family problems” but no help in cash of anything, in a foreign country, no family, no language, no benefits, no nothing!! –

Now even my children said, that I am fluent of everything, as copy own father words and in order to hide the bodies, intolerance, bullying, poverty and lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), but when in real times need help – before, nobody!?- So basically, the bullies remove everything from your reach and then after, blame / frame for the lack of the same, including founds and even cash to save my mother’s life and so, who shall we blame for the ordeal, who started the bullying, who starve the world, who acted wrongly in law, who is the negligent in the matters and etc? –

We must remember, that my family removed all kind of opportunities in the UK and passed to the rest of the family under the water, as today is clear, who got what and as mention before with the links, plus a full blog with 570 notes!-

( It is truth, that my mother forced me to have a termination / abortion, even finish with friends in the past and is today 2017, that I understand fully well “where all comes from” and is not my everyday sisters “flor or tere”, but the other sister “mara” and brother “rafa” that arrived from mexicali / guadalajara demanding everything back to them and nothing to me, as I was blame / frame of own ordeal, cashing. “when all came from tierra blanca to silence mara against jose my brother, as he was blame of sexual harrasment against mara, but is my understanding today, holding the sacred Bible, that mara wanted a life like soco”. When soco arrived from my sister josefa home, after josefa spend months learning english away from her home and soco was in charge of her home and children and after soco went back home to puebla, with loads of freebies, clothes, trips, money and you name it, from mexicali as form of “thank you” – So mara saw soco world after mexicali and mara heard how well josefa treat soco, never soco need to help with josefa’s children, cleaning or another domestic stuff / matters like that and we were forced by flor my sister, with her children, home and everything, plus the extras with loads of everything, that opened the eyes to mara and soco’s world. As I said in the link and note before, that I thank my God for stay with flor instead of josefa and with respect to both sisters equal, never intent to compare as own world very different, but with flor, I become a person of substance, a person that I can handle many jobs, matters and issues today, as happened to me in the UK and mention before with the photo from politics working dinner, all alone, no help whatsoever and from nobody! – Flor and I never close, except me and her children as babysitter, but we managed to gain a good relationship – along the way, in fact flor was never at home to deal with, a few times got problems, but I understand now that, “on that time” flor got the pressure from mara, rafa and the rest, like my mother, in which pancho saved me the day with his mother, so that was the end, never again, mean I earned respect more than purchase, with thanks!- On that time and young age, as I lost my education, forced to terminate even my friends and world, Flor used to buy all and everything from me, including American clothing, as I worked in the bank and lead 2 jobs at the same time and in order to subside the lower pay from such places, because ana pia rejected me in tierra blanca and soon after my education ended abrupt with no reasons, also whoever came with items, like jewellery, and clothes flor purchase – no problem, sold for profit and earned a good cash. After married, I was surprised that flor left me hanging with UK clothes, worth more than £2000 pounds and I understand came from the rest of the family the issues, because as I explain before, flor and I deal in the selling market for a long time, perhaps ill/sick spread against my reputation and enable josefa to bail me out with £2000 pounds, sold for a bargain and in order to be hold and passed to josefa all the hard work and recognition from flor towards me, like all my matters passed to mara and rafa soon after arrived from mexicali / guadalajara, so whichever way, I am not a piece of meat to be sold, but in case if you notice today, your own blood, sister and family, in which slave labour is against the law! – Again, I thank today to flor, for who I am and not the parasite that I could become, unfortunately too late, even to thank the woman and that make me very sad, when all was done in a way to enable the rest to collect all our hard work! – Now going back again, I believe strong today, with the aid of a Bible, that soco and mara invented between them against my brother jose of sexual abuse, or perhaps mara alone blame / frame jose with the hope to land in mexicali, because “on that time” always done things together between sisters, ana pia, soco and mara and “probably all the time”, also reflects departure of pola and as I mention before, maybe I was blame, but a matter with my brother jose, that is not my business, neither mara, soco and the rest, but affected jose badly, even the rest of my family saw him in very bad shape, as we can recall, nobody done anything to repair the damaged, neither ana pia that lived in veracruz with him for a long time, furthermore a care from mara and soco as mention before, planed the mexicali / guadalajara idea of sexual abuse against jose and even ana pia sent money to josefa to keep mara and rafa happy, silence and unable jose to find out the spread against him, but used me to redirect the bullies after and soon after mara and rafa returned from mexicali / guadalajara demanded everything from me as blame / frame, and the same as jose, nobody to tell me what was happening in my world and I end up losing all and everything including forced to terminate / abortion and hide jose brother the real person, criminal activity and problems against him and me, that destroyed our life “into tiny little pieces!” – Because after jose brother, mara used the same excuses against my sister josefa’s husband and in order to return back to puebla, as she saw me with the miss puebla, education, friends and my fantastic world to be envy and removed after, including friends forced to terminate and passed to mara, then after pepita jr with sergio gomes pintado copy and paste of the same low standards, from mara and rafa education against the family, stealing from the rest based on lies and so become a circle of sick / ill abuse against the family with all kind of slander, today we lost not only my unborn children in the abusive sick world, but earlier departure of some sisters and brother and me to be blame / frame after but this time, with the aid from the ex/husband and his sister social worker, together with mara, rafa and the rest, that intent to use/abuse/frame/blame my children with the same pathetic excuses, as dishwasher, like before was the 5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc? – With my full respect, I address my elder sister josefa, that I only acknowledge any orders from my sister flor and this is not to put any sisters against the other, as I love both, but rarely saw josefa in my life and reasons why, I was not silence into any criminal activity and when she requested me to keep quite – back in 2010 and I still got the email and correspondence of the same and just before my brother passed away, because is not josefa, or me the problem in the house, neither me and josefa to be ashamed of third party and peoples criminal actions, furthermore josefa and I need to keep the com-posture at home, when our family is killed before our eyes, by the same criminal activity from mara against my dear father reputation and salim tanus as witness, also mara against jose and mara against my reputation when falsely blame by paty arias of sexual matters and mela as witness in her party, nearly end up in the swimming pool drowned and I told mela to tell mara “on that moment”, but ignored, so later sergio gomes pintado rape me, mara against josefa’s husband and rafa together with mara in everything with the malice, including soco, ana pia, mela and the rest that hide, because I saw flor and tere how hard was for both of them to hide the shows, the spread and the malice with intent, even need to play and re-play the ordeal to keep happy mara and rafa, also pancho need to stop his own mother for the same reasons and tere forced to divorce porfirio to be with me all the time, when it was not me the problem but mara, become unbearable the hatred within the family, making groups and endless groups, that today nobody knows for surely, which groups is from who’s person, so confuse the stealing of our friends, ID’s and matters, but nobody said a thing “on time”, or else, mean jose brother never knew, or else, because is not good to keep things hide from one brother and sister against another brother and sister with endless lies, defamation of character and slander to purchase with my father business to spend and spend and spend in mexicali / guadalajara and 16 de septiembre as premiums, because that is to take full advantage of your own family and I am not going to be surprised if soco also helped, as got a good piece of 16 of septiembre together with rafa, play a serious games within family and gamble with the life of your own blood with no care whatsoever, cashing, including hate against my father and brother jose, from mara and rafa, that come with endless excuses to act against – with respect again, but crime is crime in any language, country of birth and place of residence, never hide crime within family, but seek the police with immediate effect to stop and as I wanted, but stooped and demand justice, including the one that falsely blame me of my brother and wanted to come not just against my reputation, but my children with the excuse of the dishwasher and fully supported by the ex/husband and his sister, social worker, carol parker that represent her brother in everything and since after marriage and as he told me before divorce and reasons of the same, to be always me and my children blame / frame after, not whoever done the things, but us, forced my children against own mother which is me and even to live in fear of own father’s and mother’s life with endless treads, bullies and abuse as happened to the rest of the family and live a living nightmare all over again, that goes around in circles the violence, crime, intolerance. abuse, educational pursuit, hatred, excuses and lies that destroy into “tiny little pieces” the family complete, when in reality, we are not use to this kind of life – anymore, neither I will accept my family to bring this madness into my life again, furthermore hide from my children the weird world, as they need to understand the good, the bad, the ugly and the worse, also how to hit back in any emergency and learn why things happens to them not just by me, but own father family, as his sister, that came against own brother long time ago and need to pay with our unborn children as mara and rafa against me, now all forgotten after I was married and sold / used / abused / distracted / teach by mara and rafa to carol and david parker the “how to cash own family” business and when nobody told me of their own bonding together and between them and since day one 1985 – 2017, today impossible to break with endless secrets that purchase family ordeal and reasons why, I expose same secrets to destroy malice within family and stop, full stop, any breakable that need to repair, not by me or josefa, neither the ones that get blame all the time, but the real criminals, stop, full stop bullying!!? – Acting mara against me with raul, like my mother against her sister and religious nun, aunt Anita with my father, except my mother never gained any education, because all hre money was passed to the priest and in order to help them and gain priesthood, but mara even univestity in guadalajara, so no excuses!- Today I request Justice from mara and rafa, including the ex/husband sister, social worker, that went against her brother ( ) and since children, blaming him for everything and I am a witness, pretty much like mine with mara / rafa and explain in the link such extreme hatred between family, that learned the trade and killed our unborn children and from sergio gomes pintado, when never got to know each other and gone out as friends for a few months only, nothing else, because when we went tere and I with him to acapulco, he never touched me not even once, but after mara and raul night out, he left me pregnant, without my consent, permit and knowledge – until too late! — )

To finish the story fast: I said to my sister (flor), that such peoples succumb into deep sleep and as you call life support treatment, but many recoup from the ordeal, even if many years after passed, except that family “on time of my mother” got no more cash, “distribute between themselves her wealth before her illness” and so, what is the excuse from the NHS toward Baby Charlie and with respect:

Again, I am not a doctor and you should not get my words for it, but the evidence as links mention before, when I understand deep inside me, that human body has the ability to gain health back again and when given the correct treatment.

Now my family and mother case was in mexico were treatment is not free, like the NHS in the UK all free, neither exist the kind of medical professionals that habitat in the UK and I am concern of the case of Charlie Gard, to the point to ask if exist, such doctors that heal and others that no heal and with respect.

It said on the news, that both parents suffer the medical matters that Baby Charlie inherited (Doctors discovered he had a rare inherited disease – infantile onset encephalomyopathy mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome (MDDS).) and with respect, then why parents alive, well and with no medical problems, except own child? –

My question is, “what happened to Baby Charlie before, when landed this far with treatment”, maybe unable to get the correct treatment “on time”, maybe “no proper diagnostic on time”, or “what exactly happened”, but I am not a doctor, except someone that understand the english law and so, before you disconnect any kind of treatment, can anyone check the pros and cons of the case and who is responsible of the same and I mean, if the child gain certain percent of health, with proper treatment and “if”, because I am not a doctor to be accurate, also need to be show the procedure from start to the end, which is today with the case, where parents are forced to cancel the life of own child!? –

Can you cancel the life of your own child, or see elsewhere for different kind of treatment with the hope, as happened to Ashya king now treatment is available in the UK, while before the child’s parents need to hijack own son from the NHS and in order to gain health and benefits abroad, or perhaps need peoples like me to do the notes in my blog, expose matters and then after blame / frame me and not the professionals when neglect own job, when in reality you are placing me with the case of Baby Charlie very cruel, when you know very well that I lost unborn children and the pain of losing babies is more than words can speak, like my sister tere was placed next to me, when I lost unborn children and she was unable to have children herself with her husband porfirio, mean my family could not be more cruel – not giving chance to Baby Charlie’s body to respond with treatment, but need to blame / frame and use somebody to do your dirty jobs and in my case, so can you see the difference, can you spot where I landed and can you see which family and members are always and forced to comply, but not who generate the “family problems” in general, all those bullies protect, hide and blessed by the holy Vatican and with respect?-

Regarding of my mother, I believe strong that she can deal with God herself today, because who I am to question her attitude in the past, when she landed with the children as brother rafa and sister mara, furthermore when I know deep down today, what happened to me in such horrid years when younger, when my mother was forced to act upon and pressure from sister (mara) and brother (rafa) that way, or speak to my father of the truth, which even today, I ignore any kind of matters, because when I returned from Canada, my mother told me “with panic in her body” not to speak to my father of the matters and is today, that I understand truly well of her own words and reasons why, mean “blackmail all the time” by the same family (mara, rafa, mela, etc), when I never think of that matters before, neither today, not even my father knew of Canada by me.

When I was forced to terminate (abortion, friends, education, etc) all my things by my mother, but unaware of the reasons, even today, as she never told me (except that my father will exclude me from the family, if arrive with a child and at the end, I ended in exile, abroad and forced to marry, so either way, the bullies got away with the murder, because at the end, all was a game to gain benefits, gain power and gain control of the family!! – ) trully well, except rumours of drugs and drinks from friends lifestyle, which even today, never affected me that way, mean finish with such matters, but ill / sick spread to break up couples, as mara and rafa just arrived from mexicali /guadalaja and is not for me to apology, but whoever done matters, as they had been spreading horrid things against the family, with my other brother jose and elder sister husband including the rest, like before mention and when I heard rafa called “putas” to my sister lupy’s childs and ana pia was present in her bedroom and I told her the same as mela with paty arias, but this time in order to stop rafa, only slurred words, so today we have the results within the family, when nobody cares to correct the rest properly to take full advantage, “as if we are the family games, pastimes, or jokes”, but use me to blame / frame after? –

I need to deal with all the things that sister (mara) and brother (rafa) suffer in the past by own actions against my parents, with mara against my father and rafa against my mother, both landed in mexicali / guadalajara as wanted better life over there with all the luxuries that lacked in puebla and veracruz, , the same as ex/husband sister against own brother ( ), today all forgotten after married (now divorce) and lived separate lives (1985 – 2012), but before impossible to deal, as reasons above, I request justice with my unborn children that perished for no reasons and lacked of internet to expose and request help “on that time” not this time, today the Vatican will probe in law the capability of deal with such matters! –

It is me the only person that believe today, brother and sister love, respect and tolerance is finished for good, like Abel and Cain centuries ago ( ), or I am far too serious person, to understand properly the lack of care from the rest of my immediate family and members, that take no notice “on time” of the matters, but when bad things happens in the family is me to blame and fame after, now bullies ( ) comes against my living ones to hide from the law, responsibility and duty of care, as if my unborn children mean nothing, furthermore when men can not be trusted with own manhood, but keep blaming and framing women to hide own mistake, past and intolerance and in order to accept own fault, as in reality, who is the owner of the manhood, women or men and who should be able to control and who shall be blame legally and who shall be persecute by the law, when leave women pregnant without our consent, permit and knowledge – until far too late and with religious affairs that keep hiding the true perpetrators, but frame and blame women and my family, that contribute the murder spree, as if stopped mara and rafa on “time”, against own family, equal the ex/husband sister, social worker, carol parker, that bonded with mara and rafa behind my view, but hide, then we will never be here and exposing the family name, trashing our reputation in full public and for public concern, by me, because I care, love and respect my family, but kill my kind, that is different matter, that need to be persecuted legally mara, rafa and carol parker, or would you be happy if your family came against your kind, so why I need to accept the murder spree, ordeal and crime from mine, who give them – the full rights and why, what are the reasons legally, the same as Baby Charlie, that can not be warranty, but at least we could said, that we tried and left nothing to regret, so later nobody blames / frames, but act with professional manner, as what is intent and get paid for the service, with thanks and not hijack lives may to control after!? –

I protect me and my kind (children) with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Paker.


HRH Prince William and His stunning Family arrived Poland for tour ..

Princess Diana and her sons

Royal Family Looks Picture Perfect As They “Kick Off ( )” Tour Of Poland And Germany.

My note here and now is not about how stunning everyone and everything looks from HRH Prince William Royal Family Tour, but the way Prince George hits his father on arrival to Poland, everyone saw the abusive play ( ) – not matter if shy, or naughty is not correct, you should never hit your father and/or your mother at any stage of your life, this is not plausible in any law worldwide, neither the unsolicited abuse that need to stop.

This is not the way, HRH Princess Diana of Wales brings Her 2 children and many times she was alone when Prince Charles was away on duty, but in a respectful manner she addressed to everyone around her life and expected her 2 children not matter age to behave in polite manner even in public life, as you can see pictures and videos of the same, any mischievous, or shyness she will tell them off immediate and correct them.

I believe there is ways to bring own children but Prince George and Princess Charlotte are not a normal children but belongs to a Monarchy and as such need to find proper staff that bring such issues of behaviour standards and not just to look after the children, but teach children everything, including good modals, above all RESPECT to both parents.

As Prince William is away a lot, then children miss a lot from own father figure and the same happened to Princess Diana and Prince Charles when away on duty, but their own children always address them with full respect, never acted on impulse, shy, or mischievous, hitting both parents for no reason, or set of reasons and as such, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are Royal representatives need to behave in public life, because represent the Monarchy in higher places, no matter age.

As you can see Princess Diana of Wales was always addressing to HRH Prince Charles with plenty love, respect, tolerance, etc. We don’t want to create an environment of fear everywhere, but an environment of respect, love and harmony not matter age, where everyone knows own place in society, including children, mean teach from young age good manners, standards and protocols not after, when become an ASBOS to society.

As I don’t see Princess Kate hitting own parents in public and she knows full well what I am trying to explain here and now, because I was a mother with young children and own father away a lot, but even today address with full respect of the law, so why we need to accept Prince William to be exposed this way in public, because again, I was a mother of 2 young children alone most of the time and still a mother to mature children now, but good seeds, excellent standards, respect and tolerance is always a priority, so later in life, no need to excuse yourself ! –

Since HRH Princess Diana of Wales passed away in tragic circumstances, today with the use of my blog and FB page ( ), I address any issues from her own matters as surrogate sister and advocacy in law, including her own children (Prince William and Prince Harry) that are protect direct from me, when I need to check and double check that all goes and develop according to the structure of the law and regards of who’s and in this case, find better staff to teach the young generation good standards, protocol and manners and with respect to may concern, but Prince William and Prince Harry are not walking alone.

It is better to address any issues form bad behaviour from children and from an early stage of age and in order for me today, I don’t need to come out in the open and expose the criminals (mara, rafa and carol parker) that commit offences to me (, where I lost unborn children as a result of such spoil behaviour, unsolicited bullying and ASBOS for peoples and society, while nobody can compare any children form any background, but is better to stop at an earlier age any mischievous, shyness, or any other excuses and in order not to be used as my family is now with me, exposed of criminal offences against me and mine (unborn children).

As you are taking members of the Royal Family as ambassadors to the UK in Europe and open the doors for the Brexit ( ) – no problem, then you need to provide a better carriage and not a noise one, that the children arrive tired, frightened and even shy, but as was the standards in the past, plus anything is need to develop with no stress, or little as possible, including extra staff that correct the children all the time with professional manner and not frightening one, so they are aware of the issues and responsibilities when members of the Royal Family, mean Monarchy background not another normal children, but represent The Queen Elizabeth II when abroad, at home, everywhere.

( As for example: They were told to get off the plane after their one-year-old daughter kicked the seat .. ” – )

I protect me and my kind (children) with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


Amber Rudd: “Islamist extremist groups getting funds from UK donors” …

Report Crime Now, Safe and Secure: “The UK needs a representative to monitor ANTI – SEMITISM, living above the law is not a heaven place to report anything, furthermore when feeding machines control by fear, Islamist extremist groups getting funds from UK donors, as reported:
etc ..

The same as Mexico lives with endless problems caused by drugs relate symptoms, started after the US/Canada trade deals, that use my country as the “go between” –
etc ..

While many foreign countries enters into partnership with international bodies for anything even trade – no problem, but need to safeguard, respect, protect and secure the lives of those peoples that habitat the colony, not just aim to get the best part of the deals, cause endless wars with no care, destroys the land with no mercy, kills peoples as if there is not tomorrow, but safeguard the rest living creatures with protection laws.

As we can see today the after effects of war times, victims need to flee own country and land into foreign worlds requesting mercy, pity and heaven place to live in peace! –

As the following link explains fully well, in which that sick world was part of my past and case, fleeing sister (mara) and brother (rafa) hatred that aided with the ex/husband sister against her brother (carol parker), bullies ( ) that came against me after emigrate from Mexico to the UK, together with the rest of criminal activity that helped in the pursue, killed my unborn children with hate, sick / ill spread, hunting and intolerant attitude, lying (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) the course of the law when mislead the same and used “confidentiality acts” to hide the cowards and real criminals!! –

Because con you imagine if the UK enters Canada, Australia, America exactly in the same way as my family (mara and rafa) entered the UK aided from the ex/husband sister, social worker (carol parker) against me, I would love to see what in reality could happens to you, if we change the tables around, so why the rest peoples in the world and in my case need to receive your other end, who give you the rights to destroy, kill and murder with intent?! – Not much different as victims flee the war genocide (, today landing in Europe due to the same FRIGHTENING matters as me years ago (1985 – 2017), when flee my family hatred pursue, on that time was not internet available to request help, battered me and my blood in full carnage by the sick spread, forced to kill my unborn children with intention to cause full harm and on that time, I only wanted a safe heaven to land in the UK, never a murder spree country part that aid and help each other, make deals based on the pain of the rest, that was too much to ask?!! –

Today I exposed Mara, Rafa and Carol Parker by me as student of the English Law and in “public and for the attention of the public”, because one thing is we are family and another matter very different is “kill your family with intention!”, neither apply and neither is the same in any law worldwide!-

While I understand that in any profession is not possible the family to use same profession against family and in my case, as the ex/husband sister social worker ( against me, otherwise lose own licence with immediate effect, I don’t have any licence to worry about, but “on the time of the criminal activity against my reputation”, we were family not matter if representing carol parker her brother, still AGAINST the LAW such low acts, unquestionable in law the attitude, as I am witness of the ex/husband world was nothing wrong with him at any time, but his sister against him and you can see today the results, that killed our unborn children, by the sick / ill spread, hatred, intolerance, abuse, etc! –

This is why the Pope’s picture carry a man inside, that represent the law (inside pope’s photo, see link ), “when younger that man told me, that he will learn the law and in order to defend me”, perhaps he mean today and is today with respect to his wife, family and even the holy ghost, that I don’t want simple words from that person anymore, but full actions, for free the work because I lost everything today and in reality, if you think carefully, how anyone could know for sure, from that time (1978), till today (2017) the future, unknown to me, but act and predict with such accuracy the future like some members of my family, perhaps such peoples make the future happens together ( ), not matter and however you see it, today I want Mara, Rafa and Carol Parker to contest in a court of law, for the murder of my unborn (3) children, forced to terminate (abortion) and exactly in the same way, as I was forced to terminate this man.

Today I don’t care about my past, but my present and sit the peoples (mara, rafa and carol parker) that killed my unborn children, with lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc), spread and intent to kill and with respect to may concern matters but I want Justice, Memory, Compensation and Non – Repetition of the same acts again!!- I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


El Papa Francisco teme que “Alianzas Peligrosas” del G-20, afecte GRAVEMENTE a inmigrantes …

Himno A La Humildad – Miriam Solis ..

El papa Francisco teme que el G-20 afecte a los inmigrantes: “Alianzas peligrosas, que quizas fecta gravemente migraciòn”-

1- La questiòn de migraciòn es un tema que concierne a todos en el mundo entero, ya que todos venimos de padres de extranjeros, “muy pocos los nacionalistas”, por lo tàl es bueno hacer parte de este tema humanitario que no nos quita nada, pero ayuda en muchas formas:
etc ..

2- El Reino Unido es un tema muy parecido al que està ocurriendo hoy en Paris, fuè un shock para mi leerlo en Frances, sin embargo la similaridad fuè aùn màs desconcertante, e increible de leer, creer en la vida que exista en la mente humana un Dios tàn cruel, vengativo y destructor con odio por el projimo, actitud tàn libiana que naze sin responsabilidad de nada en la vida como: “Grenfell Tower Blaze (RIP)” –

3- No se sabe en realidad si otros paises y sus idiomas copian sistema de vida destructor como Francia y el Reino Unido, tampoco cuantos en realidad sòn los migrantes afectados gravemente por el crimen organizado, pero todo es parte de la migraciòn causada por guerras, victimas que salen a buscar refugio a otros paises, huyen de sus mundos que se encuentran en guerras, durante el trayecto del viaje enfrentan otros tipos de periles que no tenian previstos, incluyendo racismo por clases diferentes y problemas tàn graves como presenta el Reino Unido y Francia sin temor de Dios contra la humanidad – su holocausto, de esta manera tàn caotica, no se puede resolver su “Alianza Peligrosa ( )” , pero destruir la humandad sin darte cuenta, o cuando te das cuenta, ya se terminò todo!-

4- Lo màs preocupante no es tàn solo la cantidad de gente que migra a otros paises, solo porque sus tierras estàn en constante guerras con los dictadores ( ), pero siempre les echàn la culpa de todo ( quizas por un partido de futbol ), porque no entienden el sistema e idioma llegando a otros paises lejanos ( ), sus costumbres y leyes sòn diferentes, no pueden negociar, salir adelante, entender hasta muy tarde por falta de ayuda, pierden todo, las fuerzas se terminan y opresores (“Alianzas peligrosas, que .. ) ganan la partida tomando ventaja, posiciòn, dinero, inteligencia, influencias, conecciòn, fortuna y no quien en realidad ha cometido el delito!-

5- Yo solo quiero lograr con mi blog, Justicia, Memoria, Compensaciòn y NO-Repeticiòn de los crimenes afectados a los mios, porque yo tambien salì a buscar refugio a otros paises cuando mi familia estaba en guerras contra mi reputaciòn, para las mismas enfermas de odios contra su familia, espiarme, seguirme, perseguirme hasta donde me enccontrase en mi vida privada, como si esto fuera un juego de niños y sin ley alguna para detener tàl locura que mata reputaciòn sin conciencia, el cual desconocia hasta investigar ( ) en este blog y la razòn de mi divorcio (2012), pero solapado este crimen organizado por miembros de mi familia y la del ex-marido que se unieròn para exterminar mi vida completamente a base de mentiras de mentirosas (5 hombres, el rio, el beso, etc) , sin piedad alguna, conciencia, dolor, respeto por la familia y la vida de mis hjos que fallecieròn en sus mundos de locura infiernal, para que estos parasitos sin almas, cuerpos y vidas, pudieran comerse mis hijos en sus instintos carnivoros y asi poder vivir en lujos, explotando mi persona sin respeto por la sangre, familia, hermandad, nada! –

Recibi una carta del HM Revenue / customs pidiendo dinero por beneficio pasado, cuando yo no tengo su computadora para checar, o pagarme a mi misma, pero su trabajo de ellos no mio, mucho menos me contestaròn las cartas que mandè a tiempo para rectificar la misma y que tengo copias de la misma correspondencia, pero dejaròn todo pasar, al dejar pasar tiempo, ellos ponian el dinero en mi cuenta del banco, en ese tiempo cuando ponian el dinero en el banco pensaba que todo estaba bien, pero se hiba acumulando la deuda por mas de 2 años, hasta llegar a mas de 2,500 + libras como se puede ver el documento.

Este problema ocurre solamente, cuando expongo todo el dinero que se le pago a hermana (soco) durante su estancia en el reino unido (ver nota y por màs de 10 años, sin trabajar y pagar taxes. Beneficios por mes y por la “aparente” enfermedad que hermana (soco) tenia, cuando para mi se acumulò por dos años, sin necesidad hermana de ser insultada, rebajada, expuesta, humillada en pùblico, pero forzada a exponer en mi blog porque te quitan todo tipo de ayuda y solo comprobar legalmente!! –

Sin contar el hospital que uso hermana (soco) como si fuera hotel (comidas, cuarto, calefacciòn, baño, television, centro de recreaciòn, paseos, ambulancias en vez de taxis, ropa nueva, etc, etc, una vida de lujo como mara viviò en mexicali, igual soco en inglaterra, excepto que tierra blanca pagaba por mara y quien pagò por soco, yo, y toda la vida seguire pagando por la familia y sus mentiras contra mi reputaciòn en vez de aclarar en una corte de justicia, en vez de trabajar honradamente como el resto de la familia, en vez de que beto hazz pague mantenimiento por soco despues del divorcio, pero yo y sus mentiras; 5 hombres, el rio, el beso, la china and etc y quien dà la orden esta vez, tierra blanca, puebla, tlaxcala, mexico, etc? – ), todo pagado por mas de 10 años, cuando trabaje desde que emigre 1985 – 2010 pagando taxes para poder mantener mentiras de mentirosas? –
Su divorciò (soco) fue pagado por el tax payer con una firma de licenciados en manchester “panone”, cuando me divorcie sola y para no recibir ayuda financiera despues del divorcio, empezaròn a insultar mi reputaciòn y la memoria de mis hijos ( ), poniendo mi nombre como “la otra” y asi ganar su casa? –

Hoy se que la mentira sobre la reputaciòn de jose difamado ( ) de abuso sexual por mara, fuè tan solo mentira para vivir en mexicali, cuando soco habia regresado de visitar llena de todo, entonces mara inventò lo de jose para que tambien la mandaràn y le pagaràn todo!- Tambien compruebo legalmente lo mismo que comentè anteriormente, Mara, Rafa y Carol Parker estàn expuestos legalmente por cualquier ley mundial, como estudiante de leyes y por las 3 vidas de mis hijos que fallecieròn en sus manos, creado por un mundo de locura infiernal contra mi persona, matando en el trayecto a mis hijos sin clemencia alguna, juicio legal de nada, o perdon de dios! – En pocas palabras si no consigo Justicia por mis hijos que fallecieròn en el holocausto familiar en esta vida, entonces Mara, Rafa y Carol Parker nunca obtendràn paz en esta vida, o en la otra vida, mi persecuciòn contra ellos serà eternal, tampoco recibiran clemencia alguna de nada, mucho menos juicio legal para la misma salvaciòn de sus almas y aùn màs, perdòn de mi Dios, pero vagaràn en un mundo de tinieblas y por toda una eternidad, amèn! –

Porque una cosa es la familia y otra muy diferente es que te matèn tu familia (empezando por paty ariaz que me ecchò la culpa, cuando mara logrò confundirla con sus mentira, mela estubò de testigo en el percanze violento contra mi persona y usaròn a sergio gomes pintado para la misma violaciòn!) sin razòn alguna, ninguna concuerda con la otra y si el resto no està de acuerdo incluyendo el santo vaticano, gobierno, o familia, entonces tendràn que hacer fila para la misma orden, porque no pienso bajar la guardia hasta no encontrar la justicia divina en esta vida! –

Hoy màs que nunca le doy gracias a Dios, porque me escogiò Flor ( para vivir en su casa, me hizo toda una mujer trabajadora, estudiosa, honrada y honesta como pocas y no un paracito que tenga que vender mi familia para vivir con lujos, seguir normas ajenas desconocidas y ordenes ocultas por cobardes que se esconden! – Me protejo y a los mios (hij@s) por la ley, cualquier ley mundial, que mi Creador es mi testigo, ayudame Dios y asi serà por la ley, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


Theresa May: “Britain must live within means” –

web_Theresa May’s election gambit

No Music, when BULLYING the community! –

Theresa May: “Britain must live within means” – And I would like to say with respect: “*~* !!Whatever that means!! *~*” –

On Tuesday (4/7/2017) afternoon, I went shopping, mean living within my means now, a single month in one week shopping, including my place got a single bed and 3 chairs, all I was left by the “family problems” from ex/husband and his bullies (!! – I refuse to ask aid, as when requested on time, “refused”, even DWP owns me back pay, that I can use and pay my creditors, instead I get the red mark, banks refused to help if intent to start any business, plus the ex/husband keeps my sacred name attached to our previous home, not that I care, but make things more difficult for me?! –

All the problems to me, even the ex/husband heredity TODAY is thanks to his sister social worker (, as he told me before divorce (2012) “and reasons of the same”, that she was representing him in everything, plus went to mexico before the wedding to “check” my family background, mean carol parker in power of our life no wonder is destroyed “into tiny little pieces”, plus bonding in the background when nobody was looking her, with endless problems that create an infinite problems to us, even enter the UK to cause more pain to our life, confusion, harassment acts, unprovoked attacks, violence, hunting, stalk, malicious intent and as such, the bullies (mara, rafa and carol parker) exposed by me “in public and for public concern” and as student of law, as the killers of my unborn children! –

I got enough material to press charges of criminal nature, sexual harassment, violence, lies against my reputation, removal of my human rights, plus my blog that contain and explain the same with more than 560 + notes, when your peoples need only one time to explain the same matters, but your racism deny like Judas ( ) all my birth rights and against carol parker, mara and rafa for crimes committed to me and my unborn children mention before, as the previous video exposed with the “little britain” is not for me, but the ex/husband bullied by his own family, today I am frame / blame of the same to hide the real bullies, perhaps become one of them! –

I asked the ex/husband years ago, before divorce of our unborn children and he told me “who gives a shit (as link explain: )”, so he is not interested except me, as the mother of those 3 unborn children killed by the 3 bullies (mara, rafa and carol), that I want to press Criminal Charges against them, mean I am in charge! –

Not that I want to comeback with ex/husband, but need to EXPLAIN my situation fully, as the pain is more than I can describe by the abuse of power and profession, as professionals are unable to work within own family environment, or lose own licence with immediate effect, but the ex/husband gave full reign of terror to own sister, social worker, carol parker and in exchange, she opened the doors to the rest bullies ( ) family of mine to aid her and got advantage, with a wave of lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) that landed in the UK and when nobody was watching, exploiting the resources fully and everything for free ( ), then left the bills to me and mine (children) and I ask why, when everything removed from our reach and since years ago started ( ), now nobody remember?!-

I am unable to live well since emigrate, when ably by your rules since day one (1985 – 2017), half of my life went to the waste, so the parasites that stole my life can live well the carnivores, forced to pay your taxes, but all removed today from me with excuses (“Britain must live within means”), even simple services in the community deny to me:
and etc ..

This is not the first time, neither my case is isolate – the only one, when the UK government interfere fully in foreign affairs / matters, want to create a problem that never exist in the first place, but the idea is to steal resources from victims with no respect, as happened to me and my unborn children with the ex/husband sister, social worker, that create a world of defamation of character, slander and endless lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) against my reputation, such move enable her full control and ownership from me and the ex/husband private life, like happened to Bashar al-Asad, Saddam, Ghaddafi, Hussein, Hosni Mubarak and etc (, even force own peoples to act against own peoples like happened to me in the UK, when removed of any kind of law to assist me but left me with the bullies ( ), members of my family arrived from Mexico to the UK with loads of extra lies to gain food, education, benefits, housing and you name it and I sad this matter, as Mexican government got different kind of system that the British, so let’s me today, not to stop you with the deals! –

I feel sorry for me, worked all my life in the UK (1985 – 2010) and resources closed for any kind of assistance, even the taxi man need to carry my matters, instead the correct services in the community, but with no services for me, removed ( ) in the past by “your own means”, ways, forms, lies, slander, defamation of character, envy, confusion and interference from unknown sources, that hide in the background with “confidentiality acts” the cowards, but comes direct / indirect from “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family, that aid each other (mara, rafa and carol) – since day one (1985 – 2017)!-

Now place my kind (children) the duty of your local services, hide the past abuse against me and mine ( ), that “control my life with intent today”, mean, “my kind work for free and your staff get rewards”, then refresh me today, why I am forced to pay taxes, mean after arrived from hours of shopping, enter building with heavy load, then appear out of the blue maybe your staff, ask me if could help me (with thanks!), mean seconds of finish everything by myself, how accurate?-

In my times, I worked for me, the taxes was for to help me today (“live within means”), anytime that I need financial assistance during my stay in the UK (1985 – 2017), also services, as Mexican / UK citizen, but instead my sister (soco) received the aid and complete package, with more than 10 + years living free of charge in the hospital, used as hotel, with all care, cost, services paid, including benefits, food, heating, clothing, medical care and even cash allowance by the DWP, in which all the money distributed between her 2 children (tito and riqui) as she told me, when divorce her German husband represented by a proper solicitor (panone manchester), used the legal aid no problem and even used me as the “other woman” in her divorce papers and in order to gain her husband home, the same happened with the rest members of my family, used ex/husband sister social worker to assist / aid each other ( ), gain favours, exploit the system, based on me and my unborn children the parasites carnivores, that got no respect for her own brother, ex/husband – neither for me, as sister, but like peoples with no conscience eat, educate, live well and gain full life, while mine perished and there is not envy here, beauty contest, intelligence, or another parasite excuse for them to come and continue the robbery, but calls respect, or whatever (fuck!) you want to call, mean would you be happy, if I use you and any family that perished within your family, with endless lies and in order to gain power, services, etc?! –

I believe strong, that I am discriminate badly, controlled even the T.V. monitor, internet, emails and your name it, some of those services are pay not free, even when leave my premises the stalk start and in the other building a couple comes secs before me, “kiss between themselves” then go separate ways, mean same actions from same “family problems (5 boys, the river, the kiss – my arse!, etc)”, replay and replay and replay the same system all over again, on and on and on and is me questioned my mental ( ) capacity and why not your staff, or whoever intent and with respect?!

Acting like Prince Charles with Diana, Princess of Wales full interference into her life, to the point that I refuse to play your games anymore (, mean helps each other, otherwise explain to me why, nobody can stop the ex/husband interference with all my matters, WHEN WE ARE DIVORCE and by the law, no more business into each other, but use my children to aid him, to the point that we lost communication, mean need to report what we speak before, as if my blog is not enough resources to gain the information, but hide perpetrator (carol parker) in the background, with the excuse to represent her brother and then sent wrong peoples against me with intention to hurt, unsolicited hatred, unprovoked violent attacks, intolerance and me begging for services ( ) to stop bullies, gain resources and my TAXES should cover the luxury, not use me as political pawn, to hide your failure?!-

I worked in the past (PAYING YOUR TAXES) helping your old generation, but when is my turn today, your politics affairs mess with my life badly ( ), even my own kind that live within hours forced, with no resources of the same like my sister (soco) children that all her benefits and cash to aid them in everything and fully, while she stay FREE in the hotel bed and breakfast, called hospital and I mean on that time, existed several kind of different benefits for all the excuses imaginary to mind and aid – aid the claimant, but me today deny of my rights, “I need to live within (my F…..!) means” and when I will get my means ( ) as mention before benefits STOLEN, when your DWP staff deny me the rights to earn my entitlements – on time, neither reasons and grounds in law for the stolen??!! –

And the confuse ex/husband complaint of me since married (now divorce!) and I want to ask him with respect, when I REPRESENTED him, but his bully ( ) sister, that is hide today with our children, as if was not enough our unborn children, but use me to hide the real culprits. I asked the ex/husband on time, when his mother ( ) passed away to gain extra entitlements to him, but complete ignore me, by law all the things that we lost in the past, unfortunately reflects today: WE LOST BADLY, by the same law, entitle to compensation for everything that we lost, including liability, as he put OUR life in charge of his sister social worker, when obvious is not capable and I WAS NOT AWARE OF THE ASSAULT INTO MY LIFE, but badly hurt by the abuse of power and profession, even lost unborn children as a result, so no more excuses and not the business of anybody, but me to sort the problem! –

I want to know which place to go now, mean directions to the next stage, as in the past all my claims went to no-where-land ( ), destroyed by the same government staff and representatives, maybe helpers of the ex/husband and his “family problems” that comes from his sister social worker, carol parker, as you can see the mess that we landed in the UK with DUP and Brexit and today is not a game, but this is the law and as student of English law, because if received help on time, never arrived to this level, mean is your own making, as I am unemployed and all removed from me, so how?! – I protect me and mine with the law, any law worldwide if ever existed, that my Lords is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


Charles Spencer: “Diana, Princess of Wales 56th Heavenly Birthday Anniversary” ..

Happy 56th Birthday Diana!

It was a report from Diana, Princess of Wales own brother, that speak about “Diana Spencer to have a place in history” –

Well only to clarify with may concern matters and with respect to everyone that, the Lady in question, HRH Princess Diana of Wales already has a place in history, a place gained by her own efforts nobody else, a place in the heart of billions of peoples worldwide and many more to come, for what she is – an excellent example for young generation, no naive words here, but true actions that speak Lauder than my own writing and a place in the future King of England, by her two sons (either Prince William, or Prince Harry), in which today, if she ever see them again would be extremely proud! –

The Title from HRH Princess Diana of Wales was not removed by The Queen Elizabeth II and/or The Royal Family, but “Spencer Ancestry” and as state in the link ( ) and picture with my investigation. I want to restore HRH Title, direct to Diana, Princess of Wales, that gained matters by own sacrifices, merits, efforts, years and years of hard work, that she truly deserve today, tomorrow and future, nobody and nobody has any rights to remove the same place, a low act from Spencer Family against Diana Spencer, based on envy, but you got no rights to steal the life of the rest, when Title is own by proper efforts, never by “family problems, discord, lies, ill spread, hate propaganda, interference, intolerance, envy and I request today, to repair the damaged! –

This was a woman of substance, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, that saw over Charles Spencer when younger (see photos) and used / abused by the Spencer Family when older, nobody there to help her, left alone with the wrong peoples (see photo of Diana’s sister Sarah Spencer with respect, but need to be there in the middle of Diana and Prince Charles, after her sister married him, checking, cashing and guessing, no wonder Prince Charles got confused, he never knew truly well, who he married into and in real life, the sister Diana, or the other sister as Sarah, or both together in one, spoiling Diana’s life with her past .. .. a past that Sarah Spencer never worked for, but went to the press, then after used Diana to cash, imitate and even went to the press like Sarah, pretty much the same, with my sister mara, that used me as her cash machine, with endless lies against my reputation, during my marriage hide in the background not like Sarah Spencer that escorted Diana everywhere and as you can see photos – full aware!! – Carol Parker controlled the ex-husband like Sarah Spencer, between me and him since day one, without me knowing anything, as he told me before divorce 2012, that she was in charge of him since 1985, so I divorce him and I place her as one of the culprits of my unborn children, terminate by the abuse in which things were gained, the same as Mara / Raul and Rafael in charge of me, based on lies against my reputation to gain “ownership”, except that I was unaware, taking full advantage from 1985, as today 2017, when you read my blog, you can still see them in my life roaming, destroying, ripping and blame / frame me after, when nobody told me anything from day one, including stealing from me, that when things happens at home is me to blame / frame not the real criminal that stole my life, terminate my unborn children since paty arias and hide in the background like coward and as such I place Rafa, Mara / Raul in charge of my unborn children, together with the ex/husband sister, Carol Parker, playing games with “lives ownership”, that are not to play, but always – always bullying, destroying, murdering and hitting hard to victims of crime, then after, cowards hide in the background, even with my children, but not this time!- “Ana pia was in charge of my father business in Tierra Blanca, as such in control of everything at home, mean she knew everything that was develop at any time and between family environment, even pay mara when in mexicali everything she ever wanted, then after guadalajara, including clothes, education, car, travel expenses and basically spoiled rotten and for me, everything removed with intent to cause extreme pain, forced to live in poverty the rest of my life and even terminate my unborn children by the ill / sick spread, my brother rafa used the same system as mara / raul against my reputation, the lie gained him the 16 de septiembre and soon after returned from mexicali / guadalajara – not envy here, but time to tell the spoil rotten, lies with defamation and crime with intent, that my father business gone long ago and today is a crime to gain fortune, with the use of own blood, like me and HRH Princess Diana of Wales, when slave trade, racism and criminal activity is a crime, within Carol Parker, Rafael, Mara / Raul and the Spencer Family, gained “full ownership” of sister blood (me and diana), based on endless lies against us, because in reality, the liability is the cause, effect and reasons why, we stand in this mess today!- As if the murder of my 3 unborn children was a game by the 3 criminals with intent: mara/raul, rafa, carol parker, the same as the 3 victims in Diana, Princess of Wales life, that was cut short. Prince Charles went against Diana and into battles, like me with ex-husband, “one Arm Bandit” hatred came out of own mind, malice, madness, envy, greed and the rest that followed after, with no laws to deter intolerance, violence, bullying, hatred, spread, “because one thing is family, other is murder with intent!?”- As mara lied with her husband raul nuñez frade, I never went out with him at any time, like Sarah and Diana Spencer, never, but more like mara stole the guy from mela, as she was going with a friend and introduced raul nuñes frade to mara, son after mela broke up with her friend, also manolo and any broke thanks to mara and soco mora, el foco and any broke thanks to rafael and mara and me broke with julian gali, solis cano, ex-husband, thanks to mara, raul, rafael, solana, carol parker and soco and Maccise, soco and beto hazz, soco and dieter broke, thanks to mara, rosy maccise, norma hazz, rocio nuñez that went to Germany to collect tito and riqui, bring them to Beto Hazz, then after soco divorce landed to mara’s home, now after my divorce intent same history, same circle of violence, same repetitive criminal activity, same “ownership” with my children, always destroying lives, couples, marriages with no care, totally apart and “into tiny little pieces” by the envy, killed my unborn children with intent from Rafa, Mara against my reputation and Carol Parker against the ex-husband. The intolerant attitude want always revenge and from own actions, somehow forget, that own matter caused the problem in the first place, as mara went against my father and blame jose of sexual abuse and rafa went against my mother and perhaps copy / paste the same, when intent to touch me in a manner that is illegal between blood and today could land rafa in prison, the reasons why, I end up screaming the place down when near rafa, such low actions from mara and rafa landed in mexicali / guadalajara, instead to report with the police, but it was me blame / frame after, forced to imitate similar things between sisters, like tere and I, with melvin and david, before was mara and mela with raul and his friend, except that I never married melvin, but david, but the idea is to confuse, furthermore when never explain properly to gain advantage, with the same words that I can assimilate very easy, as if mara said to me: “I thought all this would be mine one day” and Diana and I after, need to endure and eat the embarrassment in public, the blame and harassment, when taking advantage? — ), used as cash machine, my question is today, why you failed her badly, when she need of a protection home not when death, but alive and as such again, where all the Spencer Family were with her in the past, when she really need all of you and yours, but left down badly, alone and sad, today you got the consequences by your own making and attitude, time to recognise the same, furthermore what have you all done in the last 20 years and in order to restore the lady’s reputation, place in history and recoup her dignity in one piece, except receiving the wealth, that her famous name comes with, never Spencer, but Diana, Princess of Wales?! –

With respect to all the Spencer heirloom, but without having the same name, wealth and kingdom but look the same image of my family, that I would not know today, who is what by the similarities, envy and place of the world, “always driven as wall”, so Diana, Princess of Wales and myself would never ever develop properly, with confidence and own shine armour, but misleading the lady in question, when in reality, she gained all and everything by her own brilliant intelligence, beauty, efforts, never the Spencer name, so tell me today, who was the most clever, intelligent, pretty, caring and good heart of all? –

I am not happy, you need to repair the (criminal) damaged and the reasons why I made this page with respect, ( ), acting as surrogate sister as lack of the same, also as student of law when the same fail us badly, when all the Spencer Family asked Diana Spencer to work harder that the rest and so all of you and yours today, need to get with her level and status, mean you will need to probe your worth, but with the Spencer surname nobody knows who is Diana, but as HRH Princess Diana of Wales and the Mother of the future King of England, either by Prince William and Prince Harry, then everybody assimilate and with respect once again, but not on my yard, the pain is too much, the game went too far and the crimes uncontested in law, that we need to enforced, perhaps to ask for the impossible dream!-

So when Diana, Princess of Wales deserves a place in history, by Charles Spencer paying tribute to his sister ( ) and with respect once again, but in reality, we already placed her in History and since day one, what we don’t want today is a forced relationship that lasted 20 YEARS to heal and amend, but a real compassionate, loving and caring one, but thanks anyways! – I protect me and mine (children) with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.