Shimon Peres (2/8/1923 – 28/9/2016) RIP ..



With great sadness the world unite today for Shimon Peres funeral, he died on September 28, 2016 fighting peace process in the Middle East.

With great hope Shimon Peres wanted to finish any misunderstanding between world leaders and put their own differences one side and in order to gain peace, tolerance, unity, understanding, prosperity, and respect between themselves, between nations, between own culture, between own traditions and between own blood, because at the end of the day, we all come from the same Father Abraham (Jews / Arabs)! –

Peace is not just a tool to gain power in the world, but a HUMAN right, a basic necessity to live in accordance with the holly scripts and our Lord wishes, because we are all part of his own kingdom, we all belong to his own world, we are all members of the human population not matter colour, age, religion, sexual preference, disability, etc! –

I apologies to take a subject way out of the intention of today with Shimon Peres matters (RIP), but when making this note, I fortunately notice in which year this great man was born and I assume in the time, when Israel was way out of our reach, only a dream ( – a passage to history! – I mean to said “way out of our reach” , because somehow I am linked with Jewish roots / ancestry from Spain (, I also come from yourselves by my parents – parents, when time forgot us and during the diaspora spreading culture! –

However, as Mexican born was a real shock to me and find myself in the middle of a war (WWII) ( with the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family and as they call it, “family problems”, that is way out of our reach in time, country, place of birth and even (Mexican) culture (, but somehow forced to live the tale, cruelty, murder, crime and criminal activity, perhaps someone should enlighten me into the matters and as such, I am unable to understand fully well – who is more cruel, criminal, vengeful, vindictive, lie, treacherous, or destructive bully! –


I do not want to say anything more into the matters, as I want you to think about the matters, because how you kill, murder and destroy your own blood, kind and family with such easy, facility and lack of heart ( is way out of any normal reasoning in law, because can you imagine if I wish you the same to yourselves, when many of you, I never meet in my entitle life, except my family that perhaps requested the start, but then, how we finish the whole story? –

I don’t ask any recognition by any of you and yours, but with my parents humility, respect and recognition as daughter is more than enough ( and simple, because I believe you are like my family, so big and almighty, so great and unreal, so clever and intelligent, but not that much, when the coward bully ( struggle with own victim, as now, today! –

I speak about my family, blood, culture and relate, but as you are all here helping, hiding the bodies / crimes and in the middle, then perhaps you want to think about maturity as well, because is not just the world, but your own family badly shaken and hurt ( ) and I think is time to change the mould, the heart and what you got inside! –

The same as my family that even today, I question where they got own wealth, perhaps when use / abuse their own kind and in order to live, educate, eat ( and if something happens to me and mine (children), then we know fully well where all matters comes from, because I have the RIGHTS to defend my own peoples and protect ( what is mine, the same way as you does with your own kind, because it looks to me today, as the diaspora times came and gone, not just separate us by birth, but divide our generation in great magnitude and unable to recognise each other! –

I understand fully well where all you come from, the Middle East and lost all centuries ago, but what the matter has to do with me and where I come from which is Mexico – the other side of the planet earth and furthermore can you possible understand what happened to me and because of whatever happened to you and even selecting the most vindictive members of my family and their own bullies ( ) to come against me and help, or are you all the same kind!?-

I hope today, as the passing of Shimon Peres (RIP) – your leader, that we hope in the future, we may unite for peace and with respect! – Rosario Castellanos de Parker.



Brexit: No pledges to fix the same! ..


Sandro de america Te propongo ..


As we listen “sandro” from the previous videos and my sister (soco) was her fan, you can see if by this man my sister (soco) has any kind of mental issues that enable the “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker, members of my family and their own helpers to BULLY her persona in any way, form or shape, but abused (as the link mention, with respect to The Queen Elizabeth II ( ).


It is now that I can see the holly Sandro properly with my 56 years old and not when I was 6 years old and visualise the kind of person my sister was (full of life!) that surprise me a lot to be honest with you and I ask legally, what the hell you done with her when detained under the mental health act (as detailed in the link: ) and used to your own purposes to represent X person (Theresa May) now, as if all programmed in the past for today ( ), the same as the previous one (David Cameron) with my brother? – As this man (david cameron) arrived and gone and I am still waiting for anyone in politics / government affairs to help me with my matters (as the blog explain ) in a responsible way, when such matters and abuses ( ) happened in the UK, that when things may come to you, I will leave you waiting and waiting and waiting until the person responsible of the matters leave the post (as david cameron), exactly in the same way as I am today ( waiting and when removed all and everything even the law, so how anyone expect me to do things pinned in the wall, but falsely accused when stolen all and everything from me? –


After reading the pledges ( from UK politicians using my own personal matters to own adventures with little care ( ), that I stopped any kind of membership (labour party) of the same and if something happens to me and mine (children), then we know full well where all comes from and with respect to The Queen.


Years ago I put my name down to represent the area of Trafford (, but lost my place and I don’t intent to do it twice, but to bring wealth ( the place that kick me out (just ask a battered woman?), lie of my reputation (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), removed all and everything from my reach even services in the community (with a wave of hatred and terror ), help, financial support (benefits), jobs, business, law, education and told me “to start all over again” by council staff ( ) and now “use me (as Mexican born / UK citizen )” as foreign national to own purposes, riches, wealth, cash, prosperity ( – when I lacked all but pay own taxes and wages, that is another matter very different and I am not going to tolerate the bullying (, and abuse that segregate my culture! –


When I highlighted my own personal affairs in my blog and I requested HELP and Justice for my matters (, never I was asking for a debate in Parliament, neither “cash for questions” because I am unemployed thanks to Trafford council staff as mention before, with ex/husband “family problems” wave of terror to me and removed all and everything, but “I question where is my cash” STOLEN from same (local) government, state, community, system, politicians, etc.


The letter below owns me 10 years plus interest of state money, that was not my fault but your staff (DWP) and neighbour (house #11 sherway), when saw me poorly and never advice me of benefit entitlement (I was inside altrincham job centre plus premises, for an interview with WHS, Post Office and Elaine Grant told me nothing, but she asked of my hand: “where I got the injury from” and I told her “an accident from work”, soon after she was visiting at home regularly to check, but not leaflet or benefit advice and represented disabled peoples, with different benefit rules on that time and I was paying contributions to subside the same?-) and now with removal of benefits and “I need to live within my own means”, after years and years of contributions (1985 – 2010), that I request back pay and any dues to me by the DWP staff, as it’s my right by law, because I need to pay my own bills as link mention and start a business to live within my means, as even references from past employers – removed by same bullies ( ), that aid from council staff and with respect! – Rosario Castellanos de Parker.



El gancho familiar ..



Este continuo problema familiar expuesto en “publico y para la atenciòn del publico”, las razones por las cuales me niego a tener contacto alguno con la familia, ya que entre ellos mismos se molestàn gravemente al borde de matar ( – sin respeto, ahora quieren jalar a mis hij@s, por que mis otros hij@s que fallecieròn en terminaciones (abortos) forzadas no fueròn, or sòn suficientes, aùn quieren màs para poder saciar todos sus adentros vengativos, criminales, malignos, con la ayuda de su mismo padre de SANGRE (ex/marido y su hernana la social worker) porque no tiene verguenza alguna (como rafael hermano con sus hijas que le vale madres, como se parecen, o tienen contacto?!) pero se escudàn con los hij@s, porque entre ex-marido y su hermana la social worker estàn completamente / totalmente idiotizados e hipnotizados (quizas por raul nuñez frade quien estudiò la misma e intentò conmigo estando Mara presente pero fallò, entonces utilizò a su amigo “el macho men” – asi le pusò tere y como explique en este link: ) con mi familia.

Ahora se dàn cuenta conmigo como hermana ( se fuè contra de mi persona “sin respeto alguno, ni por diferencia de edad”, exterminando todo lo mio en terminaciones (abortos) forzadas y me utilizò solo para saciar sus adentros (, hoy se puede ver el resultado. Porque todo lo que pasa a otra hermana (mara) siempre tengo que pagarlo, vivirlo y hasta revivirlo, me corriò (flor) de su casa usando a su hijo (pancho, mano de maradona, fabrica Zermatex ) de pretexto / gancho para pagar manda ajena, cuando hermana (mara) la sacaròn del nucleo familiar y mandaròn a Mexicali ( ) por culpar hermano (jose) de violaciòn y por segunda vez, la regresaròn de Guadalajara cuando culpo al esposo de esta hermana (josefa) de lo mismo (violaciòn) y ningun caso (hermano – cuñado) està comprobado legalmente. Cuando en realidad a mis padres les molestò muchisimo, la difamia de esta hermana (mara) contra su familia (hermano – cuñado) solo para romper su reputaciòn y me usaròn de GANCHO para tapar, difamar, desviar, maltratar, matar, culpar, abusar, etc. Espero que tambien puedan mirar problema familiar que tenia hermana ( con la otra hermana ( “aparentemente” muy unidas y un reflejo parecido al mio con esta hermana (mara), que se supone teniamos buena relaciòn, pero cuando no me daba cuenta me echaba la culpa de todo, la razòn por la cual mis padres mandaròn (a josefa y su esposo) para Mexicali despues de perder su primer hijo y quizas salvar al resto de su familia, porque lo mismo que ella tiene en hijos actuales, yo los perdì en terminaciones (abortos) forzadas?! – Por el mismo matadero familiar ( ) sin respeto alguno contra su sangre, conciencia de sus actos para nada de bullies ( ) contra el resto de la familia, que hoy estamos “aclarando” su crimen organizado y poder safarme de sus GANCHOS malignos, diabolicos, locos y vivir en paz junto a mis hij@s, ya que me mataròn al resto en terminaciones (abortos) forzadas, que se pide respeto! –

Mirè con mucho respeto una pelicula (, la similaridad de los casos sin importar edad me ayudo a comprender la misma situaciòn (violaciòn) que viviò hermana (flor), “donde puede afectar el cuerpo humano (ver carta abajo – NHS) este tipo de relacion intima” que “no estoy aqui para juzgar pero comprobar legalmente”, quiere decir posibilidad de los echos, ahora lo demàs se los dejo a su criterio propio, porque recuerden hermana (mara) decia igùal del resto (jose y javier corona) y solo pagar deudas ajenas, porque NADA està comprobado como esta hermana (flor). Sin embargo tube que pagar deudas ajenas tomando antibioticos en vez de recibir tratamiento dental (ver cartas;, mi padre y hermano (jose) tambien tomaròn ambos antibioticos, hermanas (soco – mara) detenidas para despues echarme la culpa del crimen organizado ( ) y pregunto de donde viene tanto problema, quien tiene comunicaciòn directa con nuestra vida privada, doctores / gp / dentistas (para despues echar la culpa a inocentes, cuando actùan sin darnos cuenta, tomando hasta ventaja!) al borde de controlar y afectar a los mios, porque somos manipulados como titeres / piezas de ajedrez ( ), con que derecho se tomàn ese papel y porque, desde cuando y hasta donde vamos a llegar con el problema?-“Porque ni mis padres sabian la mitad de lo que hoy todos sabemos con problema familiar y hasta revocar legalmente cualquier tipo de documento legal y hasta religioso – todo queda totalmente nulo, hasta no saber – comprobar la verdad de los echos, no mentiras (5 hombres, el rio, el beso, etc), pero echos reales, vigentes, actuales, no chismes de vecindario, mentiras de mentirosas, or difamias que pueden costar hasta la vida ajena, sin respeto alguno por la misma vida, familia, sangre, tradiciòn, hermandad, nucleo familiar, etc!!”-


Porque AQUI ESTAMOS ACLARANDO NO MATANDO familia y estos no tiene contacto conmigo para nada (1985 – 2016), pero estàn metidos en mis cosas privadas / personales (ver carta NHS que menciona problema de hermana flor echo en Mexico y como saben la misma en Inglaterra, ahora si recordamos bien me corriò de su casa “antes” de que eso sucediera y “como mencionè antes”, solo para tapar hermana mara, asi es que cuando, como y a que hora, aùn màs cuando soy una mujer, no un hombre?!- ), que cuando pasàn las cosas me echan a mi la culpa ( ) estando en Inglaterra – no Mexico (2010 – 2016 ..?), no al bully que se roba la vida ajena sin respeto alguno, incluyendo hasta domingos (que flor decia era forzada ese dia, para visitar los padres de javier) seguir la tradiciòn Azpri – Mercado con la ayuda del ex/marido y su hermana la social worker que nos quieren controlar, manipular, sobajar, vender, se imaginan si esto pasara a los corona, azpiri, matamoros, delgadillo, diaz morfin, hazz, guerrero, nuñez frade, soltelo, parker (david and carol ), pero al resto de la familia y aùn estando divorciado (me, rafa, soco, etc), pero sentados (mara con gracia y divorciada de rafa, lo mismo con la esposa de jose y etc. NO ES ENVIDIA pero repito, cuando pasan cosas en la familia, tienen a quien echar la culpa por su crimen organizado?- ) se quedàn con nuestro pasado (ex-marido, su hermana la social worker, hazz, guerrero, sotelo, etc?) sin respeto alguno, controlados y gobernados por bullies? –

Ser un gancho en la familia es un abuso muy grande por el asalto contra nuestra persona y deberia ser un crimen por quien ocaciona la misma sin respeto, tàn solo para poder robar todo lo nuestro a base de mentiras (mara difamò mi reputaciòn para poder dar comida, ropa, viajes, educaciòn GRATIS y hasta doble a sus hijas sin respeto alguno por su familia, herman@, sangre robando oportunidades cuando mis hijas que tienen que pagar por sus estudios y no a base de mentiras!), junto con sus fabricas (zermatex ver link; ) llenas de mentirosas (5 hombres, el rio, etc) y aqui no se reclama INTELIGENCIA pero ROBO de nuestras vidas personales. Cuando en realidad esa hermana (mara) tiene capacidad de ganar su dinero propio, sin vender a su familia por nada, exerciendo su entrenamiento en agencias de viajes, que aùn hoy en dia es una millonada, de otra manera no le hibieràn robado la partida sus hermanas (flor, lupy, etc) que tienen esas agencias y poder demostrar legalmente como se molestàn entre si, sin respeto alguno, nada!!.-

Cuando la POBREZA ataca despues de que te robaròn todo y no hay dinero para lujos, no queda de otra que aprender cosas baratas (, in – geniozas, o recojer basura (asi lo pusò Flor a Rafael cuando regresò de Mexicali / Guadalajara, a recojer desechos, basura, recicle y con eso poder ganar dinero y construir su terreno que mi padre le dejo en la 16 de sept?-), solo para SUBJUGAR familia, padres, ti@s, herman@s, sangre, nucleo familiar y vivir como Reyes, porque solamente los BULLIIES ( tienen derecho a vivir bien, comer de nosotros, explotarnos, criticarnos, subyugarnos, castrarnos, quitarnos todo hasta la musica, el bote patiado, los novios, terminaciones (abortos) forzadas, todo y hoy solo mendigar, caminar sin rumbo, sin poder tener trabajo honrado porque te lo roban, vendernos unos a otros a base de mentiras, ponernos en pique hasta matar ( y sin dar chance a comprobar mentiras y difamias” –

En una sola palabra los BULLIES pueden “SUBJUGAR, ABUSAR, CONTROLAR, ESPIAR, COMER, VESTIR, JUGAR, CANTAR, SONREIR, BAILAR, VIVIR, MATAR, EXPONER, LLEGAR A LAS 5 DE LA MAÑANA, TENER RELACIONES ANTES DEL MATRIMONIO, etc”, pero si nosotros hacemos lo mismo, entonces BULLIES se vengan, te venden, te exponen, te aniquilàn, etc. Asi es que BULLIES pueden hacer lo que quieran con su familia, sangre, gente, padres, hermanos, pero el resto de esa sangre NO PUEDE contra el bully (?), porque tienen comprado hasta la ley, como nos està pasando en familia (con chavelo!!), que fallecen el resto (jose, soco, mis hijos en terminaciones forzadas!), uno tràs otro, otro tras de otro, marchando directo al matadero, para poder silenciar victimas, sin respeto pero tomando ventaja, venganza, odios que matàn porque se quedan con TODO lo nuestro despues, porque hasta medicina usàn para control, porque la lista es muy larga contra esas entidades que se dicen familia y solo venden su sangre!!? –

Se parecen mucho estos GANCHOS, cuando hermanas mayores nos ENGANCHARÔN al resto de la familia para controlar, solo porque estubimos viviendo en sus hogares para poder dar de comer a sus hij@s (paracitos y estos despues, venirse CONTRA su misma sangre, familia, hermandad, ti@s, etc .. pues que estàn mal?- ), cuando en realidad no teniamos ninguna necesidad, pues mis padres tenian casas en Tierra Blanca Ver, Puebla, Michoacan y hasta demàs, para que despues cuando nos salieramos de sus casas, tener que seguir COBRANDO favores “enganchando nuestras VIDAS de por vida” con cualquier pretexto, porque aùn todabia no se paga la deuda, la educaciòn que nos robaròn ( no sirbiò para nada – solo matar, seguimos en deuda, seguimos en odios, seguimos en abusos, seguimos sin poder movernos por tanto robo, seguimos en su crimen organizado, etc?!-

Es muy triste nuestra HISTORIA, ahora les doy chance que llorèn pues nuestros seres queridos cuando hasta en eso somos represados, cuando crecimos con mucho respeto en la familia tanto que aùn hoy en dia se comparten la vida junt@s – entonces estoy mintiendo, o no (?), unos a otros habia cariño, respeto, amor – hasta que el mal se nos metiò por alli, las mentiras se hicieròn cada dia mas profundas, creibles y hasta una norma familiar solo para robar, sobre – vivir y hasta ganar harta ventaja ( ), pero màs triste es matarnos en vida y aqui ya no se midieron! – Recuerdo desde niña (2 años +) me estàn matando (mela) en vida a base de mentiras, solo para apaciguar a esta hermana (mara) contra mi persona y dejar de molestarme / echarme la culpa, todo empezo por juego de niñ@s que familia no pudo controlar, ahora como se apacigua este mal contra la misma familia (soco, jose, mis hijos que fallecieron en terminaciones forzadas, etc!), que ya cuestioneo legalmente esta forma de tapar el mal, cuando conocen el principio de la misma (mela estudiò derecho!) y las tècnicas que usan es aùn màs tenebrosas contra tu sangre, “entiendo que el pasado era quizas un obstaculo pero ahora cual es el pretexto / obstaculo”, cualquier cosa solo para calmar este mal (mara) que me viene persiguiendo desde niña y al resto tambien de otra manera no hubieràn fallecido (soco, jose, mis terminaciones, etc), muchos no saben, otros desconocen, pero crimen el que tapa, porque ya el crimen no es posible de continuar tapando nada màs, porque no voy a callar cuando estoy mirando que nos matàn en vida (soco, jose, mis hijos que fallecieron en terminaciones forzadas, etc!) y no somos noticia, excepto / solo las bullies!! –

Nuestra TRISTE realidad que pudo ser manejada de otra manera exponiendo la misma, pero taparòn para ganar ventaja, cuando hermanas mayores nos dejaròn su ejemplo, tambien nos dejaròn en la calle mientras los suyos estudiaban, comian y vivian robando lo ajeno, como si fueràn reinas usandonos (vean vestido en la foto prestado por hermana mayor para poder salir presentable en la foto , cuando en realidad el resto flor, mara, etc, nos dejabàn en la calle de tanta robadera, matadera, crimen organizado, abuso, crimen sin conciencia y pueden ver foto abajo para comprobar la misma.), cosas TOTALMENTE increibles de creer en vida real, quien lo hiba a decir, “tu sangre, tu familia, tu gente”, pero VALGAME Dios, sin embargo ni por todo el ORO del mundo vendo a mi familia, tampoco me van a callar nunca mas, mucho menos me presto al crimen organizado, YA BASTA!-Rosario Castellanos de Parker



Brazil Olympic Games 2016 ..


Brazil la la la CANZONE (ordem e progresso) cover


The Olympic Games draw to an end and after the big aftermath including, their own political fields as well as games, we can perhaps share pictures to see the difference into our world and those worlds selected by own political hardship, poverty, lack of financial funds, protection laws and even regulations, with respect.


Brazil is not a poor country – quite contrary, one of the riches ( in the whole wide world and their own wealth is immense, but unfortunately presently barraged by a complete political / government corruption (, poverty and riches exposed.


Brazil riches contrast in great measure ( ) and only holds a few representatives that survive the dilemma, impeachment, corruption, intolerance and racism (, including those in fashion world when represent own country, but not the interest of the same.


The Olympic Games is not about who won (, but who participate, as we are all allowed to show our FULL capacity, capability and force before anyone dare to comment into our persona, personality and charisma, but without the correct tools NOBODY can perform properly only DREAMS, with respect once again.


Now let’s read what the rest said: “Brazil’s President Michel Temer vowed to push ahead with unpopular measures to revive a troubled economy (, saying his lack of electoral ambition gives him a free hand to act” –


Serious human rights violations continued to be reported, including killings by police and the torture and other ill-treatment of detainees. Young men from favelas (shanty towns) and marginalised communities were at particular risk. The security forces often used excessive or unnecessary force to suppress protests.


I don’t agree into any charity MONEY, but opportunity in EDUCATION to all: “In Partnership with The British & Foreign School Society, we support a prevention programme to help children avoid risky behaviours and promote innovative social educational programmes in schools in Salvador, Brazil, etc.


Brazil is South America’s most influential country (, a rising economic power and one of the world’s biggest democracies, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.



Pope Francis: “María José Abeng Ayanga” –


Sandro – Penas

No se ni por donde empezar hoy con diferentes casos pero es lo mismo, “ser padre / madre” de tus hij@s y estar atorado en la vida sin que nadie te ayude a la misma y en mi caso no habia FB en aquel entonces para poder enfrentar el problema.

Asi es que esta AFORTUNADA pareja se ve forzada a dejar a su hija en un horfanatorio, pero suerte que miramos en FB para pedir ayuda y exponer tambien nuestro caso. Cuando suerte la mia fueròn a parar a la clinica, arreglando el ex-marido la cita porque mi Inglès era muy bàsico ( ), sin representaciòn LEGAL de nadie para salvar sus vidas, porque no me dejò salir de Inglaterra para Mexico embarazada con la excusa de que no tenia dinero para mantenerlos, pero cuando nacieròn nuestros otros hij@s tampoco tenia dinero para hacerse cargo de la responsabilidad, asi que ni una – ni tampoco la otra, pura vajetonada, mentiras, abusos, ofenzas, chantaje moral, bullying y tener que escapar a las maquinitas (, porque la familia en Mexico me regresaba para Inglaterra (ana pia manejando el carro de mi padre y mi madre atras escoltando)?-


Sin embargo hoy, el Papa Francisco reformo sus leyes eclesiasticas para harmonizar las mismas, solo que no se entiende el Italiano (, tampoco para que sirben en mi caso, cuando los hijos ya no se pueden regresar y tambien saber, quien me va a pagar por el abuso, crimen, perdida, criminologia, bullying, daños y prejuicios, etc? –

Tambien se quiere mencionar el caso de María José Abeng Ayanga y su hijo, quien explica en su carta fuè removido de la madre al nacer por autoridades del gobierno y su caso es muy parecido al Franquismo – robo de niños. Tambien se argumenta que los padres adoptivos sufrèn por la separaciòn ( ), cuando deben tener entrenamiento para este tipo de surrogacia, porque solo ejercen el papel de padre / madre mientras los verdaderos padres reforman sus vidas y en el caso de María José Abeng Ayanga se nota el abuso, racismo, intolerancia, bullying, robo, maldad, malicia, etc. Ya hablè sobre el caso ( y si no pueden encontrar la soluciòn al problema (manhood), entonces ustedes sòn la causa y problema, cuando se esconde la verdad, realidad, crimen, criminal, abuso (,YA BASTA! –

Mi madre me decia de niña, que ella pagaba a la iglesia para dar oportunidades a jovenes y estos poder profesar su religiòn, cuando no tenian posibilidades economicas. Ahora que estàn bastante bien EDUCADOS todos en el Vaticano, salen con que no pueden ensuciar sus inmaculadas vestimientas y usan de quien se deja y como se puede tapando todo, cuando las sandalias y tùnicas de San Pedro sòn suyas, No nuestras! – Al borde mi santa madre de quitarnos las oportunidades, chances, educaciòn y comida, para ser envidia en el colegio (solana), cuando esa misma envidia se llenaba con TODO lo nuestro sin medida / merecerlo (, porque saliò hasta hotel de lujo en Israel y cuando inversionistas ( se vayan al cielo, todo queda en familia, solo necesitàn ver el film de los Borgias y con respeto, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.



After BREXIT ..

We Are Not Your Commodities To Be Sold For Political Deals, Religious Affairs, Issues and Marketplace ( like Florence Cassez French case ), but HUMAN PEOPLES! –

Sandro – porque yo te amo (1968)


After BREXIT the UK is left with months of turmoil, unanswered questions and guessing into the unknown (“Don’t turn to phychics, or mediums to get help. That will make you unclean. I am the LORD your GOD, Leviticus 19:31), because nothing came out of matters, we are going into places with no mandate (, full of regrets, doubt, false pretences / promises, perhaps abuse of power and profession against the most vulnerable peoples of our society (old, children, disabled, immigrants, etc) and blame somebody (immigration, etc) instead for own actions, mean peoples gamble ( in life due to certain circumstances in which exposed, beyond own reach and/or lost, like European referendum = BREXIT. The UK peoples don’t like when lost Brexit and I don’t like when lost all my hard earned cash and money inside the slot machine ( and in order to avoid the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family, with own “family problems” against me (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) and mine, but somehow today you want a way out and better deal, but for me was not possible such dreams. I need to endure the ordeal and nightmare alone for more than 30 years ( ), unable to escape (1985 – 2016), reach the law, gain deals, or better ways out, so I hope the world understand what is like to have Mr Trump ( at home, when “out of the blue” insult your mental capacity (paranoid, relax, etc), lost temper easily, falsely accused you of everything, attack your persona (, blame you for everything, tease you all day long, molest your persona, hunt, stalk, spy and break everything at your place to be blame after, keep things out of reach (, destroy your life and those peoples around you, with help of his sister social worker ( as you can see link need a social worker / community services / council staff from social services and with respect to The Queen ), remove all and everything from your persona (as ex/husband told me when divorce times 2012: “the english system for the english peoples, after I paid my social security benefits, taxes and since day one 1985 !??!) and now use my children to hide, learn the trade against own mother and repeat same low life attitude, words, feelings and bully tactics, because I never display such hatred towards the ex/husband and to probe legally, as my peoples (children) want to live with him and not me, but why I need to endure the abuse, intolerance, ill spread, sickness, bully tactics, why? –


The matter reflects my sister (soco) need to endure with own husband/s (dieter and hazz) and her children (tito and riqui) need to repeat same low life attitude, ill hatred spread and words of the rest, against her reputation (esta loca, no esta bien, ya le falla, etc) – soon after arrived to Germany, in fact the elder child (tito) forbid my sister (soco) to visit him again to Veracruz, Mexico, otherwise his father (beto hazz) would not be happy and I and my other sister (tere) stands today as witness!!- The ex/husband sister social worker blames me of 5 boys, the river ( ) and brings a wave of lunatics against me and mine to educate ( study twice in the UK university, not one, but 2 places and my children need to pay, or myself, not ENVY but question HARD WORK and not ill spread to destroy, steal, etc!!), eat, destroy and remove all and everything from me and mine (tito soco´s child, study free in north trafford college and removed my eBay account with trade mark spread?!) children that need to work and all based on lies, as I explain that the river matters happened to me in a swimming pool party (paty ariaz see link;, also happened to me by the ex-husband, when my elder sister (flor) invite him to Veracruz, I refused to go with him (ex/husband) any further in the OPEN SEA / BEACH and he was pushing me towards the middle and I was drowning / choke / suffocate / throttle / suppress in front of him, that lasted a very long time and he did nothing at all, except watch me with complete delight, laughing!! –


In which, I believe strong all was made up from ex/husband sister social worker against my reputation (5 boys, the river, etc ), perhaps as copy me into what happened to me by her brother (ex/husband) and land with a man to marry (see Pancho´s photo!), when in reality, I was cancelling the wedding ( and I hold the Bible to confirm and everything that is written by my own words and in my blog – what is mine only! –


A person told me days ago that “I hold grudges” and if that possible, why I never mention the matters of the ex/husband against me in Veracruz, when OPEN SEA / beach and unable to swim, may from day one, like the ex/husband sister social worker against me and mine (unborn children, sister soco, brother jose, etc) and in reality, I am explaining things / matters that happened to us and nobody heard before our side, but pass the law which is corruption and in order to clarify matters, but wrong to kill ( ) peoples with no mercy, justice, respect, love, nothing!!- When sister (soco) and her husband (dieter) came to England for a holiday, her husband and the ex/husband hold long chats together, unaware of communication, but affected badly my sister (soco), in fact it went horrendous for her safety!! – I am saying matters because last Friday (9/9/2016), a police officer knock my front door looking for X person and I asked her 3 times, what was about the matter / problem, but refused to tell me and only show me the name on her booklet – as looking for that person!? – Exactly the same way that happened to my sister (soco), when the GP and police officer went to her house in order to collect her and soon after, detained under the mental health act and her son (riqui) asked me to accompany him inside the ambulance and stupid of me, without thinking twice that I was frame – went with him, to be blame after? – In reality, everybody was spreading (when emigrate to Germany) the reputation of my sister (soco) including her own children (tito and riqui) and I am a witness, as explain before and even before any neighbours (sherway drive) and friend’s of the ex/husband (house #11, etc), when requested me to speak direct with my sister GP / doctor. Exactly the same happened to HRH Princess Diana of Wales and the reasons why she went live for the horrendous spread of her persona by her close family ( and on both sides (Spencer / Windsor), affected badly her own children – the same as my children and reasons why of my blog to reassure everyone, when in reality we can see today that she was right (RIP), that my sister (soco) was right and that I am right to expose the abuse! – I don’t know how to help with “family problems” not matter how much your study over matters (psychology), but when is you family they leave you like jelly, by the creepy bullies ( ) that always win over you, except EXPOSE their own bullshit that destroys any forms and norms of decency, if ever – ever existed!.- However, by law in the UK not mine as Mexican, but English laws, any GP / Doctor / Dentist / Social Worker / Professional is not allowed to disclose / answer any of my matters, concern or issues regarding my sister’s (soco) own health at any time and that is a fact, when nobody has any RIGHTS to bully me into see my sister (soco) GP or accompany into any ambulance (riqui), but forced by the bullies ( ) and anyway, her GP (Timperley health centre) told me, she (soco) “my sister was ok – nothing wrong with her (his own words!)”, because he / she (GP / Doctor) swear confidentiality to any patient (including my sister soco not me at any time, as I am not a Social worker / Professional / Doctor / GP and furthermore, I never swear medical principles, except when I become UK citizen, to Queen, Country, Land and Glory, not Medicine at any time!) and automatic removes his / hers own licence by UK law, for the abuse of power and profession! –


So in plain English, how my sister (soco) GP / Doctor (timperley health centre) answer me of my concerns regarding my sister (soco) health (?) is unknown, when he swear alliance to his / her medical principles and in the name of God why me selected by the Mob, ASBOS and “Family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and members of my family that act as helpers, now hide with my own peoples (children), when he (GP) could be silent (as he /she should know better, by own education principles / standards!) and remove myself from his / her medical practice with immediate effect, perhaps for interfere into my sister own personal matters (it’s now that I understand your English laws, from 2012, see photos and the place I landed into / end up / frame, by ex/husband, his sister social worker and even my sister (soco) own children that played the part (ambulance!), when against the law any GP, Medical, Social Worker, Professional DISCLOSE personal matters that concern own patients, clients, etc. I hold no profession whatsoever, except read the law, psychology, metaphysics and etc and as such, I know of the matters, but tell me if matters was organised and frame, blame and falsely accused me after and reasons why I ask my peoples (children) to read my blog and to know real facts, not lies!- I am unaware, how I end up in this place, as I am not professional to know better, but ex/husband expend weeks with jury service and his sister is a social worker, also neighbour (house #11 sherway) works for (local) government (DWP) as she (elaine grant) asked me to speak to my sister GP and any professional peoples as neighbours, that made full complaint regarded my sister (soco) should not break any patient / claimant records and confidentiality at any time and know better of the issues as born in the UK for regulations, or lose own job ( with immediate effect for abuse of power and profession ( ) by bullies ( ), but went into full spread of me and mine (now is my turn to be called and insulted my mental capacity with “paranoid, relax”, etc, as my children repeat the ex/husband same words against / towards me and not laws to deter the bully so how you solve / deter the mess, corruption and abuse!!??) and my sister (soco) detained under the mental health act ( and even today still hold “grudges” as explain before with the police officer visit (9/9/2016) and my child at home making a similar situation and continue to eat from lies, but not justice when hold by the UK government, like Florence Cassez in my country ( Mexico, incredible such blatant kind of abuse?! –


I have to learn your laws since 2012 with second hands eBay books (see pics), as I was about to go the same way as my sister when on divorce times and I need to defend me and my own peoples (children) from your bullies ( ), because everything removed from me when segregate my culture and need excuses “family problems” to defame my reputation at any time, but no laws? – I remember the ex-husband told me years ago, that he had treatment of hypnosis (raul nuñez frade practice with own friends?!) to stop smoking and since then, he stopped and changed for the worse against me and prove in law since then, “family problems” started to control my own private affairs, dissolve my marriage, ill spread, bond together somehow and furthermore, I know full well who is/was controlling the BEAST – when I was not looking and Not me who steal husbands, while I don’t understand such matters (hypnosis) neither I am interested to HOLD into peoples, may need to research more, but not excuses to pass the law, corrupt the law, abuse the law and even rape the law, when jury service as ex/husband and his sister, social worker, as own mother told me of her own children: “They know full well what they are doing” and I wish to believe today as true, we are going into BREXIT, with no control, no mandate and no nothing, nothing at all!?!” –


Owen Smith Would ‘Potentially’ Accept The UK Joining The Euro And Schengen If He Became Prime Minister

Britons may have to pay fee to visit Europe under post-Brexit visa plan

Theresa May faces Tory REBELLION as Boris Johnson leads group demanding ‘hard Brexit’

Johnson tells Theresa May to REJECT single market deal and WITHDRAW British funding to EU

David Cameron accuses Theresa May of “stitch up” – demands General Election by December
Desperate Eurocrats believe ‘lost’ Britain ‘will BEG for a deal’ as negotiations rumble on

LOL – confused Lib Dem rejoins Tories after leaving them 20 years ago for “shilly-shallying” over Europe!

Tory rebels could quash Theresa May’s grammar school plans

‘Stop imposing your views Farage – we’re NOT leaving EU’ Remainer has complete meltdown

Two months after the EU referendum, these six pledges are already no more.

NICOLAS Sarkozy has demanded a “closed” reception centre for asylum seekers in the UK – because dealing with UK-bound migrants is not France’s responsibility.

Brexit: European politicians warn Australia not to put trade with Britain first
etc ..

Unfortunately we all got bills to pay ( with no pay check, work, job, or wage and refuse to “retire earlier” to please government staff as I am Mexican born and I got little furniture, or arrive broken, or with “family problems (the ex-husband, his sister social worker and helpers, now using my kind to “go and tell them” to HIDE bullies? ), or used as hook like Florence Cassez political deals ( and shall I do the same to UK peoples and in order to stop, full stop the BULLYING and STEAL the living life of the rest based on lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc)?! –


So why me badly affected by whoever your wished to vote, when I never placed my own wishes either way (, when I never interfere into your private life, when I never asked for the matters, when is not me as Mexican born (UK citizen) but the UK system, when nobody was with me (1985 – 2016), but left alone and even services removed, so how?! – And Not just content with such abuse against me and mine by the ex-husband and his sister social worker, that the intolerance travelled from Mexico to the UK with help from bullies (ex/husband sister social worker), that sponsor such violence against me and mine (hypnotic his brother) and removed from me the law, based on ill spread, endless lies, tales and defamation, that segregate my culture with racism?!.-


We have the example of Scotland, that stand to lose quite a lot when relay direct with the English government, as mean sources and mirror myself, when relay heavy from ex/husband before / after married, but lost all today based on lies (5 boys, the river, etc) against my reputation and when blame of anything, now trying to use my children to hide from past abuses, perhaps continue control, because AMISTAD peoples ( could Not understand foreign languages, society, community, laws and evil actions against them, like happened to me in the UK alone, but able to gain Justice as you see the movie, something that was deny to me as explain before and my blog with 480 notes, to no avail. I need to learn the law, English language and open education (university) when deny to me and need to purchase second hand books (see photos) to represent myself, when segregate my culture based on tales, defamation of character and lies (5 boys, river, kiss, etc), because nobody asked my side of the story (1985 – 2016), not even today, except in my blog, otherwise would be left in the limbo?!-


I am saying the matters as the DWP staff would not accept my reasons of my accidents and delay to make a claim (see Amistad movie) but I was not born in the UK to know everything and represent myself ALONE when cases at the UK courts, perhaps to lose that way and what kind of racism exist within the English system, because AMISTAD peoples ( were able to be represented in a court of law, but not me, neither my social security number which is mine – a contract between the state and me and no-one else involve and nobody has any rights to interfere with my private matters and steal my hard work to pass after to somebody else as explain before and why, what are the reasons legally for the abuse against me, that even the ex/husband think that he owns me after divorce and explain in this note, even sent the police officer / council representatives to intimidate me (to look as my sister soco case 9/9/2016) instead to pay what he own me by a court order / judge (see documents: that follows after and no block me using our kind (children) to hide from responsability, also no “family members” involve in my case, but the law after my divorce and settlement and to prove legally, that I lack services in the community, but not AMISTAD?!! –


My question is why I have to endure this kind of weird treatment and abuse of power and profession, that happened to HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Paula Yates and etc and all comes from same source, as HRH Prince Charles and what I ever done to those peoples, as the ex/husband and his family problems! –
etc ..


It´s wrong to lie of things and avoid ( ) responsibilities in life, do not make FALSE ACCUSATIONS (often inside our head, we make up our stories, tales, lies and assume about something, someone, somebody, ourselves and etc, instead investigate matters properly!), or ASSUMPTIONS (We start by believe stories that we hear, then make a mountain out of nothing!!), but find courage to ask the unquestionable (People can´t read our mind and that is a true fact!) and express what you really intent (we all see things in different ways, shapes and forms!!), furthermore communicate with others all the time to avoid (“making an ASS” out of you, me and the rest!”) any sadness, drama, misunderstanding, corruption, intolerance, abuse, crime, criminology, death. When you got issues deal with peoples direct and in order to cut corners and to have two sides of the story not just one, because this is the law requirements (2 sides of the story, not just one, otherwise corruption!!) when order, dictate and command. In other words and plain English don’t sent/send family (as in my case!) members to deal with (government, politics, community, society, law, religion, system, etc) personal (mine) matters, because (you are lazy, it is easy that way, cheap in the long run / way, neglect own work, responsibilities and duty of care, want to avoid the law, protect own interest not the victim, etc) that is very RUDE, unacceptable, unprofessional, child attitude, corrupt, intimidate, abusive, bully, ASBOS, illegal, illegal, out of order, but use the correct ways, channels and services (politics affairs, council services, government staff, etc!) that get PAID to do the matters and not members of my family that even stop the law, otherwise we could use the same CHEAP and intimidate system against your own peoples when represent the UK and in order for you to know fully well what is like to be me and me – you, STOP, FULL STOP BULLYING! – Rosario Castellanos de Parker.



Donald Trump: “Enrique Peña Nieto VS Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana” ..

Mi Español ya no es como antes,
cuando salì de Mexico hace màs de 30 años (1985 – 2016),
sin poder practicar la misma en Inglaterra
y escasamente mi Inglès es muy corto / roto,
asi es que reciban mil disculpas por la misma,
Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

Juan Gabriel manana te acordaras

Desde que el Candidato Presidencial Republicano, Donald Trump visitò nuestro pais Mexicano (muchas Gracias!!!) y nuestro Presidente, Enrique Peña Nieto lo atendiò como se merece, se desatò un mundo de preguntas y (sin) respuestas, rencor, murmullos, abusos, burlas, choteos, calumnias y diò excusa para arrancar sin medida, sin razòn y sin causa para intimidar, hasta llegar a bajas alturas que solo denotàn su baja estima, poca cultura y zero tolerancia / educaciòn. No es que estè de lado del crimen organizado porque soy la primera en exponer (, pero dar chance a un cambio positivo ( ), porque:

– En primera: YO (Rosario Castellanos de Parker) no soy el Presidente / Representante de Mexico y ya estoy hasta la coronilla de hacer un papel por el cual “No recibo pago”, ese lugar es del Presidente de nuestro pais, Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN) que me utilizò gratis y con permiso de aquellos familiares ( que “Si trabajan para el gobierno” y se creen con todo DERECHO y LIBERTAD para usarme sin mi permiso, sin darme cuenta y sin saber de la misma, a base de una fabrica (Zermatex ver link: completa de mentiras (5 hombres, el rio, el beso, etc) contra mi reputaciòn, quitandome pais de nacimiento, nucleo familiar, amistades, hij@s, familia, matrimonio, todo tipo de servico y ayuda en Inglaterra hasta legal, junto con sus grupos de crimen organizado.

– En segunda: Los Mexicanos TODOS cuestionean la razòn por la cual Enrique Peña Nieto, Presidente Mexicano recibiò al Candidato Presidencial Republicano, Donald Trump, cuando es su TRABAJO, su SUDOR de su frente, su OBLIGACIÔN por tener el mandato, su ENCARGO como representante de nuestro pais y no està gratuito como su servidora – pero recibe su enorme SUELDO, asi es que a este SEÑOR le dejamos la CHAMBA, estamos? –

– En tercera: Hace 168 años Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana “NO” entrego casi la mitad de nuestro territorio Mexicano, ni tampoco el Presidente, Enrique Peña Nieto entrego lo poco que quedaba de dignidad, porque este (Santa Ana) se escapò, “para no firmar nada” – Ahora si el otro Peña Peña ( no hubiera firmado nada, entonces nuestra gente Mexicana, tambien HOY no estaria con nosotros, como 400 Tribus Americanas (RIP) y con respeto. (solo necesitan ver el abuso contra el pueblo de Mexico, hasta usar armas de fuego, violencia, crimen organizado, bombas y expongo en siguinte link: “parentesis y braguetas” y con respeto) Pienso quien entregò nuestro pais Mexicano, fueròn aquellos involucrados que redactaròn documento chueco, quebrado y roto, porque nada se cumplio: “Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo”-

– En cuarta: Tampoco estoy de lado del señor Trump ( y con respeto que se merece, pero tambien el tendrà que caminar el 1, 2, 3, .. con nuestro Pais Mexicano, o exponemos abuso, porque nadie va a venir a molestar lo nuestro, a tronar dedos, insultar, o matar nuestra reputaciòn, cuando jamàz nos metemos con lo ajeno y parte de America todabia es nuestro, por la forma en que se obtubò la misma, por el crimen contra nuestra gente, pais y hasta leyes, etc.

– En quinta: Tambien el Candidato Presidencial Republicano, Donald Trump promete terminar “Tratado de Libre Comercio” entre ambos paises y serà el ùnico mandato que aceptò, porque desde Salinas de Gortari ( ) / Tratado de Libre Comercio firmado en 1993 / 1994 hasta la fecha 2016 (, solo saliò para traer un mundo completo de locura a nuestro pais, Mexico – matando dignidad y el respeto por la familia, sangre, gente, cultura, tradiciòn, raizes, color y hasta religion esto se demostrò con la partida del Cardenal Posadas Ocampo RIP ( “Un Gràn Heroe de la Naciòn Mexicana”


– Y para terminar: ahora nos vamos con la musica para otro lado con Sandro – Porque yo te amo (1968) Esta musica, canciòn e interpretaciòn le encantaba a mi hermana (soco) que intentè poder explicar motivos, resolver nuestras diferencias con màs de 470 notas en este blog y sin embargo nunca lo logrè! – Si hubiera querido ser alguien en la vida de mi familia, seria como esta hermana (soco), para mi no era solo mi guardian, mentor, idolo, lo mejor que Dios me regalo, pero tambien mi mundo completo, no necesitaba màs!- Mi mundo actualmente girò alrededor de esta hermana ( ) y desde niñas crecimos juntas con su musica (sandro, etc), cuentos (el osito, la hormigita, etc), amistades, novios, galanes (tenia un mundo completo!), tiempo, alegria, tristezas y momentos (como ella decia “sonrisas colgate” tambien “lagrimas y risas” esta ùltima creo nos marco!). Pienso que aquellos que quisieròn separarnos lo lograròn, todo a base de mentiras, chantaje moral, confunciòn, odios extremos sin fundamento, envidias y un mundo de chismes inciertos, inreales, increibles y hasta fuera de este mundo. Mi hermana (josefa) la mayor y una de las pocas veces que fui a Mexico (1985 – 2016) me comentò, “que me quede con algo de ella ( )” y hasta la fecha no se de que me habla, hasta que recordè y recordè tambien por la edad (tenia escasamente un par de años cuando su hijo falleciò RIP), por el pasar del tiempo y quizas por escribir de la misma situaciòn / problema familiar (, ahora sè perfectamente bien de que me habla! – Ahora se y entiendo perfectamente bien sus palabras (de josefa) y lo que es “poner en pique a dos herman@s juntas de sangre”, padre, madre, herman@s, familia, nuestro nucleo familiar completo y sin necesidad, razòn, o circunstancia para molestar inocentes! – Tambien en una de las pocas veces que fuì a Mexico y me hizo el favor de llevar al aeropuerto de regreso a Inglaterra, ella (josefa) me comentò – que no se me olvidara, “la hermana mas chica y la hermana mas grande” me imagino que eso se refleja hoy y pregunto, si estamos en pique, tambien cual es la razòn, los motivos y el porque legalmente, cuando tengo años sin ver a nadie (1985 – 2016) y las pocas veces no amerita el crimen organizado, pero estàn todos en mi vida privada (ex/marido, carol, sergio gomes pintado, etc), cuando tengo derecho de saber la misma y no solo atacar nuestra (jose, soco, mia, etc) integridad / dignidad sin un juicio / representaciòn legal / penal, vivir inmune por crimen, difamar reputaciòn ajena (mandè copia de la carta de su hija pepita jr contra mi reputaciòn a josefa y hasta la fecha seguimos igùal o peor, cuando yo no me acostè con su padre javier corona sanchez en ningùn momento, pero mara y ya explique en mi blog, pero me usaròn para deviar sus mundos y porque, con que derecho y quien les dà ese derecho??!! – .. ) sin juicio legal, tapar mentiras de mentirosas (5 hombres, el rio, el beso, etc) para abusar contra su sangre, familia, hermandad, raices, padres, exactamente como los bullies que deje atras ( )!!!? –


Y que màs nos tenemos que decir entre familia, para que de una vez por todas terminemos con el cuadro completo y no solo dejar las cosas a medias, cuando el resto fallece (jose, soco, mis hijos en terminaciones forzadas, etc) sin piedad, caridad, amor, o respeto y solo poder “tapar mentiras de mentirosas (5 hombres, el rio, el beso, etc)” y sus grupos de crimen organizado, que demuestràn solamente lo salvaje y brutal que sòn, no usan la razòn, pero se dejan doblegar por la traiciòn, odios sin fundamento, chismes de vecindario, bullies sin conciencia y hasta pierden la moral completa, su creaciòn, entendimiento, realizaciòn y todo se lo llevò el viento! – Me dì cuenta de la agreciòn de esta hermana (mara) contra mi persona desde muy joven, tambien se lo comentè a otra hermana (mela) que estaba presente (pero la disculpò, entonces cuando matè la reputaciòn ajena tambien me disculpan, sobre todo que ejemplo para los mios, cuando el mismo Vaticano perdona locura, abuso, violencia, crimen, etc??!! ) y conciente legalmente, porque entiende hasta derecho penal (actualmente fuè mi maestra!), cuando Paty Ariaz llegò en su fiesta a reclamarme, que “Yo habia comentado de su problema (violaciòn)”, despues resultò tambien ser mi problema y forzada a terminar (aborto), cuando nunca tuve amistad /relaciòn alguna con esa prima (Paty Ariaz), ni siquiera sabia su caso cuando me estaba reclamando, pero falsamente insultando mi reputaciòn en PLENO pùblico, al borde de echarme casi al agua (su alberca) y con incapacidad, ahora pueden ver similaridad de los casos ( ) y personas totalmente confundidas, enajenadas, encabronadas y bastante AGRESIVAS (porque parece que sòn seleccionadas para el asalto / abuso contra mi reputaciòn / persona!) llegan sin aviso, sin saber quien carajo sòn, sin nada de respeto a reclamarme de cosas que jamàz dije, hize, comentè, formè, abusè, causè, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc .. pero me reclaman a mi y yo pregunto porque, con que derecho el abuso de confianza ( prima soco y mara hablaròn reputaciòn de ana pia a su manolo y la dejo – terminaròn, tambien mara hablò con el novio de mela y terminò paco con ella, pero se casò con raùl nuñez frade, mara y prima soco hicieròn amistad con norma hazz y terminaròn beto y soco, mara se hizo amiga de la Maccise en puebla y terminò su hermano con soco, igùal pasò con la hermana del ex-marido y se nos terminò la fiesta, mara redactò cartas a porfirio, tere las encontro pensando tenia amante y se divorciaròn, tere hablò con el novio – sacerdote de mela y terminaròn, rafael hablo con un canadience y terminamos, sobrin@s casadas con nuestro pasado porque se sientan con tus vida privada, como rafael y gracia divorciados pero mara sentada con su familia ver fotos; y no es ENVIDIA pero despues pasàn cosas en la familia y te echan la culpa, no a quien se robo lo tuyo!!? – ), a cuentas de quien, porque, como pasò y sobre todo de que hospital mental salieròn todas, para ofender de esa manera? –


Porque una cosa es tener envidia (la familia piensa eso de mi persona, cuando sus hij@s estàn todos vivos – no como los mios en terminaciones forzadas, entonces??!!) y otra diferente es la violencia y no se quien pueda envidiar odios que matàn, abusos, intolerancia, violencia, crimen organizado, criminalidad, bullying ( ), mentiras, acoso moral, chismes, defamaciòn de caracter y tu podrias amar, querer, solventar, compaginar, entablar, comunicarte, desarrollarte, vivir en paz con la envidia, entonces porque yo tengo que ser la que se lleve con esas hermanas (mara) cuando destruyen la razòn, el querer y la hermandad, porque? – Ahora entiendo que el bebè que perdiò mi hermana (josefa) es un niño – varòn y yo solo quiero preguntar que carajos tengo que ver en este lio, cuando este asunto es “personal” de ella y la otra hermana (flor), que es una asimilaridad de esta hermana (mara) conmigo – actualmente una repeticiòn ya que perdì hijos por su violencia contra mi persona y desde cuando nos tuteamos, comunicamos, ofendemos, arrancamos la vida sin medida y actuamos como si fueramos enemigas y no la sangre? – “En pocas palabras porque tengo que pagar por cosas ajenas – como el hijo de mi hermana la mayor ( y con respeto, que estuvo fuera de mis posibilidades, tiempo, momento y no quien en realidad causò la partida, dolor, causa y crimen ( y porque tambien la otra hermana (mara) me usa de escudo para tapar su mundo pasado (el bebe de salim tanus, arturo vazques, etc), solventar su vida presente (2 universidades en inglaterra GRATUITAS para su hija y esta venir a robar, destruir y derrumbar todo lo mio, igùal que su madre contra los mios y todo por su santa, querida y abnegada envidia!! y todos sus problemas, que fueròn actualmente la causa de mi destino, porque magia, clarovidencia, el futuro, solo denotan tàn solo su interior, porque nada de eso existe en realidad, pero el mal de augurios, el mal de sangre, el mal de herman@s, el mal de sobrin@s (vean la foto de abajo, que tàn bajo caen la familia, jose hijo de flor patiando a su tia soco y flor mirando sin decir nada, tambien me pasò lo mismo y nada de respeto, ahora se ve con la destrucciòn familiar, pero que no sean las pilis, lourdes y las chaves ( ) azpiri mercado porque entonces es muy diferente el trato y eso se llama RACISMO, intolerancia, violencia, crimen organizado, etc!!), etc!!” –


Poniendome en pique contra otros hermanos (jose, soco, etc) para caer en su mal de augurio es como poner al hijo de mi hermana la mayor (josefa) contra el hijo que ella perdiò – frente a frente – mano a mano – y que me ha reclamado de quedarme con algo suyo, cuando en realidad esas entidades puras, BLANCAS e inocentes, vuelan con toda libertad de ir y venir, pero TAPAR acciones malas de la otra hermana (mara) contra mi reputaciòn / persona y el resto (soco, jose, etc), solo para ponernos en pique entre la familia y olvidarnos de nuestra misma sangre, raices, tradiciones totalmente y parcialmente (, cuando yo no puedo cerrar las puertas a mi familia, ustedes quizas, pero yo no puedo, mucho menos enfrentar un hermano contra el otro, tampoco me prestò al juego, ni voy aceptar la locura, porque la familia sè proteje, ama, respeta, nutre, quiere, bendice, venera y no destruye a base de mentiras (5 hombres, el rio, el beso, etc) de mentirosas! – Cuando nuestra madre falleciò teniamos el boleto (soco y yo) listo para ir a su funeral (RIP), pero cambiaròn (flor me hablò por telefono) las fechas y no tenia caso gastar solo para verla despues y no antes, pero pagar nuestros respetos, entonces fuè cuando me dijo esta hermana (soco) “que mi madre velaria aùn màs por nosotros que antes”, actualmente nunca note la diferencia pero nos separaròn en Inglaterra (mental health act), hasta hoy que mi hermana (soco) falleciò (RIP), entiendo perfectamente bien de que madre me estaba hablando, donde no te sientes sola pero bien acompañada, sus promesas para conmigo fueròn realidad, donde esos angeles vivientes vuelàn con toda libertad y solo para protejer sin muros, sin cadenas y sin exivir nada, por lo tàl, hoy no puedo bajar la guardia!- Mil disculpas pero mi hermana y hermano no sòn negociables, yo no negocio mi familia ( ), mi familia no està en venta!! – Rosario Castellanos de Parker