Google, Yahoo, Facebook, You tube, Twitter, Wikipedia and other Websites are facing, Prosecution in India..

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Any member/s of Google, Facebook and Yahoo are Adult enough to behave on the Internet. They are full aware of Material, they are displaying to others. May or may not be offending, the rest of the World. But because we are living in a Multi Cultural World, the Material they are displaying, offends other People, Traditions, Religions, etc. Here we said: R.E.S.P.E.C.T to one, another. None of the Internet users are little Children or Babies and can be accounted by any Law, in any Part of the whole wide World. Before joining those Websites, we tick and accept Terms and Conditions, to abide by “Rules and Respect them”..We cannot Understand why Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other Websites, are facing Prosecution in India. Where they have the World’s largest Democracy. More than 110 Million Internet users, out of Population of 1.2 Billion. The numbers and figures, speak louder than Words can express and tell us, their own difference in Social and Class. They are affraid that we (The World) may see, the reality of those People lives. Poverty, Religios Fanatism, Human and Civil Rights censored. Freedom of Speech are forbide and living with Intimidation, Fear, Persecution and little chance to gain a better Standard of Life. Other than that, Indian People would not be living in England, America Canada, etc.

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The Rest of the World are monitor, our Brothers and Sisters in Life, when using the Internet. We can not Understand why to “Censor” the Social Websites and facing Prosecution. Because They refuse to Censor themselves and remove contents, that are considered, an offense to the Indian Leaders and Community. If that is the case, why they simple, do not switch off the Computers. “Prosecution, should be direct to the Person who is offending, full stop!!” ..not the Company, who is providing the entreteniment. “We the World, praise Mr Gandhi and Indian Culture”.. If they are going to use Prosecution, please do so, but to own People. The rest of the World, do not Undestand other Cultures, Religions etc. Impossible for us, to know full well, what is acceptable or not, because we are not from that Country. Respect us (the World) too, as we are living in a different envirolment.

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The Indian People should teach their own kind, Respect & Tolerance to own Culture, Religion, etc. So, when they are in the Social Media, the Indian Citizens respect own Country and Culture and the World do not need to learn offensive things. But if they are lacking Education, Social Security, Medical Care, Constitution, Laws and Order, who is to blame?…Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Websites or own Gobernation, Indian leaders or Religious Figures?!!..We think that before “you ask for Respect and Tolerance, you should give Respect and Tolerance, First”.. In the name of God, Please tell us why?.. “Our God gave us, the Hands to Write, the Mouth to Express our Feelings and the Mind to think ..with Freedom”..If our own God think, that “Freedom of Speech” was a wrong thing to give to the World. He himself could be Prosecuted, remember, the Media did to Jesus Crist, long time ago. “He died on the Cross, by Fanatism from the Media”-If the Indian Population, have nothing to fear, then it should not botther them.They should let the World, to live own life, as it please to them!!,, “Live and Let Live” ..”without offending others of, course”.. The Federal Government said: There was sufficient Material to proceed against 21 Social Networkings sites for offences. Pomoting and causing Prejudice to National Integration, acording to Press trust of India?..”Again, they should Teach own People, Respect own Country first, then ask the World to do so. But by neglecting own Country of proper Education, who is at fault?..We, the World can prosecuted the Indian Gobernation, leaders or Religious Figures by Breaching, the most important Human and Civil Rights, to own Citizens, Country and the World. Also by Forcing Indian Citizens to live in Poverty, no Education, Food, Work, Business, lacking of Opportinities and unable to get, a better standard of Life.
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“Instead spend the Money and Effort, India, should Prosecuted the Internet Treats, Like: Local Authorities, Banks, Local Shops, Supermarkets, Gobernation Departments, Communities, Council, Social, Religion or Gobernament Staff and Employers, Doctors, Dentists, Church leaders or anyone who have access to Millions of People ID’S, Medical Records, Banks and Financial Statements, Credit Card Information, etc. Causing problems, while,.. “Nobody is watching them”.. Perfect time to settle, “Friends or Family Problems”.. Using and abusing the System (English System), to the point of getting revenge. Leaving important matters to dry (Like Aids and Cancer Patients), because of lack of funding. They list themselves, to Fanatic groups, that only Incite the Population, even more. Like the Nazi Germany, they call themselves ” Anonymous”..  World’s most famous group of Hacker -Anarchists. Those are treat to the Planet Earth. Hiding own identity. It should be a Criminal Offense, to the World. We call it Bullying, Civer Bullying, Iternet Bullying, or Mental Violence!!… “We can not see them, but we know they are there”.. Causing Problems, to Millions of Internet users and Stalking People. Making fun of  the Human Race by spreading, Hate Campaigns and Intimidation, behind their own MASK. Years ago, it used to be the Phone calls and Home Visits. Today they use the Internet. Making Life of Millions of Children, Adults, Old, Disabled, Poor, Rich and Professional People, extremely,  miserable, by teaching them “Lessons” with Hate Campaigns!! ..  “Only a Coward cover and hide the FACE, instead of fight in the Open, like everyone else does it.” .. They are Professional People, who got access to your own Personal data. “Just to numeric a few: V-Vendetta, Anonymoues”.. In fact those groups are spreading fast and like Oranges segments, going to millons of Internet websites, to cause problems. The criminals do not show ID or lose own jobs. The same Mask: V-Mask, a Copyright Product, giving a profit to Warner Bros, but fighting different causes. “The Internet Hackers are causing a BIG worry, thay are a treat, to the World. The Civer bully’s should be matter of concern to all of us, and in the hands of the FBI”.. “The Hate Spread, Vendetta is what Hitler, Stalin, Franco and Mussolini, used and start the most horrid War ever. “By Hate Spread and Campaigns, lies, Difamation and Intimidation against own Nationals and Jewish People. Please check: “The Second World War 1939-45”. “The Social media is only a place to make friends and fight for a better change in the World. WE DO NOT COVER OUR ID, we are not a treat to the World”. Please sign the Campaign to stop SOPA. Esta Nota redactada por Rosario Castellanos de Parker 15-1-2012. –


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.