Royal Courts of Justice and the English Law, Protects Unborn Babies, Thank you!

The Royal Courts of Justice.
The following letter was given to Manchester County Court, on the day of my Hearing (27-1-2012), for Financial Relief from David Parker, for: 26 Years Marriage. Mental Abuse towards me. Lack of Financial Support from him. Emotional Abuse (Unborn Children who died in the hands of Family Problems). Yesterday, was the day, where I could settle this Family Problems and stop them. No Sr, I got a Red Card myself, when I showed my emotions to the Court (Big Apologies). Emotions that were bloked from my heart for more than 26 Years. “Unfortunately I lost Unborn Children, not Peanutes”. Unable to Return to Mexico Pregnant and forced by David Parker (Termination), to leave them in England, to settle his Family Problems (Carol Parker). The Judge and everyone in the Room was very Understanding, towards me (Thank you). “This is what the English Law and the Courts are supposed to, “Protect Unborn Babies (Thanks again)”.. But the reality was different and my Crying, upset the Courts (Sorry) and everyone in there. Trying to explain the Judge, how I fell because of the Abortions (got the Red Card). “And Wanted the Matrimonial Home as a Compensation from David, for the loss in my life and the lives of my unborn Children” But this kind of request, “never heard in any English Court”.. My Barriester Mr David Mercer, got confused (or Helped David Parker with my Legal Aid), he requested the Courts. To have a Medical letter from my own G.P. to continue my Divorce and take more Instructions from me. Otherwise I will never get Divorce and receive any Financial Help (Emotional Blackmail). My Barriester, who is not a Medical Expert, but requested a letter, to show me off in Courts. I requested to my Solicitor the same from the Barriester, “A letter from his Doctor” before he gets paid (wasting Legal aid money). “Even the Judge told my Barriester, If he Could Understand her Instructions?”..So this is the type of Law, that Protect unborn Children and Fathers who walk away, from own responsabilities. When Women gets pregnant, to avoid Financial support. I need a Letter from my G.P. to explaind the Courts, the “difference of Mentaly Incapable or Hard of Hearing Disabled Person”-Now, Do You Understand, why Disabled People get abused, by a group of Ignorant People, who do not see any difference. Maybe perhaps all the Professional People, need a Training into our World (Hard of Hearing), to be able to carry on practicing the British Law. Because I do not intent to set foot in the Manchaster Magistrate Court again. Until this “Difference between Mental and Hard of Hearing problems are resolved”..This is an Offence to my Disability and ability to co-ordinate well, in my life. Years ago they were the Colored People, fighting Racial Descrimination and same Human and Civil Rights, in American Courts. Today the Disabled People are doing the same thing, figting own corner, but get Red Card (me) instead. This is why we are frustrated, living with a Wall, bigger than the Big Ben in London. Living in a World of Abused Proffesionals. Who do not Understand, how their actitud is destroying our envirolment (we are part of the Human Race). Confusing People even more (Barriester to the Judge) and assesing cases based on nothing or Pure Emocional Blackmail. Instead of doing, their own jobs. Those Professional People, brings so much misery to me or any Walks of Life. The king George V1 of England, who was a stammer Disabled Man. Died young, because he could not cope with the Pressure of leading a Normal Life and Lacking support from People around him. The same thing happened to my Father and David’ s Father, a heart disabled Men. Who both of them, where used, in “Family Problems” (based on lies) to help in Vendettas. Instead of stopping the Lunatics (saving lifes). This kind of abuse, we call it ..”Emocional Blackmail or Bullying”..has to stop it, Full stop!!-The Pope who excomulgated Women, for the life of unborn Children. The Pro-lifes, who Protect lifes of Unborn Children, like GP’s, Dentists, Doctors or anyone, who are the Protectors of Life. We are trying to show you, that if anyone protects life, they will get the Red Card (like me). If, Protecting Life was a hard thing to do, years ago. It is even harder to do it, in the XX1 Century. Nobody can break the wall. Without breaking the Law and get a Red Card. Please fell free to live in another Planet, because the harrasment you bring to all Women. Who choose to have a Termination (abortion), is unbearable. The Times of the Inquisition, long gone and you are taking it with you! The reality is different in Planet Earth and do not exist “Protection of any kind, to save Lives” ..Unless you come out of your hidding place and helps too. But we Women, who choose Termination (abortion), due to lack of Support and Financial help, from the unborn Baby’s, Father. If that was not the case, my unborn kids, will be alive today. Happy, Well and away, from this Family misfortune. I am beging you in the name of God, to bring another place and time, your own harrasments and defend life in another Envirolment. Because while I do not condemn a Woman, who does anything she wants, with her own body. There is no Law in the whole Planet, to stop a Woman to do with her own body, as it please her. Nobody has any right, to tell me, what to do with my Body either. Not matter, if it is my own Religion and Excomulgated me or Women like me. Who choose that path (termination), but unaware of the real reasons. It is not the right answer, to take from Women (like me), who Protest against Abortions, their own Human and Civil Rights. Civil Liberties. English Law. International Law. Public International Law. Canon Law (Catholic). Natural Law (respect of Human Life). Private or Supranational Law. International Criminal Law. International Humanitarian Law. Right to life Law. Human life Amendment. Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty. Human life, Protection Act. Right to life, etc. Silence Women in the Internet or any Media places, who are trying to make consience of the Problem. In Memory of own Children, who died in the “Family Problems, Rooten Society and Political Confussion”. Without People thinking, that she is losing her Mind. In that case, anyone who Practice Law is losing their own Mind too, trying to fight Justice. Harrasing Women all the time, with different methods (Medical Letter from own Doctor) is not very clever either. They walk in life with Repression and years of suffering in Silence. But nobody sent the Aborted Women, to get a letter from GP years ago, when they kept silence. Suffering Years of exclusion from own Family, Society and the Church and lacking Support from anyone or received Medical Treatments (only when it shows). Trying to cover the real culpit, because without the sperma, no Women would get Pregnant. We went yeaterday to Manchester Courts and be granted a Divorce. In the Financial settlement, I was asking to keep the Matrimonial Home as a compensation, for the loss of my Children. To Defend their Memory, Justice and Reparation, but got a Red Card instead. IF DAVID PARKER DEFEND, THE LIFE OF HIS  UNBORN CHILDREN, YEARS AGO. IN THE SAME WAY AS HE DEFEND HIS SISTER CAROL PARKER LIES (AGAINST ME) TODAY. OUR OWN BLOOD AND CHILDREN, WOULD BE ALIVE AND WELL!-This is an Hipocricy from the Pope, the Law and all of those People, who defend the Human Life. This is a betrayal to the Memory of my unborn Children, from David Parker. Sitting in the dock at the Manchester County Court”.. and donne nothing at all, not even an Apology. I am nobody to condemn David Parker, but he should tell me, Years ago about this “Family Problems” Marry me and be honest enough, to be a Father, Husband and defend his own Kinds. Resolve the Problem/s or Divorce me. “Grief is not an Illness”, Doctors say:  Anyway as My Church Excomulgated me, long ago. I do not know if  the Wedding took time or place. Acording to the Mexican Law, they do not take Abortion lighty. So I do not if David and I ever, got Married, because the Wedding was in Mexico. However, David and I had been living together for 26 years. Which is another Law to apply, to our separation/divorce or whatever you want to call it. Whichever the case, it does not matter to me at all. It was the Fact that my kids died, in the hands of corrupt People. Taking revenge David Parker with his own Inocent, blood and babies. Who perished in the Genocide, to satisfy his Family (Carol Parker) instint. I was not even aware of the Drama that lasted 26 years (only knew of this “Family Problems” 3 years ago). Even today David Parker is more concern of the scandal, to protect Carol Parker, than to probe otherwise. I wish he could be done, what he is doing to Carol Parker now, but to his own Blood and unborn Kids!. With the Appointment from Yesterday, at the Courts. I settle any gossip, regarding my reputation and termination of my Unborn Babies. It was impossible for me to get an Appointment at the Clinic, simple, because I could not speak the English Language, only David Parker.  ..
“My unborn children were not Rubish to dump in the Bin, by David & Carol Parker and the Courts, that let them to walk away with Murder”..

The”Family Problems,”, stole from me, my unborn Children” If David Parker want that Kind of Envirolment in his life, it is fine by me, but he has no right to force me and live for 26 years a double Life. Lies, Deceit and Hate propaganda, behind my back! David paid for his Unborn kids, at the Hospital. He will have to pay in his concience, for the rest of his life. In the name of God, please let them, to rest in Peace now. I do not believe, that Justice in this World, exist, this is the finest example of Corruption!-PLease do not get confused, the Domestic Abuse, Mental Abuse and Bullying has nothing to do with Hearing Disablement. It calls “abuse of power”