St John’s (The Bully) Buildings Chambers: A Barrister official Job, is to provide advocacy, in front a Judge in a Court of Law and not to ABUSE position.


The other bullies and their own “family problems!!!” –

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I want to make a letter of complain, to the Head of the United Kingdom, The Queen Elizabet 11. Prime Minister, David Cameron. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. EX-Primer Minister, Tony Blair. Manchester County Court, Manchester Civil Justice Center 1 Bridge Street West Manchester M60 9DJ: Mrs S Brooks. St Johns Buildings and to whom it may concern. I had a Hearing date on the 27/1/2012 at Manchester County Court, for my Divorce Financial and  Settlement. David Mercer, a Barrister was at the Court to represent me. My Solicitor said, that Mercer works for St John Buildings (24a-28 St John Street, Manchester, M3 4DJ-DX:728861Manchester,Tel:01612141500). At the court, the 10:00 am appointment, come and gone. David Mercer was asking me, the same questions that were asked, days before, at our appointment, with my Solicitor Alastair Swain Office. (Hill & Company Solicitors, 4,6 & 8 Market Street, Altrincham, Cheshire.WA14 1QD,  0161 928 3201). On that date, David Mercer, Swain and I, knew that we were going, to the Court, with half of the Information, that we requested in the questionnaire, to David Parker. I believe strong that David Mercer was hiding, that piece of Information, to the Courts on the date of the hearing (27/1/12) to help David Parker. In that case David Parker should pay, Mr Mercer his wages and not my legal aid money. David Mercer was holding, Information about David Parker Wages, where is Accountant said were £17.000 and the Child Tax Credit said £39.000. In question 7, David Parker admits canceling the Child Tax credit, but all my Benefits were canceled too. Instead paying Maintenance to his daughter, David Parker, put Joanne Parker to work and canceled the Claim to the DSS. David Parker Domestic and Mental abuse, Police Papers, were put in the bin, by David Parker Solicitor. From his last employment (2008), David Parker received Money (£80.000+). I got nothing from it or could said, where to spend the Money. A Year earlier ,we had a repossession Order, from the Mortgage Company. On the day of the hearing (27-1-12), at the Manchester County Court, David Mercer was asking me, the same questions, that were asked days before, at my Solicitors Office. I asked David Mercer to leave the case, if he wanted. I dismissed Mercer, from the case..”before going inside the Courts”.. I believe a lady, who was taking my Solicitor place (Swain), she was there and taking notes. A Barrister is a specialist Legal Advisers and Court Room advocates. Trained to advise clients on the strengths, as well as the weaknesses of their case. A Barrister official Job, is to provide advocacy, in front a Judge in court. I never received, such help from Mercer, regarding my case, but Mercer forgot the questionary and went in defense of David Parker. At the very beginning of the case, the Judge, asked David Mercer “If he Understood her Instructions?” David Mercer was leading the Judge, into another place. After the Second half, David Mercer told me, that to continue taking Instructions from me, he will request the Judge a Letter from my GP. (“But I dismissed David Mercer from my case, hours ago?”) Because he could not Understand my Speech and was not sure If I was Mental or Hard of Hearing Suffer … “He was challenge me, a Barrister (David Mercer) and Court Room Advocate, against a Customer (Me) and I was paying his wages, using my Legal Aid?!. This is the Kind of Help a divorced Women, get in the United kingdom”. David Mercer told me, that the reason he requested the GP letter, was because , he could not understand my speech. I found his behaviour extremely rude and very unprofessional. David Mercer was not a Consultant Psychiatrist, somehow the Judge, went along with him?. David Mercer, present a danger to himself and to People, who get represented by him, in Court. Misleading the Case and Cheating to the Judge and corrupting his Profession (Barrister is a Court Room advocate). This is not what Women, who is going through a Divorce, need for help. I would not trust him again. David Mercer is happy, to receive money from a Disabled Woman, but unable to understand her Speech. Mercer never mention my Speech problems, in our previous meeting. When David Mercer requested the GP letter, to the Judge.  He lead the case into another direction and stopped the case. Instead going forward and Finnish with my Divorce Settlement. I gave my Solicitor Swain, the letter from my GP days after the Court Hearing, to avoid and escalate the matter even worse. Mr Swain wants a different letter and gave me 4 requirements instead, with a Mental Capacity Act 2005-Insulting words of: Rosario Parker is suffering, from an impairment of, or a disturbance in the functioning of, the mind or brain, to the excent that she lacks capacity within the meaning of the Mental Capacity Act 2005. My Sister Soco was removed, from the Mental Hospital last year, detained by the Mental Health Act. One of my Daughter’s suffered Racism by the whole School and placed into another College, in Manchester. I had to remove both of them, out of the Area and be safe. My Sister gone to Germany, the Bullies are on me now. I receive a Phone call from the Social Services, to find out where my Sister Soco is?.. When they know, that she was discharged from Hospital, over a Year ago. They sent the Police, for another Sister (Teresa), who was lost at the time. Enough probe, to Manchester County Court. Of the Mental and Domestic Abuse, received from David Parker, while his Family cover the mess. Hurting my Family and unborn Children is not the correct answer, to settle any”Family Problems!-The Letter from Alastair Swain, that arrived today (15/1/12) said: The Solicitor (David Parker Solicitor) and Councel (David Mercer) for Wife have concerns about her capacity to Understand and to conduct these proceedings. When we went inside Manchester County Court (27/1/12), the Judge, asked David Mercer < If he Understood her Instructions, as David Mercer was leading the Judge to somewhere else?.> “A Barrister is a specialist Legal Advisers and Court Room advocates. Trained to advise clients on the strengths, as well as the weaknesses of their case. A Barrister official Job, is to provide advocacy, in front a Judge in court”.. Never at anytime, I received such help from David Mercer, regarding my case. David Mercer never told me how to conduct myself in Court and the Proceedings. Mr Alastair Swain representative was in Court, taking the minutes, to probe it. This is my first time, Divorcing in the UK and was born in Mêxico. People like me with Hearing problems in the UK, speak, Sign Language, Typetalk, etc. My Parents gave me the same Education, as the rest of the Family. Even with my broken language and strong accent, I speak Verbally. My Father passed away leaving no Will to my Mother. I Emigrated to the UK, after I Married. Trusted Ana Maria, my Sister and left her a Power of Attorney. Left my share to my Mother, not to my Sister. Soco done the same thing, when married to a German Man. “The Power of Attorney, was for Financial purposes only”. It is a Breach of trust if, Ana Maria my Sister, used the Power of Attorney for other things. Like Bullying Sisters into a Mental Incapacity, to gain share of my Mother’s will. I believe Strong that, the Power Of Attorney was used, to put my Sister Soco in the Mental Health Hospital, years ago. Today, my Family want to do the same with me. “When are we going to finish this Family Problem, by attacking own Blood (while they are not looking)?”..The British System was not created, to settle”Family Problems” Today, we are seeing the results, affecting the British Economy with Cuts. Abusing Job Power (Carol Parker is a Social Worker), they act, as if they are the owners.  All my Family are Adults, (Parker, Azpiri, Nuñez, etc)and should know better. They should set a good example to own Children and no inciting, Hate Propaganda. We are not in the War, anymore!-My Solicitor Mr Swain, knows, that I had change my name and went back to my single name, “Rosario Castellanos Ruiz de Parker”-So I do know of which Rosario Parker, they are talking about. They are helping David Parker, to avoid to hold any  responsibility. To carry on living in the hands of the British Institution and System, with Benefits, Council Housing, etc. Instead of making an adult Man, to be responsible, for own actions. This is why, we got the Financial Crisis. The British Government, carrying the burden, of Family Problems in the UK. Adult Men (David Parker), keep running away for help, with own Mothers (Betty)and Sisters(Carol Parker) using and abusing Power of a Career (Carol a Social Worker), to hurt a Disabled Woman. David Mercer mentioned at Manchester County Court, on day of the hearing (27/1/12) that I was “depress”.. Those same words, David’s Parker Mother, used to attack me all the time. From that moment, I knew that Betty and Carol Parker, were on my Case. It is against the Code of Medical Profession, to receive an assessment of Mental Capacity Act 2005, by a Social Worker (Carol Parker). They both been seeing Mr Mercer and all my affairs, without my Permission. This is the Hate Propaganda, that my Family send me. Never, I do, those things to David, Carol, Betty or any member of my Family. But they love to put hands, on my own Personal Life. With my Old Employees, Doctors, Dentists, Daughter’s school, Friends, etc. Destroying, everything I have. They bring a Wave of Hate propaganda, with intention to hurt my Reputation badly. I lost unborn Children, because of them. They use anything, from own illness, to lies. The remove Services and Treatments from the NHS, DSS, etc. They send so much hate propaganda, that people who are providing the Services to me, they simple do not want to know. I always end up, losing my Jobs, Treatments, Friends, everything!!. For more than 17 years ago, I had been requested help, from Police, CAB, Mexican Consulate, etc, to no avail. I had been removed from Dental practices, so many times. At the moment, I am using Antibiotics, but got no Dentist, to continue my Treatment. Days after this letter, they send me a GP Patient Survey, to fill in. One of my Daughters can not rest her mouth properly, She is in full time Education. My daughter went with her father, to see the same Dentist, but refused to give my Daughter a Treatment?.. My Benefits get cut. David can see, my Personal Bank Account and stop me, getting Credit or help. Heating in the house, is in the roof. I used to Work and pay my share. My jobs, references and everything, gone!-This is what the United kingdom, is reduced. Used and abused the Services, from NHS, DSS, etc. To help with”Family Problems, Vendettas, La Cosa Nostra, Hate Propaganda” How many Family Problems are in the UK and Spreading Malicious lies. They can not afford to pay for those services, but drying the Country and Resources. Today, we got the cuts. Disabled, Cancer and Aids Victims, suffering the loss. Dentists around the Country are full, they can not take anymore Clients..”Post Code Lottery” While the riots, continue destroying our means of Life. People, who hold a very good Jobs, using and abusing the Power of those Jobs. Provoking Racism, by refusing to give a good Service. They call us small minority, but we pay our taxes too. In my Divorce, David Mercer, use my Legal Aid and get paid. But because I am Disabled and Hard of Hearing Person, his service to me, get downgraded. Abuse of his Profession, misleading the case and the Judge. “A Barrister official Job, is to provide advocacy, in front a Judge in Court”.. Mercer abused his Profession, asking the Judge a GP letter, to continue taking Instructions, from me. Even in the full known that I dismissed him before, going inside the Court?.. My Solicitor is not any better, escalating the case, requesting for a Mental Capacity Act 2005. What I have ever done, to those People (Bullies) and my Family. This is the reason why, I refuse to have contact with my Family and Divorcing David, he cares more about his own Family than our unborn Children. David Parker told me long ago, when my daughters were born: “They are your Children, you keep them”.. and so I did, with my Incapacity Benefit and my jobs”.. A pleasure for Children, I will always Thanks God, to give me such Loving, Caring and Gentle People. “The battered will retain its restraining orders, in any EU Country”-A New European Law. My Sister Soco divorced her German Husband in the UK. She used the same English Law and Manchester County Court as me. “She won the Matrimonial Home”-I was telling Mr Mercer, about the new Law for battered women in the UK and my Sister Soco case. David Mercer asked the Judge, a GP letter instead, because he could not understand my Speech and could not take instructions/orders?-This action of betrayal from a Professional, who hold a Job of Barrister, to Client. I lost trust to Mr Swain and David Mercer, they are not representing me in my Divorce case and making it Public.  I had pressure to leave, the Matrimonial Home and last year I register myself, with Oldham & Trafford Council, to get Housing. I explained to them my Position, with no Help. – Grief is not an illness, Doctors say.  In my case, I lost Children in the most cruel way possible. “Family Problems” that I was not aware of. Never David Parker mention to me, but his Mother warned me, during our 26 years of Marriage. Carol Parker his sister and Mara, Soco, Flor, Tere and their groups of helpers. Went for more than 30 years behind my back, with lies, deceit and hate propaganda against my Persona. I am a hard of hearing person and unable to defend my reputation. David was aware of Family rifts, to the point to use his Unborn Children and help. “I am unable to continue Married to someone, that kill own flesh, in order to get revenge”.I am refusing to see my Family, because they need to sort out, “Family Problems first”. I never started, the Problems. I lost contact with my Mexican Family, since 1985. Also with the “Family Problems”from David Parker sister (Carol Parker), I only saw them very little (Birthdays, Christmas, etc). I love my Family and trusted them, but they prove me wrong. Their own Actions, killed David Parker and I, unborn Children.  I had 3 Solicitors from 2010. A waste of Legal Aid Money, Time and Resources.

–  Dobson, my 1st Solicitor, they would not take my Divorce, Accident in my right hand and Stop Harassment from Family (2010) 17 the Downs, Altrincham, WA14 2 QD. 0161 941 7775
– MI Banks (2011), by the Women’s Aid. The Solicitor put Police Papers in the bin. Stretford 1080 Chester Road, Manchester Area, Manchester M32 0HF
 – Mr Swain (2012), my 3rd Solicitor, from Hill & Company Solicitors, 4,6 & 8 Market Street, Altrincham, Cheshire.WA14 1QD, 0161 928 3201
I had been living in the UK for more than 26 years now, away from my Mexican Family and David Parker Family. I hold a British Citizenship, Passport, Driving Licence and a good Police Record. With this in Mind, I hope, that I can have freedom and live my life, the way I want. I can be trusted, by the Community. To receive Protection, from the Police. A Court order, to keep the Family Problems away, from me. I really hope that my GP is a Professional Person, he knows better in judgement of my own Character. He will not let those People, to change the way he think about my Mind and Persona. There is nothing more to say about this case. I burned all my candles to save my living Daughters, from the same fate as me. “I leave this case, in the hands of my God!.” My unborn Babies deserved to be alive today, away from this Family problems My Unborn Children deserved to be Heard in any Court of the Whole Planet, with no Racism and Hate propaganda.  Where is the UK crisis caused by Social Workers, Social Services, Council and Government staff that abuse residents and their own Families, with problems?..  Removing People from own Homes. I Want the Divorce and start my life again! Thank you for your time. “I put all my trust in my God”-Rosario Castellanos Ruiz 15/2/12.