Marie Colvin & Remi Ochlik killed in Syria. Paul Conroy and Edith Bouvier, suffered leg injuries and need an operation urgently..

Journalist or Reporter are not safe in the World or get special treatment, but need to work for own living. Like Paul Conroy and Edith Bouvier are two seriously, wounded Journalists. Suffered multiple Injuries in the rocket attack, that killed Marie Colvin and Remi Ochilk in Homs, Syria. Read more:

Paul Conroy a British photographer from the Sunday Times, made his plea by video as the sound of rocket fire echoed in the background. He said: “I was wounded in a rocket attack yesterday. I have three large wounds to my leg. My colleague Marie Colvin was killed in the attack. I’m currently being looked after, by the Free Syrian Army Medical Staff, who are treating me with the best medical treatment available. Any assistance that can be given by Government agencies would be welcome. (Off-camera, a Man believed to be French photojournalist William Daniels, says missiles are still striking the nearby area in Homs.) Mr Conroy says he wants to reassure family and friends in England that he is absolutely OK”-Ms Edith Bouvier is a wounded foreign Journalist, who is trapped inside a neighbourhood in Syria. Appealing for ceasefire and receive treatment. Speaking desperately in French, says: “My leg is broken at the level of the femur, along its length and also horizontally. I need to be operated as soon as possible. The Doctors have treated me very well, but they are not able to undertaken, surgical procedures. I need a ceasefire and medically-equipped vehicle, that can get me to the Lebanese border so that I can be treated in the shortest possible time.’
“Marie Colvin’s final television dispatch (RIP)”

Marie Colvin was an American reporter for a British newspaper, last report and video for BBC and CNN. She described the bloodshed (hours before her death) as “absolutely sickening” She said: “I watched a little baby die today, absolutely horrific”.. In the Incident Photographer Remi Ochlik also died in the attack. He was born in France in 1983 and first covered conflict in Haiti at the age of 20. Remi Ochlik was an award-winning French photographer. Most recently he photographed the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Shells hit the house where Colvin and Ochlik were staying, then they were killed by a rocket, as they tried to make their escape. Two other Western Journalists (Paul Conroy and Ms Bouvier) were wounded, after more than 10 rockets hit the House. Marie Colvin, last words:”There is just shells, rockets and tank fire pouring into civilian areas of this city and it is just unrelenting.” The citizens of Homs.. “waiting for a massacre”..”The scale of Human tragedy in the city is immense. The inhabitants are living in terror. Almost every family seems to have suffered the death or injury of a loved one..” In 2010, Marie Colvin spoke about the dangers of reporting on War zones, at a Fleet Street Ceremony honouring fallen Journalists. She said: “Craters. Burned houses. Mutilated bodies. Women weeping for children and husbands. Men for their wives, mothers, children.”Our mission is to report these horrors of War with accuracy and without prejudice. We always have to ask ourselves, whether the level of risk is worth the story. What is bravery, and what is bravado?”..”Journalists covering combat shoulder great responsibilities and face difficult choices. Sometimes they pay the ultimate price.”-Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, talks openly (21/8/2011), in a video, relating the West (America and Europe) responding negatively to new Reforms. He said: There was a fear by Past experiences with Western Government (America and Europe), that anything Syria (Middle East Leaders) does, “this is not enough”.. Because, “Reform is not really their goal”. They (America and Europe) do not want Reforms and get upset because, they want you to refrain from Reforms. So your Country (Syria/Middle East) will remain backwards and will not develop. Reforms, as those Colonialist Countries (America and Europe) are concern, (no the entire West) is that you give them everything they want, giving up all your Rights. “give up the Resistance” and all things that Syria is Familiar with. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, said: “Not in their wildest dreams, nor now, nor in different circumstances”.. Obama, backed by France, England and Germany, called upon Syrian President: out and loud, to step down. (Please see video ..)

Foreign Secretary William Hague is to join Representatives of more than 70 Nations in Tunisia. To end 11 months of violence in Syria, by Assad Regime (24/2/12). He said: “It is a deeply frustrating situation, Assad Regime continued to Act seemingly with impunity.” Demanding Government Humanitarian Access.  We believe strong that the problems, we are facing in the World at the present time, is thanks to the Difference. The Difference in which two Countries, People, Color, Religion, Disabilities, Age, Sexual Orientation are treated. The Difference is what it makes Racism, Nazism, Fascism, Franquism, Oppression, Intolerance, Bullying, Slave Labor, Mental or Domestic Abuse. By making “Different” one Person, Country, Color, Religion, than the other one or “by making a better World for that Person, Country, Color, Religion, than the other one”. In other words, showing them off in Public. Degrading them in Position, Rank or Class. Removing or Stripping them, from own way of Life, Traditions, Language, Culture, etc. Forcing them to accept treats or else (bullying)?..Acording to the American Law (we, the People), European Community and International Law, with the set of Bill of Rights, including, the Human and Civil Rights. It is forbiden any kind of intimidation, against another Human Person, Country, Religion, Color, etc, without a probe. Particularly, where the Difference outcome the other, in Marginatory way.
Britain, France, America, Germany, against Syria and own problems (Reforms), are caused by total Confusion, Lack of Respect and Intimidation, between Leaders in the World. “Killing Innocent People, who are paying a higher Price and unable to escape”.. While Syria Country (Middle East), never at any time, get involve in the Life of or interfere in any European or American Tradition, Laws, Religion. They (America and Europe) use the same game, treating very well the Inciters (Syrian Nationals), who are Poor and lacking Education. To go against Country, Blood and People and making a Revolution about nothing. The same methods were used before, with Middle East leaders (Oil). Hussein and Gadaffi, killed by Hate Spread and Propaganda, Lies, Defamation and False rumors against them. Unfortunately, by own Blood and Country (Syria Nationals), who play the game for a few Dollars. The rest of Syrian Population, unaware of the game or treat, making difficult for them, to escape anywhere. Have we been there before?- Jewish People with German Nationality, died in the hands of Dictators, during the World War11. They tried to escape during the War, but returned back to Germany and striped of own Money. The People who kill them, were not Jewish Nationals. Are we living in the 1930’s, where 6 Million Jewish People Died, for Money (Germany) ?.. Yes, we have..!!



We can see the similarities of Mêxico and Syria, our Army trained by America Military Defense in 1994. Today we have 50000+ deaths (2006-12), including small Children by negligence.



Every single Middle East Lider has to be treated, by European Liders and America (Bullying).

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What is a Journalist? ..
A Journalist collects and distribute News and Information.
A Reporter is a Journalist, who Research, Write and Reports, at Home or Abroad. (Marie Colvin & Remi Ochlik killed in Syria *RIP*. Paul Conroy and Edith Bouvier, need tretment soon!!). Working for a Company or Self Employed basis (Freelancer or Stringer). Writes reports to mass media: Newspapers, T.V, Radio, Magazines, Newsroom. By Electronic (TV, Radio, Film), Digital (Online Journalism), Print media (Newspapers & Magazines). Sourcing, Interviewing and Editing reports. Using Ethics and Standards, Advocacy Journalism with total transference (bias). The Job involve to be: War correspondent, 24-Hour T.V. News Chanel, Broadcast Journalism, Electronic, Critic, Local News, Newsroom, Student Newspaper, News Presenter, Program or Broadcasting. Exposing to Danger in Areas of Conflict or Countries that do not respect Freedom of the Press. Several Organizations Worldwide, publish reports on press Freedom, acting as an Advocate for Journalistic Freedom (Committee to protect Journalist and reporters without Borders). An actual report 887 journalist have been killed by Murder (since 1992).
*- The Ten no-go zone Countries in the World are: Iraq (151 deaths), Philippines (72), Algeria (60), Russia (52), Colombia (43), Pakistan (41), Somalia (35), India (27), Mexico (27), Afghanistan (24).

*- The Ten Countries with current and in prison Journalists: China (34), Iran (34), Eritrea (17), Burma (13), Uzbekistan (6), Vietnam (5), Cuba (4), Ethiopia (4), turkey (4), Sudan (3).
The Work of News Analysts, Reporters and Correspondents is Hetic. Pressure to meet deadline and sometimes aired with little or no time for preparation. Covering Wars, Political uprisings, Fires, Floods and events that can be dangerous. The rate of injuries for reporters and correspondents is low. News Analysts, Reporters, and Correspondents must write clearly and effectively to succeed in their profession: Authors, Writers and Editors, Public Relations Specialists. For Interpreters, Translators, Announcers, Retail Salesperson, Teachers, they need an Excellent Communication Skills. Reported by Rosario Castellanos Ruiz. 24/2/2012. “For World Peace”..