The Nuclear Program of Iran, idea of the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (RIP), launched in the 1950´s, with full support from the United States of America, "Atoms for Peace Program"..

The Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi ((1919-80) RIP.

The Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his Family.

The Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was the King of Iran (1941-1979). He was advanced by his Time, Religion, Traditions and Era (1919-1980) . So much that the “Bushehr 1 Reactor” was complete, on 12/9/ 2011. The differences in contrast of Life, caused frictions between his own People and other Diplomatic Countries. “We were blessed to have this Family, in our Country Mèxico” ..God bless them always!


Bushehr Nuclear Plant.

Bushehr Plant.

Mr Obama Speech !! ..

The Nuclear Program of Iran, launched in the 1950´s, with full support from the United States of America, “Atoms for Peace Program” .. An idea of the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (RIP), as he wanted National Electrical Power. He said: “Petroleum is a noble Material, much too valuable to burn(as Human Life). We envision producing, as soon as possible, 23,000 megawatts (MW) of Electricity, using Nuclear Plants”..It continue until 1979, Iranian Revolution with Shah of Iran.The Government temporary disbanded, elements of the Program. Including: research sites, two Uranium Mines, research reactor and Uranium Processing facilities. Iran’s first Nuclear Power Plant, “Bushehr 1 reactor” was complete, thanks to Russian Government (12/9/ 2011). The Bushehr Nuclear Plant is unique, in Technology, Political environment and challenges Physical climate. With Financial problems, Inflation and integrate, German and Russian Technology, making Project difficult. Costing well over €3 Billion payments, to Russia and Germany. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), reported the Country high Explosives and Experiments (2011). Iran rejected the report and accused the IAEA of Pro-Western bias. The Construction delays due to”shortage of Skilled, Specialist and Experience People from Russia”.. Leaders from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), fears of a serious Nuclear accident (Bushehr Plant) and Radiataion. Near six Arab Capitals: Kuwait City, Riyadh, Manama, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Muscat. Placed “Busheher”, second group of 36 reactors within high Seismic Areas. Iran insist the Plant is “the highest up to date Standars”.. (IAEA) says, Iran “does not follow important safety protocols”  To avoid a Nuclear disaster, should sign and ratify the Convention on Nuclear Safety. Establish Independient Nuclear regulatory Authority. Implement all IAEA recommendations and Safety of the Public, with long term reliability. As it will become, “First Commercial Power Reactor in the Middle East”. This is why Israel is concern about the proyect, that lacks of proper regulatory authority, to the point, that Israel wants to shut the Plant, by Airstrike. Israel already walked the line of destruction, in the Second World War with, ..”The Gas Chambers” ..”To the Horrors of the Nazi Germany and Jews Holocaust (1939-45)”. The Bushehr Nuclear Plant is unique and manufacturer “by German and Russian Technology”. Again Israel left that War long time ago, with a very bitter experience. We do believe it’s NORMAL to feel and have a fear that somenthing is going to happen to your People and nation. When neighbours are producing Proyects, that Lacks of proper Regulations to safeguard and Preserve Life. You can not blame Israel, to have those feelings and communicate them to the World. When for no reson, Jewish People were attacked during the Second World War and they had not machinery to deffend themselves and families. The Second World War was not a game of Toys and Nuclear Programs, by the German Nazi. It should not be taking the matter, lighty!! Actualy killed 6 Million + Jewish People, alone on that War. A profit that Germany kept and become one of the strongest Countries in the World, “Financialy” ..


Barrack Hussein Obama 11, born in Illinoisa, August 4/1961, he is the 44 President of United States of America. The First African American to hold the Office. Obama is devout Christian (his Father raised a Muslim). Barrack Obama ended the War in Iraq. Increased troops levels in Afghanistan. Signed the New START, Arms control with Russia. Involvement in 2011 Libya Military Intervention killed Muammar Gaddafi. Military Operation, killed Osama Bin Laden.
Obama supports the two-State Solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, based 1967 Borders. What about if Israel Supports, the two State Solution to the Mèxico and America Conflict, based on the 1848 “Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo”- Where America new colony  stole our Country and borders since that time. David Cameron Prime Minister of the UK, who is visiting the US said that, “It’s important, Israel knows it has strong allies with America and United Kingdom, but no support action now because, we’ve got more road to run (Oil). Putting Sanctions and Tough Measures against the Regime, asking them: to take a different path. “Unfortunately the Ruler of the Libyan Arab Republic, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, they were not so lucky”.. Killed by different Paths and Tough Measures, by own Regime. David William Donald Cameron, born October 9/1966, he is the Prime Minister of the UK. Leader of the Conservative Party. The combined Family Wealth of David and his wife Samantha Cameron at £30 Million plus. David Cameron said: “I did lots of things before I came into Politics which I shouldn’t have done. We all did… David Cameron wants to Introduce, “Bill of Rights” and replace the Human Rights Act,  Professor Bogdanor, a Liberal Democrat said, “I think he (David Cameron) is very confused. I’ve read his speech and it’s filled with contradictions”.. David Cameron, members of his shadow cabinet (3) and 15 members of his front Bench are “Old Etonians”..< They do not seem to Understand, how other People live (poverty), in the Normal World >. “George Osborne Personal fortune is woth £4 million”..This reflect David Cameron stepped down (May 2011), as Patron of Jewish National Fund. David Cameron is trying hard, to introduce new Policies and Cuts, into the UK Welfare System, Education, Police & Military Force, etc. “While we all know full well, that in any Change, always get time to adjust to the new Regulations, Laws, etc”.. As if we are stupid enough to know, that some of the Money saved will go to benefit other countries and problems that has nothing to do with the United Kingdom, including Wars (Middle East). Failling to prepare our Community with no Education and in the hands of total Ignorance for Disabled people. David Cameron Policies afecting the UK System, Disabled, Business, Jobs, Pensions, Education (University places), etc. We can not understand, why David Cameron is involve in foreign matters (except Humanitary), while we are losing so much in the UK?. Ann Widdecombe an “insult to Women (by Cameron Words)”, Widdecombe accusing David Cameron of “storing up huge problems for the future”. In 2006, David Cameron made a speech in which he described extremist Islamic Organisations and British National Party, a “mirror images” to each other, both preaching “creeds of pure hatred”-. While the true is that Merkel and Sarkozy will never accept, his Euroscepticism, but who cares really, thanks to German Nazi we have a repetition of the 1930’s today..

“Cultural responses to the Iran crisis are increasing, because the Israeli Public feels, that Iranian threat is more concrete than ever.”We are really afraid and prefer not to think about it, but we know these things can happen,” he said..”We laugh about it, but we know that it should be taken seriously.” (Israel Community)



The Nuclear Program of Iran, launched in the 1950´s with support from America: “Atoms for Peace Program”-Today is the cause of concern to Jewish community worldwide, because the Nuclear programme was made in Germany. We are talking about the same Geman Nazi of the Second World War (1930’s-1945) that killed 6 million Jewish People and 70 million died altogether in Europe. Mr Obama or David Cameron could not understand the extreme of the problem, even if both Nations helped to stop the war. The Jewish People were most affected by the hate and intolerance during the war. Who were gassed, experimented and killed in the most horrid ways to believe in time History. The German Nazi used wealth, properties and victims remainds to make domestic items, which in Law this would be the worse war crimes that Human people had to endure. It’s important for you to watch everything and understand the extent of the crimes towards Israel victims of war and why they opposse the Iran Nuclear program. When you finish please offer a Minute of Silence and a Prayer. Report by Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 18/3/2012.