Sharia Law-Islam-Palestine Women, buried Chest High (RIP)..

Sharia Law-Islam Palestine and Middle East Women, buried Chest High, RIP.
 John Lennon- Give Peace A Chance 
The Philosophy of Sharia Law:“For each, we have appointed a divine law and a traced-out way. Had God willed, He could have made you one community. But that He may try you by that which He has given you. So vie one with another in good works. Unto God you will all return, and He will then inform you of that wherein you differQur’an, 5:48… For Muslims, Life did not begin at Birth, but before that. Before Creation of first Man. It began when God created, the Souls of everyone, who would exist, asking them,”Am I not your Lord?..”They all replied, “Yea.”.. God decreed for each Soul a certain time, living on Earth, then He might try them. After the completion of appointed term, He would judge Souls, sending them to Eternal destination: Either endless bliss or one of everlasting grief. This life, then, is a Journey that presents to its wayfarers many paths. Only one of these paths is clear and straight. “This Path is the Sharia Law”..

Many People do not Understand Sharia Law, not even Muslims. They associated the Law, with Medieval Punishment. The Muslim vision of Islamic Law, Source and Interpretation of Sharia Law is simple, “punish Women and Men to the extreme” and their own Status in the World. The Sharia Law Insists on: Stoning for Adultery. Amputation for Theft. Flogging for the lesser Islamic Crimes of Alcohol (Men) consumption and sex before Marriage.  The Sharia Law is under severe International pressure and condemned, the strict Punishment handled down by Sharia Courts. Muslim Aauthorities are equally adamant, that the Sharia Legal Code is good, Muslims should live their lives by. Particular concern to Human Rights Organisations, increase among Political Leaders around the World, over the issue of Punishments. The Sharia Law is a combination of: Qur’an (Muslim Holy Book), Hadith (Prophet Mauhammad) and Fatwas (Ruling of Islamic).  News and Stories of Sharia Law, Politics, Feminism, Terrorism, Violence, etc. Trying to introduce the Sharia Law into the UK, Foreign Countries and Worldwide (God bless us)”..   
John Lennon & Yoko Ono: War Is Over! (“If You Want It”) 
To be born in different part of the World, mean, you get a set of different Bill of Rights, Laws and Human & Civil Rights, that work for that Country only. Laws that may or may not work and protect you. The Place where you are Born, represent a Lottery Ticket, in question of Law. In my case, I was Born in a Country, free of Repression and Wars. Except from 2006-2012 our Mexican President, went into killing spree. But as a British Citizen, I am concern of the Sharia Law, as they are trying to introduce the Law, into the UK Courts. With no free vote (referendum), from English Citizens. The Sharia Law is a medieval Law, that punish Humanity. You live your Life with constant, fear of Repression, Persecution and total Abuse. Punished from your own Traditions, Religion, Family environment, Society in general and Government. (If introduced in England, we may be pushed out Queen, Country and Law soon).  Punish our next Generation, instead of going forward, to a better World, free of Abuse. It’s important to live in a World, well balanced with sensible Bill of Rights and Laws, that work in our favor and protect us (we want to think that way) and not against us. But punish Human Kind, like the Sharia Law with Violent clashes. So what is a Law? a set of Rules (Laws) that you need to know, to play right. Every Country has their own set of Laws that work for Country and People. The Law is made by Government and Country must follow.  The Law is made, by writing a BILL and draft. Vote to proposed a Law (218 of 435) must vote yes, to pass the Bill.  If the President or representative of that Country (England is the Queen), signs the Bill, it become a Law.
When I Emigrated to England 26 years ago, after married to Englishman, I was told from day one my role in this country. so why is difficult for Foreign people to follow the same rules. Apart from living free and courtesy of the Tax payee, where they get enough time in their own hands, while waiting for appeals in the UK, that some of them, make groups that bring inestability to the UK.  People who are trying to make us to accept their own Laws (Sharia Law), rules and regulations or call us racist people. The Law is made by the Government of the Country and people even foreign must follow and obey. We are living in the Financial crisis at the moment in England and Europe with Government cuts. Foreign people live in a World different to us and quite undestable, as we know ttheir own Country is at War, but not us, so why to accept Sharia Law?-.
We even got their own Terror Groups & Organizations, sitting in the Heart of London and spreading further to Towns.  We do not mind to mix with Foreign People, quite contrary. Britain is Multi Cultural Country and respect communities, traditions, etc, but we do mind, when our communities get punished, with Laws or Religious incetements that are not our way of life. The Sharia Law was not Voted by the rest of the English People, in a referendum. God bless us and the Queen of England from Sharia Law. On the hearing date of my Divorce (27/1/2012), I was trying to bring to the UK a new European Law, for the battered Women.  This Law will benefit every single Women in England, Wales, Scotland and North of Ireland from Abuse (not just me). Women in the UK, got no rights at all. The European Law will not Kill anybody, but will make any Man, to be responsible of own actions and help the Mother of his Children. Regarding Family matters to that family only and not to be a Burden into the British System, Social, Legal and Political, already used and abused by absent Parents, Religious Fanaticism, Foreign Nationals, Government staff, etc. However, the Sharia Law is Perfect Normal and Included into the Legal British System, but not a Law to help battered women?!..
If you are Living in a Foreign Country for whatever reason/s you have, then you must act and live in the same way as everybody else does it in that Country. Expecting to abide and respect country rules, Laws and traditions. Nobody told me, after I Emigrated to England, to bringing with me, Mexican Laws, clothes, food, mole poblano, chiles, tortillas, tradition, religion, family, films, culture, language, weather, business, etc. We must not set a Bill of Rights or Laws (Sharia Law) for some Communities and expect the rest of the country to be happy with it, because we are not and we are not Muslim People, we don’t want, hate intimidation into our way of Life!-But we want to bring a world of peace, harmony and respect, that works fairly and benefit everyone, with free vote or referendum into Sharia Law or the Battered Women Law. To make changes into our culture, Laws and British system, with positive results and prosperity for all.

Do we need this hate propaganda in the UK ?.

Respect works both ways and is not something, we buy from the shops, start from our parents, society and environment, we grow up with..
At the end of the day, we all got choices in life. For example: we got freedom, of what to eat and buy from (Foreign) Restaurants. Instead forcing us to accept Sharia Law, that is not Food, but represent the Owner Law, while we want the food not the law. The same apply both ways, if no happy, then the offended Party, should leave the premisses and not to buy/accept food/law, because in the UK, we do not want Sharia Law without a Referendum or free Vote into the matter. The problem we have in the UK is that 50% are British nationals and 50% a mixture of Multicultural society, with this on mind the acceptance of Sharia Law.
Muslims In Canada Call For Stoning People?!..
Sharia Law in America and everywhere in the World !!!..
Everybody is free to follow religion, traditions and customs, but we are not going to our friends home and steal possessions from them, as a thank you from their hospitality with us, because after stealing Police will be waiting outside. The same apply, when you are a visitor of any country, trying hard to steal their own peace and impose Laws (Sharia Law) and hate propaganda, without the Free Vote of the Country regarding the matter.
Anything that undermine the Human Race is not a LAW, it’s a criminal matter, full stop!!..
STAND BY ME – John Lennon – report by Rosario Castellanos de Parker, 25/3/12.