The German Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected David Cameron’s request for urgent action plan, to save the struggling Eurozone ..

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel ..
Live at Schönbrunn Vienna – Rosen aus dem Süden (Andre Rieu). 
Valsa do Imperado – Andre Rieu. 


 Dmitri Shostakovich – Waltz No. 2 – (Andre Rieu).

Wiener Philharmoniker – Orchestra in Austria (one of the finest in the World).
Maurice Ravel – Bolero.


Germany is well know for Musical World, II silêncio – Dalida  ..
Mr Cameron had flown to Berlin to urge Mrs Merkel, to put German Money into a System of Eurobonds that would share massive debts of Spain, Italy and Greece across Europe.  The Plan got support from the United States of America President, Mr Barack Obama. Mrs Merkel refused to support it and raised her eyebrows, when Mr Cameron made a point about a proposed tax on City profits. Mrs Merkel snub to Cameron, saying: “It is human to think the Euro crisis could be solved in one fell swoop—but I don’t think this would work.” She said: “The Euro crisis developed over ten years and it is going to take several years before we can repair the system and make it viable again. With everybody getting so impatient around here, it is a good job that I am one of the People who is staying patient. We believe strong that Merkel somehow, thinks that she is running the show alone. Nothing passes over Merkel, without her approval. As if the German Chancellor is carrying the Olympic Torch on her hands, testing the rest of Humanity with her strong attitude. If someone dares to Speak or suggest an Idea like Mr Cameron, then the Person gets the cold shoulder treatment. Merkel like to think that she is the Queen of the show and because she is a Woman can get away with murder. We should not care her Policies, Suggestions or Ideas, when she is showing an immature attitude against Spain, Greece or Italy, those People are feeling the crunch badly. And when we said badly to the point to take own Life, because the German Dictator do not give an inch of support to those Countries and People, they are killing themselves out of disappear. As far as we know the European Community is not ruled by any Dictator, but for the Benefit of our Countries. We are not on the Second World War (1939-1945), where Europe was ruled by Tyranny, Lies, Oppression, Genocide, Hate Propaganda, Deceit and Intimidation against a minority (this is how they call us). People who are in full control of our Nations, trying hard to remove our Living, Education, Work, Pension, Business, Children, Families, Benefits, Social and Medical Care, etc. After years paying contributions, to have a decent retirement life and put food on our table, without being criticized in Public, if we got work or not, to be involve in our Personal life, that is not the Business of anybody, except ours. People using extreme measures and somehow they are surviving the bleeding cuts, with no Education, Jobs, Business or Opportunities, in our Multi Cultural Society, but unfortunately escaping the easy door as usual. Yes, We understand that honesty do not pay by Criminality, but how we are going to feed our Family. When British Government are doing Cuts and playing games with our Living, Education, Jobs and Benefits, then who is at fault? Cameron, Merkel or both. Everyday we read on the News their Immature attitude displayed by the British, Spaniards, Greeks, Italians, etc, even International Countries are follow our foot steps, by this baby attitude.  Merkel said: it is a good job that I am one of the People who is staying patient” A probe to the World, that Angela Merkel is full aware of her own Words and Malice, trying to win points instead of saving lives. Testing Humanity with calm and patience, like Spain, Greece or Italy as, they are losing even the shirts!-Under the Federal Republic of Germany is against own Principles and Laws, to Incite or promote, intolerance, hate propaganda and intimidation against another German National or Member of the European Community, in fact those People get a Criminal Record. After the World War two, Germany was banned to use any Weapons against another Human Person or incite the World Population. In which Nazi Germany, signed the 1950 Schuman Declaration, to give Diplomatic and Economic stability to Europe. Creating European Integration, European Defence Community, European Political Community, European Union, etc. Followed by Treaty of Paris 1951 (Treaty of Brussels, 1948),  Modify Treaty of Brussels 1954, Rome Treaties 1957,  Merger Treaty 1965, European Council conclusion 1975, Schengen Treaty 1985, Single European Act 1986, Maastricht Treaty 1992, Amsterdam Treaty 1997, Nice Treaty 2001, Lisbon Treaty 2009. So what is the point to sign Treaties, Documents, Acts, Laws or any Diplomatic Agreement, that is so important to our Country, People, Society and the European Community. Signed with intention to stabilise and restore, Order, Law and Principles. If Germany (Merkel) is not going to keep their own Word and then later on, nobody remember anything?! ..
 The German Chancellor, Hitler, started a Genocide .. (1931-45). ..

Dr Rath calls for Unity and Peace (thanks), 13/03/2012 Berlin. 

This is not a good example for our Future Generations, they will think that lives or life itself, got no Price at all. This is not the moment or time for Mrs Angela Merkel to test Human People or Play games of Musical nature. Organising Orchestra with the Finest Music ever, like her German lider. Mrs Merkel plays Monopoly games, to see who’s Country get Financial Help,  before the other Country notice difference, inciting  a WAR. I love Spain and regard the Country as my own Birth place. I am not starting anything here, but I will not tolerate RACISM. It’s the difference in which we treat one Person, Country, Religion, etc, better than the other one. This is a Criminal Offence in England, Wales, Scotland, North of Ireland, European Community and the whole wide World. If we are going to help, make sure we use Transparency and Equality, to all European Nations.  ..

Greek Man Commits Public Suicide in Protest  ..

The European Union composed of 27 Sovereign member of States, joined together and formally established, when the Maastricht Treaty come into force, 1, November, 1993. The European Community including the Euro was the result of the Second World War, that ripped the Heart of Europe badly, with Hate Propaganda and Intolerance. Europe was united this way, our Grandfathers wanted a Peaceful World, that it was only on their dreams. Today is a reality, the European Community was born, but not while Mrs Angela Merkel is trying to separate Europe, putting walls and blocking the way to Spain, Italy and Greece to gain support and help. The 27 Sovereign member of States, joined in good faith, since the Brussels Treaty, with intention to protect Country and offer a better standard of Life. Never was with Intention to put Country reputation in danger. A place, that Spain, Italy and Greece is today and losing badly. It is like somebody lied to them, promised the World in order to steal Contributions, that helped to build, what we know today, the European Community. We call this action Corruption, Mislead, Racism and Stealing (Illegal taking another Person/Country Property, without free consent). The European Union should have some kind of Insurance Policy/Public fun/Government fun, etc, that helps with immediate action, to  any member of the European Community, that face Financial problems or any kind of  problems, due to own fault or bad administration like Merkel said: <“The Euro crisis developed over ten years and it is going to take several years before we can repair the system and make it viable again. With everybody getting so impatient around here, it is a good job that I am one of the People who is staying patient.”>… with the The Euro crisis developed over ten years and before we can repair the system it looks to me, that Merkel knows better than the rest of us, regarding the matter and so should Merkel hold responsibility of the matter and Problem/s, as she same to know when to press the bottom or not. In Mexico we signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, lost half of the United States of America and Territory. Those Treaties give me the shivers somehow ..
 Act of Violence has nothing to do with Education, but Country attacking own People, out of despair, trying to blame somebody as usual, but the World condem this coward Act against Women, there is no reason but a CRIMINAL RECORD !!  ..
Władysław “Władek” Szpilman-Pianist and Composer-Polish-Jewish Survivor of the World War II. Jewish People also plays Beautiful Music-Chopin Nocturne op. 20.

German Nazi killed 6 Million Jewish People alone and Millions of Victims of the Second World War (100 Million +), since 1931 to the end of the War, 1945. Except Spain, the Spanish Dictator Francisco Franco, lasted until his death 1975. During War times, every single Victim of War was detained against their own will. Endure Mental – Physical Violence, Humiliation, Slave labor. Medical Experiments – Treatments and forced to live in Pain. For a young Person under the age of 16 Years old, need to obtain consent from Parent or Guardian. German Nazi abused Jewish Children, causing Mental Pain, Bodily harm and extreme measures. Treatments to induce Pain and unable to obtain, Pain relief, Anesthesia or signed permission from Victims of War or Parents. If you study the Second World War closely, you will notice the same Pattern, Abnormal behaviour, Racist System/Attitude, Airs of Grandeur, Intolerance, Religion, Abuse and Criminality. Displayed by Mussolini, Stalin, Franco and Hitler, but protected by the Vatican. The four Amigos wanted the same standard of life and were driven by the Catholic Priests – Religion. Somehow my God “Jesus Crist”, who was a Jewish Man, died on the crux for our salvation, but used as a white flag. To start a War, incite the World Population and put blame to Jewish Community, living in persecution, intolerance and killed. Every single Victim of War, had to walk the same line, suffer the same fate, before going into the Gas Chambers. “Depositing Money, Savings Accounts, Property, Business, Families, Children, Personal Possessions and unable to defend themselves in any Court of Law against Slander, Defamation, Spread, Hate Propaganda, Intimidation, Lies or to defend Family” Can you Imagine the impotence and pain, to see your own blood in front of your eyes, suffering pain and unable to help, because you are crucify in a Crux, unable to move. What the hell Jewish People done so bad, to finish that way. German Nazi knew full well, what they were doing. German Nazi was aware of every movement and abuse. German Nazi may not agree with Hitler, but happy to accept payments. The History somehow wants to repit again with Merkel, a shadow of Hitler with ideas that inflict Pain, Suffering and impose a life of misery to Italy, Greece and Spain, who’s next to walk the line .. Today Israel got the Finnest Machinery, the best Army in the whole wide World, ready to protect Land, People and Glory. Somehow, the hate propaganda against Jewish Community, do not fade away, spread fast and blame for Palestine problems. As if they are little Children unable to fight back, using own People as a Human Shields and blaming Israel for everything. Slander is the worse weapon, anybody can use against their Brothers or Sisters in life !!..
“The Second World War was a Genocide, incited by the flames of Hate and Financial Crisis of the 1930’s” Leaving Fortune to German Nazi, distributed between German Nationals. Today, Germany do not feel any Crunch, Financial Crisis or Poverty of any kind. They got a soft cushion to land, in case of Financial problems and thanks to Jewish People. In Question of Law, the Genocide is a Criminal Action that went unpunished. This reflect the Nuremberg trials, killed the evidence, somehow more evidence same to surface from Victims of War. Asking to repair, restore and respect, Justice, Memory and Reparation.  After the Second World War finished, every single European Country, except Germany. Stood up from the bloody War, alone, received no Financial help, crimes compensation. Transformed Country from total destruction, to a living Place that is today, with Liberty, Education, Benefits and things that our elders only Dream the Dream. Introduced the DSS, NHS/Medical care, Work, Pensions, Business etc. The European Community was born and formed based on trust,  including the Single currency. Today, the hard work of those People, who went to battle was for nothing!! David Cameron is trying to make cuts to a well Organized System, that got Years to build. Destroying the back bone of a British System, instead repairing the damaged or corruption in the Government Places, with use or over abuse by some members of their Staff.  Cuts and Financial Crisis is an opportunity, to destroy our living and promote War. Everybody is at lost here, including me as a Foreigner with British Citizen, but worked and paid benefits. Today nobody remember it and asking me, Trafford Council to work, when they removed my Jobs and References, one by one, due to slander and defamation to my reputation, causing bodily harm. When not just my reputation was hurt but my arm and back, they assaulted me Physically, Verbally and Mentally. My daughter was Racially intimidate by the whole School and went on, all her Primary Education. My Sister was detained under the Mental Health Act. I removed both (daughter and sister) out of the Area to be safe. I, together with the GP of my sister, blamed for the actions of my ex husband sister, Carol Parker. Who is a Social Worker and got Family Problems with me, since married her brother (now divorce). It is against the Medical Profession to any Social Worker to use any Mental Capacity Act of any kind, against anybody, or they lose their Jobs. This is the kind of use and abuse in the NHS, DSS, Government Places, that we need to remove. Mr Cameron stressed Britain “wants Europe to succeed” in a bid to build bridges. But he insisted the UK would only take a limited part in German plans for European bank union, saying: “I will not allow the British taxpayer to stand behind Greek or Spanish debt. Apologies to Mr Cameron, I am not trying to insult anybody here, but after Years of working and paying contributions to the British state. I would like to ask the Nation, to put their own request and wishes in form of Referendum and free Vote, either in the UK Parliament and the European Union affairs. It is our Right and nobody has any Right to take away our living, benefits and everything that we help to build in the UK. To treat us with little respect, ignoring our pleas for help and treating us like trash. When Cameron has a life of luxury with combined wealth between himself and his wife of  £30 Million plus. ..




Many Parents are not that lucky and Children removed from them, by Social Workers or Social Services, just for minor matters or small problems, like the MP Cameron that forgot daughter in the Restaurant. But nobody removes his daughter and put her into care, like millions of British families that are penalised by the British System, Social Services and Social Workers .. Our poll Tax pay for the Abuse and Harassment into our lives. We need to finish with Staff abuse in the NHS, DSS, Government Services, not to get rid of Services !!. Make proper adjustments into the British System and remove corruption, not kill our Institution. The back bone of the British Traditions and legacy of the elders. They build the System, after the Second World War finished, to have a better standard of life. We do not pay Taxes for Government Staff, use and abuse the System and our Personal life, but to get rid of the problem with some Government Staff. Racism, Intolerance, Abuses in the System, Mislead in our Society. It is only a minority of People, who get access to our personal data-information, those People works for British Government, do not believe tales of Hackers. In this Planet the only People (Hackers), who get access and keys to our Personal life is the British Government and their Staff. I am talking about England and not anywhere else in the World. Government Staff causing the Problems in the UK and the RIOTS, not the foreigners. Ee do not get access to Personal ID of anybody, impossible!.-The result of years of mismanagement, under the Communist rule. The Financial crisis around the Globe, present Economic uncertainty in Eastern Germany and Europe. Probably an excuse to do Human Cleanse again and provoke another War. The need to arise the Nazi Party and make an Aryan Civilization. It is a need so hard and deep in the Heart, that will not rest never. Until someone rips the sole foundation and bad seeds from the Earth. When the World will Understand, that we are born different. The difference do not make us better or worse, quite contrary, Strong and Bold. The Color of skin is not a Passport, to gain a better standard of living or opportunities in Life. To open the doors to Abuse and Racial discrimination. It is nothing wrong with us, but with those People, who behold those feelings towards us. We may no be Perfect People in your Heart, but there is nothing wrong in the way our Creator see us and that is more than enough. We were Born that way, everything comes including in the package. Not matter Color of Skin, Religion, Incapacity/Disability, Age, Sexual orientation, Country of Birth, Language, etc. We do not mind to live in a World, full of Laws, Rules and Regulations, based on a free Vote, Transparency and clear Understanding, that the same Law applies to everyone. What you do with your life is your Business, but you have no Power over our life. We are not your slaves and Born free. Please in the name of God, do not infect our environment, chain us with invisible Acts, Labels, Numbers, because we are not some kind of Merchandise, but People. Franco, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and their legacy of Abuse, Intolerance, Racism, Nazism, Fascism, Oppression, Slave Labor, Bullying, long gone. Germany who is the main Inciter of those abuses in Europe and Worldwide is taking it with them, good bye!!.


A bit of Germany: Federal Republic of Germany and Democratic Republic of Germany, united in October 3, 1990. Create one Federal Germany with accordance Article 23, of the F.R.G Basic Law. Capital-Berlin. Cities: Hamburg(1.77 million), Munich(1.31 million), Cologne(1 million), Frankfurt(671,000), Essen(567,000), Dortmund(581,000), Stuttgart(602,000), Dusseldorf(586,000), Bremen(548,000), Hanover(521,000). Administrative Division-16 States. Official Language-German. Government-Federal Republic. Branches: Executive, Chancelor, legislative, judicial. Political parties:(SPD), (CDU), (CSU), (FDP), (Die Linke). Suffrage-18 Years Old. Economy-GDP $3.2 trillion (2011 est). Unemployment-5.5% (October 2011). Agriculture-Corn, Wheat, Potatoes, Sugar, Beets, Barley, Hops. Viticulture-Forestry, Fisheries. Industry-Car making, Mechanical, Electrical, Precision Engineering, Chemicals, Environmental Technology, Optics, Medical Technology, Biotech & Genetic Engineering, Nano-Technology, Eerospace, Logistics. Exports-Trade(2010)-$1.408 trillion: Machinery, Motor vehicles, Electrical products, Chemicals (Iran) and Pharmaceutical products (France, America, Netherlands). Imports- $1.198 trillion: Machinery, Electrical products, Petroleum products, Motor vehicles. Major suppliers-China, Netherlands, France, America.The Inhabitants of Germany are Ethnic German (93%), with 7 million Foreign residents, mostly from Turkey (7%) and called “guest Workers”. Invited to Germany back in the 1950s-1960s to fill labor work,  due to restrict German Laws. “Some Foreigners” do not hold German Citizenship, even when born and raised in Germany. The World’s highest levels of Education, Technological development and Economic productivity. A generous Social Welfare System provides Universal Medical Care, Unemployment compensation and Social needs. Federal Republic of Germany and Democratic Republic of Germany joins together, into One Federal Germany. As mention before, the hard process started October 3, 1990, so both Nations can enjoy same standard of Education, Benefits, Employment, Living, etc. A lengthy and difficult process, due to Inefficiency of Industrial Enterprises in former G.D.R. Resolving Property ownership in Eastern Germany, with inadequate Infrastructure and Environmental damage. The result of years of mismanagement, under the Communist rule. The Financial crisis around the Globe, present Economic uncertainty in Eastern Germany and Europe.  This note by Rosario Castellanos de Parker, 11-6-2012.