"Ecuador’s decision to grant Julian Assange Political Asylum, but William Hague made it clear there will be no safe passage" ..

Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder  ..

VANGELIS – Freedom March (Voices)  ..

Two months after (British Bureaucracy) I made this Note, http://tinyurl.com/dxhq2xf  we still in the same square regarding Assange. Only the good News of being accepted to ECUADOR has been changed (thanks). The question is HOW this Man (Assange) will walk free and with no fear of repression and suppression by the British Supremacy (William Hague), to the Airport and take the next Plane to reach his New Country? If I was Assange, I would Issue an INMEDIATE claim/s to the Human Rights, “for and against”, lacking of a proper measurements and set of actions, to protect Assange, Bill of Human Rights. To the point that today, two months after, the case is hanging in the woods and nowhere to be seeing, anybody, who represents the Human Rights watchdogs, in the Ecuador Embassy. Where British Government (William Hague) are violating (Bullying) any imaginary Embassy Rights and Laws. Where it said very clearly, that any Foreign case of that Country, in this case is Ecuador, Hangs on that Country only (Ecuador) and WE, the British People, respect, accept and keep clear of any Interference by a third bodies, not matter, if they are touching British Soils. “Otherwise what is the point to have Embassy in the World, then we should close all of them and send them back Home, because this interference by William Hague or any other British Government body in the UK was not agree in any Law, Constitution, Treaty, in the first place” .. In this case is Ecuador Business and is up to that Country (Ecuador) to give the last shots and Orders and not the United kingdom, not matter what, who or where. We cannot have one Law in the UK for you and one Law for me, otherwise we KILL the British Institution, Constitution and Law, Instantly!! .. The British Law cannot be altered, changed or suppressed, out of the blue and for not reason or set of reasons and with a good set of reasons (to set aside, appeal, etc), also with free Vote or Referendum, except when our Beautiful Queen of England, Elizabeth II, said so, and right now, she is on Holiday in Scotland and away of this abuse of Power (William Hague) of British Law and Constitution. This is Ecuador Country and decision/s, the World can only watch, if they want to do so, but not to interfere in any Foreign Matters, that belong to Ecuador. The British People (William Hague) are treating Assange as a Terrorist and we would like to ask William Hague, in which grounds and settle this Matter of Defamation or Interference (probe) in any Court of Law in the United Kingdom. A Man cannot be HOLD in the UK against own will, after certain time has been elapsed by Law (said hours, weeks, etc) depending the grave of/or Criminal Matter, be victimized, classify of anything or Criminality “before” any Trial, otherwise in the UK or Worldwide is committing a Crime of Corruption, abuse of Power and Profession, also in any Law Worldwide is against the Law and a case of Rape in Human and Civil Rights. The Metropolitan Police are waiting outside the building have the power and the right to arrest Assange for violating the conditions of bail granted to him while awaiting a final decision on the request for extradition to Sweden “We ask where is Assange Solicitor to settle this matter with the Police and why has been unable to do so?”-As for any Country, who is holding a Law based on a “Constitution” can bring a Court case, in this case is America and the UK, both Countries have a Law based on a Constitution. Assange is holding against his own wishes and not trial in the matter of Rape, Crime or Terrorism so far. In this case, if America wants him (Assange) which is very obvious, otherwise this matter would not reach this far, but either America and/or the UK, both Countries hold a Law based in the Constitution and very much similar. Assange can choose which Country to open a Trial or sue both Countries (America and the UK) for Negligence, Harassment, Bullying and lack of any Probe and holding him against the British Law and his wishes and making a Meal out of nothing, causing him (Assange) too much distress in the matter. “This whole matter, could be a matter, of whose Country is more strong of all, in which the British Law, International Law or Human Rights Bill of Rights are not made for a Beauty Contest or MACHOS Cabrios” –So the Trial can be hold in America or the UK but when there is a good reason/s or ground/s of reason/s, to open a Trial and is up to Assange, which Country to choose, what to do or the course he wants the Trial to take, if he wants to contest any defamation of rape, terrorism, etc, but it is clear that his Bill of Rights in the UK are not working on Assange favour, due to Racism or his Solicitor is not holding the British Law in the right way, due to corruption or Ignorance of the British Law. “By Sheering News in the Internet, there is not Crime in America or the UK so far, this is exactly what Assange did, for God shake”.. There is Millions of Journalist People around the World, that share News everyday of any Nature, Form or Shape, where is the Crime? … This is more of a game of boys and not a Job in any Government places, but harassing the World (Assange) with non-senses. And in the Middle East, the Government can kill for sheering News to the World, without their own Permission. We compare those People, to the Man of the beginning of the times, were they have no Education or Human Rights freedoms. We would like to think about the UK or America in the same way!? ..Or the Father of all Laws in the whole wide World (George Washington), worked very hard for Peace, but went all his hard work, to the bin, his Bill of Rights and Constitution went with it !!  ..”Guilty until whoever Person is making false claims regarding Assange, can probe it in any Court of Law Worldwide, but not before, it is against the British Law, International Law or Human Rights, Set of Bill of Rights”Assange is not an American or British National and when Shering World News from America or any other Nation of the World and around the World, another Laws Apply to him, because he is an Austarlian National and unaware of the World and their own Laws and Constitution. But there is no Laws up to date, that forbid “share information as a News, Videos, Photos, etc”, with other Nations, Worldwide, UK, Austarlia, America or the World in General. There is no Regulations, Laws or Crime in the matter either, by sharing, distribuite and gain/lose, the World News of another Country or our own Country. If that was the case, Assange would not dare to jeopardy his Freedom for the Right to be a Free Man in a Millions years. Not to be aware of the World Laws and restrictions in the time of Action commited (Assange and Bradley Manning), does not make us a Criminal, due to Ignorance of the Facts and Law of that Country or our own Country. “When we lose our Right to share Information to a third bodies, either by writing, speech or using the Internet, that day, the World will lose their own Human and Civil Rights, Freedoms of Speech, Constitution will be killed, Laws and the Lot!!” ..Apparenly is against America, but Assange is an Australian Citizen and was unaware of the American Law, the same Bradley Manning. Up to now, Australia, America, UK or the World do not forbid any Journalist to share any news in the World or matter of the State (America), even more when that Person was not aware of the matter, offence or Law in the time committed the offence. America Australia and the UK share the same Constitution, but not Laws and every Country has to abide and respect the Laws and freedoms of the Person, who “aparenly” commited Crime or Offence, in a foreign Country, due to Ignorance or lack of knowledge. Remember Australia (Assange) is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, so where is the crime of State that America is talking about, even Bradley Manning, as both of them were not aware of any Law and regulation ?!! We all sign Terms, Conditions, Documents out and in a hurry and without spending weeks reading the Holy Documents, “before” tickling “YES or NO”, so for God shake to be ignorant of the full Facts, Laws, Constitution, etc, it make us a criminal, particularly when sharing World news of any Nature and since when?!!.. Please do not be so hard on your brother, today is Assange and Bradley Manning, tomorrow it could be You!! .. This report by Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 17/08/2012.
All this Problem is costing the UK, 1 Million Pounds !! ..