The UK insists it will not grant Julian Assange "safe passage" to Ecuador..

Julian Assange !! ..


You’ll Never Walk Alone ..

As a British Citizen and Mexican National, I must to accept that this Assange Business is hitting the UK Political, Business, British System, International and even Racial Matter, with the worse Descrimination in time History ever. What our Beautiful Queen Elizabeth II and her Family done for the Country and the Olympiad was excellent and the best thing that ever happened to Britain. Putting Country in the highest place Worldwide, with a friendly frame work. Rated in the World as the best Olympiad ever and if you all noticed. The hard work was done in the most economic way as possible, will loads of fireworks to cover the crisis, we are going through. Today (20/8/2012), all the excellent contribution to the British History and Country, thanks to our Majesty and her Family, can go to the bin in one go. We are facing Racial Discrimination in the worse possible way, with a difference in the way; we treat Assange case, to Pinochet. Assange, who is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and Australian Citizen, with no Criminal Record or Charge of anything up to date (20/8/2012), in any Court of Law Worldwide. Australian People, who contributed to the UK during the WWII, to stop a War. Pinochet, a Chilean Dictator who killed hundreds (300 +) of People in Chile, with a War that never was stopped and stole more than US$28 Million. The difference in treatment, from one case (Pinochet/Assange) to another, can differ in Political matter/s. In which, I am out of the problem for good, as some People Worldwide think of us, to be unfriendly and I am not. That is not the true, British People are caring and very friendly than most People Worldwide, but with the cases like Assange, can put us in the Public eye as a Racist People. Out and laud, with no Education (Cameron) or Experience in Political matter/s or British affairs. Not even a tiny matter, like granting asylum to Assange by Ecuador President, can be done in a peaceful way. Racist incitement by the British Government, towards Ecuador and Assange. Bullying, Harassment with Court orders, Hundreds of Treaties, British Laws, Police Bails, Appeals, resurfacing out of the Blue. While we know full well, that in Britain the British Law, cannot be change overnight, except the Queen and she is on Holiday in Scotland, also a Referendum apply.

Assange Solicitor need to remember, the “Imposing time limits in the Uk, even for Sexual offences” ..Where Assange Solicitor, need to bring to the attention of the British Courts. Because in the British Law and System, everything is Regulated by Time Limits. Yes, we believe strong that  two years lapsed (20/8/2010), since the Sexual Harassment claims happened in Sweden and we remember were dropped. Since arrived Assange to Britain, nobody has come forward from anywhere in the World to the UK and started any Investigations in the matter or started any Criminal charges against Assange, never, at any time, forms where filled in the UK, his place of residence during the time of his stay and Assange still living in the UK, so we are out of time. “Assange is out of Time for anybody to start any Investigations against him and there is no Criminal Charges of anything at all, against Julian Assange, according to the British Law, he is a free Man, because they run out of time.” .. Any Country who’s Laws are based on a Constitution, apply the same to them, so no matter where in the World Julian Assange goes, nobody can charge him of anything (on the grounds of time limit), but need to remember that the Country Holds a Constitutuion Law. “Assange Solicitor should be done the Police bail’s since Assange, set foot in the Ecuador’s Embassy in London and explained to the Police the situation, who is at fault here?!!” The Police have to abide by the British Law with time limits, when applying for Police Bail and to use common sense, to know that while Assange is touching British soils in the Ecuador’s Embassy, he has not broken the British Law. As Assange still in a UK Residence and/or Home address that belongs to an Embassy (even better). Assange has not gone out anywhere since arrived to the Embassy, two months ago, so where is the time limits? Assange is 24 hours House arrest, 7 days a week and for the last 2 months, so where is the Crime? Assange Solicitor should have spoken to the Police about this problem and matter, giving to the Police Assange new Home address (Ecuador Embassy), since Assange set foot in the Ecuador’s Embassy, but failed (this is a very important matter). Assange should bring this matter and case to the attention of the British Courts for negligence towards his Solicitor and the Legal Ombudsman. Sex allegations against Assange, even with different Women at the time of the offence and within days, from each other, but none of the Victims came to the UK to fill any charges during the”Time Limit” and charges in Sweden where dropped within one day of the assault (20/8/2010)“Time limits in the UK (2 years exactly today) has been passed since the Sexual charges, the same Law is in Sweden (Maximum 40 days from time of arrest, is time limit in Sweden)”.While there is not Charges of Criminal Nature, Assange is free to contest any malicious spread (Sweden), but how the things are turning recently, I would not recommend this approach at all”. However Assange can continue living in the UK, if he wants to, or Worldwide, he is a Free Man by the British Law, where he was living in the “Time period”. We know full well, that our British Courts are the cleanest, clear and understanding People and Judges. From our British Laws and Soils come out in times of America and their own Colony, making George Washington to be the Father of all Laws, so we are not that bad, after all don’t we?.. The Country should be happy to pay from our Crisis Money, 1 Million in Police fees, parked outside the Ecuador Embassy in London. I Million British Pounds that can be well spend on NHS, DSS, Cancer, Poverty in the World, or just give them to me and I sort the Country mess, while Cameron is on Holiday. Money the British People cannot afford, right at this moment. We had the Royal Weddings, our Beautiful Queen Elizabeth II Anniversary (60 Years), the Olympiad and now we need to find I Million Pounds out of our pockets, to pay Police fees.      

But if I made claims for negligence towards Trafford Council, Solicitors (Mi Banks, Hill&Co, Dobsons, where my brother died for not stopping on time, the “Family Problem”), Barristers, CAB, Dentist, Yorkshire Bank and a wave of Hate Propaganda that the ex/husband and his family had been throw with defamation, since we married, where our unborn Children died. My Sister detained under the Mental Health Act and my Daughter bullied in her Primary school. When on good time, I went to ask for help with the Police, Solicitors, CAB and never was stopped. Now, when making claims, they are trying to squash them and making me to be the problem or “the matter´s too late? But Cherie Booth can make claims for Phone hacking: and sue the company, no problem and no time to worry. We are living in the British Society to our own devices, or who is your best friend, to help you in the matter, including Cameron’s attitude. Where Solicitors, British Laws, important documents, Police reports, goes to the bin and some Judge´s got no time to read statements. Because to get the case of Assange this far, means two things, Solicitor is not working for Assange side or the Judge, never read the claims, papers, documents, statements at the Court Hearing, because they relay 100% to the Solicitors. To the point and request myself, asylum, from any Country in the World that want to have me, right now! I had enough of this messing World and their own Family Problems that are not mine, but the ex and his Family. I got not even Work References that Direct Payments (Council) removed from me, with slander of care services from an Old Lady. Excuses from the ex/husband (Mother) Domestic Abuse and his group of helpers, friends, sister (social Worker), neighbours (jobcentre plus), Manchester Airport, Police, Trafford area and more. Vendetta of some “Family Problems” and desifuntional World of their own, trying to stop me, to carry on paying for my daughters School fee’s, cloting, food, etc. Unfortunately, this is what we got today in Britain, personal attacks from everywhere, even if they are lies and unable to sue. Including Politician´s Wife and her’ yummy mummies’ to all Mothers. You think for a moment, that If you remove everything from me, trying to harm my reputation, sending me a wave of intimidation, how do you expect me to react? .. Then we got the Council Staff, confusing People and Professionals, making them to do what they want, by putting as a Law request, with “Sheering Information Act” to gain into your Private life, to help their friends (the ex). Or even worse “with Confidentiality codes” to make others to keep well shut and not to say a single Word to the Victim, never knowing where all this problems comes from. This is the Council Services that you pay for and Staff hitting you badly your reputation, as a thank you, for to give them Jobs to abuse you. Disabled People suffering the cuts, harassment, intimidation and bulling in the worst case and form as possible and all comes from Disabled Council Staff. Social Services, Social Workers, Community Helpers, Disabled representatives or even Disabled Charities?! No, this Problem/s are not coming to me only, but the Country in General, we had enough of the Professional People and their Bullying!! Cameron is asking the Country to pull ourselves, but from the other side of the Country, his Government Staff sending punches towards us. Cutting Police Services to give us, neighbourhood (problems), not thank you, in a Million years, Mr Cameron!!. While the Taxes are paying for Police Services, not for “neighbourhood problems or Family Problems” Making cuts to University fees, but paying 1 Million to harass Assange in Police over time. Because by the Police standing outside the Ecuador’s Embassy, this is exactly what they are doing “bullying, harassing, intimidation, racism”. Again it is Assange Solicitor responsibility, to arrange Police bail of Assange and explain the Police the matter. No need the Police to be outside, paying 1 Million for a non-terrorist case. Assange had not broken no Law, because he still touching British soils, only need help with someone to explain the side of the British Law, as his Solicitor has not been doing the Job properly (Police Bail) and up to date Assange is not charged with anything?. The same happens in our everyday life in the UK, when NHS Staff helps “Family Problems or no bother to do own jobs properly” with harassment to customers  or withdraw care and treatments from Patients. Using Public Services to settle any “family problems with revenge” as “to give/or withdraw treatment”, instead treating Cancer patients with the money overspend in that silly matter?!  It gets to the point that People today are unable to comment or say anything to give it back to them, with a wave of Bullying in the matter, using the British System as Bullies could never afford to pay for the hate propaganda themselves. “Instead cutting the Problems, Cameron is cutting the British System that was build thanks to our elders in War times and the Wars times, today, continue, by using the Services that are much in need of cash to Invest, but Not to bully” ..    


The British Services were not invented to fix “Family Problems or to give back to enemies”, but to give Services to others. Cameron instead of removing openly the problem, with corruption including bureaucracy, he is trying to remove the Service for ever? My Legal Aid is paid for Solicitor fee, when I was doing my Divorce. The Solicitor never done the job and the firm just sent me the bill for expenses. I represented myself in Court and I got witness People, also pay for my own Divorce of £65.00, but the bill for Legal Aid is more that £2.500. As I mention before I am unemployed and I cannot pay for it, but probe that I represented myself legally. I cannot make the British Tax Payee to pay for something, or a Job that was not done, not even the Barrister. I can prove anything that is writing here, anytime and requesting asylum. I am unable to work, study or set my Business, as they (Council) removed everything and need to live with Social Security benefits. As we know the difference and Racism can be settled in any Court of Law, with a Racial Discrimination claim and open Investigation in the matter/s, but they (ex and his family) would not let me. This treatment happens to Foreign People living in the UK, Assange is not a Criminal, but Pinochet was and treated better and with dignity. Assanged is holed up in a U.K. Embassy and with little consideration into his feelings and treated as a Criminal, where no charges of that matter up to date, not in the UK or Worldwide. England cannot afford, 1 Million pounds in Police escort right now. Where this matter is seeing by Billions of Foreign People Worldwide and will add to our reputation in the worse possible way, as we British are the friendliest People on Earth, with prejudices, bullying and intimidation towards Assange, but not me. This Man represents the World News and the World got used to his Wikileaks. People Worldwide would like to think the worse about the British and blow everything gained (Olympiad, Queens Anniversary, Royal Weddings, etc) for nothing. Let not to spoil all that for a Macho games or lack of Communications in the matter, because maybe this matter, will hit British Business, as well. Please, let’s do this matter in a peaceful way, or at least for the Queen’s Anniversary. Me, I am out of the game in the UK, where with this Note and Assange case, I settle my case, of the difficult life I had been living in the UK, a Country which I Loved very much and regarded my Own Home, but received no help (unborn Children) or even Education, as you can read my basic British Language, but studied the Language alone at Home! “I am looking for asylum”   

Letter Urging Political Asylum for Julian Assange Delivered to Ecuadorean Embassy in London 
 When everything is over (or now), Assange should start making claims against the British Government (America and Sweden), as nobody has any Right in the United Kingdom, to Harass, Persecute, Intimidate, Descriminate Racialy or Bully, another Human Person without any Probe or Reason/s, while living in England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland (UK). British People are caring and very considerate, considering what a minority of British Nationals does and is descriminate People of all Races .. Report by Rosario Castellanos de Parker, 20/8/2012.