Officials in Ecuador are considering transfer WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, to Sweden Ecuador Embassy and asking Britain, to authorise transfer, so he can answer Sex Criminal Charges ..

Vangelis – Last of the Mohicans 

Today, we have the News of transfer Assange to Ecuador Embassy in Sweden, so what it was the point of Assange to request Ecuador (Capital not Embassy)Asylum in the first place? .. This wave of Abuse and Failure in handling Political matters, either Ecuador, America, UK, Sweden and whom it may concern. The Royal Courts of Justice, British Constitution and the English Law is prepare enough, to take Assange case or continue to any International level and matter, even Sexual Abuse in the UK. Our British Laws and Constitution extent and not limited, to the times of George Washington, the Father and founder of, We, The People, American Law. The British Law extent to the New Colony of Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia and beyond. Our British Law is so complete and with this in mind means, that the Case of Assange re-opens again in the UK, due to failure to reach or handle Assange case properly by Ecuador Embassy (Negligence). We can not tolerate more abuse like this or bad advise in the matter, by Assange Solicitor or whoever is taking Assange case. Time is flying fast and we can not keep an Innocent Man that has not been charged of Criminality, in British Soils holed up, in Custody or Prison, for more than the recommended hours and eligible for parole or release by the Police (24 hours-72 time), let alone by any Embassy. Sweden is regulated by the same Rules, Laws, Constitution and time too. Assange have a right to move free and walk freely in the United Kingdom and not holed up. Assange is on Police probation and need to give to the Police his new home address at the Ecuador Embassy in London and to follow their own rules (stay in your home between certain hours). While Assange is living in the UK, he got British Laws, Human Rights and Civil Liberties, to request, follow and abide. Assange need to probe his innocence somehow, to continue with his previous case (due to lack of advice, to be late at Court hearing and no statement/s) or request a new Hearing (Crown or Supreme Court) and probe his Innocence (Criminal Sexual Abuse), in which Sweden is accusing him of rape. Assange can request, to receive Protection from the British Law, Constitution and Government, to walk next week from any Hearing in Court, as a Free Man or Charged (out of time & no probe in the matter) and to finish with this matter. “Nobody can bully anybody, to do anything that you do not want to do in the UK, when there is no crime or criminal charges regulated by time or no probe in the matter, or goes against your Human Rights or case is out of time and Law in the UK, or not to be aware of the Law and/or defend yourself or request help and protection from the British Law, to clear your name, etc”.. The United Kingdom is member of the European Community, including Sweden. The same happens over there apply to the UK, by Law. Including and not extent, Constitution, Laws and Criminal System, as Sweden and/or England or viceversa, The only thing that changes, maybe is the Language. It is up to Assange to accept the invitation to go to Sweden or to ask the United Kingdom to hold and continue, the case here in England. Where no charges were filled before by anybody (we are out of time and not probe in the matter), since Assange arrived to the UK (2010). It is up to Assange to make the move and nobody else should interfere in the matter (Bully) and decision/s of the Crown Court/Supreme Court, except the British Constitution. In this case is the Queen Elizabeth II that Assange should address the matter (write a petition letter) and again, nobody should interfere in the matter, not even Prince Charles. While our Queen is Alive and well, she holds the British Constitution, Crown, Land and Country, not Prince Charles. And while Assange is requesting the Queen permission to grant the Hearing to be heard in England and not Sweden, he should ask the Queen for asylum in the United Kingdom (Nationality, Asylum and Immigration Act 2002). “Assange´s life is in danger, if he ever goes back to Sweden, due to false claims of rape. Even if the Claims are true, nobody came to England and press charges against Assange. Where Sweden is free to use the British Courts for any Criminal Charges and so is England, in Sweden. But nobody make any movement in the matter, but bullying Assange non-stop for the last 2 + years that Assange has been living in the UK. Sweden People are Professional Staff that works for their own Country, failure to do their own job properly, it is not the problem of Assange or the British Government”. Just an example: Pinochet case where Spain Judge  Garzòn, came to the UK and pressed Charges against Pinochet, a Criminal that killed more than 1,200-3,200 People, 8,000 Interned, and 30,000 arrested, that is a Crime (Genocide). Garzòn came to the UK and pressed charges against Pinochet, but nobody from Sweden came to England in the last 2+ years and pressed Charges against Assange. Assange can get Protection from the British Law (Nationality, Asylum and Immigration Act 2002) and the United Kingdom, to grant Humanity help, due to the confusion Assange is living at the moment. Where he is charged, but we do not, if it´s Sexual Nature or the 250,000 Wiki Documents and classified U.S. Diplomatic Cables. While we don´t have guarantees of Charges against Assange, he has Rights to receive protection and Asylum in the United Kingdom. There is no Country so far, to guarantee Assange protection, considering all the Circus that we are living at the moment, except England. Due to Ecuador failure to reach an amicable agreement between England and America, to free Assange. We would not recommend to move Julian Assange to Ecuador’s Office in Sweden or to leave the UK at any time. Until, Assange have his case heard on British Court and is charged or walks as a free Man, but this matter need to finish asap. Just to remember that the case in the UK or Sweden is out of time, nobody pressed any charges, only on Sweden, but Assange is in the UK.”Victims of rape and serious sexual offences are entitled as a matter of British Law to anonymity in the media, even if their own name has been given in court.”The Diplomatic Relations, Humanitary Help and Support Assange received from Ecuador, was not up to Standars of Services, but holed up. “It is the same as selling your brother, to the best bidder and Ecuador call this action help?!!”.  I am a Latino Woman from Mèxico and I know my People very well. They can be super nice, the better and great Heart and Intentions, but their own Dictators are the worse. And when I said the worse is the bottom. For the way they treat own People, killing them, as if there is no tomorrow. There is no secrets of Murders of Ecuador and Venezuela, without speaking of Mèxico too. Where we have in our Mexican Land, more than 60.000 murders, by the actual Mexican President Calderon, lack of protection to my People. In which, I have been campaigning in my notes, for their own Freedom. “The reason I Write and make free notes, to gain access to help and free Mèxico. To expose Abuse and Crimes to Humanity and my Family Problems. In which, Family remove my work, with lies of my Persona and Incitement (Bully)”.. Now, Venezuela, Chavez Crimes is a sold out show, with total abuse on Human and Civil Rights and Genocide the same Ecuador.   We cannot understand where the Crime is committed, in which Manning and Assange are accused of, sheering more than 250,000 Wiki Documents and classified U.S. Diplomatic Cables, to the World. And be called (Manning & Assange) odious Criminals? In that case Journalism itself (BBC, ITV, MEN news, etc) should be called Odious Criminals jobs. Because this is exactly, what the Job is doing. “Sheering Information to the World, but not persecuted like Manning or Assange”. When International Companies receive the material and broadcast them on LIVE News, there is no Crime or Criminality to them, only to Manning or Assange. Racism, Difference or Preferences, in which one Person (BBC, etc) can broadcast the News and another (Assange) not. Apparently American files of, 250,000 Wiki Documents were leaked. “Manning, Assange and the espionage Act, sensitive documents. We, The World, cannot comment on the problem (250,000 Wiki Document)s as it is foreign to us, but could be wise a third Person/s (British Intelligence) to read the paperwork and confirm such sensitivity or Crime in the matter, because we cannot tolerate Racism or breach on Human Rights abuses. If there is more the World should know about Manning and Assange case and the 250,000 Wiki & Cables Documents, otherwise they should walk free. Because, If America worry so much and punish People to the extremes (Manning & Assange), it must be something to worry about and no to ignore those Documents. Cases like this, where Professional People, twist things and make a Victim see as a Criminal, while the true is the opposite. “In this case, Manning and Assange were detained against their own will (both), because to be holed up, one in America and another in the United Kingdom. Receiving degrading treatments, bullying, harassment, Mental and Physical Abuse. Manning and Assange are no allowed to know Crimes, but detained. Crimes against their own Human Rights and Humanity. Robing their own Civil Liberties, with no Hearing to clear their own Names and receiving Punishment, but unable to know the reason/s. For a Crime that Journalist People does every day, like live broadcasting the news, that is very cruel. A game for America Government, where they are afraid of the World to know the true. “As we cannot see any logical explanation in the matter” In this case, the Law is allowed to use Logical and Reason on the views pointed before, as we not allowed to see any of those 250,000 Wiki documents and defend Assange or Manning lives. We, The World are incline to believe America and their own True or False in the matter then, that is not a Law. Sitting someone on Court, to have a hearing and without the Crime in the Hands, because they are not allowed to know, that is not a Law or Justice that is crap!! .. The American Colony killed 400 American Tribes (1800-2012) in the United States of America, robbing them, of their own People, Land, Nationality and Living, sending the rest to México. In which we Mexicans do not mind as they are our Cousins. I bet this Information, the World would never knew, even by the same American People, so close and secretive it was the bleeding Crime. The American Natives never received Justice, even on 4 of July 1776. The American Colony made sure, the American Natives were wiped from the surface of the Earth. Genocide against Humanity, rightful living in own Land and killed. If you as an American People can kill the Mother who gave you Birth (American Natives), what the rest of the World can expect from you (Middle East). The same way happened with the 250,000 Wiki & Cables,  leaked from Assange and Manning to the World. But nobody filed an Investigation to the Crimes or Murders of those Documents (250,000 Wiki & Cables, etc), except the misconduct of Assange and Manning. The Responsables and Criminals were not persecuted, but hide from their own Crimes and got away with Murder. The World would never know Genocide, just like the American Natives. As we are unable to see documents of more than 250,000 Wiki & Cables. The World would never know, what those documents (250,000 Wiki & Cables) contain: Human People, Victims of War, Rockets or Bombs to destroy the World!


It´s time to abolish the Death Penalty, a Medieval Law not up to the XXI Century. Where, We, The World ask “Justice for all” America do not mind to persecute Germany back in 1945 (WWII), trials (Doctors) of more than 6 Million Jewish People, Victims of War. Somehow the 70,000 Million total, Victims of the same War, went into the Air. Only 6 Million Victims of War, got Justice (considering), leaving 64,000 Human People and Documents on the Bin.The German People were grounded after the War finished (1945), to use any kind of Machinery”. Perhaps, we could do the same to America. When we have the chance to know more about those 250,000 Wiki & Cables. It is a lot of Wikis and Cables, don ‘t you think?.. America expect to get away with Murder and punish Assange and Manning instead, clever boys! Human People and Victims of War, they got no price to you in America, the same as the 400 Tribes, gone!!?.. Have you ever think about the problem/s or consequences of more than 250,000 Wiki & Cables, to future generations, just by keeping secrets. It’s really bad in Modern times, to be a Whistle blower. Instead to get a Medal for bravery, we get persecute like Animals or Criminals. The Real Criminals get away with Murder. In this Life unfortunately, there is no one Law for you and another one different for me, not matter in which side of the Planet, we are living from, the same Law apply-“Assange and Manning are innocents until proven guilty of” –We, Believe Strong that Assange and Manning are suffering Bullying, by the State. I , myself, suffer Bullying and Domestic, Verbal, Mental and even Physical Abuse, when my Children and Brother died, problems with-“Family Problems and Neighbourhood”- My daughter Bullied, by the whole School-My Sister detained, by the Mental Health Act-Princess Diana of Wales, bullied by ex/husband Prince Charles of Wales and his groups of helpers, called the “Paparazzis, she died inside the Tunnel (Holed up) of Paris.-Princess Diana and I, reputation damaged badly, her with“Unstable”and me with “Mental”, my question is how many Women out there are like us?- Assange is Holed up in Ecuador Embassy in London and unable to gain Justice. Similarities, in which I believe strong, that we are bullied by the British Government, State and System. Diana, Princess of Wales, ex/husband is trying the same system with me, to help my ex/husband. Leaving us (Assange, Diana (RIP), Myself) “Holed up”, with not Justice or Protection from the British Law. To the point, that, I had to represent and divorce myself in court, to come out the Problem (hole). I think, similarities like this style of Bullying is caused, by Prince Charles and his groups, called “Paparazzi” and the British Governation!!-There is no Law in the UK, to stop Bullying and is not classify, as an Illness or Crime, but Kills (Diana) and drives People out in despair, Hunted, Bullied, Harassed and Holed up !!. .If I have my way, I Would like to sit Prince Charles of Wales in Court for the Murder of his Ex/Wife, Princess Diana of Wales. Who died “holed up and inside” the tunnel of Paris with Dody and unable to receive fast Medical attention. Harassed, bullied, hunted, non-stop (she was divorce when killed-this is a Crime), by Charles and his helpers, called the “Paparazzis” and the tales of-  Assange is Charged in Sweden with no a probe in the matter up to 23/9/2012 and his case for: “Criminal Sexual Abuse, Rape, Assault, Sexual Activity without any consent, Abuse of position of trust or any other Sexual offences Act 2003″, is out of time. I worked myself for the Manchester Police, Customs and Excise of the Manchester Airport, The Magistrate in Manchester and the Police had to follow rules, with cases very much the same as Assange. The last Hearing (May/30/ 2012) Julian Assange was late. The Hearing went ahead, without Assange, missing a chance to defend himself in Court for the Criminal Sexual Charge/s. Assange was not aware to prepare Report for the Court Hearing.  
 Sweden could not find any DNA from Assange, but Harassed, Bullied and Holed. 
Ecuador’s decision to grant Assange Political Asylum. 
UK will not grant Julian Assange “safe Passage” .. 

Before Assange case continue, he need to request permission(a Letter)to the Queen, Elizabeth II, to grant him, Asylum, Humanitary help and a proper Hearing, or Continue with previous Hearing, to clear his name. When he gets a response then to leave Ecuador Embassy. Good Luck! This note by Rosario Castellanos de Parker, 23/9/2012. 

Mexico, Tierra y Libertad!! ..