Dale Farm Police Riots 19/10/2011.

The Fallen Angel ..
In your darkness I find my hight
Fore it is your darkness that feeds
my soul ..
In your chains I find my freedom
Fore bound by them, I am as choosen
to be ..
In your pleasure I find my own
Fore it is my own deep dark
desire ..
In your arms I find my refuge
Fore I knew you shall keep me
safe and warm ..
In your eyes I find my world
Fore I see my spirit dancing with
yours ..
In you, Master, I find everything I
shall ever need ..
Tavelers gypsy
The Duke of Cambridge speaks about Fields in Trust and urges People to preserve fields and Parkland as many Green spaces are under threat. Part of Celebrations to mark the Queen´s Diamond Jubilee next year, to protect site so that millions of People for Generations to come, can take part in Sport, Play and Enjoy. ..

Jerusalem – The British Monarchy ..

(William Blake Poem)

And did those feet in ancient time.
Walk upon England’s mountains green:
And was the holy Lamb of God,
On England’s pleasant pastures seen!

And did the Countenance Divine,
Shine forth upon our clouded hills,
And was Jerusalem builder here,
Among these dark Satanic Mills.
(Satanic Mills is interpreting, Industrial Revolution)

Bring me my Bow of burning gold;
Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of fire!

I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In England’s green & pleasant Land.

Beneath the Poem, Blake inscribed an except from Bible. (“Would to God that all the Lord´s People were Prophets”)

The Travellers lost the Court Appeal on Monday, 17/10/2011 One Caravan at the site has been set on fire, Electricity supplies were cut, turned off crucial Medical equipment that belong to elderly People, a resident she had been hit by a baton. “Heavily outnumbered by the Police” ..
Dale Farm Repels Eviction – September 19, 2011 – Ken O’Keefe – TJP
Dale Farm site in Basildon, Essex, evicting travellers. The British Police vehicles had lined roads, from early hours of the morning on 19/10/2011, also an Ambulance Station, had been set up in a compound, no far from scene. Bailiffs and heavy machinery have come to site, through barricaded gate. Masked protesters have been taken away. Nora Egan was stuck when she told Police Officers that they were not entitle to break down fences.
Dale Farm Police Riots 19/10/2011 ..
The Gypsies.
Resident Kathleen McCarthy said: “The memory of Dale Farm will weigh heavily on Britain for generations – we are being dragged out of the only homes we have in this World. “Our entire community is being ripped apart, by Basildon Council and the Politicians in Government.”
Natalie Fox, a supporter said: “The Traveller Community is being criminalised- it has been made illegal for them to travel, but they are not being allowed to settle. If Traveller families are not allowed to make their home on a former scrapyard, then where will they be allowed to live?”
Lily Hayes, a Human Rights observer, said: “Basildon Council are violating the court order by smashing in the walls of a fully legal plot on the Dale Farm site. They are also acting unnecessarily brutally, using teasers on people protesting the eviction”
Basildon Council leader Tony Ball, said: “the travellers had rejected alternative accommodation”. The words from Tony Ball confirms, that the Travellers/Gypsies are not milking the English System, as they were accused before by Council Officials. By lying the curse of the Law, the Gypsies lost the appeal on 17/10/2011, suffered Racial discrimination by own People, who work for the Council ..The Travellers/Gypsies do not own Business or have normal jobs like you and I, but made own things instead. To sell them and live from it, read the tarot, etc. Please do not descriminate People because of limitations, they are not a burden to Society. They are our Brothers and Sisters on Earth!.

Gypsies needs are the same as everyone in the World, but more basics! If you compare the 400 Travellers Basildon Council, are trying to evict from Dale Farm with bailiffs, against Thousands of illegal Immigrants win right to stay in Britain, claiming: Housing, Clothing, Food, Education, Free Rent or Accommodation, Free Transport, DSS. Benefits like, Child Benefit, Income Support, Job seeker Allowance, DLA, Disability, etc. Free Hospital Treatments, Free G.P, Free Glasses, Free Dentist Treatment, Free Prescriptions, Free Council Tax, Free Milk tokens, Free Bus Passes, Free Cavity Wall Insulation funded by Government, House Furniture, Fridge, washing machine, Beds, Carpet, Central Heating, Gas, Electricity, T.V. Licence, Laptops, etc. A Luxury Life paid by the British Tax Paye, unable to work but claiming benefits and waiting Appeals. The Gypsies needs are minimal as they own a Van/Caravan, but relay on Electricity supply, Schools, Medical and Benefits.

The Travellers from Dale Farm, are members of the Commonwealth and European Community, because they are from Ireland. They had been living “inside” Dale Farm, for more than 30 Years, http://tinyurl.com/67vvtsb without breaking the English Law and enough time to own the Land by Right! Nobody can make changes into the British Constitution (“except the Queen”), over certain time, with new Laws (Dale farm), Rules, Regulations. Changes into the Benefit System, DSS and cuts, interfering with Children’s Education and University fee’s, Medical and Health (NHS), etc. Money that comes from the Public Funding (Tax Paye) without asking the British People first, with a free Vote, called “Referendum.” Who is breaking the British Law, here?.. On Wednesday morning, 19/10/2011, Riot Police and bailiffs stormed Dale Farm Community in a dawn raid. Police violated the court order and used sledgehammers to smash through the walls, of a fully legal plot on the site, in order to force entry. The Travellers are bullied by Police and Society. The Education they receive is poor, in comparation of the British People. Children from the Gypsies suffer to see Parents, abused by Racism and grows up thinking it´s normal. The Standards of living Travellers get is lower, much more lower, that of those Foreign Nationals. Travellers stand no chance to make something for themselves in life, they receive nothing from own Country except Discrimination, Racism and Oppression. “Name calling, bullying and Intimidation from Society and the British media and Law.”.. The same was happening to the Jewish Coomunity in Germany, back in 1930´s, before the WWII, started and in the same way, with Hate Propaganda. http://tinyurl.com/5srv2xz

John Baron said: “Police are using the minimum force required and when you are being pelted, with bricks and rocks you are entitled to defend yourself.” Torture against own Nationals and Human People, are against Human and Civil Rights. What John Baron said is, a typical Council Staff lie, in order to destroy the life of Human People. Travellers were outnumbered by Police, suffered violence. Caravan was set on fire, Medical equipment were turned off, resident/s were hit with baton, people were treated for smoke inhalation, nose bleed, chest pain. The BBC’s Jeremy Cooke, inside the camp, described the early morning entry by police as a “very dramatic situation”(with thanks) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-15357932 

The Travellers/Gypsies never broke the English Law in any way, Shape or Form as you can see Picture (thanks to Google). Gypsies/Travellers live “inside” Dale Farm. On day of Police Riot, Travellers/Gypsies were “inside” Dale Farm. The site do not touch Green Land (grass). “Even if they ever touch Green grass from our Lord, who gave us the Earth to live together and in Peace”. A Few Gypsies are living in unauthorised area, because they want to live with Family and Friends, they were insulted by Council Officers, who sent Police with Bailiffs. But you do not mind to keep in Britain Criminals like, Abu Hamza al-Masri. Who keep wining, Courts Appeals in all kind and grounds, to be with their own Family, while the reality is to Incite the Muslim People in Britain. Honestly, I can not Understand this Law at all. A Criminal get more Rights, than a bunch of Gypsies/Travellers. This hate display against own Nationals, never seen before by them, as a British Community regard the Police with Respect. But illegal immigrants, keep winning appeals to stay in Britain with Family.”We are dividing the United Kingdom, with Prejudices and Racial Stigma”. The English Law, System and Life, works for some People, the other half need to survive with lies. Police breached perimeter, to initiate the eviction, so please tell me, who broke the English Law. We do understand the Council wants to House the Travellers, but they are happy the way they are. Because they Love Nature and want to be together with Friends and Family, where is the Crime!?. Since when, we need Permission/s to live with our own kind and Family members. Since the bleeding Council Staff get on the way and love to separate Families. And then you ask why, we are divided in Britain and why, we got the Riots all the time. Because honestly, you tell me, where is the Parents, to mind the Children, but we get the Council Staff instead. And then after, we are called “desinfuntional Families” and the Tales off !?..
The Council Staff gets the training to deal with Public, to offer the best alternative or advice, in a Polite and friendy way, not with Violence. Our taxes should cover those small requirements, to live in a Happy environment, not to be Bullied by the Council, British System and Governament Staff. You are dealing with Human People, not numbers: Gypsies, British, Foreign, Whites, Blues, Disabled, Sexual Orientated, Colors, Age. The British People, are Multicultural backgrounds and got feelings, can communicate in the same way as the rest of the Human Population. As We are living in a Multicultural Society, with all kind of backgrounds, religions, etc. We do mind indeed, when they are Inciting or promoting Hate Propaganda or Bullying, Government Staff to another Cultures of our British Soils. Or when they are bringing from other Countries, their own Hates Propagandas(Abu Hamza al-Masri), Sharias Laws, etc. Foreign People Impose us to accept those Laws in British Soils, or called “racists”, just to Incite. When the reality is that, we are pacefull People and not interested in Wars (Sharias Laws). British People can sued the Council Staff, for constant using and abusing, the Power those jobs give to them. They sent groups of Harassment, Defamation and Intimidation to own Nationals and not a single proof in hand of the lies, they spread. Let’s England to be for the English People, the Force that brings Peace to the World, with Love and Tolerance, like King George V1 and the Queen Mother and their own Family. The World War 11 was stoped from own destruction and Peoples saved thanks to them.
King George VI, Queen Mother and their own Family ..
We still in the same situation as yesterday 30/9/2012! The British Constitution do not change over night, the Queen is the only Head of the State in England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland, who does the changes, not Prince Charles. It would be nice the whole Country, to have a say in the matter/s, with free vote or referendum. Prince Charles is taking over from his Mother duties, while she is alive and well. Excluding Royal Family Members http://tinyurl.com/bsszogk and Marries again with Camilla Parker Bowles. http://tinyurl.com/7vx2m97 While his Ancle Edward VIII and Aunt Margaret were not allowed to. Prince Charles is free to make his life with Camilla, but the same rules apply to him, as his Auncle, Edward VIII and Aunt Margareth. Prince Charles is removing Benefits from the Royal Family and British People, trying hard to bring the Country, http://tinyurl.com/8q26dca to the Victorian Times. http://tinyurl.com/bvcp6uz Prince Charles bullyied Diana Princess of Wales and was killed, holed up in the Tunnel in Paris, by his groups of helpers, called the “Paparazzis”. http://tinyurl.com/8joqxkc I get the same treatment with the “neighbourhood” to help my ex/husband. Assange is holed up in Ecuador’s Embassy and the Gypsies evicted by a Wave of Hate Propaganda from Dale Farm.I am Mexican Born, with British Nationality. I was Born Free in a Country, that my own Father went to battle to give me that Right. Not matter if I live in the Uk or Mèxico, my Freedom is mine, to put in writing as I am Hard of Hearing Person. British Country and People need to Understand that the Financial Crisis is Prince Charles, nobody else. If ever, anything happens to me or my living Daughters (like Princess Diana), Physicaly, Mentaly or Killed. I hold full Responsable,”Prince Charles of Wales, my Ex/Husband, his Sister and his Mother that started this Hate Propaganda against a Mexican National, which is me.The British Country is in a Bad Position at the moment with the Cuts, thanks to Prince Charles, but nobody wants to sit him in Court for the Death of his ex/Wife, Diana, Princess of Wales. Who was bullyied, like me and millions of abused Women of the UK and so, Diana was Killed. The Situation in the UK for me is very bad and I fear for my Own Life and my Daughters, the same as Diana, Princess of Wales, killed by Charles. I can probe this Matter in any Court of Law.
I, Myself, Understand the Travellers/Gypsies very well. I received Abuse and Bullying as mention before, from “Family and their own Problems in the UK”. They sent me a wave of Harassment, Abuse, Malicious Spread, Bullying, Intolerance. This Problem started since Married and Emigrated from Mexico (1985), unaware of Lies and Malicions Spreads from my ex/husband sister. Who is a Social Worker and trying hard, to separate me from my own living daughters. Thanks to her (Carol Parker), I lost unborn Children and the tales of things, that I did to her in Mexico, when I never did such lies. In order to gain Atention, Education, Oportunities with her lies and spread.
A- “Develop a Land”, a Planning Permission is required for “Development” of land. The definition of “Development” is “the carrying out of building, engineering, mining or other operations in, over or under land or the making of any material change in the use of any building or other land, ”
B- “The Caravan” is: “Caravan means any structure designed or adapted for human habitation, which is capable of being moved from one place to another, whether by being towed or by being transported, on a motor vehicle or trailer.”There was debate in cases to mobile homes were or were not buildings, for purposes of planning. In 1998 the matter was settled. The case of Measor v Secretary of State for Environment, Transport and Regions. The case decided in Queen’s Bench Division of High Court and binding on planning inspectors. The Judge stated:“In my judgment, it would conflict with the purpose of the Act and common sense to treat mobile caravans as “buildings” as of right. While I would be wary of holding that, as a matter of law, a “structure” that satisfied the definition of, for example, a Mobile home under s.13(1) of the 1968 Act could never be a building for the purpose of the [Town and Country Planning] Act 1990, it seems to me that by reference to the definitions in the [Caravan Site and Control of Development] Act1960 and the 1968 [Caravan Sites]Act it is clear that in the present case the caravans lacked that degree of permanence and attachment to constitute buildings” ..A Mobile Home or Caravan could never be a “Building” in general they are not.
Local Authority grey area Land Caravan, (from an ex-Council Employee). :
1-Put Van/Caravan “in”a building i.e Barn ect, Never Ever put outside(Local dog walkers report it).
2-Use Land as part time Business, Gardening/Turf Farming ect.
3-Use the security route-say about your machinery on site, you are not moving off the Land as you, need to protect your Livelihood.
4-If Council get funny, say I will get private Security firm and send Council bills (always works).

Note by Rosario Castellanos de Parker.