Jimmy Savile, certainly fixed it for us, tonight !!

Jimmy Savile is accused of long-running Television show, called..”Jim’ll Fix It.” A very popular t.v. programme in which he arranged for the “wishes of viewers, mainly Children, to come true”.. Savile made himself to be, one of the most popular & famous, Single Men of the United Kingdom Including and not extent were his Tracksuits, Chunky Gold Jewellery & huuggeee Cigar. He was a tireless Charity Campaigner, fixing the life of British People, but for the better? ..
Vangelis – To The Unknown Man

On October 2012, ITV documentary brought to light, fresh claims of Child abuse, leading to Police Investigation, pursuing 340 separate lines of inquiry based on evidence from 14 Police Forces across the UK. Removing Jimmy Savile Headstone, stripped of his own knighthood, Charity may change Name, etc. A Big Thank you, Jimmy Savile got from his own People, Media and the British System. Jimmy Savile was not a Rich-Man made or got a Fortune, after his famous Name, but gave to his own British People. While other Man in his position, could be choose to sit on his own Fortune and the hell the rest, but not him. This true reflects on the style, he was living and the state of his own flat. Today called, Jimmy Savile’s Paedo Penthouse. Savile’s top floor Apartment: “smelly 70’s Carpets are threadbare, Vinyl Wallpaper peeling off, Window Frames rotting, etc. Nobody has any Rights to call another Person names of, -“Paedophile,”- until charged by the British Courts. Where the United Kingdom got Laws to protect either, Victims or Criminals, but no before by the British Government, Press or Media. “Under The British Law, Savile is innocent until proven guilty of, on any UK Court, until then, he has a Right of Anonymity and Respect, but he is death?” – Otherwise it looks as if, Savile is a Victim of Malicious Rumors and Violent Bullies, that use Violence towards him, with bad spreading, in order to Hurt his Reputation and gain a better Standard of Life. Savile was questioned by the Police 5 years ago, so do not dismiss these Woman’s or Victims of Sex Abuse claims as an after death accusation. But on that time, where were those Victims of Sexual Abuse or even the evidence?- Police never Charged Savile of Rape, Sexual Abuse or Abuse of Power to his Job or Profession in any way, form or shape. Savile Crimes up to date was to get involve, in the life of Millions of British People making their own wishes, to come true. On that time, nobody, ever, worked so hard for own People ?!! Savile passed away on October 2011, at the age of 84 Years Old, unable to defend himself on any Court of Law (16/10/2012), by such bad Press, Publicity and/or Allegations of .. !! “I want you to Understand, that I am not with the Victim/s or Jimmy Savile, but the British Law – Justice” – Because even on the Years of the 70’s, it was acceptable for Little Girls to sit on Men’s Laps. I saw my ex/husband Sister, who is a British National, sitting on her Dad’s lap in her full 20’s. While me, Mexican prudist in a Million years. What is acceptable in the UK, was not in my Country or viceversa. What was acceptable in the 70’s in the UK and today, not difference. Jimmy Savile was working with small Children and their own Parents on the shows, etc!! Today, small Children sits on Adults laps. They are not accussed of Paedophile insults. Particularly, Parents, Grandparents, Auncles, Cousins, Nursing Staff, Childminders, etc. I am nobody to accuse People of such actions or trying to stop the bond. Because before I do that, I will need the probe in the matter. Small Children need to be aware of such matters exist, even with Auncle Jimmy. They have a Right to know, which bits of their own Body are for them to keep. The idea is for Children of any Age, to be aware of such Crimes and report them. A full investigation in the matter, by the Police. Children have a Right to be taking seriously, by the offence and/or while the Sexual Abuser is alive and well. Times and Law changes with time, but not with the speed of the light, that we Women Worldwide, would like it to be. –“Particularly with Sexual Predators, Domestic Abuses, Bullying”- Women of any Age today and/or yesterday, subject to Sexual Abuses. Except, that the Law nowadays is more aware of such Crimes against Children, Women, Disabled, etc. But talking generally, British Law has not been change much during the last 30 years. “With this on Mind, Victims or Families could filled Sexual Abuse Claims against Savile, like happens with Roman Catholics Priests” ..The Prime Minister Cameron has raised, the prospect of Sir Jimmy Savile being stripped of his knighthood. Labour leader Ed Miliband, insists BBC’s internal investigations are not enough. He wants British Government to set up an Independent inquiry into, Jimmy Savile sex abuse allegations to “do right by the victims”. The Question is, where Miliband and/or British Government are going to get the Money from. As we are living in the UK, today, with the biggest Financial Cuts/Crisis ever. http://tinyurl.com/952qlg6 Thanks to Abuses into the British System, Government, Constitution, by their own Staff. The Culture Secretary Maria Miller dismissed demands for an Independent inquiry, saying: she was “confident” BBC chiefs were taking claims”very seriously.” Metropolitan Police Officers said the claims of TV Presenter Savile, span Six Decades – between 1959 and 2006 – and pursuing 340 lines of enquiry. We wonder to ask: “What happened to the Years between 2006-2011, as nobody has been coming forward, with plenty time to file claims?” Apparently Savile was questioned by the BBC boss 20 years ago and the reply for such rumours were ‘nonsense’.. http://tinyurl.com/9u5kd62 I’m not saying, Sir Jimmy Savile is guilty or non/guilty, because this is not my position or have a say in the matter. I am not a Solicitor, Barrister, Judge, Court Staff Attendance or the Victim itself. But Please don’t judge a Person on appearance or because you either like or dislike him, financial reason/s, because this is not how the Law works, but based on probe in the matter-. The Following link is from claims of Sexual nature Parents were on that time as well, as Jimmy Savile said on the Video:”In front of your mummy and daddy?” soon after the little girl said, “get off me” and/or “get off my backside” http://tinyurl.com/9rnwbkb So, nobody knows full well, if it was a real Child, Abuse, Framed, Twisted, etc, as you can hear and read the words only.
Jimmy Savile – Jim’ll Fix It ..
Before you get on me, you need to wear my Shoes first, to know, that I was abused when younger. Falsely accused of lies and lost everything by malicious spread. Where today, I am living alone, in the middle of intolerance. Since, I came forward to expose the Crimes of my “unborn Children by the same People, who are British” The Ex/Family-sending a wave of intolerance to me, using either young Children or Old People, as the Law is Powerless with them. Trying to frame me or insult my Intelligence, with Mental Capacity Act 2005, in order to cover more than 26 Years of Abuse. There is no Law to stop Defamation, Bullying, Hate Propaganda, Spreading, False accusations, or the likes, as we are living the Finnest Example with Jimmy Savile case. I am not saying Savile is good or bad, but he is innocent until proven guilty of, on any Court of Law Worldwide. Until then, Savile has a Right of Anonymity and Respect by the Media, Government or Media Circus. Unfortunately, there is not help for me, Savile or anyone. Who suffer Bullying (Hate propaganda, Harassment, Paparazzis, Neighbourhood, Intolerance, False Accusations, Malicios Spread, etc) with fresh Laws and to stop Violence. To Help and keep away from us Mental and Verbal Abuse, from anyone, including, ex/husbands, Family Problems, Paparazzis and a full wave of Media Intolerance. This same thing happens to Assange, holed up in Ecuador´s Embassy, with Sexual Abuse claims. Princess Diana was left alone, in the hands of bully/ex-partner (Prince Charles) and used Paparazzi. Lady Di came out using the Media for help, but died holed up in the tunnel of Paris. I and hundred of Women in the UK are stalked by the ex-husbands, using Family, Friends, Neighbourhood, etc. I need to come out to Facebook and request help, to stop Family Problems. The ex/husband and his Family, keeps removing help with defamation of my Persona and Insults (Mental Capacities Acts-Sexual Nature, etc), in order, to corrupt the British Law and System. Framing me with things, as I am upstairs, on my bedroom all the time. Framing Solicitors, Dentists, or whoever helps with the vendetta, when I made a complain and lose Jobs, they get even. Professional People are aware of the British Law, System and own Malice. Savile after Years of Charity Work is attacked, by the Media and is not Charged yet by the Courts. The Stories are fresh everyday on the News, before Jimmy Savile is charged of. Domestic Abuse/Bullying/Intolerance/Racism: Mental or Verbal, as only Physical, matters to the Police. We need Laws to challenge such People and behaviour (me, Savile or whoever), as there is no probe in either matter, but facing the media. I am afraid to leave my Home or go to the Shops, for the same reason/s. Stop Bullying, Stop it, Full Stop!! Note, by Rosario Castellanos de Parker, 17/10/2012.
Jimmy Savile – Jim’ll Fix It, for more than 20 Years ..