Chris Huhne made to have an abortion to his ex/wife Vicky Pryce back in 1990 ..


Yuri – El Cascabel  ..

-Vicky Pryce met Huhne in 1982, a year after her first marriage ended, despite having “second thoughts” and breaking off engagement, they married a year later. Vicky Pryce fell pregnant in 1990, when she was married MP Chris Huhne, but he encouraged her into having an abortion because it was “bad timing”-In 2003, when Huhne’s car was clocked speeding, he nominated Vicky Pryce as the driver without consulting and pressured her to sign forms. I made myself to write here today, on behalf of all the Women who walks in life bullied, by the same Family and their own problems. Including myself and my own mother and for defending her honour, I gained a group of Intolerance, where those people created groups and then more groups. Where today those criminals are well formed into their own groups because, stalk, perform perjury to law and people, lie, mislead, prank and slander peoples honours and lives are crimes in a court of law, but protect by the same British law, due to “who is your friend and/or protection of laws (immunity)”-The same people who have been create this wave of intolerance in the past, here today, you got your own making in front of you carrying a wave of abuse towards British residents full of the same garbage and rubbish that were created by a load of lies (policies), intolerance and abuse of power, eventually it will break the bag of the same weight and abuse, giving way the true to come out. Because the rest of us residents that are a non/government staff, are unable to gain access to personal information, national or security records, but lied by the same government staff towards our reputation, when it’s impossible for us to do what their own lies said we does, as we got not form or ways to do it or gain access to security files and personal information?!-The same goes with problem/s to people who are in power and professions (solicitors, barristers, social workers), abuses to the rest of us population by the same crimes and criminality. Where the law is super soft with those professionals or government staff sentences and immunity, living with protection free laws or immunity from the same British law, lacking respect to the rest of UK people, that suffer the consequences in great measures, with endless lawsuits that works for one but not to the other, dividing classes into our society. Today, you ask why we are doing so wrong with the UK riots, etc, but you got the result of your own corruption that eventually the bag full of lies will break open and everything will fall in front of you and yours. You will know, who is what and the rest. I am writing this note as I want you to be aware of your own makings covering abuses and murder in courts and laws system, that were created to help society, not to benefit of a fallen society and individuals that corrupt the principles of laws due to “who is your friend” rather than to do a job that you swore to do in benefit of our society, not to destroy our well formed society and British system. There is not secret that everything I am doing since 3 years ago is due to my unborn Children and then later my brother who was killed by the same intolerance or abuse of Power and Profession. I divorce the ex/husband for the same reason/s as the man himself would not accept fault or murder, due to cover up his own “family problems”, between him and his sister/social worker killed my unborn children, who were our unborn children when married, also my two living daughters brothers or sisters. I will never know of those little souls were terminate (abortion) or eliminate before coming back to my home country Mèxico (30 years ago), as I was forced to have a Termination (abortion) as the same reason of Vicky Pryce, plus somehow, we were having “family problems” that I was not aware of, until 3 years ago and the reason of my divorce. I lost country of birth, family, unborn children, brother, sister detained under the mental health act, daughter abused by the whole primary school and pets killed or hurt badly that need to go to charities. All those problems created more problems due to the ex-husband sister/social worker, to be the cause of my fall and studied the carer (social worker) to hurt and hunt me badly, with lies, when in Mèxico of the 5 boys, the river and the rest. This is why the ex-husband was deserting me so many times, this lead to him a request of termination (abortion) before leaving me. Because we were married on those years, my Family from Mèxico sent me back to the UK for more, where today you ask about those terminations, that were out of my reach or power due to language and disability barriers, let alone to understand where to go to perform a Termination (abortion). The reality is, I had nobody on those times as the same as today, where I am divorce and sheering the home, as I was left with no jobs or help, everything was removed from me. In which by law, there is 2 sides of the coin to be taken into consideration and not only one by the same lies of sister (social worker) of the ex-husband that represent him whenever and my family in Mexico, in order to win court cases, jobs, live form it and viceversa, instead to answer for the murder of my family. Vicky Pryce cried in court when explaining her past life to Jury (termination/abortion) in Court, but won overwhelming support, while I did the same (cried) last year on 27 of February 2012 and managed to get a GP letter. In which the ex/husband sister, the social worker requested a mental capacity act 2005 from my doctor, as she sent her brother solicitor to request to the courts, with the help of a barrister that got paid with my legal aid?- I believe it’s against the social worker code of practice and medical conditions, but again covered by her boss (Health & Care Professions Council) as she would not offer me a meeting or to use mediation into the matter, but covering murder. They were trying to frame a healthy women into the same crap as my sister was detained under the mental health act, paid by the state and tax payee and groups that works in the same groups and form more groups fermenting from the same groups of intolerance. Where the UK today can not cope anymore, with the sick society that were created years ago. The family problems do not bring problems to stockport, but to Altrincham instead, by Partnership and a load of abuse including neighbourhood, paparazzi, etc. Where I have an area full of people against me, but again, I am not the social worker or work with the British Government (council, jobcentre plus, neighbourhood, NHS, DSS, social Worker, Manchester Airport, etc) to get access to those luxuries of abuses of power and profession, so down the lies. I want an answer regarding my unborn children and brother, but the British system would not allow the true to come out or gain access to the true, as they remove solicitors to bully me, requesting mental capacities acts, instead to offer a service that they swore at the oat in law. You maybe be feeling sorry for me, but the UK is full of me and Vicky Pryce’s. Hundred of abused women, children, families and old people harassed and separate to have full control by the Nanny state, council, police, solicitors, barristers, social services, social workers, neighbourhood and intolerance. Those people like me walk alone, but the council hide those problems from residents or mislead the British population with wrong facts, which are not true, as I mention before the intolerance into my life, how many people are like me and where is the law to stop the abuse?- Somehow the council are winning prices to mislead of great performance but people like me racially abused by their own standards, with no court hearing, but slander towards me and mine. Where we got today 2 options here: request equal laws for all, with clear, transparent, open society or fall on your own system and lies, the choice is all yours, because British System are used as battle fields, instead to give a service, as previous was intent by the Queen Elizabeth II, after the WWII and Victorians times.

Even worse dividing our Country into two bands or maybe 3 perhaps, based on colours, disability, country of birth, sexual orientation, age, etc. Creating envy between races and separate us even more, each day. Where some people get access to benefits, education etc. But there is no money for us and using taxes of the British people?- Please do not take it wrong with Malala Yousafzai here we are talking about failing standards to UK residents and exposing the true, not racism. At the same time, British Government is creating a full army of little Hitlers that abuse people beyond understanding, but blaming others with no probe in the matter, whatsoever. Removing them from care sector jobs (me) based more on “family problems” by the council staff of direct payments in Trafford, lies against victims (me) with NO court hearings relate to such abuses (me) or false accusations, but years of stalk, bully and hunted since my sister was detained under the mental health act, my daughter bullied in school, pets killed or abused, my jobs all gone, etc. All that was possible to achieve, since the ex/husband sister gained her degree of social worker, including my business gone, “La Paloma Blanca LTD”, Rosario Parker is my married name. Now that I am doing writing, those same people wants me to do something else. I am always at the mercy of “social workers/government staff” and who gave them my permission to bully?- I do not interfere in the life of those dictators (government staff) and social workers, so why those bullies are into my life and who gave them my permission and consent into the matter?-“I am allowed to do with my life anything I want and not to be intimidate by the council staff (disabled department) or family problems. Only because I am hard of hearing person with protection laws in one hand from them (council), “when it suit them of course” and with the other hand, a full wave of intolerance, hate propaganda, abuse, stalked, into my own private life, this is what the council tax pays, a wave of abuse to residents, now creating the bedroom tax, but for who you are taking us for..?”-There is no way of such taxes to be taking place or moment and hope to be remove soon the poll tax and abuses of profession and power towards disabled people, old, families and children, but by God, we will !- I was not aware of the violent world of social workers world, until I read the lives of hundred of victims, separate by the “targets”or abuse of them as mention before. It is a sick world, totally sick indeed and unacceptable in today’s world standars, where we need to separate “reality or tales”-“target or standards”-“punishment or bad behavior of the child, adult, parent, social worker, etc”-“personality or mental illness”-“bullied or revenge” etc. We do not live in a world of the Victorians or the WWII anymore, but educate to the highest standards. Professional people (like the ex sister) accounted in law for good or bad behaviour, standards, practice in profession, duty of care, code of practice, etc. Without a nanny state, so what is the point to be educate, if they are going to carry on offending British laws (under the water) and the courts to go soft on them, that is not right as families are separated by little Hitlers and losing in the battles. Have you got any idea what is like to lose a Child yourself and never to see it again, no?- Well I do and this is why I said until investigate the problem further, until then the child goes nowhere from Mum and Dad or lose contact into each other. The bond can not be broken, full stop-The child have a right of a father and a mother, even on courts orders or agreements, but the bond can not be broken. Unless there is danger of sexual nature or hard drugs and even that need to be probe in a court of law or help with medication first and give a chance to parents that we are not Gods, including a proper court hearings, in the full open to parents to see all the recommendations, into each other and nothing to hide. Please do us a favor while you are on it, to restore the trust into the community and bring back families that were separate by the same fallen system. They are so many children that walks alone on the roads today with no family bond of anything, but confused. A Police officer should be enough to put order, without interfere of a third people (social workers, paparazzis, neighbourhood, etc) as we are living in the XXI century, with clear, transparent laws, using 2 sides of the history not one.  There is not perfect parents, not even the Queen was perfect Mum for his spoild child “spend a good deal separate from his Mother and Father”  .. so what are you expecting from the rest of us?-We parents are not born with qualifications into the matter, there is not perfection into the job, only a service to give to Humanity (our children), our love is not enough?-Plus 24 hours, 7 days, 12 months and 365 days a week of pure love to our children?-A few drinks here and then to unwind from the hard job, that make us criminals parents or abusers (just to make the target)?-Failing services badly based on “family problems” rather than the job itself, with the use and abuse of power and profession, that has nothing to do with the British taxes, but use the revenue on matters that are not Britain affairs:-“War/160,000 million”- It is too many millions here that can go into help, hundreds of old, disabled, children and families don’t you think so?-When Britain is well financially, until then, the charity should start at home first and wait to recovery and start helping abroad again, but no before. As we are creating “envy, difference and dividing the country” in the most cruel ways as possible, failing badly to old, children, families and disabled “- Making cuts to services it will not stop the problem or abuse of power/profession, as people are losing their own jobs because of the same reason (intolerance). It would be better to cut the abuse of power/profession and limit the work on those people into our lives and Britain paying for the abuse, instead praising whistle blowers?-Why I am writing all this you may ask for the abuse into the life of Vicky Pryce and Women of Britain like me, that suffer domestic violence and when divorce the State needs to carry on the load and help with benefits, housing, child support, etc, but where is the absent parent?-So as you can see the problem affect all of us in Britain in the long run, including me, to help us to get a proper laws and help from the courts and remove the third people (social workers, council staff, police, neighbourhood, Mums, etc), that only cause confusion and the case goes to the other person based on “family problems or who is your friend” Instead to receive a proper help with laws that work for domestic abuse and remove from the state the burden of absent parents, husbands, boyfriends and make them to be responsible for once of their own children and responsabilities.This note by Rosario Castellanos de Parker.