The Letter addressed to the Queen Elizabeth II and David Cameron from me, Rosario Castellanos de Parker was leaked . ..

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Since the beginning my notes who are protect with Rights of Author, but free to read and still protect with Rights of Author, as the notes explain properly at the end of each note and reports, addressed to help my poor Peoples of Mèxico and Worldwide that have no access to Education or any forms to achieve a better standard of life. But mainly all my notes are writing with care for my Mexican Peoples poor and lacking of financial means and barraged with Political, Religious and Social Wars, that have nothing to do with my Peoples, as they do not own any form of defence, machinery, army, etc, to protect own kind. My notes are not writing or intent to be wrote to help Enrique Peña Nieto, Fèlipe Calderòn Hinojosa, Andrès Manuel Lòpez Obrador, Government staff, Family or Friends to climb the Political ladder or the world of stardom. I do not represent any of those people, except me and Mèxico as a whole, to be recognised my own efforts and writing to be proud in a decent way, that do not exploit the integrity of the Human kind, to be used the idea by a third people. Who have not a tiny decency to win prizes, medals, money and rank to steal my work and material. I have to much respect for the people in which my notes address, who were abused or murder and explains properly on those notes and reports, for anyone to read it and to be accounted in a court of Law, for the abuse and exploitation of my notes, that are not sold, not just yet, as I am asking first Justice, Memory and Reparation for those murders or abuses to Human Kind and the complete agreement of non repetition in time History, then maybe I will sold the material one day, but not by a third people to enrich own life. My notes speak of the sick murders, pain or abuses in my own words, pictures and videos of sharing material for people to educate on those murders and abuses and learn to avoid any future racism. My notes are acting as a free education material in which anyone have a free will to accept my invitation into my blogs, to read or decline/deny the invitation that is optional, but the idea is to understand today´s, political, social or religious turmoil that we are living in Europe, America and Worldwide, for this reason alone my notes were created and for free, but protect with all kind of laws and no money gained, not just yet as Justice need to done first. I am hard of hearing individual, but wants to help and heal the word, what’s wrong with it, but my blogs badly affected, by the envy of a few and accused of hundreds lies, but my blogs are not gaining any financial means of anything as explain before, except those who stole my material, without my permission, concent or knowledge to benefit own pockets. In which 6 million Jewish people were murder and killed in the most despicable ways beyond your own imagination and 70 million of Europeans that went in the hands of Hitler, Stalin, Franco, Mussolini and the Vatican, until today, those murders have not been recognise in any sides of the International or National Law and the sick part of it, the material sold, to make rich a handful Authors-Politicians and win loads of money and prizes, instead to give the prizes to the real heroes that are the Victims of War (WWI, WWII, Spanish Civil War and Franquism). As a Mexican, I represent the murders of: Las Mujeres de Juarez, Las Mujeres del D.F, plus the 60,000 + Christians killed on drugs war and my Brother Jose Castellanos Ruiz, including and not extent the Domestic abuse and extreme Poverty that African and the World (Mèxico) lives nowadays, for a rich and educate other half of the World population, to exploit the Human Kind to extremes measures, this is sick indeed. The Poverty in which my Peoples lives nowadays in my country Mèxico is unacceptable and illegal procedure for a Rich country, that breaks any of my Mexican Laws and Constitution, but killed in the same way as Hitler did to 6 Million Jewish People (1939-45) and Europeans in the WWII. .I want to mention that this Note is not about Enrique Peña Nieto, Fèlipe Calderòn Hinojosa, Andrès Manuel Lòpez Obrador, Friends, Family, British-Mexican-International people, or anything similar, but the state of my Country Mèxico and the World affairs. I am not interested in the Personal lives of anybody including those mention in my blogs, but Mèxico as a whole or the problem that is relate to, or the crime/murder/abuse itself. I do not care the Private life of anybody except mine, but in question/s of Political Matters and Laws (any Laws), affecting the State of my Country Mèxico or the World badly, by the abuse of Power and Profession, then it´s my Duty of Care, to look after my own Mexican People and Country of Birth, even to represent them Worldwide or the World affairs, as we all come with Human and Civil Rights and nobody have any Rights to block me and stop the true to come out in the open, in a form of a blog or whichever means possible to my financial visibilities, in order to help human kind and saved the Humanity. I was bullied into to come out in the open and explain my past, in which I did several times in my blog and if necessarily in a court of law and swear the Bible, for that reason alone, the People mention in my blog of wrong-doings need to be in the same position as me and explain in any way possible or in a  Court of Law if necessarily, as the Law and Murder relate can not be hide. As a Mexican National Born in Mèxico and British Citizen, I have the rights to represent my Peoples in any corner of this little or bigger World and my notes and every words of  the writing on my notes, including and not extent, spellings, to be translate & interpret into a proper British English – Spanish Grammar, by any Teacher with qualifications and not to be used and translate into English-Spanish=Spanglish and mislead the words to own benefit and profit in order to manipulate my words to cause distortion and slander to my persona. I am saying this because, I wrote a letter to the British Monarchy, The Queen Elizabeth II and the British MP, David Cameron last year addressing the Political, Social and Religious affairs that affects my country of Mèxico badly and when I said badly is the bottom, where no Human Kind could ever walk that road of dipair, pain and isolation alone. On the letter, I was asking financial support and protection when in Mèxico to help me and reach my Peoples, that all, nothing else. It was to much to ask, when the British MP David Cameron received a large sum of money (G-20) from the Mexican President, Fèlipe de Jesùs Calderòn Hinojosa. Who killed 60,000 plus Christians, now Teaching in the Harvard University as a reward and/or use the money to feed my Peoples?-The British People are 90% Educate to the highest standards, my Peoples are ignored, roamed on the streets, suffering extreme poverty and killed with little mercy, so who need the money more?-Please do not be so hard on your brother/sister on this life, or my God will teach you respect to one another. What you are going today with the financial crisis, returning back to the Victorians times, for the lack of knowledge to your own Queen Elizabeth II, who gave everything to her Peoples in Britain, so what wrong of to wish the same standard of life to my Peoples, as she is my inspiration to erase poverty from the World. The letter was addressed to the Queen Elizabeth II and the British MP, David Cameron, to help me, only help to me, me, me only, only to me the help, nobody else. If people can not read properly the letter that is not my fault, let alone to translate the letter wrongly and even worse to be accused of TRAITION to my Country Mèxico, because that is a Lie, a big fat Lie, in which I could sue anybody in a court of Law for the Big Fat Lie. However, until today, I never received the help or Letter of knowledge back to me, from the Royal Household or the  number 10 Downing St London SW1A 2AA, in which the murders and abuses continue from that moment and time (18/07/2012) until today (11/2/2013) non/stop. Affecting the Pemex badly (1/2/2013), killed almost the heart of my country, in which my Father and the President of Mèxico on that time, Làzaro Càrdenas del Rio and his brother Don Dàmaso Càrdenas del Rio, close friends since children as both of them lost own Fathers since little and need to help own Mothers, for that reason alone, they were united to end Mexican poverty and eradicate inequality in Mexican Social class, that divide our country in extreme measures. Today, the Pemex is abused to the extremes measures for the same Political reason/s, who is a natural resource and system created by my elders to help my poor Mexican Peoples, but used as a battle-field on Political/Social and Religious Wars with the so famous, “America/Mèxico War”- Who reflect very much in the same way, as the accident of the Twin Towers in America, unfortunately as lacking of language barrier by the same people (Middle East), as they have no idea of the Laws that protect the Middle East, then who was to blame?- As you can see all those Crimes, that I could be saving and the lives as well, but was not possible as the Letter to Her Majesty, The Queen Elizabeth II and the British MP, David Cameron never arrived/replayed back to me or knowledge of the same matter and letter, using the Royal Mail system and I still got the receipt for it. However, by the British Constitution and Laws, any Laws of the Universe apply, including and not extent, the lives of my Mexican Peoples (60,000+)  gambled and lost in the Mexican/American War, with Calderòn and AMLO as Presidents of Mèxico (2006-2012). On that time, they become full responsable of the Mexican Holocaust, including the murder of my brother Josè Castellanos Ruiz, that still prevails with different ideas, forms and concepts, to mislead and confuse my country of Mèxico-Britain by the same Government staff, but not to me. I am making the British Institution, Constitution, Laws & System including the Mexican Politicians mention before and helpers, fully responsible since the 18/07/2012 until today for the continue abuse to my Peoples in Mèxico and what is mine and me, including my persona ignored totally with no care in the World. Including and not extent the murders, violence, abuse, rape and racism to my Peoples as we are in the hands of the white supremacy, because I am also called “la morena” in my country of Mèxico in the same way as my Peoples. I remember opening a page on Facebook called” I need help (2009)” to highlight the “family problems” of my Family, in which my brother was killed (2010), till today no help including the letter addressed to the Queen Elizabeth II requesting financial help and support to me only, while in Mèxico to help my Country, to no avail !!-But I know full well of the Queen´s Elizabeth II heart and for that reason alone, I made the letter requesting help as a British Citizen and Mexican National, but not for the British MP, David Cameron and his Government staff to put the letter and lives of hundreds of my Peoples in the bin. A copy of that letter and only omitted my home address, thank you for your time, God Bless you.

In Mexico

(The Letter addressed to the Queen Elizabeth II and the British MP, David Cameron, requesting help and financial support to me only, when in Mèxico. The Holly Letter was no omitted anything  and in the open view, transparent way, with clear information and in plain English for everyone to read freely, except my Home address was omitted. Please tell me, in which Time, I am a Traition to Mèxico and in which way, form , shape, standard, I killed my Mexican Democracy, Constitution and Laws. Traition are those People that stop the letter to arrive to their own destination, but not me, as I still have the receipt of the Royal Mail/Post Office in Manchester. Traition are those People that stop me to request help in facebook (2009) with my page “I need help”, but killed my own brother (2010)!!-“In which Principles of Laws of the British/Mexican Constitution, the International Law and Human & Civil Rights, I become a Traition to Mèxico”. A Crime to my Peoples in Mèxico, a murder that I could avoid but was not possible by the negligence of corruption, in the same way as my unborn children and brother died in the hands of criminals.)

                                                                                                                  Mrs Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

Shirwood Dr
United Kingdom.

This Letter is sent to the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron and to whom it may concern. I was reading on the Internet, that the British Government announces plans for Reform of the House of Lords. I am Mexican National and because I was Married to a British Man, very proud to be British Citizen too. I love Politics and Law. I would love to become a Member / Senator in the House of Lords. I do not have Excellent Communication skills, because I am hard of Hearing Person. I lost my hearing, when I was a Child due to meningitis. Plus my Mexican accent makes my speech even worse to understand, to the British People and their Society. I had been told of this before, but love to write instead. In fact, I had been making several letters to you in the past, regarding National and International matters. Particularly, the ones that concern the World and the United Kingdom and everything is free. Requesting Peace, Tolerance and Equality, not matter Colour of Skin, Incapacity, Age, Sexual Orientation, etc. I want to invite you, to my Humble World, in which I have friends from all over the World and walks of life. I would like you, to be part of that World too. I would like to work direct, with the British Government departments, dealing with Politics issues of the U.K. I do not hold any formal qualifications to grant me the place; I so much wish to have right now, to save my Mexican People. But I do know for a fact, that for to save my own Nationals, qualifications are not needed, only bravery. To make the matter even worse, I am 52 years Old Woman and divorce, to start a Career in Politics and Law. I want to represent my Mexican People in México and hope, ASAP.I promise you, to behave myself and no taunts or shouting from me, but only show confidence an attention to detail. As you can see, my main worry at the present time, is my Mexican People. They are experiencing Political turmoil, in México. I believe strong, that all this is due to Nazism, Fascism, Racism and Franquism. I have a good reason/s to believe and if necessarily to probe the matter to you or anyone interested, then I will do so. We are not dealing with drugs only, but with the most wanted Criminals of all times, since the WWII finished. The German gestapo and everything that represents Hitler are living in my Native México. They are causing the deaths of so far, 55.000 People, including my brother Josè Castellanos Ruiz. We are a peaceful People and Worldwide well known, to be much laid down, so much, that nobody is taking the matter properly in México. Mainly due to their lack of knowledge, of whose are the German Nazis. The Second World War History is well hided from Germany to the World, due to shame. It is far too much late for me, to start right now, giving lessons to my Mexican People, over the Internet. I am not a Teacher, but trying in my blog, to show them, all about the German Nazis. To be honest with you, nobody gives a toss about the matter or take the problems seriously.I do not care why, who and where, only interested to Save my People in Mèxico and stop the lies, misleading and killings also the violence and intolerance. They are going to wipe my Mexican People, from the surface of the Earth. Please in the Name of God, I request your help. I want to be part of the force that helps my Native Mexicans. I want to be there in Mèxico and help with the Political upright and instability, right now. I am peaceful Person and unemployed, working towards Peace Settlements, on the Internet and all is free from me to the World. The German Nazi and their own Criminals are living in Mèxico, who worked, incited and programed the Jewish Genocide and the Holocaust of 70,000 Million Victims of War. Those People died during the Second World War II with little chance to be rescue, but touching the Criminals, my Peaceful Land in México and Latin-American. My People never heard of these Crimes before, but the Criminals are roaming free of Justice, since the WWII finished. They are killing my People in my native Mexican Land, as if there is no tomorrow. I promise myself not to start giving you, any lessons, into why the King George VI and the Queen Mother, saved the World from extermination. I believe strong that the Person and place is reserved exclusively, to their own daughter. Our well-loved Queen of England, Elizabeth II, to back me up in this matter. To grant me a small favour in return and to read this letter as well. I am begging you, in the name of God, your help and full support in this matter to my Mexican People, Country and Land. We, Mexican People, got so much to offer the United Kingdom and vice versa, but the German Nazis, Drugs Barons and the Corruption are taking all the good things from my own Country. “What I need from my Second Country England is the full back-up, from the United Kingdom, when I am in México, that´s all”. We Mexican People pride ourselves to own everything, including and not extensively, Army, Law and Constitution. Yes, we can save ourselves, thanks to our Parents that left us a Rich Country in everything. Some Foreign People used and abused their hospitality, in my Country Mèxico. I am talking about German Nazis, the same War Criminals, that killed Millions of Victims of War, during the WWII. Our Mexican Constitution rules one Mexican President, Fèlipe de Jesùs Calderòn Hinojosa, but somehow, we got two. Andrès Manuel Lòpez Obrador-AMLO, who is a PRD Politician and calls himself, Mexican President since 2006. The same Year AMLO lost voting, he marries the niece of a Nazi Gestpo, Heinrich Muller. Called “Gestapo Müller”, he was last seen in Führerbunker in Berlin, May 1, 1945. The remains of the most senior figure of the Nazi Regime, who was never captured or confirmed to have died in 1945. The sad reality of our Country Mèxico today, is the 55,000 Victims of War (2006-12), including my brother. The Mexican War is made in a perfect way and system, used previously in the Second World War and Franquism Times. Intent to mislead People, accuse innocents civilians, the Graves and Prisons are full. Lies, Deceit and Intolerance, against own blood with hate propaganda. People are killed in many different ways, to incite the Population with fear and dominance. Where bodies of the Victims are destroyed, to hide identity. A very calculating System, used by Hitler Regiment and European Dictators: Franco, Mussolini and Stalin. People experience great amount of Pain, with experiments of all kind, before dying and keeping own money, to be able to organize own Groups, etc. I believe AMLO use the same System of Hitler, to blame everyone and everybody, causing confusion and endless marches in all over Mèxico. At the moment is the Voting, but my People are hungry and starving to death, living in the worse possible ways in Mèxico, for them voting and receiving a bag of food, is an opportunity, so who can blame them. AMLO never opened a Lawsuit against Mexican Government, during the Voting fiasco in 2006, to probe such fraud. Until I mentioned the matter in my blog, in 2012. He is my followed, copied all my notes, personality and everything, confusing Mexican People to believe, that AMLO is me. He even calls himself the new Messiah (like Hitler), but this is how I am, a Christian. This way, I found out about his double Personality and lies, plus reading about his wife Grandfather, who is a German Nazi, Heinrich Muller. I have nothing against foreign Nationals, quite contrary. I am still living with the ex/husband and in the same House, sharing it, as I am unemployed and to be near my daughters. This year 2012, AMLO lost the votes again, but I am afraid this time, he will wipe México. Drugs are narcotics that America use in our soils, to produce them and from the Business support own Country. We do not mind to share our Country, but no to be used Mexico Land, to do America dirty Business and receive bad press and reputation. From all this, I worry about my Mexican People, particularly the poor and with no voice. They live in an extreme hard conditions and unable to get help from Law, Education, Social Security and help themselves. All the Mexican Presidents, leaves them alone and with no defence of everything.I believe strong, that we need a positive change soon, or my People will die. I feel responsible for their own lives, as they got nobody to represent them, in anywhere in the World. We live in México with two extremes and polo positions. Half of their Population are very Rich and the other half living with extreme Poverty; frankly we could call it “famine”. To make the matters worse, for the last 26 years, I had been used without my consent, by my own blood and Family. To be able to gain Education, Jobs, Social Security, etc. In the UK, Mèxico and Worldwide, I am their meal ticket. They blame me for their own problems and used my ex-husband and his Family to gain favours. In fact, they had been using each other, to cover even murder. I hold no Police record, but trying hard to hurt my reputation badly, to the point of no speaking, to nobody. I have no contact with my Family in México, for the past 26 years, very little contact with the ex-family and when we were married. The Family problems are acting, as if we see each other often, while they keep visiting without my permission, all my Personal stuff: Solicitors, Doctors, Dentists, Social Security benefits and removing them, with slander of me seeing another Man or to be a Man eater, or with any other lie. They check emails, phone calls, etc. used as evidence, to frame or twist things around me, with that information and without my permission. Criminals are told what they done wrong, to use the British Courts and defend themselves and reputation, against those false accusation/s or rumours, but not me. Those People work for British Government and are friends of my ex-husband and his Family, also my Family. They work in groups to incite hate propaganda and provoke me all the time, with intolerance (Trafford Council). They represent Disabled People, but making our life a misery. One of them is our neighbour (11 Sherway drive), neighbourhood and jobcentre staff, who complained of my sister and was detained under the Mental Health Act and I was blamed for it. My Jobs/Business removed by the same Person/s and groups with false accusations, regarding my Persona. This happened in the full open and on a meeting, from Trafford Council, but they managed to remove my name and the minutes. My daughter was bullied in her Primary School and physically hurt; this was recorder by the Police. I had to remove both of them, sister and my daughter, out of the Area and be safe. They use the British Institution and Services (NHS, DSS, etc.) to get revenge, instead of normal People to get access to those services. I cannot cope with the Intolerance and Racism that surround my life at the moment and I got nobody to help me, except myself. I believe to be a Human Person and British Citizen, somehow my Human Rights are violated and nobody helps or believes me, because they use a third Person, that blokes me the way. I am entitled to defend myself in any Court of Law in the UK or Worldwide, from those People and their false accusations also to receive Police protection, from their Personal attacks, but they keep removing those Services from me. My Parents passed away long ago and living with this “Family Problems” and nightmare alone. The problems People accuse me of, is only an excuse, for them to live well, but never caused by me, in any moment or time, but insulting my Mental Capacity and state of Mind. What it Hurts the most is that you are protecting those People and their slander, by never approaching me personally and found out, if it is true or not, that I am that Person. I lost Country, Brother, Family, Friends, Marriage and Children in México and the UK, from that defamation, slander and lies, regarding my Persona. From all this, I care about my Brother but the problem is in Mexico, also I care about the Memory, Justice and Reparation of my unborn Children. My unborn Children and brother are in heaven, but I got a duty to my God, Believes and my living Daughters, to do the right thing and change wrong to right. As you can see, my unborn Children have a Right of a Life and receive protection from their own Queen, Law and Country, as they were conceived in this place and green Land of England. While I do not care the feelings or actions of any other Mother that have Terminations (abortions), as everyone is entitle to live their own life, the way they want. But not everyone is the same and I reserve that Right in a form of Law, to protect small babies, in the name of my unborn Children. It is impossible for me or any other Women out there, to get Pregnant by the Holy Ghost, impossible!! Because our bodies do not produce sperm, but the Law and our Religion penalise us Women, for something that is out of our reach. As you know, I have a duty to my God and my believes and I believe strong with all my heart, that I am doing the Right thing and right now, in order to preserve the memory of my Unborn Children. If we said that the British People, opt to give a chance to any Embryos or Foetus (Baby) that are going to Termination (abortion), to become full Adults with Career, Profession and Family. And when the time comes for them to choose: Life or Termination (abortion). I bet a Million Pounds, if anyone of them, will say. I do, want to have a Termination (abortion). So, why my unborn Children were deny that “Right”. They perished in the arms of hate propaganda, in the flames of chambers of horrors. I could not speak the Language. The lack of support from my Family, from both sides is not a secret, but plastered all over the Internet. I was alone in a Foreign Country and could not speak the Language. I was not aware of the English System and help to Single Mothers. I’m deaf. I am Mexican National/British Citizen. The slander/defamation/lies regarding my Persona, could not save the lives of my unborn Children. All those things that happened to me are minimal, if we compare, of what my unborn Children had to endure. I never received a small help, from the Father of those Unborn Children. Married or divorced, my ex/husband is on the side of both Families, but not even once defended the Memory of his Unborn Children. Trying with the help of his sister a Social Worker to silence me, in the same way, she done to my unborn Children, based on her lies and defamation, regarding my Persona. My ex/sister was trying to impose me, a Mental Capacity Act 2005 and hide a criminality. Even when a Social Worker is not allowed to use such Act, it is against the Medical code of Practice, Law, Ethics, Profession and the NHS Act, but get access to Medical files and lead to abuse. I am nobody to blame them for their own actions and behaviour, only my God will ever do, but Millions of Disabled People get abused this way. I would not say I pardon them, but if my God does it, and then I will. This “Family Problems” is getting out of hand, to the point to use a Power of Attorney that was left to a Sister in México, for my Father´s will, more than 20 years ago. Everything erupted when I found out 3 years ago, of Family defamation against my Persona, not before to be able to cash with the slander. For more than 26 years, this People who were my Family, went to spread lies about me. Now they got a group of People, who will testify against me, when I never said things about them or did the things they said I did, but live from the slander. I can prove anything that is writing in this letter, in any Court of Law. I am holding a pile of letters, that my Family are blocking me the way, to clean my Name, receive Protection from the Police, justice, Benefits or gain Services from Trafford Council. They blame my Character, trying to make me to be a person who I am not, or to be the problem. Protecting me from my Disability but imposing me an Act, to silence me and carry on the abuse, behind doors. The British People receive Human Rights Activists like; Aung San Suu Kyi and Dalaia Lama, but unable to protect own Nationals. I am in the same position of Julian Assange, requesting Political Asylum, as the United Kingdom, a Country that I regarded my own, left me down badly. My People in my Native México are killed and I may never, get the chance to help them, but I was used by the Mexican President. To gain status in European Countries,opportunities and more riches, but only for a few Mexican People and the other 50% are suffering famine, poverty, intolerance, oppression, racism, Nazism, fascism. As you can see, it is my duty to represent Mèxico Worldwide and request your help, that so badly I need it. The same way as Aung San Suu Kyi, requested the British Institution help, but I am British Citizen and living in the United kingdom and I want Peace in my Native Country Mèxico. Please in the name of God, do not let me down. I am waiting for your response asap, thank you for your time to read this letter and God bless you always.

You sincerely
Rosario Castellanos de Parker.