The Pope Benedict XVI resigns breaking Christian traditions for more than 600 years ..

The Voice “You Raise Me Up” Moise, Abraham, Joseph ..
The 265th Pope, Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, Benedict XVI with Vatican Citizenship, who was born in Germany on, 16, April 1927, resigns breaking Christians traditions for more than 600 years (1415), as he presents on Monday 11, February 2013, his wishes to step down from duties in the Vatican and from the 28 of February 2013, due to Health matters (“lack of strength of mind and body”). The rest of the World is sorry to let you go and knowing that, We The World are the culprits for you to leave us. As We, The Human Population are not made perfect but come with hundreds of imperfections in the eyes of my Lord, including: Age, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Religion, Colour of Skin, Gender, etc. As a such today, it made me and myself, in a position to write a letter of apologies to yourself Benedict XVI, to my Lord and all my Christians believes. As I never had any doubt in a million years of your honesty about the War times (1939-45). As I understand what is like to have nowhere to go and be asked to kill or murder your own like lambs, just to please “family problems” in which, I was not even aware of the treason/betrayal, since such lies started, then seeing your own soul/s parting before your eyes and perished in the Gas of Chambers unable to help or stop the hate. I was a coward when young, but not anymore as an adult. I have my Lords Strength with me today, to give me what I lacked when young and much more, even to stand against Satan. I feel no more pain about my past life. I feel no more fear against the Devil. I feel no more shame of my Human conditions (woman) or limitations (disabled), as those weak things make me the Person of today. So as you can see this Mexican woman, petite in nature but fear no/one, no/more, as my Lord is beside me and that’s more than enough. No, this is not what I came out for, but for my unborn children and my brother that were killed in the flames of the same hate propaganda, as the Jewish people and I had nowhere to run or hide to protect them. There were times, that not even the Holly Bible could bring any comfort to my own Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit and since perished. I was unable to understand their own hearts and feelings towards me and mine. I had to endure to walk life alone on that state of Mind for more than 30 years (1983), keeping silence the murder of my unborn children to please the haters. Then you find out thirty years after that it was all a game for the haters, to eat from the memory and score points. My unborn children were used as the same of the Jewish babies in the 1940’s in Germany, shoot by the Gestapo from the windows in order to score points, please tell me into which haters, I married into?!-On the top of that to be blame of wrong doings, when it was not me, as I was not British Citizen on that time or spoke any English. I was not aware of the British system that helps single mothers. To walk in Britain since then is a betrayal to me and mine, from the ex-husband that lie of financial hardship and many more lies in order to succeed into me having the termination (abortion) in British soils. Do you have any idea of what it feels like to be lost in the limbo, since the murders and hate spread started and no/one could ever help me, to save me and my kind before the intolerance spread any further, even today. I am parked at Home, to be near my daughters and protect them from such strong source of hate propaganda against me and my kind. The same force that comes from nowhere, but living with us at home somehow, incredible?!-As I have no contact with nobody of my family in Mèxico, for more than 27 years ago, but still blame from hundreds of their own lies. The haters bring lies from far away countries to me with the help of the ex/husband sister, who opens them the doors into my life and not to be aware of the matter until today. Unable to give my consent or permission into the matter or to be aware of such hate spread, but killing me and my own, to be blame after?-As the same person/s protect by law in Britain, because of own jobs and with malice in mind, full aware of the murders and crimes. I lived a lie of marriage, thanks God I am divorce now, but such people killed my unborn children, for more than 27 years ago. When I was about to pardon the lot of them requesting unity in my Family, my brother was killed two years ago in Tierra Blanca Veracruz, Mèxico, with treason’s in the back. So as you can see the pain is too much to bear for me right now, as I still fell in my heart the open raw wounds of my brother and my unborn children by the same intolerance that the British-Mexican Law protect of such crimes, then you expect today to see a woman-mother-sister with no pain, but from which Planet are you coming from?-The intolerance left me in the limbo and you will need the almighty God help, to bring me back to earth, as my mind and state of mind is always wondering off, far, far, far away with full pain, since the abuse started. I was left in the same state of Mind of those Victims of War that lived a life of hate and lost the lot. Please ask the Jewish Community/Disabled/Homosexual Victims of the WWII, that lived a horror movie life in the hands of Franco/Mussolini/Stalin and Hitler´s legacy and you expect to see them happy today, or living in the past?-I am saying this before you get any confusion into Mental Capacities Acts of anything. As the Mind is never lost but the Heart of the person with love or hate to Humanity. Unfortunately some peoples are weak and unable to love anything that is life itself, but kill with pleasure to score points. How could you forgive people who murder your unborn children and brother, also those people were part of you life, blood, and pretending to be family, but sold me for a few coins!?-Nothing of what I went trough, same to appear in the Holy Bible to read and find any comfort. On those difficult times to read the lives of victims of War in the German Holocaust and Franquism, opened me a World that never possible knew existed and it was then that, I felt totally healed now. I can even laugh out loud and open of the whole drama and hate, but I will not give in to unrealised ideals. I will never forgive or forget, as I am Human person not God. I would love to become into the Judaism to know more of the same religion that heals Human people. I am inclined into the beginning of the times true religion which is the Judaism, as the Christian, Muslim and hundreds more religions were born after the Judaism and comes from the same place-“Jerusalem”-I am curious of Principles of Religious Studies of Judaism and the ways Jews people see God, with no pictures, hate and respect to Human kind (well almost). From then onwards after reading the WWII, I feel totally healed. I see the World in different pictures and gave me the courage to carry on walking in life with the heart destroyed, but walk on the sole benefit of Humanity and to look after my own living daughters. I Understand that the ex/husband will never accept the murder of his unborn children, to the point and show me off in front of the World, as an easy person in order to please his friends, family and sister with her own family problems. I leave that matter in the hands of God, because it is impossible for me to gain any Justice in the UK for the victims, let alone for me. Unfortunately in the eyes of my Lord, I have a duty of care towards my unborn children and brother, I need to do the right thing and request Justice.
Here is where I come for your help Pope Benedict XVI before you leave the Papacy, because there will be no Pope in living history who will understand my matter better as yourself, as you come from the Nazi times/Gestapo, where I am living today. The thing is I do not want your blessings or forgiveness, as that would be an extra option to me right now and I leave the matter entitle up to you (thanks), as I need to probe several things first in order to gain blessings and trust again. My mean importance at this time in my life is not the blessings, as my Lord already did the blessings to me with 2 beautiful daughters, but Justice. I want to gain Justice for my unborn children and brother, as I do not want to arrive with my Lord and my hands to be totally empty. I need to know the full facts in a Bible Oat, by the ex/husband and his sister and some sisters. I want what everybody gains in life in a Court of Law, when it’s Murder relate crimes, even on termination (abortion) and calls Justice. Because if someone wants a termination (abortion), it is fine by me, because who I am to condone people. But what if termination (abortion) is not what I want and nobody ask me anything, but demands to fulfill vendettas, hate spread, intolerance, lies, defamation, in order to kill, with full aware of the malice. Very much in the same way as the Jewish People victims of War, that even the boat was returned back to Germany so many times. Well the same way was for me, my family returned me back to England so many times, but for more. When I wanted to divorce that man after a few years of marriage, as we were going nowhere with the hate propaganda, but unaware of the hate, in the same way as today, but thanks God, I know the true of the hate and divorce the lot!-What is in the past stay in the past, but today, I need Justice. My unborn children and a brother deserves full Justice, a proper hearing/s in a Court of Law. I need to know the true, or I will believe that the “protection of Life or this is my body” are a two pair of charades and lies in Society, that protects nobody, neither of them does what they really express or want to achieve in life. It is unfair on my unborn children and brother’s memory, who are death today, but they have a right of a life. My brother to enjoy his son and wife, to the fullest and my unborn children to enjoy life as well. When said 21 years of age, a full adult people with career, family life, dreams/believes to hold into, children of their own and to have a chance to choose termination (abortion) or life. I would like to know in real life, how many will choose termination (abortion), nobody!- I do understand the life of a Pope and the strong need to retire as everyone else does at an Old age, to enjoy Peace and Harmony in your life, before the departure. But my life is in hold and from a long time, going nowhere, while I am with “family problems” blocking me the way to gain Justice for me and mine?-There is not winning points here or trying to show my persona to the World, that to be honest with you, I do not give a cent, as this is not what I came out in the open and in the first place, but Justice. My family can have all the wining points, medals, money, fortune and the lot, as they already making a name for themselves, with the memory of my unborn children and brother. I want Justice to bring that with me when I leave this World, a form of guarantee to enter my Lords Home, that no blessing will do. I do not care what the World thinks of me anymore, but my Lord.
I do not care to know why the Pope left, but the courage to leave all standing in the woods and not be part of the game, my full respects to the Pope, Benedict XVI , I take my Mexican hat off in honour to this great Man !! ..


Jerusalem: 4000 Years in 5 Minutes ..


I do believe strong that it must be the same for you, as a Christian in question of the WWII, to gain a seat in Jerusalem or in my Fathers Kingdom, which is the wish of the Vatican World, but for the reasons explained before. I am unable to let down 6 Million Jewish people, who died in the hands of Hitler in Germany, in the most horrid ways as possible and beyond your own understanding, without mention the 70 million victims of War in Europe alone, thanks to Hitler, Franco, Mussolini and Stalin. The Vatican will have to do the same as me and put wrong to right to 6 million Jewish people that died on Hitlers hands alone. “We need to draw a line where it said respect, tolerance and love to one another, as the principles of life in Christianity means to be from the beginning and you raise me up to believe on those principles of life, when child”- The murder of innocent Jewish people accused of the death of our Lord, Jesus Christ with no probe in the matter in a Court of Law, except a few coins and from an early age is unacceptable, let alone the continue hate. Where those innocents victims of war, unable to defend themselves against malice and in the hands of Doctor Mengele experiments with no anesthetic and a bunch of groups (cowards) of people with Criminals minds, that breaks the World record in criminality. Who were Hitler’s right men/women working on behalf of Jesus Christ and the Christians, but not in my name and for that reason alone, I would not touch Church, until restore those believes, if ever. We need a form of assurance from the Vatican, as to be myself, Israel Online Supporter of 6 million Jewish victims of war, in a form of Law. Where it said, the Vatican will leave the Jewish People alone, in order to gain a seat in Jerusalem and stop the War between Christian/Jewish people for ever, that including stopping Palestine/Israel Wars and asap, to gain the Holy seat. Particularly the hate propaganda that for years were the Inquisition, then Nazi Germany, now Palestine. We need a proper Law or set of Laws that work for, in behalf off, including full protection to Jewish Community and preserve the Judaism to the end, from the Christian World and vice-versa. Where Religion and Politics affairs are not going to be mix up in years/centuries to come, but divorce from one to another. In the same way of non/interference with one Religion to another, Christian/Jewish, but divorce with full respect. A Law that repels any forms of bullying, hate propaganda and intimidation towards the Jewish people and their own community. Where it said that the Christians are going to be left alone the Jews, and when we said alone means the Hate needs to stop, full stop!-The same Law protects the Christians in years to come, as sometimes keep forgetting where all started and one gets into the other and is the never end. An apology from Germany to the Jewish Community starting from Education, into their own  children in all over Germany, Europe and the whole wide World schools regarding the crimes of the WWII, to avoid any future Nazism, Fascism, Racism and Franquism. The Vatican need to probe and reassure the Jewish Community and not the World, that crimes like the WWII will never happens again in times memory, in order to gain the Vatican a seat in Jerusalem. You are the first Pope to be retire as a proper Human being, from years of giving to the World so much, impossible for many to accept this form of way of relaxing before departing this life, as our elders are use to do it.  Thank you for to make me to believe in Humanity again and that you are not like them, but the true meaning of our Lord Jesus Christ stronger than Gold itself. Thank you for not standing corruption in the Vatican with the Child perpetrators, but speak open about the matter and even encourage the victims to come forward. You had been demonstrate to the whole wide World when resigned, the immense Spiritual Laws of Freedoms and Loyalty in Church to my God, as you left me speechless. You had been demonstrate to me and the whole wide World that you are one in a Billion, before putting on the table any Power and your own Status in Church. You commanded Loyalty within your Clerics in Church. Unfortunately life surprise us many times, as it comes in all colours and shapes. Even me, I left my Family for good, as I found their behaviour totally unacceptable. I prefer to walk alone the empty road ahead of me, but in peace and next to my Lord as a company. It must be the same for you as some people of the Vatican are not worth even to walk on my Lords sandals, or wear the Saint Peter robes. As they steal the life and trust of small children in great measures, like the  Reverend, Marcial Maciel Degollado, Mexican Priest from Michoacan, who abused and fathered children. From Today I have two heroes in the Christian World in which one is yourself, Pope Benedict XVI and  Pope John Paul I, the second one. I would love to request an open Inquest into the murder of Pope, John Paul I, with an autopsy, to have the reassurance to all Catholic People in the World that our dear Pope John Paul I, was not killed, we have a Duty to Care to our Lord and Christianity. I wish you all the best in your retirement and that Peace, Harmony and Contentment lives with you always. God Bless you. This Note by Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

The last days of Johannes Paulus I (RIP), Albino Luciani 1978 ..