Detective Hilton Botha is sacked for the case of Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius, who denied premeditated murder of Reeva Steenkamp on 14/2/2013 ..

 Detective Hilton Botha ..

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Oscar Pistorius case took another turn on Thursday (21/2/2013) as Detective Hilton Botha, who is investigate the case was “sacked”, charged of seven counts of attempt murder himself, but he had not been on trial just yet, as the officer is due to appear on court, may 2013. Detective Hilton Botha told South Africa’s channel: “I don’t understand why the case was reinstated. I can only think this is linked to my work on Oscar Pistorius.”He added: “My blood was never tested for alcohol in the aftermath of the shooting. I wasn’t drunk. We were trying to apprehend a second suspect in an office park murder. The taxi tried to push us off the road. We fired.”-  The conduct of South African police is subject to Judicial enquiry, after officers shot dead 34 Mineworkers at Marikana last year. The officers in question had not been removed from duty, as Detective Hilton Botha or faced trial in Court when doing a duty job. So why the difference/racism with Detective Hilton Botha and the officers in question, also in which grounds the special treatment or Racism?-Who is afraid of Detective Hilton Botha and his excellent, clean and best performance to lead the murder/case of Reeva Steenkamp (RIP)?- The murder case of Reeva Steenkamp was lead since the beginning, by Detective Hilton Botha. As he, himself is full aware of the case/matter, with the best performance in South African Law, Justice, Memory and Reparation of non/repetition for the victims of domestic violence. As Reeva Steenkamp wanted on the day of her murder (RIP), to give a speech regarding the matter “domestic abuse”, but killed. Lieutenant General Vineshkumar Moonoo will need to start all over again with the case of Reeva Steenkamp and may lose important time, details or documents in order to go ahead with Oscar Pistorius case and demands of full star treatment. Apologies of me to think that way, but full aware of the corruption in South Africa Police force as mention before. It’s very clear the intention of moving one officer (Hilton Botha) for the other (Vineshkumar Moonoo) and in which grounds as Hilton Botha has not been faced trial in any Court of Law worldwide, but charged with seven counts of attempted murder, here is where we apply:Innocent until proven guilty”-While the case itself is very deep to my heart, I can not see a Human Person to go to prison for a crime not committed, but he, himself, Oscar Pistorius accepted the murder of his girlfriend by “accident”-Oscar Pistorius who has admitted killing girlfriend, but denies doing so intentionally and refusing premeditated murder!?!-Then we would like to ask Oscar Pistorius, how he got the gun/s?-How long before he owned the gun/s?-How he got access to the gun/s?-Where he got permission/s to own any gun/s,?- To many questions of the same matter to ask Oscar  as he, himself refuse premeditated murder. But how come, Reeva Steenkamp a South African Citizen and a beauty model, who was in the spot light as Oscar, but she did not own any style of gun/s, not even to defend herself from Oscar Pistorius?!!- I want to remain everybody that the victim in question, Reeva Steenkamp died in the arms of Oscar Pistorius, with 4 gunshots and fractured skull (RIP). Oscar Pistorius has admitted killing his girlfriend, but denies doing so intentionally, it is not clear the gunshots (4) and fractured skull?!-Any of my notes are not made for Oscar Pistorius or his private life, it’s not my concern his position in life, not I am here as a judge, solicitor, barrister, God or anything similar, let’s alone to condone/interfere in question/s of South African Law, but justice as a whole for Reeva Steenkamp life. I want to gain justice for Reeva Steenkamp, as I see myself as her in many ways/forms. I am tired of the abuse of power/profession, including from police officers, those who are trying to squash/abuse/corrompt/twist/mislead, the Law in general, playing chess games, as soon as they see a good officer (Detective Hilton Botha) in order to manipulate the whole trial, playing with the life of a young woman, as if she is worth peanutes. Detective Hilton Botha was representing Reeva Steenkamp in a Court of Law and aware of the matter, now the case is transfer to Lieutenant General Vineshkumar Moonoo, whom is described as the police’s top detective. But by who’s (I am not trying to be inrespecteful, only make my point)?-Reeva’s Justice or Oscar premeditated murder?-We need to draw a line of understanding that the case is not about Detective Hilton Botha and his seven counts of attempt murder himself, but Paralympic Champion Oscar Pistorius, who confesed killing Reeva Steenkamp on the 14/2/2013, by “accident” thinking that she was a thief-intruder, but denied any premeditated murder?-I can not see how, as I explain before!?!-Unfortunately as soon as a good man (Detective Hilton Botha) comes along, other men (Oscar Pistorius), hate the fact, to be over shadowing by them and taking own light of stardom, for any reason/s they may have. Oscar Pistorius was able to had had in the same Court room as him, someone of the same magnitude in lenght as he was, but in honesty as Detective Hilton Botha. Representing the South African Law and what the Law stands for, including Reeva’s case, in the best clean, clear, transparent and honest performance ever and even dare to win points, cases and court hearings to Oscar’s Solicitors, regarding Reeva Steenkamp murder/life, as the truth was present in any case, over and over again. So, Oscar Pistorius solicitors/barristers/team need to bring stuff of the past of Detective Hilton Botha, that has nothing to do with the case itself, but part of his job on that time, in order to win cases. So, the life of a young girl (Reeva Steenkamp) is more like a case/number/document and win that stuff at all cost and make money and fame fast, with her own life. So HONESTY itself, how much it cost in South African money, or in todays Worldwide exchange rate?-As corruption in Politics & the Police force, Travels fast, everywhere and all depends very much,”who is your friend” than to gain Justice itself to Reeva Steenkamp?-. With this sad fact in mind I can probe the World, that Oscar is more interested in winning points, than to lose in public the Love of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. I am please in a way, without beign inrespecteful to Reeva, that she is not here with us today. To witness the truth, as I do not which bit will hurt Reeva more, the 4 gunshots/skull accident or to know that this man never loved her, but was having the trill of his life, even more, by wearing his famous prosthetic legs to win the race?!!- Hope the South African Law, Constitution and System can see what they got in this man (Detective Hilton Botha) in bravery, honesty and excellent behaviour, that he was trying to probe the Law or change his old ways to probe the Law, with the case of Reeva Steenkamp, but got not time to do so. As Detective Hilton Botha was removed from the case, before given the chance to probe in Law, that he is a new man. I am sad it is like double rape of justice and double kill the Law, or what the Law stands for, one on Reeva’s life and another one in justice for Reeva’s life, if Detective Hilton Botha is not come back to continue and finish with the hearing/crime itself. This note by Rosario Castellanos de Parker.



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