A petition to the House of Lords in the United Kingdom, from a humble DSS claimant ..


With our most respect to a Higher members of our Community that represent the Law of the United Kingdom, which is the House of Lords, to a civil Person who represent myself and a hundreds of claimants that relay on benefits to survive in the UK, as we are British Citizens and/or born in the United Kingdom. As a British Nationals, we are not inflicting any Laws of the UK that were born before our times until today (27/3/2013). As those Laws were done before, for and the good of our Nation and Human Rights, the Benefit for and improving our standards of life of the UK, with intention to provide us an income and protect us from hardship. The British Constitution, Code of practice, Duty of care, System, Human Rights and hundreds of protection Rights, Laws and Codes of practices, that were implement in the past to and/or to the benefit of British People, with intention solely to protect us (claimants), the British Residents, from any kind of “targets, revelations, bullying or intolerance” from the Job centre staff/Government bodies, that work for us, not against us and our principles of Laws. We believe strong that the Job centre plus staff had been taken against us, British residents and without our knowledge, consent or permit in the matter, or in any way, form and shape into our knowledge “before” as today, but they are implementing unrealistic targets and sanctions against us, British residents with little time to adjust or prepare our lives. The regulations implemented by the Job centre plus staff that are acting against our Constitution of the British citizens and maybe those new measures into our benefits (sanctions, etc) were revelated to us within weeks of our knowledge, maybe by a simple letter and not a “vote/referendum” of the British Nation to give our response of accepting or rejecting the new “benefits regulations, legislation and/or changes”-As we believe strong that those procedures in Law are “against us” British citizens from the Job centre plus or any Government bodies. In other words, it’s an attack direct to the British residents and those measures are controlled by the Police, that act on behalf of the British residents. It is a disgrace that on British soils the foreign people are used a different kind of British Laws and somehow they can withhold a deportation Appeal of Criminal matter and nature, for crimes committed against own country. Unfortunately, those foreign people are touching British soils and affect all of us, British Nationals in many ways forms and shapes. As those foreign people need to abide and obey our Constitution and rules and not their own country of Birth, Constitution and Rules, as those measures are against the British State and the Human Rights of the British People. http://tinyurl.com/cxqjcyh But not us, British citizens can not withhold a simple procedure (sanctions, etc) of principle of Laws in the House of Lords, for violating our Human Rights, Constitution and Laws from the job centre Plus staff, well this is totally wrong. We must remember to our members of the Court Bench, Peers, Lords, etc, that the foreign people are on our British soils, not the other way around it. http://tinyurl.com/d8ztwc7 As a British Nationals, we are within our rights to stop, full stop the bullying, harassment, intolerance, against us claimants of the UK, from all the Job centres in the UK and their own targets. Such tactics of violence (bullying, harassment, intolerance) against the British Nationals are against the Law in the united kingdom. After reading the following reports of refusal to accept Inquiry into whether job centres have sanctions targets or not. http://tinyurl.com/d8ztwc7 I would like to speak on behalf of all UK claimants, including myself. Particularly after reading my blog with my own findings from the Court Bench, Peers, Lords or to whom it may concern the matter and within our British rights and furthermore, with my most sincere respect to such Higher people that represent the Law in the United Kingdom, The House of Lords- http://tinyurl.com/c8n2u84


As I believe strong that my blog with my own findings, contradict totally of what the Job centres http://tinyurl.com/c8n2u84 And by Law of the United kingdom such changes have to come within certain times, to make us aware of the necessary changes into our personal life, as we have Family to feed and bills to pay off as well, in the same way of the Court Bench, Peers, Lords, Government bodies, etc. I object totally with my most respect to the House of Lords of such changes (sanctions, targets or whatever it’s in Law) on DSS benefits taken place into our lives and without our permit, consent, knowledge or free vote/referendum into the matter. “Before” they are implemented such changes, sanctions or targets, the Job centre plus need to give enough time to the British people and country to adjust life of such changes and a good reason or set of reasons for the same matter, not sanctions, etc, are plausible excuses in Law. As the sanctions, changes in benefits, etc, targets certain class of minority members of our society as you call us. The most vulnerable people of our Society, which are the poor, disabled, old and children, this practice in principles of Laws is against the British Constitution. We are adult members of our Society, responsible people that need to set an example to our future generation and protect what is ours by Law. The procedure from the Job centre plus staff as mention in my blog is in order to settle “family problems, vendettas, paparazzi and a wave of hate towards the British Citizens” by the government staff. I have enough probe in Law of such staff and problems, as one is my neighbour (11)-I object totally, even to consider to accept any changes from the Job centre plus staff on those terms and conditions as explain before (sanctions, etc), in order to target and sanction our lives, which are the most vulnerable people of our Society. Particularly the poor, old, children and disabled as they do not hold jobs or any kind of finance to cover own expenses. I hope the House of Lords, Court Bench, Peers, Lords, etc, are full aware of the procedure itself, before any order, inquiry, judgment or etc. “And/or Before making the right/wrong decision to all British Nationals (sanctions, etc), as our lives depend on your hands with the good judgment in Law and/or principles of Laws. There is not secret of the financial situation of the UK (crisis) as my blog mention and explains properly. It is against our power of the crisis in the UK as my blog mention, but the makings of the Government staff. As a benefit claimant, I got no money not even for the bus fare and/or to pay the court expenses for this claim to protect us, British citizens and stop any Government staff from the Job centre plus to take what is ours by rights. But by any form of excuses, means or ways and to sanction-target us badly, by “family problems” that are inrelevants to the Government affairs and matters of the State. Apologies of the way as it comes my total refusal into accepting the sanction, or targets, but targeting us UK residents badly. God Bless you and thank you for your time, have a nice day. Rosario Castellanos de Parker.