The President of the United States of America, Mr Obama signs the "Monsanto Protection Act" ..

The Law “Monsato Protection Act” it should not be sign only by Mr President of the United States of America, Mr Obama (H.R. 933), with all due respect from me, but by the whole wide World in general. As the Act itself concerns the whole wide World, not just America. The Act itself is the concerns of the Human people, who is made of skin and bone, not just America. It is our Human Rights to defend what is ours by Law, as well as America and not to be bullied into by them. We are talking about our Future Health (almost nothing) put into test by a unknown substances of some stuff of the third kind: “Genetically modified crops or GMCs, GM crops, and/or biotech crops?”-Are we coming out of a horror movie, where the Human Population is put into test, to accelerate the Kingdom of my God?-As the Jewish people were used by German Nazi in the 1930’s – 1945 after the WWII finished for the same matter and in order of investigate certain Medical fields, that even today the World would not known, but thanks to those brave Jewish people.  What is unbelieved to the Human mind, is the fact that America helped to sit the criminals, who were killed after (numbereg trials) the war finished but learned the field. Today America is accused of hate towards the World with Wars of never properly investigated or explain in which grounds started, as nobody ever found nothing but their own Leaders were killed (Iraq, Libya, South America, etc). Where Germany was stop after the WWII finished of continue using any kind of hate (machinery, army, etc) against the World, but can we do the same to the New Colony (America) as well?-Bayer, a German company was one of the most beneficiary of such modified, experimented and killed after monstrosity of such “hate” towards the Jewish population?-Only God knows what is the “genetic engineering techniques” in order to resist pests and/or agents causing badly harm to our Mother Earth (plants), but accelerating the growth of plants and assisting farmers?-The Humanity was made in 7 days by our Lord creator, not in 2 days to accelerate anything, but all creation was made in a well divine plan lasting Centuries, not days. The tecnic in Law, of any Laws Worldwide as America use Constitution Laws, in the same way as Mèxico, England, America, Canada, etc, is totally wrong. The Act itself of: “Monsato Protection Act” contradicts the basic principles of Laws, as inflicts the grow of the Human population in a clean, safe, protective environment, as our Lord intents all of us to be preserve, not modified or killed by the effects off such Genetic stuff., without mention our Mother Earth. Including as well our young generation, which is our priority and the Children of tomorrow, if we love our children somehow, then probe the matter, by stopping the “Monsato Protection Act”- As this Act eventually good or bad, as we do not the long term prognosis or effects “Medically” into the matter, to the Human population and the Mother Earth of so called: “Monsanto Protection Act”, but what we understand until now is that Farmers are allowed to plant GMO crops?- Who Worldwide are well known as, Genetically modified crops or GMCs, GM crops, and/or biotech crops, almost nothing in Law?!!-.

We must remember to all that concern the Bill “Monsato Protection Act” (the Human Population), that we have no rights to interfere or even play Gods in Nature, as by using chemical, genetically or whatever substances of laboratory produced organisms planted into the Mother Earth (GMO). We are not aware of the long term prognosis “Medically” of such Genetically modified crops (GMCs, GM crops, or biotech crops), not even what can or may can not cause of any bad side effects to the Human population worldwide. Such professionals people in which the World is on their own hands, they should start preparing better Academically, even by words (with respect). As the rest of the World is learning by their own Political driving ambitions, but mis-tranlate to the rest of the population into an open opportunity to kill each other by poison, or by any other means possible to mind, because whoever poisons our Mother Earth, poisons all of us (the World population). Unfortunately, Inside the world lives between us, Angels and Devils on our community, due to own Hearts or lack of Education, but plenty manners of create hate inside the World. Mr/Mrs Obama are inside the spot light of the whole wide World and if intents to create a safe environment worldwide, then this act (“Monsanto Protection Act”) itself in Law is totally wrong. As it’s breaks the principles of Laws of the whole wide World. As the matter concerns all of us (the Human population) well beings, internal and external to control the hate somehow and/or any bad misunderstanding into any Laws that contradict what Justice stands for and to whoever concerns the “Monsanto Protection Act”-Anyone, it doesn’t matter who’s, Human people made of skin and bone and not a Man made as the “Monsanto Protection Act”intents to. The Body has the ability of repair itself giving enough time to, may or may not come back in the same way as it was before, due to different parts of the body react in different ways, buy healed as we all know. As I been in the same waveland of illness, except my ears where badly destroyed, by the meningitis effects of the past. Our Mother Earth was programed by our Lord, for and to benefit her goodness to the Human population, what you do with it in general is up to you. In other words this mean more like: how many glasses of lemon water you want to drink a day, how many milkshakes do you want to ingest a week, or how many burgers do you want to eat a month is up to you and your own body. But you got no rights to tell the other (interfere), what to do with own lives or interfere in their own believes, let alone to interfere in the goddness of our Mother Earth as a whole, with the “Monsato Protection Act”-Mr Obama signing the “Monsato Protection Act” on our behalf, in Law is totally wrong. Ufortunately by Law of any principles of Laws such Act (“Monsato Protection Act” ) is the concern of the whole wide world in general. Mr/mrs Obama has not rights to give away our rights of continue living in the world “safely”-To continue preserving our peoples worldwide, as the Lord intents to.  This is why our Lord gave us our Mother Earth, but not to abuse her in any way, form, or shape as the Laws Worldwide and the Universal Laws (Ten Commandments) protects her. Furthermore interfere with the Mother Earth ways of own Nature, as it is, without inyecting the influss of “medicaly or laboratory-produced organisms planted into the Mother Earth without oversight” (Genetically modified crops (GMCs, GM crops, or biotech crops)) the long term Health and prognosis into the Mother Earth and/or into the Human population bodies in general.


In order to accelerate the way the Human people own produce foods are proceds into, that only God knows what the hell we are taken in complete ignorance. While we can not interfere with the American lifestyle, the United States should not interfere with the World in general lifestyles. What is dictate in America should stay and dictate in the United States of America, but not the world in general and without giving (the Human population) our free votes into the matters (“Monsanto Protection Act”), where is the Democracy?-America comes to Mèxico to plant their own drugs on our land, to be sold into the World, the funds are used to continue preserving the endless wars into the world (against us?) and we Mexicans are blame for drugs and trade?-It’s us Mexicans that looks like criminals into the eyes of the world, but not America?-The Drugs Trade Barons lives in America gaining full protection in Law, by the same United States of America and Mèxico is to blame, as usual?-This time is not the Drugs Barons, but the Genetically modified crops (GMCs, GM crops, or biotech crops) stuff, into the world that may or may not kill us “Biologicaly”-What God gave us in the Mother Earth substances that heal the body “Naturaly” as intent to be and without the interference of the “Medically or Genetically modified seeds (Genetically modified crops (GMCs, GM crops, or biotech crops)”-Please do not complain later, why we are killing the World population with Aids, Cancer, Asthma, etc, as the Body in general was not made for such strong “genetic engineering techniques” and interference alliens of the third world, into our lives puting our safety of the World on geopardy. This note is to highly the side effects of such bill “Monsato Protection Act” to the Humanity not at anytime is for or against Mr/Mrs Obama, the United States of America or it may concern reputation, as you can read more:  Note by Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


The Food standars should explain what is in the package, because as Animal lovers,
we see Horses as a pets, not food ..