Mick Philpott and his wife Mairead Philpott killed six of their own children, with the help of family friend Paul Mosley ..

 A tribute to the Philpotts Children (RIP), with a minute of silence and a prayer
from all of us and my sincere respects to the rest of the Family.
This note comes along as a result from the comments of Chancellor George Osborne, who blames the British tax payee, for funding the Philpott’s lifestyle helped by the generosity of the Welfare State. Unfortunately the stunt killed Philpott’s children (6), after a failed attempt to teach a lesson to his girlfriend and mother of his children, who was leaving him. I am in the same position as millions of people worldwide, unable to see the Courts papers to have a say into the matter or even dare to comment. I speak on behalf of hundreds of British honest people, who claims benefits as I am one of those victims of constant attacks from the British Government and their own staff. Regarding us, claimants and calling us names with immense bullying into the matter, but unaware of the real facts is caused by the same government and staff. Philpott’s family is not us, the rest of British individuals and viceversa. We can not have a single symbol and stamp it hard enough to all of us British claimants, as our cases for claiming benefits is total different as Mr and Mrs Philpott’s and every single case (with all my respects) is “unique” in British Law. I had an industrial accident back in 1988 and my elder sister paid for me to have treatment while in Mèxico. All my family saw me unable to walk and perform properly on those years, when my own father passed away and missed his funeral. I was unable to receive treatment that I deserved in the UK due to family and their own problems, very much as the Philpott’s family, but unaware of, until a few years ago (2010) and the reason/s of my divorce. On the times of my Industrial accident the Health and Safety was missing from the British Constitution, System and Regulations of the UK, so I could not claim anything. It´s now more than ever, I think that the accident itself was caused by the same hate and malicious spread of the “family problems”, sending the boxes very heavy to me and setting unrealistic targets, in order to cause the big force on my back. On 2008 the ex-husband was able to claim compensation from Manchester Airport, based on a knee pain, that the accident was caused at home, not at work and after several failed Hospital treatments, he was able to probe the matter and won, incredible!-On the same year, he left his employed very rich indeed and claimed all kind of entitlements under the sun, to start his own business for the same Airport with a private pension, while my work was based on social security contributions?-My security of any social entitlements are in jeopardy again, as they want me to fill the forms one more time and what about the ex/husband?-Nobody advise me on those years when I worked, to use a private pension, or any other private form of security to avoid this mess into my private life. My benefit on the time of my accident was called invalidity benefit, today is the same matter and mean the same problem, but called Incapacity benefit, to mislead and set rules and regulations to confuse every single claimant. In other words my benefit is the same equivalent of the ex/husband “private pension” from an accident that was not possible for me to probe in Law, on that time (1988). Simple as the Health and Safety do not exist at all, on those years, it was missing from the same British regulations and it’s very important indeed. It’s not fair that I need to contest the matter to courts, after several years going in and out with the same matter and winning every single one of those hearings, to defend my “private pension”, but paid by the state?-The same (posh) state that regrets to carry us claimants now while unemployed, sick, etc, while we, the claimants, when worked were carrying the whole state and helping those pampered kids to make a profession. Now result that our sole name of “DSS claimants” insult their own white collar. If I only knew it, how I would be today, I would not even bother to help those spoiled kids and study a career for myself on those years and living “la vida loca” now. As nobody advice me on those years, to get a “private, instead of a state pension”-If ever was private my pension or accident money now, because of the accident back in 1988, I should enjoy the pension by the state and should be a private matter, instead to be in full public display fighting for it. Particularly by the constant attack and harassment from the DSS staff and neighbour (11), she must be enjoying the malice of the matter indeed. While I do not care about the ex/husband false claims, but he same to care about my own business, even when divorce and trying to stop me to get help by the state, with the help of the job centre plus neighbour and his friend. After married for 27 years, I receive a penny after the divorce and I need to share the house to look like a beggar, living with sexual jokes. It’s just not Fair the whole treatment of the Government and staff into our lives (residents). http://tinyurl.com/bqlwv9l I refuse to accept this inhuman treatment to my life, abuse in all forms, shapes and colors, but no problem to pay Margaret Thatcher state funeral, that is going to be the British people funeral soon, if things do not change at all faster!!- http://tinyurl.com/co3xtwj I was and still I am profound hard of hearing person myself, nothing of my own body changed during those years. It was so hard for me to bring up alone my two daughters, but no regrets. So, how many people in the UK are like me to start a revolution or better to say it, a devolution in payments with interest, while we worked and helped the state?- We want you to understand that those new changes, rules and regulations regarding the UK benefits affect badly to human people (disabled, children, old and poor, unemployed, etc) made of skin and bone, born with human rights and the most vulnerable of our society today. While years ago helped (me) to build this marvellous system (NHS, DSS, Education, etc), so let’s to preserve and remove corruption instead. I do not need to be a Solicitor, Barrister, Judge or Court attendance to come forward and defend the in/defense and their own Human Rights. The British Constitution protects me and mine from carry on such ways, in order to preserve The Queen, Country and Land and so be you. It’s our responsibility to make sure that the most vulnerable people of our society are well handled and protect with respect, by the British Law, because today is them (disabled, children, old and poor, unemployed, etc), tomorrow can be us. https://www.gov.uk/  To make the matters worse and be called “evil born out of welfare dependency”, by Chancellor George Osborne. I could easily take him to court for the slander, lie or joke into the matter of the Philpotts misfortune and DSS benefit claimants misfortune. I can not understand the joke or meaning of those words (“evil born out of welfare dependency”) from Chancellor George Osborne. When the British country is mourning 6 (not 1, 2, 3 but 6) British children (Philpott), also a state funeral of Mrs Thatcher, in which the tax payee will carry the bill on their own shoulders and on the same day, moment and hour, the DLA was removed from disabled people, so who is the state funeral for?- http://tinyurl.com/d42zd4p The Philpott case is ONE in a million of the whole UK, if ever probe in law that was the cause by the nanny state, milking the system by the whole family of the Philpott family, but until now, there is not a single probe into the matter. But if ever was, then I will fight the case back again, mainly, based and caused by the same British law, rules, and regulations made by the British Government to the British Claimants and not us at any time, into the British system, so where is the crime?- It’s unfair to insult the memory of the Philpott children in full public display, by the Chancellor George Osborne, while the country is in mourning. It is heartless to take the money of the disabled, children, old and poor, to be able and pay Margaret Thatcher state funeral. http://tinyurl.com/cbp3m4q It is unfair to divide the British people into several classes in order to benefit the other, while the rules should apply to all in a fairly manner. Where one law is for everybody, not twenty laws, divide and multiply into one nation?- I hate the fact that the case of the Philpott family is a way to climb the ladder fast with some British Politicians of any colour of the rainbow (red, blue, yellow) and with little consideration into the real  matter and crimes of the State. http://tinyurl.com/d5tugc6  We, The British People should demand a public apology from Chancellor George Osborne words of: “evil born out of welfare dependency”, or to step down from his job. On behalf of the Innocent 6 Philpott children that died in the flames of pure hate, domestic violence and a wave of intolerance from their own parents. One thing is the Social Security Benefits and another very different is Murder-Attempt to Murder, to your own kind, flesh and blood as a form of full and total dominance, power and control, by Mick Philpott and his wife Mairead Philpott and Paul Mosley, that went along with the game.”Of attempt to murder and murder/kill with intention to and full knowledge of, what Mick Philpott, his wife Mairead Philpott and Paul Mosley wanted to do from the very beginning and it went horrible wrong the game and killed the indeffense children (6). Also the callous act of the criminal Mick Philpott and his helpers (Paul Mosley/Mairead Philpott ) helping, assisting and achieving the target-murder of those 6 Innocent children. What those 6 children ever donne to them (Bullies)?. As Mick Philpott wanted to teach a lesson/s to his girlfriend, that was leaving him for good” ..  http://tinyurl.com/bvuntl6 

We need to make sure Mick Philpott, Mairead Philpott and Paul Mosley never leaves their own full sentence in law and try to manipulate the real crimes of their own 6 children, into another T.V. show. As those people will stand to nothing and from nobody, even to confuse the matter into something else to mislead, lie and aim. I respect fully whichever the outcome of the courts of the Philpott family case, as it’s not relate to benefits, but years of domestic abuse in many ways, forms and shapes, that do not come or are relate to/from dependency of benefits, but abuse of power itself, with: sexual abuse to minors, intent to and murder, also to lie the curse of the Law, by pretending that somebody did the damaged instead of, or to blame someone else of. It’s a shame the courts did not take any consideration as well into the matter, the wave of domestic abuse from Mick Philpott to young under age girls, that were very vulnerable indeed and fall for his own charms. Suffering extreme and very painful domestic violence for years to end, even killing his own children in order to win points (6) and power, maybe the victims should consider to open a separate and each claim for compensation for own suffering, but not on the name of those 6 children that were killed in the most violent act of “Domestic Violence” As this is the finest example of what those two words are in real life and mean to our society or the community itself. I just do not where the Police, Social Services, Social Workers or any other side of the law were exactly on those times, moments and years, but the claims into domestic abuse from Mick Philpott to own victims, will deter those 3 people to leave prison in any form, way or shape, even by a T.V. show. We want to make sure British people understand that murder by any way, shape or form (domestic violence) means murder and demand Justice, Memory and Non/Repetition of this act itself of “domestic violence”, that is not acceptable within our community of the United kingdom, amen. This note, by Rosario Castellanos de Parker and sharing what others have to say in the matter: