Welfare Reforms, Benefits cuts, University fee’s, Pensions and Bedroom Tax protest, from the UK people to David Cameron, Duncan Smith, George Osborne ..

 I  am glad,
I had been bombed,
 by the “family problems” .. 
What I saw,
 I did not like it,
but I saw the world,
in different pictures,
 into their own hearts.
I know exactly,
 each of them.
 I know own hearts. 
I am full aware of,
own feelings,
 towards me and mine,
a disabled woman?-
What a cowards! .. 
Rosario Castellanos de Parker.
 Mull of Kintyre ..
The reason to add the photo of a well loved person in my note today, a woman of substance and a good heart to her Nations. The Queen Elizabeth-The Queen Mother and Mother of The Queen of England, Elizabeth II. Someone, who is greatly missed by her own family everyday, not matter age. An inspiration to her peoples for many years to come, particularly on times of war (“family problems, paparazzi, vendettas, etc”), with own blitz of bombs into their own castles (lives), but the brave woman feared by Hitler, who called her, “the most dangerous woman in Europe”, would not give an inch. In fact, The Queen Mother learned to fight back in her own style and grandeur, without losing her impeccable image. I am talking about times in which England was left destroyed and alone, after the WWII. The British Country as you can see today and everywhere is in excellent shape, of what it was almost 67 years ago. In times of war, Britain did not need to murder no/one to keep own money, like Germany to the Jewish people, but alone made a great Nation and above the Seas. There is not secret that England and France together united to saved the World from own destruction, by Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Stalin (Russia) Franco’s (Spain) times. The people behind those two Nations, where the Royal Family: The King George VI, The Queen Mother and two daughters. Edward VIII was trying to gain the British Crown again after abdicate, with the help of Hitler, bombing own brother’s (King George VI) homes (Castles) were the Royal Family were living. There is not secret that people are gossiping regarding the Queen Mother own background, but believe me, when I am telling you, I do not give a care. As those backgrounds in bravery are almost extint today. http://tinyurl.com/743qnbx The woman alone, is worth Billions in one. The Queen Mother-The Queen Elizabeth-The Queen that owned the King’s Heart, she is an excellent example to the new generation and because of that reason alone, her presence is in need today in the United Kingdom. I need someone to unite the country back again, instead of separate us even further and for no reason/s at all, except greed. We want the United Kingdom citizens to understand the Gold you have in your hands and preserve and protect what you got, because when it gone, gone and I mean the Queen Elizabeth II and her Royal Family. The Centuries came and gone in the life of the United Kingdom, where there were Kings and Queens that came and gone, but there is a few who stay with us for an eternity, like the King George VI Family. The bravery, courage and love for own country, make those people the envy of the world and a few people around the world are born every day with those blessings qualities/gifts, rather than passed from a parent to a daughter/son, legacy. Which is obvious the Queen Mother as you knew the Lady was one of those special people, that reflects her own character, personality and good nature to her own Daughters: The Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret. The Queen Mother contrary of Margaret Thatcher did not divide the Country, quite contrary, she fought the coldest battle/s that resulted in a war (WWII), on time history and with the help of her immediate family united the country (UK), to win a Victory, which was 100 against one. What a clever woman and her guts, it was the Queen Mother, Iron Steel Heart that won the King´s own Heart and her own Nation/s even above the Seas, not Margaret Thatcher. The United kingdom was left badly affected by the Margaret Thatcher syndrome, which is different. The country (UK) since the power of Cameron and Clegg was governing us, without a day of rest against the UK, with changes in everything. I remember thinking that somehow, Francisco Franco, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and all of them together as a one were hide into the Tories policies, without realising it was Margaret Thatcher. I want you to understand that this matter in question of Law is serious, as it goes against own Constitution, Political Policies, Laws, etc. To mislead the country into believe something while it was not, in this case was Margaret Thatcher, who was leading the country and not David Cameron, but cheating us badly. The United Kingdom was in the hands of a frail (ill) old lady, as you can see the photo and with my full respect/s to all the Thatcher family and fans, particularly on mourning. The Tories were trying to bring back the Thatcherism ways back again, with the Argentine war, also introducing the new taxes (bedroom tax), in order to remove DSS benefits, University fee’s, Pensions, etc, so how we were supposed to help us and pay those taxes?-This fact alone confirms, by the tears of Cameron, Osborne and etc, during Margaret Thatcher funeral. “It reflects how close they were”-We do not question friendship, but the mislead. The UK country was ruled in a time that was not Margaret Thatcher times (university fee’s, benefit cuts, bedroom tax, etc) as it long, long gone (1980’s), with the Maldives war. Now, they are trying to bring it back with the grandaughter speech dividing the UK even further, to continue the Legacy. As if we did not have enough, particularly the poor and middle class of the UK?- http://tinyurl.com/dyqnpwn Amanda Thatcher American words reads the Bible warning the whole wide world of: “the rulers of the darkness of this world” and something like“spiritual wickedness in high places”-Margareth Thatcher granddaughter’s most speak relate to the “Thatcher family problems” and I always believe that it was “only” me (Rosario), who suffer the syndrome?-When Mark Thatcher “put on the whole armour of God” as he was arrested in 2004 for the “African coup”, given stiff sentences (2005) to avoid “death penalty“-In which Diana (Mark’s ex/wife) wrote: I’m finding it (hard) to forgive him (Mark), for the pain he has caused our own children.”And what about us, the United Kingdom suffering the same kind of intolerance, bullying, inequality, etc, as Diana’s children?” It most be confusing to live with this kind of family sagas and envirolment between: England, America and South African countries. My question is what the United Kingdom have to do with all this problems, sagas and intolerance, bullied to the extemess and their own living cut/removed on benefits (DSS) services (NHS, etc), Education (university fee’s 4 times over the top in value), etc?- It’s us the United Kingdom, who is mourning the side effects of the enourmous super power of the Iron Woman (Margaret Thatcher) with not heart to her own nation. A legacy from Margaret Thatcher to us the UK, with endless bullying reflecting into the Queen, Country and Land, affecting badly the disabled, poor, old, children, unemployed (in that order) and nobody sread a tear or two for us?-


On the top of all the problems mentioned before, the Country (UK) was left with a 10 million bill for the expencess paid to Margaret Thatcher funeral, in a way it was our funeral too. When other times maybe it was acceptable the bill and expencess (10 million), but today?-On the day of Margaret Thatcher passed away, the DLA benefits were official removed without a tinny consideration to hundreds of disabled residents, many of them passed away with no state funeral at all or any small consideration into the matter. http://tinyurl.com/brb9ry4 This note is not about Margaret Thatcher (RIP), but the (side) effects that the woman brings to the UK in general and from years ago!!-I am not saying that we were in the hands of a monster, that would be an insult to all UK Citizens. Particularly those hardworking individuals and their own families, covered in chains full of taxes. I, the same as you, the middle – poor class society of the UK, bullied to the end by the “family problems”, that I divorce the whole lot for the same matter. It is now, that I am learning to walk again, without the heavy preasure of those chains (family problems), that make me to look like a foreign allied. Those people left me with no directions or meaning of my life, as they posses me for so long with the bullying. How dare Margaret Thatcher grandaughter to speak about “spiritual wickedness in high places”, when the UK country is left in turmoil, by the endless bullying of “the rulers of the darkness of this world” in a form of a mature woman, called Margaret Thatcher (with respect). In a way that the UK end up living with so many taxes (poll tax, etc), that right at this moment it’s impossible, to hold into new regulations, rules or taxes (bedroom tax)!-We recomend the full treatment of removal of the poll tax as well as bedroom tax, in a form of medication to the whole UK. We would like to implement back again the benefits that were stolen/removed from all DSS claimants, since all this mess started and I believe was from the 11/5/2010 and after the General Election, including to restore University fee’s. http://tinyurl.com/dxv8cpm In a way, I can now fully prove in Law the full abuse of power and profession from Government (Cameron, Osborne, Duncan Smith, etc) and staff (NHS, DSS, etc) towards the British Citizens, as people like Margaret Thatcher leading  and advicing the Tories, when she should not. There is nothing wrong with the Lady in question, but the mislead. I am not a medical expert into any fields and I refuse to go into that place to play God, but my words are taken by her own daughter (Carol). http://tinyurl.com/3t9pa2 In my own experience with eight sisters and my mother bullied by them all, that I will keep my mind open. The cruel reality is many times not dementia the problem, but bullying itself, that makes the mind to react that way. A person like Margaret Thatcher that miss a bit in a world of command can be justify, but very hard criticy by own daughter out of jelowsly and/or lack of patience in the matter, or both. I remember it was Margaret Thatcher husband, who was with the Iron lady all the time, not the daughter, but after the father passed away, Carol was with her mother full time. “Unfortunately, this is a well known problem with the UK Doctors that affect in the same way as the Law, in every case there is two sides of the coin (Lady Thatcher or her daughter Carol), to take into consideration, not just one side (Carol), in order to get rid of the mother/father, etc”-How many people are abused by the same matter, in the UK?- http://tinyurl.com/899vk38  As a career myself, I dealth with a lot of disturbing forces, but I was blame of many lies and this is my chance to probe in Law and the world that it was not me, who ever done what direct payments accused me off, in order to remove my work, education and living, but framed by the “family problems and social worker/exhusband sister Carol Parker”- http://tinyurl.com/d5f6xv9 A quality that makes me to admire of the Queen Mother as she managed to have an excellent relationship with her 2 daughters, for the ex/husband to robe from me that bond that my daughters and I created in the past and today is taken away with the “family problems”-The question we have here is the mislead of who was leading the UK, before Margaret Thatcher passed away?-We have no doubts of the Iron Lady as we saw her in full action many times, but the fact that divided the country, endless taxes and removals of benefits, education, etc.
“Here it’s not about winning points, but saving lives and I am talking about, Disabled, Old, Children and Poor people living in the UK, that are a priority. You win the points, I do not need that kind of abuse to promote my life and work, to help the Human Kind”. Because if the British Government were following rules/laws/constitution/duty of care/principles, etc, they will stop and think for a moment or two, into the effects of such changes are going to cause to British people of disvantage as the rest”- Implementing the new Taxes like the bedroom tax, while the Families got no extra cash, as you are removing their own benefits with endless medicals examinations, filling eternal forms, including the long term of waiting process of appeals and hearings at the courts, with intention to starve them to death, but for who you are taking me for?!-You are going to drive people even further along the line, from own family and maybe their own reality. Including the long road of despair as wait to all of us, by the lack of benefits, support, help and the stress to comply with unrealistic set of rules/targets/benefits as mention before. Because every single Human person is unique in the eyes of my Lord and different in character as the rest of you, even more in the way of act, sing, talk, walk, run, etc. In life, nobody was born “perfect” or in the same way. This fact alone is squashed over and over again, by the DSS staff and their own targets/claims. Who targets particularly “families, children, old, disabled”, the methods are out of order and against the British Law. We, The United Kingdom as a whole should request a  petition of NO CONFIDENCE and force a general election asap, as we need the British Government (David Cameron, George Osborne, Iain Duncan Smith, etc) out now, or to act in a proper way. https://www.facebook.com/WeDemand.uk The British Government are attacking the most vulnerable people of our community, which is the poor, disabled, old and children, as mention before, are those acts normal in Principles of Laws?-The whole UK are adult people, professionals and understand perfectly that Bullying is against the Law. We understand that the Police and the UK Courts deals with this kind of harassment and should support us 1000000000%. Imposing more Taxes to all of us in the UK with or no jobs in order to pay for own Government damaged and lack of attitude of doing own jobs properly, is wrong. As if ever collect the correct duty taxes from Business, etc, in the past, the UK crisis would not be touching our free Land. It is not a CRIME to protect what is ours, but keeping safe our lives and services.  I am not expecting any rewards by doing this job for FREE, but the pleasure that I am helping to build a better and more understandable world, with equality. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21625446  I will not give an inch to Dictators in my life, bullies, hate propaganda or any disturbing forces of the third kind, in the same way as the Queen Mother. I am expecting you to honour your own Queen Elizabeth II, Country, Glory and Land, that is not a crime to defend the Human Rights of people who are in many ways, form or shape unable to do it by themselves (disabled, Old, Children, etc). It’s a Crime in Law to ignore the most disvantage members of our Society. This note, by Rosario Castellanos de Parker

The Queen Elizabeth II, the latest daughter of the Queen Mother ..