Domestic abuse is a matter that concerns the World, not just me, Rosario Castellanos de Parker ..

Any tipe of Violence against women is a Crime, that your own mother did not made ​​you,
by drawing a picture of yourself, “respect”..

On the 9/4/2013, I have a hearing at Manchester Magistrate County Court, regarding a matter for a non/molestation order and a occupational order on the grounds of “Domestic abuse”-With proof of service means that order can be enforced and power of arrest attached to order. The reason/s to request the hearing on the grounds: “for the tribunal eyes only” or “ex-parte Injunction” was to avoid a media circus intolerance created by the ex/husband and his “family problems”, that keeps follow me everywhere I goes, to stop me and gain services of the community and the reason/s of my divorce on “humanity protection grounds”- I can not continue living at the same house with someone that hates, harass, bully, intimidate, removes, acusse me of everything and makes racist remarks. I provide two statements attached to the order and the Court/Judge  to take into account and read “before hearings”, in which the Manchester Magistrate County Court have copies. On the second hearing date for the same matter at the Manchester Magistrate County Court (19/4/2013), the Judge forgot to read statements “before hearings” and to take into account that the ex/husband and I are fully divorce, unless the United Kingdom Law doesn’t work. And the reason/s of the ex/husband to be present at the hearing, to have a say in the matter of “Domestic Abuse” as promised by the Judge on the 9/4/2013 to me, or I will believe that the Law doesn’t keep own word/s?-The hearing was postponed for the lack of statements from the ex/husband solicitor and is set to another time. The ex/husband solicitor confused the hearing for a non/molestation and occupational order, into a financial matters (FDR), that the matter/s are set for another time and/or according the outcome of the non/molestation and occupational order. I am planing the matter for myself in the best possible way, as I do not have a Solicitor to represent me, but the ex/husband. The Judge (with respect) or anybody else has no rights to Interfere or molest into how, I want the things to be done for my own hearing/s and the reason/ to request, a non/molestation order to the ex-husband or to whom it may concern, as he or his “family problems” keeps molesting my things with his own personal life even after the divorce, which is a crime either way. I requested the courts for an order on the 9/4/2013, “for the tribunal eyes only” or “ex-parte Injunction”to avoid the media circus of council services and friends of the ex/husband and receive protection from the Law. It´s up to me to probe in Law the “Domestic (mental/verbal) abuse” as the Judge requested at the hearing at Manchester Magistrate County Court (19/4/2013), but how I will do it, when there is no Laws in the UK for that matter, only in France. It’s not my duty to do the Police or the Courts jobs and provide Laws to the Community, but the services provided. I believe strong that the UK Courts need to provide me, the correct Laws and tools to help myself in the “Domestic abuse” while living in the UK, including hundreds of women who are experiencing “Domestic abuse (mental, physical or verbal)”-I am experiencing the same intolerance that Lady Diana was and received cero help or protection by the media, Police or UK Laws and she was killed in Paris. Lady Diana Spencer was called by her husband of “unstable” and my ex/husband calls me “mental”, even to request a “Mental Capacity Act 2005” I come to Manchester Magistrate County Court hearings, with nil, zero or non- requirements of groups of anything or the help of: “who is your friend”, not even as a Police, Judge, Solicitor, Barrister, Court attendance or any Government staff. I request the same clean, clear and transparent standards in Law, with respect from any Courts or Government departments back to me, not matter, if I am a hard of hearing disabled person or normal. I request the courts to remove any barriers of orchestral circus, from Government departments and their own staff, friends of the ex/husband, while I am dealing with my matters at the courts.  Exploting the Government System badly by the ex/husband and his “family problems”, based the show and media circus into a “mother and son” relationship. Helped by the Trafford/Stockport Council services, NHS (ex/husband sister social worker), DSS/job centre plus (neighbour #11), Council (Direct payments, etc), Dental (dco, poppies, etc), Solicitors (MI Banks, Dobsons, Hills & co, Barrister), Banks (Yorkshire bank), Education (Open University), Benefits, (neighbour #11), CAB, Police, “family problems”, etc, using the UK services as a war battlefields and then you ask why we have the crisis and affects the country?- I am not stopping the ex/husband friendship with anybody, but the criminality that all those people create to the community including myself is way out of order. Where we had had 3 cars blow up on our roads and another neighbour attacked at tesco supermarkets, for the same matter. I made complaints in the past from those people, that where united in the criminality. I was unaware of one of those people was the ex/husband and his “family problems (sister/social worker), including the neighbour (#11)”-In which all of them were united and got revenge, vendettas and intolerance back to me and mine. I lost unborn children, brother, sister detained under the mental health act, daughter/s bullied, the ex/mother she end up in the hospital (stockport) many times before coming to stay with us,  pets killed or abused, etc. “This is the reason/s why I divorce”-It make me sick, that my own daughters had been fallen by the same (gangs of the father) games and lower standards of life and learning the trade of paying back, instead of using the Courts (Law) that deals with the matter, in order to help the ex/husband “family problems” of the sick Society, that we live now days and helps in the vendettas. In which the ex/husband sister and social worker, suffer the intolerance before I got married to her brother and she got revenge with me and mine (unborn children). Note by Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

My unborn children died scoring points ..

in which the ex-sister won ..  
Carol Parker stands in the middle of the black and grey dress, as mourning the death of  my brother, together with family members and now adults responsables of criminality, hate and spread. Photo taken 28 years before the, “family problems and well organize criminality started”  ..