President Bashar al-Assad said: "Importing foreign people (America)", the cause of destroying Syria ..


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The same as Syria war is happening to my beautiful homeland in Mexico with excuses called, narco-zetas-drugs and all was down to and since signed: “The North American Free Trade Agreement 1994”, between, America/Canada/Mèxico. An excuse of a civilized world of “Trade”, but inside of the problem, my Mexican Government and the American one’s are covering murder, deaths, drugs and destruction of hundreds of Mexican people, pretending to be narco-zetas-drugs problems. It’s well understood that all this barrage of abuse comes from foreign land (America) or better to say “Importing foreign people (President Bashar al-Assad words)” to destroy us as well, Mexicans. A “War” between America-Mèxico that should be finished long ago in 1848 with the famous “Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo”, to no avail. The similarities in a way the war is performed, between Mèxico and Syria, by the American Government is only a reflection of each other, with bullying in extreme. I believe strong that the reason/s are because of “oil” and when the black Gold finish the country, people and land would be destroyed and a thing of the past. America is a new country of a multicultural people from all over the world and the ideas differ one from the other, but this is not a reason or set of reasons “legally-illegally”, to kill Human people and wipe all of us from the surface of the Earth. America is a dream land to live, with peace, prosperity and progress, except the “family problems” between: Bush Family and Rich Magnates of the Middle East (oil business), that spoil the life of millions of Americans and Non/Americans people Worldwide. The American Citizens pay a heavy price in taxes and may account in law the destruction of the world, while us Mexicans, with drugs. The land of my peoples in Mèxico purchased for nothing in order to produce the drugs, that America use as a Business to support their own wars. The similarities in attacks between the famous Twin Towers in America and Mèxico with the  Pemex are two very much alike and the same people, country and excuses. The attack at the Twin Towers in America was open, direct into the Buildings, while in Mèxico to Pemex was under/below/inside the Buildings, but always the same professional standards of “Importing foreign people” It’s impossible for us Syrians/Mexicans to gain access to such finest machinery, professionalism and accuracy, as the pictures of our world still lives very much in the past (with respect). Where our Mexican Army was trained by the United States of America after signed, “the North American Free Trade Agreement 1994” to control my peoples, by, “Importing foreign people”-Mèxico lives nowadays with an Holocaust of unknown exact figures of the crimes, by the cover up of the Government, who are destroying my country taking foreign orders and get rewards later, with the best jobs. They are using the excuses of “trade”, but causing a catalogue of genocide that breach the Human Rights acts, code of conduct and principles of laws (Constitution). The Middle East (Syria) or Mexican people never comes to America and brings a catalogue of crimes, drugs or abuses, as we do not have the means, money, language, resources, capabilities, education, knowledge, prejudices, racial stigma, etc, so why America feel free to do it to us and on which grounds in Law?-The problems afterwards is the trial of destruction and the needs to Emigrate to another country and suffer the racial discrimination, because of religion, sex orientation, color, disability, traditions, etc. What is normal for the white people is not the same for the color people and before you know, it becomes bigger the problem with all sort of abuses, as the lack of communication impose a big wall, full of chains to attach to the reality of our world. We can not understand, what is the big deal to set the music all day, while foreign people got a problem with it. The silly and stupid difference is what makes the war. We can not understand why you need to come and kill us, while it is a forbidden matter and a crime in Law. The same happens to the Syria President Bashar al-Assad, he can not understand our ways of life, causing “confusion” and defamation to his persona, while it is not him who is causing the deaths of own people, but foreign nationals?-I made a note of the same matter last year, when I made a petition to stop the Syrian War and rescue the Journalists, in which David Cameron made the order (thanks) to rescue the foreign people, but the war continues, instead of gaining a communication.   It’s well known that America/Europe own the latest in war machinery, training and accuracy, with the help of a “Intelligence Supremacy, Services and Agency (M15-Pentagon, etc)” and tax people paying the crimes committed to the World, so it is not us, Mexicans/Middle East the criminals. It’s truth that exist “preachers that incite own people and the world”- However it’s important to divide the “hate propaganda” that bring to our lives as Hilter did during the WWII, into  our social, political, religious, education, work, etc, with a wave of stigmas, racism, nazism, fascism, intolerance, tales and/or a simple way/s of life of peoples religion, cultures, traditions, disability, color of the skin, that on war times (1939-45) killed more than 70 million of Victims.  It’s important to understand the real causes and not to guest or try to make a target, but targeting Innocent people, driven into a confusion world. The “hate” preachers thanks God, they are only a handful, in which I made a note regarding the matter of such “hate”, with the Saria Law in the UK, that kills the standards of life of the Human people. In my Mexican Constitution the Religion and Politics are divorce, for the same matter to avoid the “hate”-I was reading the photo with own words from the President Bashar al-Assad said “importing foreign people (America)”, he is not lying, quite contrary very much misunderstood as the difference in traditions, language, religion, country, is a mayor wall, as mention before. In fact President Bashar al-Assad was not even aware of his own regiment that went “against” own people, until it was too late and all thanks to the Holly “Oil”-I thanks the reassuring words of Foreign Secretary William Hague that said: “there are no immediate plans to send weapons to Syrian rebels after the EU decided to end its arms embargo” I believe strong that President Bashar al-Assad is in charge of Syria and it’s him, who needs the help to control own people “before” the foreign people arrived and the war in Syria erupted. I believe the foreign people should start making the deals of “Oil Business” with the President of Syria or the country leader direct, instead of war in order to steal, but helps Syrians to go back home and gain a better quality of life. The same matter happens to Iran, I believe strong that the Monarchy of Iran should be re-store fast, to keep the place in order and people can go back home, as they are unstable in foreign countries. It’s up to the people of the Middle East to request a better political and social quality of life to own leaders and the rest of the world to lend a hand with no interference in the matter (which is very hard), in order to go with the times, we are living, but how they will achieve the dream with no jobs, education to progress, correct tools, etc. I feel for Syria and the Middle East people in general, as if they were my own people, blood, country of birth and everything. Israel Online Supporter and for the PEACE of the World, lets begging to show our children of tomorrow, how to make a peaceful world, free of hate, as we are all ONE God, ONE World, ONE Infinite Universe, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

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