Prince Charles controversial alternative treatment of Homeopathy on the NHS, much to the annoyance of Labour MPs, as he believes in "Mind, Body and Spirit" ..

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Prince Charles controversial alternative treatment of Homeopathy on the NHS in which, he did not want to confront medical wisdom, but wider his alternative  elements of: Mind, Body and Spirit, on healthcare. The option in which need to be patient choice, rather than imposed based on Principles of Medicine and/or Prince Charless own believes of: Mind, Body and Spirit-The HIV or Cancer patients can not be exposed to any alternative medicine like Homeopathy, without a proper investigation into the matter, by the Professionals. I am a naturist person myself because of my own believes of my country where I was born and the way I was brought up. What´s suitable for one person in the long run may/may not be suitable to another person in the same position, even of the same family – genes. I am saying this as I had meningitis when younger and with the full knowledge of my mother, but her choice was rather personal than to see help of a doctor. My father was told of my illness at home in Puebla, as he was working in Veracruz where our second home was and he came like a thunder to bring me to the hospital and receive Orthodox Medicine (use of drugs, surgery or radiation) to saved my life, but my ears where badly affected. Mother was a naturist born and treat all of us with home remedies, so for example an earache was treated with a simple garlic in the ear when pain, instead of pain killer. I never did such things to me and mine, everything was over GP advice. Pain is pain and it should be treat as pain. When you are reading here, I want you to know that my mother had eleven children and out of two (another sister with polio), missed treatments that were vital for our lives and could be cured with proper medication/vaccination (polio/meningitis). My mother was a woman with no basic education as on those times, that was the rule and everything was cured with natural remedies, but today there is not excuses. I am passionate of what those golden vitamins can do for me or anything that is natural to lift my mind, body and spirit, but I am realistic that when an infection is the matter, only cured with Orthodox medicine. I had been using pain medication as I had an Industrial accident (twice) and I was left with excruciating pain. I discover the natural side of life on naturist shops, like: fish/cod oils and glucosamine to reduce joint inflammation and pain, without those golden supplements, I would never walk again, but in excruciating pain. The Scientific community believed Homeopathy remedies ineffective, a sham and unethical, but on my opinion the best. My daughter when younger had a bad cough that would not stop to nothing, except Homeopathy remedies (Drosera). I respect any form of medicine, but when use the common sense in everything, as everything comes with reason/s. “I am a great believer that the body can repair itself if given the chance and proper medication/treatment follows and it should be left alone, before considering any mayor treatment, but never ignore pain or emergency”-Centuries ago people would believe on internal Christ as your teacher, prophet or healer, today is not different and what we call “(Mind, Body and) Spirit (world)”-Homeopathy remedies, Orthodox and Natural medicine or any other kind of medicine/treatment/supplements, including and not extent: Mind/Body/Spirit need to be handled with care and use the treatment itself, acordly to illness. The blessings with Natural medicine is when you see the effects on your own body straight away as beauty treatment/pain killer/remedy, including Homeopathy, while Orthodox Medicine can heal what is unavailable naturally, but some medications can destroy the body, mind and spirit, to no repair. What’s difficult to understand today is not the UK system itself (NHS) which is the best in the world, but to add natural remedies that for centuries our parents swore by it, to complement into the NHS services. In other words we need to be open to new kind of treatments, as some patients are left in terrible pain as I was, but I use natural medicine as well to relieve myself of such killer for pain. Unfortunately in the United Kingdom there is hundreds of people asking for Euthanasia instead of life, as pain is to much to handle or Doctors/GP’S/Pharmacy staff can not understand the meaning of the word. I want to bring the good and bad things of the NHS in a neutral position, as I am Mexican born with British Nationality. I want to be open with you and show you a world that is unknown to all of us by the same level of coverage, by the NHS staff with hundreds of claims from patients – fallen standards, but out of our reach. A wave of corrupt world called: “family problems”, instead to leave the matter at home, or use a court of law. I myself, a victim of bullying by the ex-husband and his “family problems” of his sister/social worker that work at the NHS hospital. My reputation was badly affected, as her own mother said: “she knows what she is doing, as she is a social worker, to no avail”-Where the ex/husband sister/social worker studied the career to hurt me and mine badly today, in which I understand any parent-family who has lost children, brother, family, country of birth, marriage and even pets. The ill/false/corrupt rumors regarding my reputation from the ex-husband sister/social worker lasted all my married life (27 years), until destroyed my marriage apart and trust for each other. I never knew what marriage was about, as the ex-husband sister-social worker stood in the middle of both of us, with constant non-stop lies of Me, Mèxico, my Family, or the 3 together. The social worker sister of the ex/husband contact friends, family, or even work to have excuse to speak about my reputation, without my permit, consent and knowledge since gained her career, with harassment to me and mine and ASBO attitude. My sister was detained under the mental health act (NHS) and I was blamed for it, but I am not a social worker? In fact, it was me who removed my sister from the Hospital, so I cannot understand, the level of corruption, by the NHS staff, who cover each other in the crime/criminality. My daughter was bullied in her primary school and I moved both, my daughters and sister out of the area, for the same reason/s then my brother was killed (2010), by the same “family problems”-I lost unborn children that were mine and the ex/husband, but he will do anything to cover his sister/social worker attitude, with any excuses to destroy my reputation further and bury the memory of our children. My unborn children have a right of a life not to be taken as a score points like the WWII, by the German Nazi SS officers. The reason why I came out in the open to FB for my unborn children and my brother’s life, by the same “family problems” – How many people in the UK is living the nightmare of “family problems”, but unaware as me, for more than 27 years, using and abusing services (NHS, DSS, etc) at work in order to destroy people´s lives/reputation and health, with lies. A reflection into a mirror of similarities into mine is not coincidence, but a cruel reality of today’s fallen standards of the NHS Professionals and staff that cover each other of any kind of corruption, breaking the truth: patient/professional. Who need to abide and obey by law, the Code of Practice above all, including social workers. As I am divorce of the ex/husband and his “family problems”, by law I am considered a “member of the community”-I request the same treatment as the rest, by any professional/s that breaks the code of practice in this case the ex/husband sister/social worker. I do not want to be portrayed as a martir of the circumstances, but a woman of substance, that will stand to no/body’s or no/one’s abuse of power/profession, as we got laws in the United Kingdom for the community and works for both ways, professionals and non/professionals, so down the lies, lack of services and abuse of power/profession. 

NHS Scandals:

Job seeker kills herself

* Taxes in the drain, instead of heal Cancer/HIV patients (NHS).  Offer education to disabled and unemployed (DSS) using ATOS ( money. Benefits instead of food banks, etc:  ATOS £1.6bn by DWP Duncan Smith. ESG £69m contract, by Duncan Smith. Homeless people in B&Bs, £1.3m, instead of housing. The £12 million housing payments. BBC Scandal-£4.9m. “Conflict of interest”-£2.7million.  The bedroom mansion – £25 m  ‘Useless’ Public Sector Cost £120bn 
Hospitals Spend £2m On Staff Gagging Orders £234 million in negligence settlements

* MP’S & NHS staff super kilometric salaries and blaming us (disabled, old, unemployed, ill, poor, white, blue, etc) of Milking the UK system?: Gordon Brown-£1.37m David Cameron’s Cabinet-£5.5million  Pay expenses for MPs
The 8,000 NHS staff on six figure salaries Millionaries tax cuts, by David Cameron.

* DWP benefit fraud: Welfare payouts of £20 billion a year unclaimed by the public. Local Authority Benefit Fraud per case: £2,166 (£117 million spread over 54,000 cases in 2011/12, average cost of £2,166 each). Cost Of Tax Avoidance per case: £248,780, total outstanding £10.2 billion. HMRC Nets £1bn-2013 Now which of those require more attention/publicity, about benefit fraud?- Rosario Castellanos de Parker.