Pope Francis I accept Shimon Peres invitation to visit Israel (2014) ..

“The sooner you visit the better, as in these days a new opportunity is being created
for peace and your arrival could contribute significantly to increasing
the trust and belief in peace,
Shimon Peres” ..

At the present time the Middle East in general is going to a mayor make-up with constant interference of America Government into the business of every city, country and land with the excuse of weapons of mass destruction, when in reality a few cans and a small amount of white powder do not make the country to be label a terrorist. The middle East people as you can see the cities and people use and still very much in a medieval state of time, nothing has been change with time. I believe this is a personal choice based on own creed more than any other reasons and the matter should be respect, by America or the First World countries due to tradition, religion and even roots. It is like trade mark for their own country that said a lot of own people and costume’s, nothing else. I take this opportunity to make an invitation to the Holly Pope as a Christian renegate of my religion for whatever reasons the Vatican may have, but for to speak on behalf of Peace. It’s time to give the Peace a chance, in time history. There is not excuse of why the World could not enjoy Peace nowadays, except the wars imposed to us and without our consent, permit and knowledge in the matter. We are within our rights to say who we want to murder and who we do not, but not on my name as a Christian. The world works as a community in which we need to set laws to monitor murders, this time is the Middle East and I believe the International court should be doing the job and monitor, not me. We are adult people that habitat the world and capable to hold a simple communication in any way, form or shape, for me as a hard of hearing person is writing and I am setting an example, because the murders not on my name. The First World commit murders, because your peoples do not give a chance to the world for peace in a way of referendum, with our “free vote” to give you our opinion in the matter, genocide and holocaust or the 3 together as a one. I believe German machinery was confiscate after the WWII finished and for the murders of 70 million victims of war in Europe alone, without mention the 6 million Jews killed in the most horrible ways as possible in time history. I account Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Franco full responsible for those murders. I will always blame the Vatican for to be the main motor, inciters and bullies of those murders, that up to august 2013 had not been persecuted in a Court of Law. Now the same matter continues with the Middle East and Worldwide countries but this time is not Jesus Christ, but Oil = Money. I cannot comprehend why we do not remove the military and machinery of the First World countries in the same way as Germany was forced and destroyed back in 1945?-We have the full criminal activity in the Middle East, for Oil. Mexico and Latinoamerica peoples are killed for drugs. The North and South Corea war of the 1950´s (1950-53) is coming back for more. We should guess who is behind of all those crimes: America and the First world Countries and maybe supported by the Vatican as usual, in the same way as the WWII. http://goo.gl/tPRirR The trip for the Vatican to Brazil was not planed as Israel for the 2014, but acted fast to protect interest ($) when the country went into riots spree (07/2013) and returned with a small fortune. “Pope Francis calls on faithful to resist ‘Idols’ money, power and pleasure. On Gays Pope Francis said: Who am I to judge them?-However £35 million cost of the papal visit, when the country peoples lives in extreme poverty, analfabetism, famine and the reason/s of the riots in the first place, to eliminate the lack of resources in their own lives, but who am I to judge the Vatican?- http://goo.gl/mBEXIF I am making my point in this matter and to show you, that when somebody wants to do something, they will do it and fast as you can count to ten. In my own opinion those who holds the Reigns of Religion, holds the power of the whole wide world, but who am I to judge them?-It’s when my Lord is used as a white flight to incite the World population and promote the murders, that make me to write on their behalf, before all are silence, in the same way as the Jews (6 Million) in the WWII (1939-45), but not on my name. http://youtu.be/myVi6pVYYb8 If we go back again the question still remind: why we do not ask/request the withdraw of any arms, from The United States of America which is part of The First World countries and even The Holly Vatican for the abuse of power and profession in the same way as German Army was destroyed back in 1945-WWII?-Who need arms anyway, when we can use communication in any civil world, for to achieve that XXI century approach we need to find the correct Lider, but who am I to judge?-There is too much tales, lies and slander of weapons of mass destruction holds by the Middle East leaders and then killed after (Iraq, Libya, etc). http://goo.gl/IxG5tM When in reality those people do not hold capacity (with respect) to govern own countries right at this moment, as they lack of the same army, machinery, opportunities, etc, as First World countries. Except to rule own countries based on own ways, which is complete opposite/different to the First World liders and reasons of the battle, friction and murders, but who was born knowing the rules of the world, that is achieved with time, not in 5 minutes?-My question is who is more criminal, those Liders that lack capacity as mention before or those whose got the capacity and abuse own power and profession, to be sit in a Court of Law for the abuse?-In law this way of action against those people and Liders who lack capacity/resources (with respect again) could be consider in the same way as abuse (from an adult) to a minor, for the difference of opportunities, force, violence, abuse, corruption, lies, etc. In other words “cruelty” to your own kind, blood and human people as we are all brothers and sisters in life, not matter colour, disability, age, religion, country of birth, sex, sexual orientation, gender, etc, We do not want the words, but action into those words, as we are all the same people of the Planet earth and the same laws apply as we are all part of the same community, but lives elsewhere. If I am wrong then explain to me why Palestine and Israel settlement is not a thing of the past, because Israel people are educate to the highest commando of law, while Palestine is uneducate. http://goo.gl/wRweVZ Palestine belongs to the Arabs, not Israel, those people that lacks of opportunities need to receive help from own people and stop the rockets against the Jews, as they had been back and hell during the inquisition times, the WWII and now Palestine as the next excuse by the Vatican or whoever is inciting, but time to stop the Hate in any form, shape and colour. http://goo.gl/D95u3m In other words millions of people in the Middle East got no means of work, business, opportunities, housing, benefits and food in their plate, so where the tales of weapons of mass destruction?-I believe is more like the other way around it and trying to mislead the world, but not in my name the hate. Sorry you take the Hate with you, good bye!-As In many First World countries the state taxes are used to subside the murders/wars and intolerance. I hold them full responsible to applause the genocide in the Middle East, as those people are aware of what the Liders are doing, but silence. The murders of those people in the Middle East, but not on my name, as I am not paying taxes. I do not have a job, thanks to your system. The First World population enjoys peace on their own countries, so why the rest of the world can not, but bullied with the wrong ideas of weapons of mass destruction, tales of Peter Pan and even Mickey Mouse is involve in the slander. When we know full well that in reality is the First World liders who wants the Oil, nothing else. When we know full well, that the Terrorist is not the Middle East people as they do not have the means, money or resources to do what the press said they do, but the foreign people. The rebels of the Middle East who are the main terrorists attacking own people against own people and feed by the First World countries to aid them to gain the Gold Oil and not to be presecuted in the International Court for the Murder, Traitor, Genocide and Holocaust. Traitor as the First World countries signed in the past hundreds of treaties, agreements and the same, to/and protect the world, in which one of those are the “Human Rights 1948“, Murder, Genocide and Holocaust for the same matter, so no more excuses. I invite the Pope Francis and Shimon Peres to my Peace resolution and agreement to hold a couple of sets of Laws just to start, that promote Peace between both religions, worlds and understanding. As we know that the wars past, present and future is about the “Holly Religion”, nothing else. It’s power and who is the most bigger, tall and powerfull of all. The Human people is not a sweet to gain in the competition of who is the best of all, but we ask “respect”-What the world has to do with all of the abuse of power/profession, as we are not in a competition, but Human people made of skin and bone. We can request to leave at home any “family problems” when working. http://goo.gl/oKEcrk Including to leave at home any firearms when dealing in any agreement of peace settlements as when child, unfortunately a reality today. No I am not bleming your parents, but in a way is the main reasons (excuse), of why we are in wars “power”-The social, economic and political power is the ability to influence and control people, circumstances, events and even our systems (finances, currency, production, services, military, work  and etc). It’s time the Vatican in my case, to stop the power and hide in the Robe of Saint Peter attacking inocents Jews people and use Palestine this time to do the dirty work. If I ask the Christians to stop the hate which is the Vatican, then I have the right/s to ask the same to Islam religion Liders to put the arms down and so on, until the end and all comes back to peace again. As a Christian person myself and Israel Online Ambassadors, I am sending and invitation to Israel and the Vatican to set example, forget the words and make a law. Where it said the Vatican, Chistians and anything relate to Jesus Chist (Jew man) will stop intimidation, harassment, hate propaganda, bullying against a Jew national  and viceversa, from now on (August 2013). https://www.facebook.com/israelonline The time is now not tomorrow, or I will believe that the Vatican should be sit in a Golden chair of my Lords to stand for murders against humanity and for so many Jews in the past and present, starting with the real facts of 6 million during the WWII, which in reality was 70 million all together of victims of war. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Francisco Franco with the Spaniards that I holds those Christians inciters the main motor of the most cruel wars (WWII) ever, against Humanity. Where I fell ashame to be Cristian and not on my name. The Vatican excomulgate me for sins that were out my reach and it was not me who commit the offense (termination/abortion), but my family. I thanks the Vatican for to do that on my behalf, so when I leave the Christian world, I do not need to offend my Lord, but the Vatican. In law you do not take one side in the matter but two and my side was never heard, so who is the corrupt. The same haters “family problems” but not mine anymore as they are all yours now. As “Caritas/CAFOD” (http://www.caritas.org/) protects the “family problems” but with the intention to collect money ($$$$) for the same charity and lies regarding my persona, but without my permission, consent and knowledge in the matter. No wonder Africa and the World is poor. A crime in law the abuse of power and profession, by the representatives of the Church and lack of respect to use the memory of my unborn children as a cash machine and without my consent, permit and knowledge in the matter. All was done to incite a whole are of Timperley, by either the  Vatican, Christians, Church liders or the “Family problems” of the ex/husband family. http://goo.gl/96nXtY I will never forgive the Vatican, the Christians and the Family problems promoters of Hate (Caritas, etc). I can not understand who gave the Vatican/Christians/Family problems the Right to use my unborn children memory, as a white flag to incite the whole area where I Live, Timperley, with a Sick Game, that went wrong and need to destroy after, to hide the criminality. http://goo.gl/pszZbf My mother who teach me the love for the Christian Religion, but she never spoke a single word in English, so who gave you the Right over my unborn children memory!?-

Before, the demolition underway at St John the Baptist on Thorley Lane ..

Before, the demolition underway at St John the Baptist on Thorley Lane ..

My Lord is not a white flag for your dirty work, neither my unborn children. Nobody takes my Lord or my unborn children’s life lighter, in order to incite the world population with lies. Nobody, no today, no tomorrow, not ever, and let alone not on my name. What´s the problem with religion, when people wants to convert and choose what is best for them, in my case Judaism, but none of the Religion representatives business, but mine .. Rosario Castellanos de Parker.