The Irish Police think that a Roma couple kidnapped own child because of colour of the hair, skin, eyes and physical appearance, well that is Racism ..

 Rocio Jurado (RIP) – “Viva el Pasodoble” ..  


The photo comes as a result of the Irish Police who assumed that a Roma couple kidnapped a child because she was different in colour of skin, hair, eyes and belongs to European Family, not a Gypsy one.  A Racist (Stigma) attitude nowadays as even the biological father/mother do not look as her own child “Maria”, but the DNA shows Bulgarian couple (Sasha Ruseva is the biological mother and Atana Rusev is the biological father) ARE parents of “Maria” found in Greek camp. The matter has been a topic of fun in many social places, because on my opinion is totally inadequate and extreme Racist, to portrait a Royal Family member insulted own memory, when that person gave so much for own country. When the Mother of those bullies that insult women in general were not made by their own Mother´s, by drawing a picture of themselves, but in the same way as the rest of women worldwide, not matter status. I am talking about Princess Diana of Wales (RIP). Human People that are not with us today and her reputation gets slashed into pieces, with silly comments – insinuations that hurt badly, but somehow the matter do not happen to Camilla, incredible to believe such Racism?!- The “photo lie” where you see Prince Harry next to a man, put Lady Diana Spencer reputation as an easy person even when she is not here today with us, to defend herself and Camilla (Camilla Rosemary; née Shand, Parker Bowles (1973-1995, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duchess of Rothesay, Princess of Wales) a Saint.

The Racist attitude – Defame lie of “Prince Harry“, when we saw Maria´s own mother do not look like her child?-Particularly, when family trait on both families, where Princess Diana of Wales (Spencer’s) and Prince Charles (Bowes-Lyons & “Windsor’s”) sides comes in all colours, shapes and sizes, without mention Centuries apart of Line of Succession, Blood, Traditions, etc. Prince Harry have the same shape of ears as his father Prince Charles (with respect), without mention the physical appearance, but in handsome/dashing Spencer (Sorry Charles!). Prince William have the same physical appearance of the Spencer Family, with a mixture of his father’s cousin and hero, with parallels lives maybe, but opposite character’s (shy – extrovert): Prince William of Gloucester. How the Queen sabotaged affair .. The Queen Elizabeth II would never kill anybody, let alone Her own Family. The Queen Elizabeth II and Her Royal Family saved the World from destruction during WWII, but Her reputation tarnished because of the lie. Now if the lie was truth, The Queen would get the woman (Zsuzsi Starkloff) of which Prince William of Gloucester was going out with, but she still alive and well, so how?- We live a time when we draw a line of decency and in much need to stop any defame, slander, or lie, if I was the Queen Elizabeth II, I would get the woman to the cleaners, as not possible, but earning from the lie. The accident of Prince William of Gloucester may happened as Princess Diana and may need to be investigate, but I have not studied the matter, so I can not comment any further. The audience is getting a bit tired to hear one side of the matter in this case is Princess Diana reputation, but she is not here to defend herself, but cheap propaganda to help Camilla?- 

We may consider to take legal action to stop, all this tirade of abuse against: The Queen Elizabeth II and Princes Diana of Wales, as both reputation/s tarnished, but gave the UK so much. In law you would not expect a tirade of abuse and in this case Princess Diana reputation, when she is not here to defend herself, by Prince Charles, Camilla and the Paparazzi’s cheap (hate) propaganda to help Camilla’s way, but what do you expect when you marry someone with that dimension (“I paid the price by it, myself”). However, who you marry has nothing to do with the reputation of Lady Diana Spencer and we request that the bullying from Prince Charles and Camilla aide’s, stop, full stop!-When in reality was Camilla Parker Bowles who stole everything from Diana, Princess of Gales, even her Husband, Children, Family, Marriage, Title and the lot. I am writing with my most respect to the Queen Elizabeth II and Her Royal Family that somehow, they are linked to this melodrama of Camilla/Prince Charles/Paparazzi’s against a woman that cannot even rest in holly peace for the constant-non/stop “hate propaganda” in which Princess Diana life is portrayed, when you and I know the half of it. We, The World have nothing to do with the matter, but Prince Charles and Camilla. I am doing free advocacy and within my full rights to defend a defenceless woman and her reputation (Princess Diana). If this was the position of Camilla, I would be doing the same matter as Princess Diana, not difference. This is what Advocacy and Human Rights stand for, to protect the most vulnerable people of our society and in this case is Diana Princess of Wales, as she is not with us (RIP). What we fight here is Racism, between one woman reputation (Camilla) against the other (Princess Diana), particularly when the other (Princess Diana) is not here with us today, to defend herself and we request “full respect in the matter”-In law the balance goes heavily into one woman against the other and we call “corruption”, as the other is not here to defend reputation.

I hope, I made myself very clear, as what happened to Princess Diana of Wales should not happen to another living soul, particularly as she stands as Future Queen of England, but killed to give way to another woman (Camilla). I hope you understand that the ritm of life is unbreakable, nobody can break or change the way it goes, nobody, not even Prince Charles and Camilla together or the Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama is going to save them, from our Lord. As the car “Accident” from Princess Diana (Dodi Al Fayed and Driver) lasted hours, before she passed away in transit and died later at the Hospital, that mean: Lady Di was holding to life to see her sons?“- When you get to that level and someone cut your life short is when you kiss my own Lord line of decency and apologies, but not on my name (RIP). I do not believe Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, or the Driver was an accident but a crime just by those hours. I can prove this matter in law and much more. I am using the common law. I do not need to see papers. I got my case ready, but I got no cash to bring the crime to Justice. I am unemployed. I hold not registration in legal fields, but studying Bachelors of Laws at home and so I am doing free advocacy to Princess Diana of Wales. Solicitors, Barristers and Judges cost money, without mention paperwork, transport (Train, Plane, etc.), phone calls, print and remove corruption from those places, in order to expose my case freely as it should be in law. “I am doing this advocacy alone and alone, I am standing with the free advocacy to Lady Di. As nobody represent me in anywhere in the whole wide world. Nobody have my permit, consent or knowledge to represent me, in any way, form or shape. As my own Father (Don Jose Castellanos Ariaz) told me so many times: I was born in a country call Mexico, which stand to be Free and Sovereign and so my daughters as they come from my womb, skin, blood and bones”-I believe strong that the United Kingdom comes with those principles, as wars were won so many times, but hijacked by the small groups of Government, Council and representatives of the Law.I will have to leave the matter of Lady Di to UK people and own conscience. I need funds to bring this crime to Justice, not to beg”. Princess Diana never let a begging man/woman standing at the door, but helped more than 500 charities per year and alone. Why is not possible for us to repay Princess Diana in the same way and defend Her reputation, when she gave us so much?-My fee’s are free, but maybe the problem is Racism. I am doing the case for Princess Diana and maybe I am not within the class that, I should be: white, blue, blond, but Mexican brown, brown and brown. This apply to anything I try to achieve or I try to do in the UK or even with the “family problems” and reason/s why those people win cases all the time against me, “Racism wins”- It applies in anything we does, not just me.

Where Malala was airlifted from Pakistan to the UK in split seconds and her life was saved, but not the case of our Future Queen of England, Princess Diana of Wales also Dodi Al-Fayed and the Driver lives, strange?- In the House of my Lord, what we have on Earth do not exist over there, not even the colour of the (money) skin, eyes and hair and we all use the same door to enter, as we are classless. We all have the duty to lead our life in the way is better for us on that environment, time, moment and position, good or bad, we must be brave enough to accept the consequences in law, without blaming others for our own faults. The ultimatum from Camilla to Prince Charles in which was the result of the “accident” the matter has nothing to do, with Lady Di own personal life (boyfriends, loves, etc.), but a mislead. We place ourselves in the same lowers way, as conspiring for a medical test to Camilla Parker Bowles natural Children and see the extent of the reality that we live today with lies. Since Camilla Parker Bowles was married, but with Prince Charles at the same time and her children looks the similarity to both, or the three of them. In other words: It is time to break the bullshit and live and let’s others, to live in peace. I mean Princess Diana Memory and the rest of the Country, as we are all stand accused by the same clubs, gangs and groups of rich social elite: Government staff. We are getting sick with “what if'” regarding the excellent reputation of Princess Diana of Gales and it´s time to leave her to rest in peace, even “if was truth” the matter, but who pushed the wife to find love, in a loveless marriage?-The similarities of parallels lives as Princess Diana and mine (a nobody) makes me to think as Prince Charles and Camilla to help the “ex/husband  and his family problems” for years and like me the rest of UK Citizens. As we live in a country with little laws for me, as the links mention, then I protect me and mine (2 daughters) using this humble page. As if something happens to me and mine Worldwide, direct to the people mention here (Prince Charles and ex/husband and his “family problems”) and on the links. I mean Worldwide as Princess Diana’s accident happened in Paris, not the UK. Where other laws apply and Prince Charles and Camilla can do anything they want, as we saw with Lady Di, Dodi Al-Fayed and the Driver.

As one thing is to do advocacy for the people mention in this blog and me and another very different is to be stand accused of whatever reason/s, the bullies want. As the accident of Lady Di was not caused by me, but Prince Charles and Camilla. The disappearance of Maddie McCann was not our fault, but the Parents. The Deficit in the country was not caused by me, but the Government and Council staff. The Financial crisis is the product of Government staff lack of collecting the correct taxes and for years, not me. The Cuts, Bedroom/Poll tax, University fee’s, ATOS and Unemployment exams, Benefits changes, etc was not caused by me, but the Minister’s of the United Kingdom. The lack of Employment in the country was not caused by me, but the Jobcentre plus (DWP) staff. The Corruption in the Courts, Police Stations, Councils, or any other Government Buildings was not caused by me, but the staff of those places. The NHS stand to millions of deaths and failures per year was not caused by me, but the staff. Somehow it’s me or the whole country that those staff blames, strange?-In my case was the ex/husband sister/social worker who bring this wave of hate into my life and blames me of the matter after. “All those failures in the country is the result of Parents done the homework of the children and daughter won the career of Social Worker and this way the ex/husband sister social worker is able to hit me back and breaks my reputation into pieces. I am unable to gain Justice at the courts and like me the whole country, covered with “confidentiality acts” in order to us not to see the perpetrator?-As a Mexican born all the corruption in the UK Government was new to me. I was not aware of the Government abuse of profession and power in the same way as the UK citizens, but stand accused by the same Government staff, Council and “Family problems” of the ex/husband and all the services removed. In order to survive the wave of hate to me and mine by Trafford Council and Government staff also the “Family Problems” of the ex/husband, that I had been studied at home “Law” and all relate to the matter, using my blog, even to protect the Queen Elizabeth II.  What I will not stand is the wave of hate and lies of the same people that caused the problems to me and mine. Where I lost unborn children, brother, country of birth, family, friends, the lot and unable to gain Justice in Law, but to be accused of the matter after, by the liars and the rest of people to believe tales, incredible?-I am not alone, but the rest of the UK honest people. Where the motto of those Nazis Racists is to remove everything from me or any form of Justice and continue the hate propaganda on the roads, at home, on the shops, at the bus or somewhere or elsewhere to “control” and the law is powerless?-  So why, we got the United Kingdom law for, if everybody is going to use their own laws, groups, paparazzi’s and neighbourhoods to help them and to continue the non/stop racism, hate propaganda, intolerance, criminal activity, in the UK and covered the bullies with “confidentiality acts and protection laws?”-We should start closing the Courts, Judges, Barristers, Solicitors and/or any form of Justice, Police, Order and Legal Aid, as we do not need it. Everyone is using their own law/s!-. So close the shops and save the money to another causes or continue paying those super kilometric salaries of those Professionals, that break the back-bone of the UK System?” As I studied the Law, I will not accept this can of corruption or desinfunctionality. Where we need to go to France to gain the Justice that is deny to all of us in the United Kingdom. I am talking about our Future King, so what we expect the rest of the country and how we go to France?- The Racism is what’s killing our well adjusted Society, with Social stigma. When one gets better life, than the other, for whatever reasons. The ex/husband sister social worker lies and her colour of skin, eyes and hair won over me, then that is Racism. My family accepted and covered the liars in order to expel me from Mexico and now the UK with hundreds of lies in order to keep all that is mine, because the white won over the brownie (me) as colour preference, then that is Racism. Camilla won over Princess Diana and died to give her way, instead of both to gain life, then that is Racism. In the case of “Maria” colour of skin is a passport to better life for her, but not for her own parents and either parents, then that’s Racism. Excluding a person from her/his roots for whatever reasons (Poverty) as happens to Maria, then that is Racism/Social Stigma. I was excluded by my family, country and now, I stand to be pushed out of the Trafford area (UK), by the same wave of racial/disability discrimination, hate propaganda and racism of  “family problems” of the ex/husband and my own racist family and all for the colour preferences I want you to understand that by Law Racism is a crime, but where is the Law to protect us, but the bullies and before you fell sorry for me check if you are not like me, as we are all stand to lose everything by the same wave of hate?-We stand in a Society where the colour of skin is a passport to win or lose the lot and even kills by the envy, like happened to Princess Diana of Wales (RIP) and my unborn children and brother (RIP).


The colour of skin won which obvious was not me with “family problems”, but got the criminal activity help from the United Kingdom services, system and even Caritas. No wonder the poor still poor, as they receive nothing, but “family problems” wins. I hate the fact to be used as cash machine by the caritas for years and without my permit, consent and knowledge in the matter and against the law. In the same way as Princess Diana was over/used-abused and cashed, but she was aware of the matter, I was not. I hate the fact to be compare of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, when I am not Christian anymore or leads any religion at all. In fact, I am asking where is the money of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, as the poor still poor and everyday getting more poorer as we can see the case of “Maria”-The Christians of my family use the charity money to gain more help, into their own “hate propaganda” and hunt my persona with any excuses, in the same way as Princess Diana was – the 6 million Jews during the WWII – millions of Human People stand accused just by the colour of skin, hair, and eyes.  I refuse to speak my national language or family for the same matter and wave of abuse. As you should not sell your own kind, never!-The sad part of the case with “Maria” is an innocent couple (Christos Salis and Eleftheria Dimopoulou,) with little financial resources to defend reputation, but stand in Court charged with abduction. Christos Salis – Eleftheria Dimopoulou both victims of “Racist Stigma Society/Culture”, that we live nowadays. As the protocol and normal life in Europe, I believe and for the same matter is: blue eyes, blonde and white, like Nazi Eugenics. The continue excuse to open any kind of arguments that incite and invite Racism into our Society, even with no meaning, reasons or just because of “who they are in politics, society, etc.”-We stand the public to be bullied by a twisted society that stands to win points, hit thy neighbour and steal jobs, as always is the same “Job Opportunity in the matter”, nothing else. Instead of heal our badly battered racist society full of Eugenics Nazi, Fascist, Racist and Intolerant creatures children’s of God and I mean the one´s that cause Racism in Society?-The Racial Stigma Revolution in our Society and Culture like Russell Brand said: “We no longer have the luxury of tradition” – I believe strong that all depends of who he is talking about. What he is talking about. Furthermore if he, Russell Brand with brown hair like mine got an idea of who is causing: the lack of luxury of tradition. As a Mexican person who comes with no British parents, social stigma, services, council (except water, electricity, etc), even supermarkets. As my parents who were rich, but used to buy the food fresh in the market halls and lead with any backgrounds. I put my hands up to God and I accept that I lived a lie in England for the last 27 years or so. Where I, Myself was unaware of who was causing: the lack of luxury of tradition, as I explain before. I got a shock of my life with several realities. I was not prepare to understand the matter fully. I was unaware that existed this kind of life (Racism) in the XXI century and believe it or not, I was/am disabled?- The product of a twisted Society that has nothing to do with the Queen Elizabeth II or the Victorians Times. In fact it was the Queen Elizabeth II and her Royal Family that closed the doors to that era. As those times people were so poor, that the social services, social workers and the army of “control” in the UK was not even born. I hope Russell Brand can visit the hundreds of councils services, elder´s and children´s homes, hospices, society itself, hospital´s, schools runs and even website of those culprits in our society that separate children, family, disabled or human people from their own roots and the abuse of power and profession leads to: the lack of luxury of tradition. I come from one of those weird people, but thanks God, I divorce the lot. I believe is all down to time to heal. I hope, I can be given that time to heal and restore my trust in humanity again. As the shock of what happened to me is way out of your own understanding. I want to heal in my own time, terms and conditions and time is all I am asking. As I was attacked badly by those people, that I put all my trust and betrayed to the core and then you ask me, why I do not speak to my family direct, but who will do it in their own mind?- In fact, I am doing advocacy to return Children’s to families or vice-versa, because we do not have this separate things in Mexico to make the target (Social Workers, Social Services, Hitler´s, Stalin´s, Mussolini’s, Franco´s and Taliban’s.). My Parents tried hard to keep the family intact and unite, until the end. My Parents never sold own children (me) to eat, but my sisters and brother. It happened to me the separate of my family, after my parents passed away, not before. Where I lost all today, but the ex/husband sister – social worker and “family problems” won all mine and they said: “I am the problem?!”- Not where I am standing. Where parents in the UK lost own family by social services/workers and blame us to be the problem, that’s a bleeding lie!-I was about to lose my own children, by the same twisted society, not just by killing my unborn children but separate me of my living one’s. The power of those jobs at the councils and government places is way out of normal. The reality is hard to digest. When I saw the following link that opened the reality of those families, that our society call them a problem, but again not our problem and I can probe the matter legally. I was terrible upset after read a few of those cases, in fact I could not stop crying.I felt betrayed by the System”. Where I go to the Courts and I fight like a Tiger to represent all that is mine. I do not care. I want you to understand that I lost unborn children, brother, country of birth, friends, the lot, by those twisted minds that were my family!-The one that lost all was me, not them. The Courts take into account them, not me?-You need to wear my shoes first, before said a word against me. I am standing accused by the “family problems” after they were the problems and reasons of me to lose my unborn children and everything, a lie. The System betrayed all us badly, unless they show me the contrary from now on, or close the doors. As it looks we are victims with no laws, living in a lawless country, the one that went to so many wars for nothing!! The UK Courts hold only a few Heroes and the Judge Sir James Munby won my sincere respects, but where is the rest of them?- I am asking to apply the law as the Judge Sir James Munby did to the case, it’s to much to ask?-I am not asking you to apply in every case: the colour of the money, influences, hair, eyes, skin, nationality, religion, etc. I am asking you to read the case “as it is” and apply the law accordable, “as it should be“, not how the others tell you “to do it” and if in hearings you need to use a dark glasses to dismiss the colour of the skin on both sides of the law/court, then be my guest, but not apply the law with Racism/Discrimination, that should be a crime. Now, that I know the UK, Mexican or International law, but funny when those people that represent the law trying to impress me?-When I am dealing my own cases, as the law removed from me?-Who hijacked our system and in which grounds in law?-< “My children got no price, they are not for sale, my Lord gave them to me. I have a right to enjoy them in the same way as the ex/husband>.-I do understand that may exist parents that abuse own power, but we are not all the same and nobody is born perfect. We all come with issues, as our Parents are made of skin and bone, not immaculate conception. Prince Charles was not happy with his own Mother, so what the rest of us can expect?: His mother was distant and ungiving. His father was brusque to the point of bullying?- All my sisters and brother bullied me, to the end, where I lost all today. I hope Prince Charles can read my story, to know that, He do not stand alone and maybe that is why he chose a mother for a wife (Camilla). I wonder to know, what Princess Diana has to do with Prince Charles problems, as she herself comes from divorce parents, but bullied by Prince Charles and Camilla to the end of Love, where she lost her life?!-My question is: where is the perfect parents, that the social workers, social services, police, courts, solicitors, barristers, doctors, hospitals, nursery are looking for”as nobody is born perfect“?/The similarity of lives of desperate parents was parallel to mine. 
Where I was losing my children (17/20 years old?) to lies of social workers (ex/husband sister) and family problems, etc?-I could not believe what I was reading. I am Mexican. I was not allowed to know for 27 years and reasons of me to study the “law” and the English System, to understand the lunacy. I am/was in the same way, shape, form and manner of those families, that the social services/social workers bullies and “We are the problem (since when?)?” In my country a child is for a life, not until 18 years old. “It’s a madness the place running wild, pulling my children from me and trying to invent anything to win points, even to impose me a Mental Capacity 2005?-My question is: who will defend Queen, Country, Land and Glory, Constitution, Politics or Places of Trust, as the country is falling to pieces, thanks to those people that represent the State causing the problems to us, not us to them. As we do not hold the power, but them and calling us the problem (what a mislead)?!-Read all about Social Workers, Social Services, Social World (and we are the problem!! .. since when?):The lack of luxury of Tradition

28-  (I have 58 pieces of evidence against the Trafford Council)

I put myself as an example to my children of what is acceptable or not acceptable in life and Society in this blog, but not to be used as fun or joke due to lack of luxury of tradition and not by the children themselves, but the children’s Parents that have not grow up enough to accept any responsibility in their own lives, jobs or walks of life, as many are Professionals themselves. So as you can see the abuse of social workers, social services, social world, police, courts, barristers, solicitors, medicals and professionals is much more than we can digest. “I am talking about small groups, that their own parents type the work and done the research and won the career of Social Worker, to hit me badly today. Where I lost all, like the ex/husband sister/social worker”-How many like me in the UK?- The UK system stands still/freeze with the financial crisis, as Government staff unable to do anything. If I apply for example: benefit. I need a simple check up of paperwork to make a decision based on prove only. The DWP staff sent me to appeals, not even with documents, letters, or prove can make a simple decision into benefits entitlements with training into the matter for years, as they stand as Managers, without mention ATOS exams-10,600 killed (RIP)?- A waste of time and money, but stand accused. The Judges on Appeals knows half of the matter, papers get lost or simple get sympathetic with DWP staff or any other side/colour preference which is corruption, and/or simple refuse to read documents, papers, recommendations which are important in the process to gain a decision/justice. The funny side of the matter is when Judges set a list of reasons into why not and dismiss the case/claims, but obviously that they are on the other half as they never read paperwork before the court hearing and with 58 pieces of evidence (mine). The matter happened to me at Manchester Civil Justice case: CO5411/2013, on 10/10/2013, to no avail. For those little mistakes the country stands accused with years of no parole. I think that the only thing to recommend here is that the People that represent the Law to use dark glasses in Court, to unable to see the colour of the skin, eyes, hair, nationality, country of birth, etc and from both sides of the room in order to gain a fair Justice in Law, Equality and Human rights, plus read all the paperwork and evidence. Where I am standing with the lack of nothing, not just: “The lack of luxury of tradition“-The matter affects badly all the UK in the same manner as me and we even get the blame!-The most vulnerable people of our society stands to lose so much with non/stop hate propaganda from NHS-DWP staff, social services, social workers and the social world. In my case the ex/husband sister/social worker opens the doors to an influx of family into the UK like mine, to help her to gain points into her career against my reputation, in exchange of free UK state system, paid by the tax payer and “I am the problem?”– I hold no British Parents and mine were Mexican (thanks God!), but the influx of foreign people was not because of me, but the ex/husband sister/social worker, in which I apologies to The Queen Elizabeth II for it, but the matter is/was out of my reach. All the problems create by both families with hundreds of complains and lies against my reputation, even to said that I do not open the UK doors to them, selfish, etc. A mislead in the matter. I hope now, you understand the why, I refuse to speak to my family direct. As complicate as each other of family (both) and as bad as each other family, including own children with the same heart as own parents, plus corrupt: they sold me. Can you open the doors to people like that heart and problematic background?-I repeat: my parents never teach us this kind of hate. I had been living in the UK 28 years that way and alone, after the family sold me (reputation).I was cancelling the wedding, for lies of the ex/husband sister against her brother. I told him, that nobody remembers now is not my problem”- The UK stands alone like me, because own families been pulled apart by the system (social workers, etc.) as I explain before: The lack of luxury of tradition. “So please do not give me the bull-shit of “protective laws” to impose on me, by government and council staff, or social worker of the ex/husband, when we are in this mess thanks to them?-I was pulled from my roots for more than 28 years ago, that I love to be alone. I came to life alone and I intent to depart alone. Please let’s to speak open of Racism in our Society with “Maria” case and the full of “Marias” like me and with full respect to everyone, me included. How many of us are sold like meat in the market, in order for the family to live well, as the education from themselves or their own children in University was good for nothing, but using me and my daughters to gain and remove all from us, like the ex/husband “family problems?”-I can not understand where all this “family problems” and/or “I am the problem” comes from, when  in reality I do not want to see anybody, neither I am looking forward to see them, or in the last 28 years. They shut the doors to me first with a wave of lies, that the same doors are closed. I have not seeing any of those people that still think of me as their own sister, because I am not and not by my own making, but by them and Racist attitude. Maria” problem came with the matter of find “Maddie” propaganda, by Gerry and Kate McCann. The parents of Madeleine McCann who are Professionals themselves stand to sue the Portuguese Police Officer, Goncarlo Amaral for his book regarding the process of the investigation of Maddie and for one million the lie?- The matter is open for the McCanns to continue exploiting his daughter’s name ($$££) and continue cover criminal activity. I am interested in Madeleine McCann case. In the same way as Princess Diana famous accident case. I will not comment any further, but I need the jobs (Madeleine McCann and Princess Diana) to pay mortgage. The Trafford Council staff removed all services from me in the Trafford area, as explain before, plus benefits and jobs are hard to find nowadays, without mention the lack of education and opportunities, with colours preferences and Racism. The problem is not just me, but now result that is hundreds of little ME’s. The most vulnerable people of our society badly hurt by the cuts, bedroom taxes, university fee’s and me doing the Mother Teresa of Calcutta bit in advocacy, when I never in my life done before?-The community stands accused of several lies by the UK Government staff (DWP), while we do not own even the Government Computer System, so how?- We believe strong that the law is the law and nobody not matter grade in life should use it to own advantage or against the community (me). When Margaret Windsor and Edward VIII were not allowed to marry own choices for different matters and reasons, but full aware of the consequences, duties and Constitution, but Prince Charles and Camilla. The Queen Elizabeth II was not hard on her own sister or uncle, but followed protocol, in which Prince Charles was born into a Royal Family and He need to abide and obey in the same matter and way as his Mother’s Family Traditions. We do not care about Prince Charles and Camilla´s love and wish them well for ever. What we worry is the truth fact of what that love is going to do direct, to the British Monarchy and UK peoples, because in the long run, it will destroy the backbone of the British Institution, Constitution and even Principles with a wave of corruption, in which was well cemented over the years by the Queen Elizabeth II and Her Royal Family, with Worldwide Status and beyond the Seas. It’s not fair, straight and honest that one of her children’s (Prince Charles and Camilla) comes along and destroys all her hard work (The Queen Elizabeth II) affecting badly and direct to her Royal Family and People’s of the UK and crumbled all in a second, due to bad motives, advice or heart (“family problems”) towards their own family, furthermore a Mother, the person that gave us Life. As a result of Prince Charles/Camilla and Gerry/Kate McCann wave of investigations due to accident and disappearance that the matter is becoming a media circus, particularly with an infant of 3 months old unable to defend reputation. While it´s understanding the aim of this cause, may I do not agree with Former BBC Royal Correspondent Christopher Lee, but he is right to make a comment into the matter and speak the way he wants without insulting. Unfortunately, the one that choose on this matter is Prince George if he wants to become a King, when the time comes, or not. At the end of the day the Monarchy is passing a very hard stage at this particular moment, may, may not reach the next level, for Christopher’s Lee own tranquillity. The discontent into the Queen’s peoples direct to Her Majesty due to changes in Government (university fee’s, cuts, bedroom taxes, etc) may will not let the continuance of the Monarchy itself, not to the Queen Elizabeth II own fault, but the second in command in Her place, “Prince Charles. Prince of Wales and his wife Camilla”- Now, if the Republicans people wants to get rid of the Monarchy itself, they are well advice to get a proper education, reasons and stamina into the matter, as the job is not an easy one. The dream outstand centuries of tradition, culture, roots, blood and wars, that cannot be erased so easy. “The UK is the envy of the world thanks to the Monarchy”. The work is going to be bloody hard indeed and may, may not reach the aim, scales or limits wanted, but see other countries that got rid of the real King, as Spain. Today the children of those people that left in the 1930’s Spanish Civil War and Franquism, they are as confuse as you and I, but trying to find own families, roots and blood. Mèxico opened the doors to hundreds of  Spanish “exiliados” in Michoacán and almost the place is destroyed with all kind of wars. The problem is not the Monarchy itself, but the Anarchy that was born, when the Queen Elizabeth II gave everything to her peoples, after the WWII and the Victorians times is a thing of the past. Now the Queen’s child (Prince Charles and Camilla) is trying to cut (expenses) all Her Majesty hard work of years (60+), reducing everything including jobs, resources, electricity, and save money. The aim can be done and is possible, but need years into the matter. What I worry is that the matter is attacking the most vulnerable people of our society. The matter is destroying the system that stand to be the best in the world. I see the system and new changes. As a building that is in construction, while there is nothing wrong with the building itself, but the small groups of Government staff that are corrupting the system, that is what need to be change, not the building. The small groups of Anarchist that believe themselves more than the Queen and can pass anything or anybody, that’s need to be change. Where everybody need to know where we all stand in Society, Politics, Education, Religion, etc. Furthermore not to bring “family problems” to work and use the building as a forest to cover or gain protection from own wars. The Monarchy stands to be the most old, experienced and well prepare of the whole wide world with centuries battling wars, corruption, famine, subjects and matters of the State and believe it or not, but won the lot. I believe strong the Queen Elizabeth II knows what she needs to do, when time comes, if ever comes. I stand to Prince Charles and Camilla but they need to probe the matter of Princes Diana “accident” first in a Court of Law and not trying to get rid of Lady Di to get married, which is obvious. Baby Prince George is far to young right now (28/10/2013). Prince William or Prince Harry whichever is willing to take the matter into their own hands and help, restore and heal the trust into the UK Monarchy and if for any reason/s, then abdicate in the same way as Edward VIII did in order to give the next person the place to save the country. I am standing for all of the men mention before (Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry and Prince George), but inclined more into a Prince that has been prove to be an excellent example better than his elder brother Prince Charles: Prince Andrew, Duke of York.  I am a taken by his guts of Prince Andrew to fight for his family in the open arena and do not give a cent to speak his mind. Prince Andrew still in good terms with the ex/wife, treats her well and with full respect and stands firm to his daughters. Prince Andrew do not live by any Duchy in which supports financially to Prince Charles and Camilla lifestyle, in exchange of a thank you, they use against the country with cuts?-As Prince Charles and Camilla  knows full well that they got the Duchy to support them, but was not possible to his uncle Edward VIII or Princess Margaret. Prince Andrew never interfere in State matters or sent letters (  ) to UK Government staff to attack people (me) or the community (disabled, old, ill, unemployed, etc.), furthermore he never order cuts (DWP, NHS, etc.) and unless specific orders he will abide, obey and respect the law, which is his Mother, The Queen Elizabeth II, but different as Prince Charles. Prince Andrew do not brings chaos to the communities or keep the country pinned to the wall unable to move due to the cuts and wave of abuse of power and profession to all of us and for the list mention before and much more, that’s make a King. The Letters stands: “preparations for kingship” ( ) but the country stands in stand hill, unable to move any further, freeze and just one millimetre to evaporate the Monarchy, Constitution and Principles that we are all Govern by the State, thanks to Prince Charles and Camilla. All that mention before happening to us in the UK (cuts, bedroom taxes, university fee’s, poverty, food banks, murders by ATOS (10,600, etc) and the lack of assertive by the Government staff (DWP, NHS etc) and the Queen Elizabeth II stands accused and without Her knowledge, permit or consent in the matter. I mention the cuts with my notes over a year ago, but nothing was done.

and etc ..
I understand the Queen released some duties to Prince Charles and we thank God for it, can you imagine if she gave him all the duties “with respect“?-I said this as Prince Charles is keeping his own brothers out of his family home with little jokes, lack of respect, bit of fun’s, lesson’s to learn or molestations orders?- Can you imagine what the hell is happening to all of us in the UK residents, “with respect to us?”-We stand accused of lies by the State staff and their own Government (me), when it’s not us that hold the job, responsibility or matter, but them. The incident of Prince Andrew never happened to another Royal member before and was the second police fiasco within three days of the most secure estates in Britain, but a man (DJ Victor Miller), detained under the mental health act for a very similar act (wondering off), except the man is not Prince Andrew. All those things UK people read and get into their own feelings/hearts, instead the man to get the yellow card and the red one on the next intent. I apologies to Prince Charles if this note is an offense, but we the United Kingdom stand offended by what is happening to the Queen, Country, Land and Glory. We are hijacked in a dark hole freeze, unable to escape, in the same way as Lady and Dodi Al-Fayed, or the Driver. I have been studied the Pictures of the Queen Elizabeth II going places with no assistance of her relate family, as Prince Phillip was poorly. The Queen’s Speech 2013 part of it was incorrect, mislead and with small lies relate the UK citizens. As this note explain better the present situation of the UK, particularly with the Government staff own faults, not us, but standing accused our reputation badly. The Royal Family since years ago love to help their own Mother in order to reduce the workload to the Queen Elizabeth II and enjoy a bit of retirement life, but without losing Her Status of: The Queen of England. I have been seeing Prince Charles with more respect to his own Mother and please me a lot, but little issues need to be address and one of them is to “respect” Her Position and stop pushing things. When I become British Citizen, I swore the Bible, to protect the Queen and everything that stands to be the Queen interest as a whole and I am doing it right now, but nobody has any rights to stop me, or misunderstand the things as I am Mexican born and brown, with British Citizenship. I wonder who write, study, investigate the State matters and type all this lot in my blog. I am standing accused of lazy, by the “family problems”, but what actually they do to heal the country racism and for free, but removes all from me and my children .. Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

I believe strong this matter ( comes with the social worker investigation note that I wrote (10/28/13) as you can read ( The Irish Police think that a Roma couple kidnapped own child because of colour of the hair, skin, eyes and physical appearance, well that is Racism .. ), compare and refer the same fallen state of the United Kingdom services against nationals. Now published after me in a form of book, with no remuneration, permission (from me), but STOLEN my work with little or non/decency, maybe for a packet of cigarettes, as usual?- As the ex/husband mother used to critic of her son and daughter social worker selling family and own work, for a packet of cigarettes. I believe the ex/husband and his sister social worker stand accounted as well for whatever comes after now (27/5/2015) in the UK government, politics and even social affairs: “Selling the UK for a packet of Cigarettes, in order to satisfy own malice, greed and even revenge!!-As I come from Mèxico (UK citizen) and for more the ex-husband and his sister social worker wants to blame me for own misfortunes, we don´t have this kind of services, in fact in a million years, as we don´t have the resources!!”-