MP’S named and shamed of the whole United Kingdom, including MP Brady Graham for Trafford Area ..

You shall not steal; you shall not deal falsely; you shall not lie to one another.”(Leviticus 19:11)

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“One of the biggest advantage about Grammar School is we know that they work, and how they work,” unknown Author. My problem was ignorance of those 2 matters (we know that they work, and how they work) as own selective rules in order to sacrifice my children´s education in another area of Manchester, because Trafford Council and MP Brady Graham selective programs of Grammar schools, based solely on academic selection and the rest classify: “Not clever-good enough and wrong ideals, ideas, aims, racism and intolerance”, that divide the UK, by the Government own regulations”-As if I was watching Dr Josef Mengele own experiments to Jewish children´s survival: one to the right, one to the left and mean, those children´s on the left were killed in the gas chambers and to the right were spare own life, incredible but true!- When I was paying school fee’s and poll tax at the same time, also watching from a distance how other children´s from far away areas were coming to Trafford to take my children’s place, and in which grounds in law. As this man Brady Graham is a Lawyer and he should know better, because I can sue him for my children’s education and the rest of the area badly affected: Graham Brady’s Friends of Grammar Schools (the elite)!?- Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and even Digitally can exhaust and affect the matter to our children’s of tomorrow´s, with own self – stern and brings a lot of butterflies into their own heads. As small children´s can not understand “Racism” at that young age, because in law is not the exam, but the selective matters, which is Racism and against the law. Unfortunately any children who don’t fit into the “selective” category can become totally apathetic about their own education of tomorrow’s and any parent badly affected by the selection should bring a court order to finish with the Hitler´s regiment in order to help me, as I can not do this matter alone, but all Trafford own duty. Where for me the matter is late as I paid poll tax and school fee´s at the same time living in a Grammar School Area, but for young parents of today is time to finish Racism. It’s time to Stop, Full Stop testing children at a very younger age, as they are human people, made of skin and bones, not toys to manipulate and breaks own hearts, aims, ideals or ventures and force people to live nearby, if they want a place. As every child can develop in different stages and not all are branded “equal” living in the Trafford area, but like Dr Mengele’s own ideals of perfectionism that kills own self-stern, at tender age. Apart from that matter alone that destroy’s children’s minds, but the motto of: “who is your friend” gets a place in Trafford selective schools, as if the Holly and Almighty MP Brady was the full owner of the area and not a merely Government staff, than ability (Gifted/Talented) of the child and in law the illegal matter/procedure is totally corrupt. As MP Brady should know better, as he studied law and he, himself wished me luck, when I requested explanation as my children’s qualifications for the 11 plus was only by small numbers. Today, I am doing the same to MP Brady: “Wishing him good luck, as time to finish with corruption even in legal fields, profession or government departments”-Where we question legally any fitness to practice: under the section 63(3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of “good character”, in every work field including, mp’s, government staff, charities, work-experience, apprentice or similar that deals direct with the members of the public and own ideals, matters or principles affect the (small) public badly. As Mexican born mother with British citizen and parent, also supporter for equal rights for all including children. I am against any kind of academic selection, as “who is your friend to win your own child’s place” is not relevant the matter in principle, but corruption in law. I can take MP Brady to courts for what he is a cheat, as if he done a career in law, then he should know better as he swore the Bible to aim for the benefit of the community, not against. As we are not numbers, but tinny little lives. Furthermore, when you are dealing in a racist world, by a racist government staff and by a racist attitude of society that brings nothing good to the community, let alone to the child, except a divide community of pure privilege: white/white, clean/clean, cream/cream-full of racism. As if people wants the Grammar Education no problem, but then move to the area and contribute to the ideal with the poll tax. Racism is not just direct to the UK families by MP Brady but to immigrants as well, as we are all Children’s of immigrants parents: Have You Signed The Pledge?- Have a look on the list to see whether your MP signed the pledge as Mr Brady, also 95 Tory MP’s call for EU law veto ( ), but living within a cosmopolitan community that contribute extremely well, like the Jews community in the Trafford area, but not persecuted (me).  I am badly affected in extreme measure, by the groups of racists: Tory MP’s. Immigracion and Free Movement Against Xenophobia, Racism and Hate in the Trafford Area and the whole UK, also beyond our land, country and glory in the name of The Queen Elizabeth II ( ) , and let’s to create a country Free of Racist thugs ( ) starting from the MP’S (Brady), that should set excellent example, standards and principles in the community and not minimize us as whole: “Human race, made of skin/bone, that we come with feelings and can communicate the internal pain of rejection and racism, as nobody is above the law .. 

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The Government (MP Brady) have acted unlawfully, illegal and against the law with the full removal of our children’s own education (and mine) and not matter immigrant or not, also born in the United Kingdom as my own children. The immigration standards of the Trafford area is below the normal law regulation in principles, morality and human rights acts, including and not extent the UK Constitution which is: “The Queen Elizabeth II as nobody is above the law, as the Rule of The Law dictate and mandate”- The MP Brady should know very well of the same matter, racial prejudice, racist attitude, rules, regulations, duty of care, constitution, international laws, human rights acts and even european union and laws, etc, if he ever studied the law as he state, as we cannot contemplate another war out of hate propaganda: WWII. Where the UK Government is putting themselves above the law and in which grounds in law and I mean not just immigration, or education, but with the actual benefits sanctions and by law to pay claimants money that is due to them, as the law dictate.  There is not 100% of accurate notion of the country to be in financial crisis or not, as the MP David Cameron says of the new changes and excuses, because the rich becomes more rich and the poor more poorer. What worry me is that: The Queen Elizabeth II own affairs sanctioned with refusal of heat and own expenses almost gone, etc?- So, what MP Brady has to do with this matter you may ask but, he same to be very happy to give approval of all the new changes, challenges and bullying to the community by the UK government staff, as if the UK comes with no rules, regulations or laws, but corruption?!-The Government have acted unlawfully and MP’S named and shamed (MP Brady), in law we do not ask for perfection, but service to the community
Nobody has the rights to nominate people: “Before asking for their own permit first”, not matter if those people are friends, work mates or the neighbor, by law those people need to ask your permission, consent and knowledge first, not just nominate, request or impose, because you are putting the victim in a position that is unable to choice better and many times as close friends since young”-I am doing the job of any mother would be doing to my own children and not matter age, as I have enough of pushing people around, even young or old in order to show off the person, exposes the family and/or use people as cash machine, etc. I never nominate any friends of my children for anything and if ever, I ask them first for the matter/s. I never comes to nobody’s house in order to bring misery, expose the parents or even to use own showers, without requesting the owners permit first. I never bring my own laundry to your place, now that my tumble dryer is broken. I have never abuse friends of the family or my children for anything, in fact I do not visit for the same reasons and in order to steal: peace & harmony in any way, form or shape and bring intolerance. As a mother, I have the rights to protect my children in the same way as any other mother (Irish, British, Mexican, etc.), not matter age. Particularly, when I lost unborn children by the ill spread of the “family problems” of the ex/husband and his family (sister/social worker). Here, I am talking about anything, including and not extent, charity choices, that are all your choices, but may not my child’s, or mine, or the neighbor and/or the community own choices or interest and nobody has any Rights to imposes the others in order to show off the person in public or to bring Bulling to our lives. The Bullying that my children went on for many years of abuse at own local primary christian/catholic school – ethos, prejudices, racism, etc. In which, I request the Holly Pope to come to our aid as the intolerance of those that call themselves Christians, but hurt the rest is way out of order (see bottom pics). We are not here to represent you or to take orders from you or nobody, but yourself, as we are not MP’s. As the problems enlisted here, is the cause of the whole community, not just me and mine, but the rest and I am doing the matter for free, suffering the benefits sanctions and a full wave of harassment by the United Kingdom government, but who helps us?-The education standards, immigration or even illness of the person ( ttp:// ) depends very much on the government own policies, not the community. It’s time that if the community wants anything then go for it, instead laying the law, but come and help, without taking advantage of the critical situation that the most vulnerable people of the UK is suffering at the present time. Particularly when people are dropping own study (University), or driving lessons, but we encourage the matter gently to the person’s own advantage, but the ex/husband and his “family problems” get all the credits and benefit from the matter, to the point and push me one side with bad spread, because that is not what we need for a “thank you”-Feet Of Flames from Michael Flatley is about bullying that destroy from others everything, including reputation, which in modern times is a crime in law the intolerance, abuse and hate propaganda, but very well implemented by the Irish band and in society, a sad reality. Particularly, when nobody supervise own children not matter age, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.