Prince William celebrates his 32nd Birthday in style with (£4m) refurbished apartment and (£8m) helicopter, plus air ambulance pilot job of £40,000 a year.

Prince William and Prince Harry, Our Future Kings of England by their own Mother: “HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP)” .. 

The Penguin Song Happy Birthday ..

Happy Times: “HRH Prince Charles, HRH Princess Diana of Wales and HRH Prince William. 
The son of HRH Prince Charles and HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP), which is our well loved Prince worldwide and respected beyond the seas, also future King of England by his own mother, Prince William (William Arthur Philip Louis, born 21 June 1982) celebrates his 32nd birthday bash in total Royal Style: “£4 million refurbished apartment ( turning help to the “Bank of Dad” as HRH Prince Charles owns the Duchy of Cornwall ( worth more than £400 million, in which includes £728million organisation’s tax arrangements (, also stunning yellow luxury helicopter named: ‘Heirforce One” worth £8m ( gift from the Queen Elizabeth II for his Birthday present, plus part-time job of air ambulance pilot  ( earnings £40,000 a year”-,_Duke_of_Cambridge

The Royal Family have defended an estimated £4million refurbishment of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Kensington Palace apartment.

Happy Times: “HRH Prince William, Princess Kate and Baby George” – 

The crisis and scandals in which the European Royal Family request some kind of transparency in laws (, but in the other hand, I believe strong that by law, The Queen Elizabeth II has the “Rights to Know” what is happening from her own peoples environment, in which the same way from us to them in a form of respect, that works both ways. The reasons why we said: “No to gagging law” ( to protect and avoid a similar matters, that happened with the Russian Royal Family. I believe is better to freak in life than to said sorry later of any matters including law, because we need to protect HRH Princess Diana of Wales own Children, that were separate from their mother in a form of “an accident”- As the mother (HRH Princess Diana of Wales) in question is not here with us to do the matter of our future Kings of England, also to protect The Royal Family: “The Queen Elizabeth II”  ..   

There is small controversy by the way The Royal Family is seeing by the media and adored worldwide, but small groups looking for excuses to hurt reputation of peoples and can be anybody, of any background and any how and not necessarily of Royal Status. The crisis in the UK leave the doors open to any kind of abuse, because I was bless with either ways, then I can balance the matters, but not always the rest can perform with the same matters and anything is used in order to cash. I, Myself can do some more to continue further help to The Queen Elizabeth II in which, I swore alliance when I become British Citizen and Her peoples of this land, but not in order to live with fear and lack of protection laws. I am removed of everything by the ex/husband “family problems” and his groups of hate preachers, that pretends helping me, but brings a wave of intolerance to my life, even if divorce by law and the matter is a crime, very much the same as Princess Diana of Wales ( hunted, bullied, paparazzi (me neighborhood), stalked, spy, followed and etc?- “Where there is not respect in the UK services, but professional misconduct by the bullies making a mockery of the system as a whole”-I am unable to carry on any further help to The Queen, as I was attacked by the local dentist leaving me the infection so many times (attempt to murder), but the use of antibiotics instead and where instead to extract the tooth, pulled hard by the dentist (see half way the note) as physical abuse Insulted by the police officer when trying to gain access to the law with them, or at Manchester county courts, as she said of civil matters, after bullied with physical abuse by the ex/husband and his helpers: as he knew where I was going on the day I was attacked by the dentist, but wants to speak to my GP instead?- Where the groups of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, use anything even children that parents are not monitor the abuse to the community, starting from both families forming allies, groups, bullshit and a wave of criminal activity to me and mine. Holding the children as guarantor to protect themselves but working as professionals – even as social worker, like the ex/husband sister? .. and later blame me, because the stuff belong to me either present, or past, but stolen by them, in order to frame me?- In this way my brother and my unborn children were killed, by family problems. In which started with the ex/husband and his own sister social worker lies of 5 boys, the river ( and a wave of lairs, haters and preachers were born after, exploiting the UK tax payer living free of expenses in the country (, in order to remove all that is mine and help them with matters, even climb the ladder at work, but causing hate to me and mine for 28 longer years(1985/2014), non/stop and you worry of what your own people create in the past?-
I spoke of the matters several times in my blog in which the Lady in question is seeking permit to the law to gain access to Justice which is HRH Princess Diana of Wales and myself as well with my personal matters (, without the help, and/or removing access to the system with lies from the ex/husband and his own sister social worker and helpers, then I am unable to help any further to the Crown, even The Queen and Her peoples, because the matter is not just foreign affairs, but national affairs by your own peoples, that are sick of the system in the same way, as me. I got nobody to represent me worldwide and I feel capable to deal with my own matters and reasons why I studied the English Law at home. I refuse to continue until help is available to me with services in the community properly restored, including court hearings where both cases are present not just one (the side of the ex/husband and his helpers), even HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP) own personal matters and we are taken seriously by the law, police and the community with respect, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.