The Rights to Know and by Law:"Jihadist threat to the UK" ..

“For a world without guns, drugs, violence and racism!”
“Por un mundo sin armas, drogas, violencia y racismo!”
“Per un mondo senza armi, droga, violenza e razzismo!”
“Pour un monde sans armes, drogue, violence et racisme!”
“Für eine Welt ohne Waffen, Drogen, Gewalt und Rassismus!”
من أجل عالم خال من الاسلحة والمخدرات والعنف والعنصرية!”
“Quia sine tormentis, sagittis, vim et racism”
«Որովհետեւ մի աշխարհում, առանց զենքի, թմրանյութերի, բռնության եւ ռասիզմի!”
“Por la mondo sen kanonoj, drogoj, perforto kaj rasismo!”
“За мир без оружия, наркотиков, насилия и расизма!”

Mireille Mathieu – Santa Maria De La Mer [1978 French]   .. 
I swear an oath of allegiance to The Queen, Country and Land, when I become a British Citizen. I intent to make a long commitment into the matter, instead of just to receive the legal document, passport and good life, but not when I am bullied by the legal system, family problems with domestic violence/abuse and hate to my persona, removing all from me?-Particularly, when half of those people I hardly ever meet in my life, or I hardly spoke a single word with them, but abused and hate me?-What if I come to your life with full hate and you never ever meet me before and in which position I should be classify in law and why, I have to take the HATE (shit) myself?-I am not liable for any family problems of mine, when I am trying to solve the problems to the better of my ability and the system refuse to co-operate with the use of the law properly as everyone is entitle, allowed and by law, because the same family of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers blocks me the way into the matters?-The continuance of the ex/husband family problems into my life should be a think of the past since divorce (2012) and I believe strong the ex/husband is not my matter anymore, but on his own family now, including his sister social worker. In which I can not understand how the ex/husband sister social worker studied the career, if unable to tackle her own brother, or her own personal issues and working in the community, because it is either, her past (5 boys, the river, etc), or her job and act her age!?-The matter reflects with the continuance of the ex/husband sister social worker requesting help to my family, before and after the divorce with the excuse of, “all about me”, when she could speak to me personally of the matters and for the last 28 years, but wanted to cash. When in reality is to keep in touch with family and use me as an excuse, even to remove all from me with her bad spread confusing matters, but in law, I am divorce from all of them, to continue the cashing and hate propaganda!?-“I refuse to speak to my family, before we solve the problems of murder (charges) of my unborn children with bad spread, also my brother, as law is one thing and another different is family, but they want to mix matters, pardon matters, abuse matters, when crime is crime in any language”- The domestic abuse and violence cataloged by the police officer as civil (law) matters (, for more than 28 years (1985-2014) the abuse of power and profession, with a catalogue of abuse ( and reasons of my divorce (2012). Including leaving me with tooth infection ( as “attempt to murder” by dentist in the Trafford area, or instead extracting the tooth, pulled as “physical abuse” and even to use the children to help (see half way the note)?- I do not mind to continue as friends with the ex/husband as we share children, but this is as far, as the matter gets: “friends”-I am not on duty to the rest of the ex/husband family, when for 28 + years, I was bullied by his sister social worker with tales (5 boys, the river, etc.) and I lost unborn children. I was not allowed to be part of that family of the ex/husband, but excluded with the: “Please don’t tell Carol”, by own mother, because of fear, control and emotional blackmail, that nobody can enjoy life to the fullest and she is a social worker, in control of the community?-The ex/husband mother neglect, suffered several fractures, falls, hospital long stays and serious illness after her husband passed away, when it was stipulate on the will that she will be care by her own daughter/social worker (not me), but I got the blame. My care jobs, employments, or business gone in a form of another lady (Margorie Bagnall), that Trafford council/direct payments staff used as excuse, with little respect. When I understood the matters and I wanted to help the ex/husband mother, the woman passed away (RIP). In which the past reflect enormously in the present, by the lack of care into my matters by the ex/husband sister social worker, that pretends to be of help with her brother affairs in order to be in the center of mine, stealing all from me, that even her brother bullied and I get the blame, when I am not a social worker?-The matter is made in a way that looks as if I need help, confuse, or unable to cope, when in reality the ex/husband, his sister/social worker, members of my family and helpers steals, destroys, removes, bully all mine ( and like me the rest of the country, by abuse of professional misconduct, either at home, school, at work, or in the community. I am talking about small groups of professionals like the ex/husband and his own sister social worker that destroys the United Kingdom system, with abuse of power and profession, not the rest. The criminal activity acts to me, as victim of crime by both families ( and their own problems, that me and mine need to revive over and over and over and over and over and over the past 28 years non/stop, in order for them to cash the generosity of the UK tax payer, with services, education, benefits and mine removed and in which grounds in law?- “If I return back to the past is to understand matters of why we are today with the criminal activity of the ex/husband and his own sister social worker and their own helpers, in which my unborn children and brother died”-When on christening of one of my children, a sister (soco) done the Rihanna act and the ex/husband mother was terrible upset, I did a letter to that sister to express the matters, and she used in her own benefit to cash and win her ex/husband home (see also links) with lies. I hope the witness (dave/carol) can acknowledge matters for once (Rihanna act) and to be honest in their own entitle life, because the criminal activity ( is about the 2 families, not just one and people with profession to acknowledge bribery, financial exploration and criminal activity in which abused the family name to cash.  

(I apologies to Rihanna and noting to do with her and I thank her for the help in this matter, as I lost unborn children and brother by the abuse of my elders sisters).

You may ask what the hell, “Jihadist threat to the UK” means into my life, but for more than 28 years none/stop, the ex/husband and his sister/social worker, also members of my family had been using the UK system with any imaginary excuses “of about me (blame me)” to enter the country and live FREE from the generosity of the tax payer aided by them and I get the blame?-The funny thing is that nobody from the UK system (courts, judges, solicitors, police, etc.) can help me with family problems as lacks of laws, can you live this way and why me with a Jihadist family?-The matter has nothing to do with Muslim world ( which I apologies if misunderstood matters, but trying to explain my matters and my world, which is very much the same as the UK face now. I had to face the problem of Jihadist threat family from both sides since arrived to the UK (1985-2014), all alone, hard of hearing, blame by both families of anything in order to cash, in a foreign country, living with hate, racial stigma, discrimination, repression, intolerance, accused of everything, abused, house reposed, house ripped off, house infected, my children bullied in their own school, pets destroyed/hurt/abused, not cash to live, no jobs, no prospectus, no dreams, no education, no services, no medical, or dental treatments, no love, no respect, hunt, hurt, stalk, spy, bullied, followed and not a tiny trust to live in this country, but full paranoia. In which my unborn children and brother died in the family holocaust, full of lies of the kiss, china woman, the river, 5 boys, or when I was empty a simple dishwasher and the ex/husband was teasing me on that moment, but used excuse to hurt my brother badly ( with the spread, in which he died by the same (Jihadist) threat of family and their own problems. I was told a few months ago by X person, that members of my family (Rocío Núñez Castellanos.) are living in the UK and only God knows since when, FREE from tax payer in fact the matter was to be truth. I found links with “Human Traffiking” ( the same family sold me (see link name – Rocío Núñez Castellanos), years ago by sister (mara?) like meat with lies of my reputation (kiss, etc), incredible the abuse?- In which, I am not liable for any dishonesty even collecting cash by those people that calls family (Rocío Núñez Castellanos.) in order to subside expenses in the United Kingdom and continue hate propaganda against me, but request help by the law, as they use all my stuff, but all mine is FREE, with protection rights?- The family problems (Rocío Núñez Castellanos.) are everywhere in the UK cashing $$£££ using the unchain charity business (see: “Unchain visited King’s College London for the “Activism #now” forum to join the conversation and add efforts against #HumanTrafficking.) in every university they can possible cash with ideas and in order to gain access even to privacy, but may not vetted by the UK law of such charity, like: A son of a sister (ALBERTO III HAAZ CASTELLANOS) doing the same illegal matters with parents unaware of problems, in which is not my matters, but need to address matters in order to clarify. In law means that all my family steals everything from me including my jobs in order to keep those matters, after bad reputation or lies of my persona, because it was me that owned ebay store as Gold Powerseller with good record years ago and removed by hate spread ( of family problems, but the same man (ALBERTO III HAAZ CASTELLANOS) came to the UK and got the business for him, FREE from tax payer education from south trafford college and all mine removed with lies!!-The same my jobs in the bank (post office, thomas cook, HM Customs and Exice etc.) and passed to niece in puebla and the UK removed, friends (sergio gomez pintado, etc) passed to another niece in cancun to use/abuse and all mine passed in the UK to the ex/husband sister/social worker, with lies of 5 boys, the river and etc. The thing is that my family STOLE all mine ( ) based on lies of my reputation and today, I got nothing not even my unborn children and brother killed. The following link a petition to United Kingdom & Mexican Government. I request the Government to removed everything from my family in the same way as I lost all today, by them. The education of my children, I pay for it with my own work and the university by my children own means, contrary of my sisters that use the rest of the family for their own children gain education, services and life. As if the family were their own cash machine to subside expenses, based on lies?-In which, I request Germany, Canada, UK, Mexico, Cancun, or worldwide to follows suit and help me to remove all from my family (licence in profession, education, dental treatments, medical services, jobs, pets, country of birth, liberty, freedoms, laws, etc.) in the same way as I lost all today by them, even the area (, plus to return those people back to Mexico, in order to be next to their own parents and family, because those people are not my problem. When my brother and unborn children died as a result of misconduct, hate, negligence, abuse of power and profession, intolerance, malicious spread, domestic abuse/violence by those people that were family not my problem, but sisters and brother, also the ex/husband and his own sister social worker in which I am divorce, but matters need to be settle legally and by the use of the law and reasons of removal profession, etc. I am not in position to lose another country, another matters, or another means, after living in the UK half my life and only for lies of family problems of the ex/husband and his sister social worker and helpers including family, to steal all from me and they to gain all with no efforts, but lies, hate and malicious spread against me and mine. My brother (Jose) removed children of my elder sisters (primiada) and brother from Tierra Blanca, Veracruz (, then later killed by the same threat of hate like the Jihadist threat to the UK, in order to assist each other, including the ex/husband and his sister social worker in the criminal activity and I was to blame in order to cash?-I need to protect me and my children legally by the use of this document, because those people that calls themselves family hide themselves, matters and the law: “Crime is Crime” in any language, law, or country and me or my brother are not responsibility of those people, but their own parents, that kills my unborn children and brother with malicious spread, hate and intolerance. My parents teach us to work, not to live from charity (, or annoy peoples lives as the Jihadist threat to the UK and from both families of mine. I swear loyalty to the Queen Elizabeth II and with this kind of Jihadist threat of family in the UK, how the hell I will do the matters, if all is removed from me with lies from “family problems” in order to monitor me, control even my children and abuse the English system, but unable to gain access to the English law to gain protection?-I want the ex/husband to live in his mother house that comes with everything and leave me the sherway drive house as payment for all the matters that I lost today, including my unborn children by hate spread and him and his sister to continue paying the mortgage/loan of sherway drive, maybe assisted by the rest of the family, as they are all united when suit them. I will sell sherway drive house and move somewhere else, as the area need a break from family problems and time to stop the abuse, full stop!-I can not stop the family living in the UK because the same as you, I am unaware of the correct home address and reasons of stay in Immigration status, except warning you of the threat, false claims in benefit and charity or business by the use of profession, that swipe FREE pass and access of all services in the UK, but requesting help to worldwide government to stop the abuse. In which I am not legally ably by the  law for those reasons and unaware of where those people live, or hide, but the ex/husband and his sister social worker, not me that aid each other and reasons to request a stop to the abuse, until clarify of family problems and crimes against members of my family and my unborn children. I had been trying to use the courts to deal with matters (domestic abuse, violence, hate, intolerance, etc.) in which I apologies to anyone concern, but to no avail. As the social worker sister of the ex/husband that protects some members of my family hide in “confidentiality acts” that swipe magically and against the law all the time, with her professional card and not wonder we are in crisis in the UK by the abuse of power and profession and I am trying to stop, full stop the abuse. In which, there is not revenge of anything from me to any family, or their own problems, but trying to deal with the matters legally and in order for everyone to read, not hide like cowards winning points. As obvious the family problems of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers including some members of my family won point by negligence, because my brother and unborn children killed by their own malicious spread, hate, bullying and intolerance. I am trying to deal with matters as everyone normal does in the UK, at the Courts, but removed all from me, in order for the abuse to continue, cash and exploit the tax payer generosity, again not by me, but the ex/husband and his sister social worker that hide those matters from me and from years ago and I can probe legally the matter but request help to stop ( ), full stop the abuse, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.