Samantha Skinner and her two-year-old son Max: “Evicted” ..


Samantha Skinner packs life into boxes of different sizes, because her refuge flat and home for the past two years in town of Tunbridge Wells, Kent is reposes, in which the bailiffs will come at the weekend. Samantha Skinner diagnosed with multiple sclerosis while on maternity leave and relationship affected badly, leaving her disabled single mum.“This flat has been a safe place for me to bring up my son Max,” says Samantha, 28. “But now we’re being kicked out and nowhere to go.” The Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – complex illness with many symptoms that some people won’t experience them all, certainly not at the same time. Symptoms might include fatigue, vision problems and difficulties with walking, but different for everyone. In other words, multiple sclerosis affects nerves in the brain, spinal cord, muscle movement, balance and debilitate victim with time. Samantha’s landlord fell behind with mortgage payments and housing benefit problems, in which charity Shelter supports Samantha: “Two years ago I was just living my life,” Samantha says. “I was working, I wasn’t someone on benefits.”- The Borough Council in any UK comes with own policies, regulations and financial emotional blackmail, where the welfare state is no longer a safety net, but build many millionaires that own those houses. I worked for a lady that has MS and she was a reputable doctor in the area of Timperley, Park Road. In fact her child was on the same class and school as mine and this lead to long chats and friendship. I notice her life was a turmoil when she wanted to gain just a simple service. The financial strain and independence of this woman to lead her life as normal as possible was a battle, in which the ex/husband left at the end, as I was told by her sister. The doctor asked me to help her and I have no problems, but I was uncomfortable to receive cash for the service. I come from Mexico and me and some members of my family disabled, so it was normal for me to come at her call. “I could not understand why I have to receive money for helping someone and it was years after, that I understood the UK system, but not before” – I could not cope with the job on that moment because I was not a career, but passed the job to a sister that just arrived from Germany and understand those matters better, than me. What wrong I was!!!-My sister (soco) did not last in the job and left as requested by the doctor, that was extremely upset with her. I never knew what was the problem, but she mention of missing money and job performance, then her own sister told me, that her husband left her?-This same doctor recommend me with (thanks!) doctor Hunt which is the dentist in the Trafford area. ( see link ). I believe strong that Dr Hunt ( see link ) comes with connection from the rest of Dental problems that I have at the present time in the area of Trafford: “They talk each other”-I understand that I have “family problems” from both families now (2014) and reasons of my divorce (2012), but not on the time of the doctor & doctor Hunt (year 2002 aprox). I understand that both families including their own children and problems are adults to take own responsibility and come to the UK if necessary also Canada, Germany, Cancun (ex/husband and his sister, also family from Mexico) and collect their own responsibility (children, brother, sister, etc), but not mine ( see link ). I am not liable for the ex/husband, or him to me at any time as we are divorce (2012), neither for any “family problems” but his sister social worker responsibility to look after her brother and the family ( to look after their own family not me, but using me, with lies (the river, the kiss, china, etc,) to exploited the UK tax payer and blame me after. Now if anyone wants the violent culture that enters the UK then should be free as well to pay for their own expenses, not me. In the same way as the ex/husband and his sister social worker mother (RIP) that was badly neglect, abused and left the woman alone in a very bad state, when it was part of the will to look after the mother by the social worker. As on the 14/7/2014 I had a fight with the ex/husband at home for not to cook his meals, but when he cooks mine, or when his sister social worker cooks meals for her brother and mother as it is her responsibility not me, she is the social worker as her mother said so, not me. Today (15/7/2014) when trying to gain dental service was not possible to achieve a proper job, because of the day before fight with the ex/husband, that reflects all with any imaginary “excuses” to hurt me, in the same way as happened to the ex/husband and his sister social worker mother, that she passed away (RIP) neglect”?- The fragile woman mother of the ex/husband and his sister social worker was left alone (RIP) in a very vulnerable state of mine like Samantha Skinner since her husband passed away, everything of help removed pretending to be the main career her daughter social worker, but no care at all, because her own children acting as wall to deter any help, in which she suffer after her husband passed away several falls, hospital visits and a wave of domestic violence and emotional – financial abuse, the problem of many families not matter status, ripped apart by problems (see Mickey Rooney link). When I was trying to help the woman mother of the ex/husband she passed away RIP (2014) and unable to do further, as I am divorce since 2012 ( ), but the same problem with the rest of social workers that acts as walls and help is unavailable to the community due to a wave of restrictions, laws, regulations and emotional blackmail-bribery, plus financial exploration as Samantha Skinner and her two year old son need to pay for a unfair society, when there is plenty housing all over the UK, but the bureaucracy of councils. In my point of view of what social world (services, workers, etc) is about, the super wage of another person to care for a vulnerable person, unfortunately is abused when the professional (social worker) stands as walls unable to pass any help to the victim, to continue the financial exploration and pay own bills, gain respect in society and continue a reign of abuse within the community, that enters the vulnerable people own lives, as they remove all even friends, family and environment to control and leave the person in solace, alone and frightened. The matter happened to the ex-husband mother care plan, Samantha Skinner now when there is plenty housing and happens to me now as well as explain with the fight of the ex-husband meal (14-7-2014) and the reactions of the community when I am unable to gain service the next day (15/7/2014) by his malicious spread, when he can get details of my personal life even by the use of BT line?–I believe the phone BT line intercept all my calls (even internet and whereabouts) by the same friends of the ex/husband that works ( for the BT company and not part of my mind like the dentist abuse in the area and reasons why, my sister was detained, but all is coming out in the open. The “family problems” that comes from more than 10 years ago with abuse of power and profession and Trafford council staff knew of the problems, but never told me a thing in order to protect me an mine, from their own hate spread of my reputation even today. Starting with excuse of Margorie Bagnall direct payments user and abused by the same council staff defame lies of my persona, in aid of the ex/husband and his sister social worker that helps each other in the cover – up. Particualrly when the community acts towards me in order to help the ex/husband and his sister social worker, by leaving a mark of for example: “denture sealant” that previous was used by another dentist days ago and acts like mind games to them?-How many professionals are not monitor by a proper regulatory council scheme and people like me ripped off financially by (mind) games ( of the professionals that aid the ex/husband and his sister social worker and removes services from me in the community. I get the blame, instead of the professionals (ex/husband and his sister social worker) that cause the mayor problems into my life with help of the community, with “invisible” ( lies and wave of bullying very much the same as the Krays Brothers. In which the ex/husband and his sister social worker use lies of the matter, or not explain properly matters to take advantage, also members of my family that helps them in order to gain (exploit ££$$$) and educate in the UK for free?- Why I need to live with this mess of life when I am divorce and the ex/husband is not my brother and responsibility but direct to his family (sister social worker), that are trying to confuse peoples with tales, lies and defamation of my persona removing all my personal matters the next day as mention before with the meals problems in a form “pay back, or mind games”, that in law the bullying is equal to ASBOS, criminal offence, victim of crime, neglect, negligence, bullying, domestic abuse and violence!!?-I had been trying to use the law with injunctions at Manchester county court but rejected the claim, by the same “ex/husband helpers”, so why we got the services in the community for and why the services are removed from my reach by the social worker sister of the ex/husband that acts as walls to the community?-I believe people of all ages are used by the sister social worker that refuse to do her job but push people to do what she gets paid for and to look after her brother, because her own parents made her career (type and research) for her to gain the matter and to look after her family (brother/mother), not me!!-The people used by the ex/husband and his sister social worker and helpers in order to gain access to my private life (phone calls, emails, whereabouts) and bring chaos into my life, but use the probe even if small children and/or older peoples that the law can not touch, when in reality where is the parents – family of those young people and elders?-I do not mind the ex/husband and his sister social worker, or anyone (caritas that Sponsor members of my family in the UK, or vice-versa, but from their own pocket the expenses, as nobody ever sponsor me, or my unborn children to gain life, but all removed with no mercy. When in reality the “family problems” is the concern of the same family and problems, which in law a “private matter” and if the ex/husband have a “problem” with me then to use the correct channel which is the law to address the matter and both sitting on the courts, not hide with “harry potter confidentiality acts”, the same should apply to his sister social worker and her wave of lies in a form of helpers with tales: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, china woman, etc and exploit moment, time and the UK tax payer. Where the family problems of the ex/husband and his sister social worker and helpers ($$£££) are trying to evict me from a home of more than 20 years and leave me on the road, also remove all my personal matters (benefits, education, jobs, etc) with lies and bullying constant into my life and pretends I am unable to cope, when in reality is them who cause the abuse/problems. I lost a home in gilderdale close, shaw, oldham 20 + years ago on my name and the ex/husband told me to return it as we were going back together, soon after his sister got her home in glossop. So is all down to envy, removal of my matters and unable to get hold into nothing as all mine is lost, but not the ex/husband sister social worker, as she still got her home, all her teeth, job, etc, but her mother perished (RIP), her brother lost his teeth, job, knee, etc.

I believe for all the matters that I lost due to the “family problems” of the ex/husband and his sister social worker and helpers in a form of intolerance, negligence, victim of crime, criminal activity, ASBOS, Bullying in which I lost my unborn children, country of birth, family (as now with the ex/husband side?), jobs, teeth, health (arm and back), my home (see photo), marriage, husband, etc and using the restorative justice that my God is my witness and help with this blog (, that I am entitle to get hold of the sherway drive home as form of financial compensation for all that I lost today, because they used financial (carol using a cash machine) and I want to use the same system: “Financial” The ex/husband and his sister social worker and helpers (members of my family) and not the children or myself, to continue paying the sherway drive house in a form of loans on their own properties, salaries or any way that they can possible afford. In the same way as I was (still) forced to live in this country for 28 years with endless financial abuse ( and subside with credit, but not prospectus of anything, because removed, even my unborn children from my womb. As I was told by the ex/husband mother not to tell her daughter social worker, when I use to borrow cash from her in a form of manipulation, control my environment and emotional blackmail and all for lies of the river, 5 boys, etc that lasted 28 years none stop the abuse!?- The family problems started more than 20 years ago, as you can see the shaw house and not now, but trying to confuse peoples and pretend is all new, to give chance to the rest to continue abuse the UK hospitality on my name. When the sherway drive home is passed to my sole name, then I will sell it an move away from the area. I believe strong that the ex/husband sister gained her home with false accusation to my persona (5 boys and the river, etc.), as her mother told me, also my sister (soco) used me as the other woman to win her husband house (8 sherway drive) now living in Germany and so arrange between themselves into how they will pay my home of sherway drive together with the ex/husband, as the matter is not mine, or my children, but them as restorative justice and by law, even international law. The ex/husband to move out of sherway drive and live at his mother house for the time to come, because his sister social worker got her own home on the same area and soco got her home in germany, except me, but asking sherway drive as restorative justice from all of them, as they used cash in the malice, then I use the same. The ex/husband mother house is all paid off and so to continue pay expenses the ex/husband to sherway drive until sold and I can move out of the area, also find a job, as we arrange the next stage, until then the rest. If I have my way in restorative justice, I could ask the dentist in trafford area that bullied me ( and friend of the doctor that suffer MS as Samantha Skinner, to pay with their own wealth for her home and provide for her son Max, because The Queen and State do not need to hold this professional misconduct any more, but the person who caused the problem not matter profession, that my Lord is my witness, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.