The Queen deserve to have an open government, to protect Her environment ..

The local newspaper The Messenger many years ago, used to distribute every week the best and worst of the local people and their own business. In the same way, I believe in open Government system, where nobody hides anything and on those places the new data laws to be fast tracked and rushed through Parliament, not us the community, but government staff. As the rest of the community need to have the government system to even consider any bad practice and the result of Germany to expel US spy, not us the community. As even The Queen has a rights to know ( of what happens in Her life and Her Peoples in general, regarded of colour, disability, ability, profession, age, etc. The problem of the Middle East comes from the United Kingdom interference and started from many years ago (, not the rest of the community, while acceptable to implement security, but not to target innocent. In my case was the ex-husband and his sister social worker that with their own family problems, bring a wave of problems to my life for more than 28 years the assault, but the UK just closing borders and I have to endure the hate and lost unborn children and brother?- Where family and friends that entered the UK sponsored by the ex/husband and his sister social worker free of tax payer, but not my unborn children, or mine, but blame by the same peoples. I am falsely accused by members of the community, even staff of the NHS and I never meet them before?-

As result of whistle-blower, because I believe in open government and community in general, where if staff behave badly ( to do what the Newspaper Messenger used to do and expose matters on local news to be aware and protect the community. So why I am with no protection laws in the UK when exposing hate to me and mine, including my dental treatment badly affected, but left with the ex/husband and his sister social worker family problems to continue taking orders from the rest, to attack my persona?-The lack of dental treatment affect people badly, includes kill.

This is what community workers like the ex/husband sister social worker does for a living, bully the community, instead take the case to the courts and do the matter in a proper way, but not because otherwise they all lose their own licence?-What for the professionals are a trill the abuse of power and profession, for the community is murder charges and death. As Barrington Dental Care Dr Rachel Gibbs ( ) broken my bone, when pulled a healthy tooth in which an x/tray was taken, before the matter in private consultation. The NHS staff ( from Oasis weeks before performed treatment on the same tooth but left me infection and they told me tooth was lose, so why Rachel Gibbs was pulling the tooth, instead of extracting?-


‘Postcode lottery’ for NHS dentists – Coventry TelegraphBAD TEETH DON’T GO TO A NHS DENTIST . . . – GRUMPY OLD MANBBC News – Sutton Coldfield fraud dentist Joyce Trail told to pay back £1.4mBlow in dentist payout battle – Manchester Evening NewsBogus NHS dentist made up to £162,000 from con « Express & StarBritish Indian dentist ‘bullied and harassed’ before suicide, says wife – NDTVCPS Statement Dentist jailed for £50,000 NHS fraud – Crown Prosecution ServiceDentist surgery to take NHS to court (From Worcester News)Economy blamed for 10% fall in NHS dentist patients in Brighton and Hove (From The Argus)Mum-of-two in car park suicide leap after suffering agonising pain caused by toothache – Mirror OnlineMuslim Dentist Mohammed Ashraf From Bradford Struck Off For Defrauding NHS Kafir CrusadersNewport multi-millionaire dentist to sell off UK’s largest vintage car collection (From South Wales Argus)NHS Borders Dentists – InformationNHS Borders Dentists – Treatment ChargesNothing to fill NHS dental gap (From Oxford Mail)One in three can’t find an NHS dentist – and half can’t afford one Mail OnlinePrivate dentist is cheaper than NHS! (From Warrington Guardian)Relación entre Enfermedad Periodontal y Enfermedad Cardiovascular Isquémica Perio Expertise

“The lies of either NHS, Private or BUPA health system staff and in my case dental, costing the country own health and killing peoples in negligence, including the family problems of the ex/husband and his sister social worker that use professionals to do their own family problems, cosa nostra, vendettas”-

NHS (Health) scandals.

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As Dr Hunt ( told me that he was unable to remove my front tooth due that may crack, when I was on his list of patients (2002), but left me with infection instead and how many people like me?- The social workers like the ex/husband sister comes with the facility to match peoples lives and to have close contact with anybody of me and mine, in order to be blame of anything after (or my children), without my permit, consent, or knowledge in the matter to control our environment. In my children’s case where they have friends in the area, particularly dentist, gp’s, or health relate same to know me even as parents, but I never meet them before, or as health relate, including children matters, but they feel free to abuse me?-The baptism of my children as godmother the ex/husband sister social worker and my sister in order to use the excuse, to bring a wave of hate to me and mine and steal our life with lies: I committed apostasy for the same level of abuse and my children and me left the religion for good. No more Godfathers? – Vatican considering banning godparents at christenings in a bid to stop Mafia, from using them to create bonds between mob families. I do not want more words but actions from the Vatican to erase complete me and my children Godfathers and walk free of Family problems and Mafia. I was not aware of family problems before the baptism (1990/94), but now. I lost unborn children in the past by the same Mafia and I have a duty to my Lord to protect my children. I will never forget and I will never forgive family betrayal from both Family problems and their own Mafia and reasons in law of me to avoid seeing them again. I confirm that the ex/husband and his sister social worker own mother suffer the same fate, hate, abuse and intolerance as mine, with several falls, dental problems, cancer scare, broken bones, bullying and a wave of abuse of power and profession. In which, months ago me and the children were trying to protect the woman in question, today, I confirm the matter: “Betty Parker was neglect soon after her husband Bernard passed away and left his daughter social worker as the main career, because both parents told me and the ex/husband the same matter, but I was to blame in a form of Margorie Bagnall by the Trafford council staff, to confuse”- While we have the duty to protect the community, but I would like to implement a system of open government into the community, because of the reasons as I explain before and safeguard the same community: “Exposing Bad Practice”-

Defamation (recording Telephone) ..

Legal position for recording telephone conversationsThe Legalities of Recording Telephone CallsUnited Kingdom Legal Guide on Recording Telephone ConversationsWas local authority responsible for harassment campaign against vulnerable adults « UK Human Rights Blog
http– Perry – supporting victims of stalking, harassment and bullyingPolice Forced To Act On Anti-Social Behaviour – Yahoo! News UKSupportLine – Problems Stalking and harassment Advice, support and informationWelcome to the official website of the British Monarchy
As we are all in the community with duty to protect no matter excuse, colour, disability, religion, age, or sex, as we are left in the care of professionals and unaware of their own system, but blame, like dentist of the area with me, but I can not even perform my own treatment, so how, but continue bullying into my life and not protection from the law?-A better attitude in work places for staff to the community not matter job, position and knighthood and vice versa. Where in any job relate there is respect from the staff to the community, as they should know better because of training, education, shadowing, or remove certificate with immediate effect as they sign a contract to abide, obey and duty implement, not matter profession.

child sex abuse

BBC Covered Up Sir Jimmy Savile Child Rapes Claims TV Star Bill Oddie cigpapersbrittan I handled paedophile claimChild abuse files lost at Home Office spark fears of cover-up We Are Change UKDavid Cameron Demands Answers Over Westminster Paedophile Ring ‘Missing’ DossierDoctor in court over sex offencesEx-Cameron aide Patrick Rock faces trial over child abuse imagesEx-minister Lord Brittan under scrutiny over 1980s dossier of sex abuse claimsHistoric child abuse files missingHome Office mandarin fuels row as MP insists vital dossier of claims STILL exist Mail OnlineHome Office Reveals 100 Files Alleging Organised Child Abuse Have Disappearedhttp– Brittan challenged to disclose role in ‘paedophile dossier’ mystery – TelegraphLord Brittan, Former Home Secretary, ‘Questioned By Police Over 1967 Rape Allegation’MPs consider naming paedophile suspects in Parliament – TelegraphNick Clegg rejects calls for inquiry into historic child sex abuse Mail OnlinePaedophile Rolf Harris will be moved to cushy ‘Savoy of Slammers’ prison within weeks – Mirror OnlinePM David Cameron faces fresh demand for UK child abuse reviewRolf Harris groped me at Buckingham Palace – as my husband took this picture – Mirror OnlineRolf Harris jailed Shamed entertainer’s art taken off display across Wales – Wales OnlineRolf Harris Sentencing Entertainer’s Five Year, Nine Month Prison Sentence ‘Unduly Lenient’Running scared of Israel the BBC makes one Israeli life worth 1000 Palestinian lives – Stop the War CoalitionSimon Danczuk I was warned not to challenge Leon Brittan over paedophile dossier – TelegraphSocial Care Network The GuardianUK kids’ TV star Rolf Harris jailed for child abuseuk Muslim Businessman Gets 8 Years For Grooming and Sexually Abusing 12-Year-Old Girl Pamela Geller, Atlas ShrugsVanessa Feltz Sparks ‘Hatred’ Backlash Over Rolf Harris Assault Claim – Yahoo News UKVirginity for sale inside Cambodia’s shocking trade Society The Observer
The certificate removal do not come from me the idea, ideals, or aim, but removed falsely at work, even my references, lost all today!- The Hitler treatment, I received and without time to explain myself in a court of law of the matters in order for me not to find who it was the bully: “The ex/husband and his sister social worker and wave of haters to me and mine for more than 28 years no-ne stop the hate, even now”-I was unable to find out who it was the bully as “confidentiality acts” to protect the bully. I was unable to explain the reasons of why of my own actions, but frame. I was unable to explain of what happened to the case relate on the time, but sacked. I believe the community should receive the same (Hitler) principles of the ex/husband, his sister social worker, also members of family and helpers (neighbourhood, trafford council staff, etc), that implemented the abuse and remove all and hide in “confidentiality acts, protection laws and/or any relate protection, but to expose the person and crime in public, as I was used/abused”-

Social workers.

BASW British Association of Social WorkersChild protection job rejections revealed my real social work passion – 11-5-2012 – Community CareFamily courts the hidden untouchablesFamily CourtsForced adoption, family courts, social services, children in carehttp– for Families Campaign Group – WelcomeName & Shame Social Workers social workerCan you justify Rotherham Council » Spectator BlogsComplaints about Social Workers (Fassit UK)HCPC – Health and Care Professions Council – ComplaintsHCPC – Health and Care Professions Council – Raising a concern about a professional on our RegisterInternet Memory UK Government Web ArchiveProfessional misconduct – NHS complaints – NHS ChoicesUK Government Web Archive The National ArchivesWelcome to GSCC – General Social Care CouncilYour rights – Complaints About Social Services[ARCHIVED CONTENT] General Social Care Council Homepage

The hate to the community should be direct to the culprits into who run the country and in my case for 28 long years the abuse by the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that act very much like the Kray brothers ( ) and not myself, because even now, I am unemployed, I lost all”- I had been trying to use the UK courts of justice to no avail and removed by the same ex/husband and his sister, also their own helpers, so not revenge from me, but unable to use the correct channel.

Union Strike and Ballot Laws

‘Million-strong’ public sector strike on 10 July what you need to knowFury at strike ballot ‘hypocrisy’One million expected to strikeOzzie Saffa DAVID CAMERON UK PARLIAMENT IS TOO WHITEUnions ‘overwhelmed’ by support
The Prime Minister, David Cameron closes Parliament and gives MPs 19-DAY break because Government has run out of ideas?- So people like myself to do investigation into the matters of today problems in order to protect the Queen and Her peoples and for free, also used/abused by the community and family problems of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, refused care, services, education and benefits of the area?-I am unable to gain protection laws to me and mine and expose to the community, trying to place the blame to me instead of the correct people. I am unable to gain freedom to continue writing, as my blog gets attacked all the time, by the government staff that steals all my ideas and use them without asking my permission, consent and knowledge. I am unable to remove from the house the ex/husband by his sister social worker that is her responsibility in the same way as her mother to look after her brother not mine. As the ex/husband and his sister social worker got their own mother house to live, but for more than 28 years they told everyone of me to be the problem, so what stop the ex/husband to leave the problem now?-I can find life (work) as soon as the ex/husband moves from the house (sherway drive), as at the moment he is stopping all my matters to reach me and stand like a wall and bring a wave of hate to me and mine, from the community. In order for the family to have all mine and move from the country again, so they can enjoy free life in the UK, sponsor by the ex/husband and his sister social worker, but unable to sponsor, even my unborn children to gain life?- “The Jihadist threat to the UK, but never was removed mine in the last 28 years of pure hate by the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that create an environment of pure hate in the community of Trafford, not Stockport, but us badly affected” -When I receive protection laws, employment and equality life with no discrimination to live in the United Kingdom in peace, then I may come back, but not before. I apologies to The Queen but nobody can live, work, or perform properly in any country of the world, with no respect, services, education, laws, or system, but racially abused, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

Politics (scandals)


Social Worker/Care system.

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DWP (Unemployment-ATOS exams and Bedroom tax)




Domestic – violence/abuse

Criminal-Judicial system