Child sexual abuse in any way, shape, or form is illegal, by the UK law ..

The “lost paedophile dossier” is not lost. It is in the possession of the British Secret Service, along with video recordings that would sink the establishment, Lord Leon Brittan ..

The Metropolitan Police and the M15 guilty of cover-up: child explotation, child abuse, child sexual gratification, child rape, child molestation and child domestic abuse – violence. I am saying child domestic abuse and violence, as I am pretty sure many parents aware of the matter from previous decades, but not protection at all to own children, otherwise the door was not left open for the abuse to enter and destroy our community, as happening today. “As well as Metropolitan Police and the M15, I would add as well the cover-up of social work in general that protect the community and minors, but failed badly: social workers, social services, social protection laws as solicitors, barristers, judges, courts staff and the lot”- The Metropolitan Police, the M15 and the Social work of the UK community, guilty of child exploitation in general, failed vulnerable children badly in times of peril as their own jobs command, expect and order, but unable to represent jobs properly, instead left the matters to neglect, decay, corrupt, abuse, exploit and choose to keep silence as tool to blackmail. In the other hand children are abused of human rights to be kept by own family for any reasons that they may have, but for no reasons at all misplaced with foreign individuals that has nothing to do with any kind of family affairs, by the same system (social workers, social services, police, judges, law), where even grandparents fails to adopt, but went to WWII to fight country (?), incredible!- In that order Metropolitan police, M15 and Social Work acts as walls to stop anyone see anything at all, to stop help to the community in general and stop protect even small children in society. Where the door was left open to child sex abuse of any kind and frontiers, particularly inside a ring of mafia with Political class elite, Government departments and even Society in general. Incredible to believe that the law enforcement agencies in possession of child sex abuse evidence, instructed to “lock it down”, as exposure in public, may “devastate the establishment”, with “name and shame”, also “legal immunity” and without question in law, those that exercise “parliament privilege”- Apparently the abuse of power and profession for many years now and without the public knowledge of the sexual abuse to minors, or the community in general to be aware of the ring of Mafia, in which the matter of sexual gratification to minors was treat in whisper, severe confidentiality acts and even protection orders, by the same law that cover-up the abuse, otherwise this matter would never arrive this far. We understand that child abuse is a worldwide matters, but the UK consist of a community (social workers, social services, police, M15, solicitors, barristers, judges, courts staff, etc) that seeks those problems and intent to eradicate for ever, in which we have set of principles (constitution, duty, rules, acts, regulations, human rights, european and international laws, rule of the law, magna carta, etc) that regulate our country, not to promote the intolerance, hate, abuse, bullying, crime and even The Queen Elizabeth II has a Right to know, also the community to protect what is ours and by law. In which is a crime in law the abuse of power and profession of any professional in the community, not matter reason, or set of reasons, because nobody is above the law, according to the rule of the law- We reserve the rights to “shame and name” any professional misconduct, negligence and abuse of power and profession to our lives including myself (Rosario Castellanos de Parker) to protect me and mine without fear of reprisals by the community in general (, in the same way as those that abuse the public trust as politicians/government staff ( ), in order to protect The Queen integrity, myself and the community and stop hate against to blow whistles (me) for no reasons, except to do my duty, as the rest should be doing the matter, not just me.


Where Angelina Jolie Voight and William Hague on anti-rape mission ( with respect to the matter, but the UK is badly shaken by the same intolerance, abuse and lack of protection laws: “By peoples of trust and respect but mislead, by peoples in command of the same trust to the community but failed badly, by people responsible of the welfare of small children but barraged with sexual abuse scandals, not matter class, age, religion, disability, sexual preference, colour and in extreme, exposure, measure and abuse. Where the incredible bit is that as I mention before family need to be aware of the matters and abuses not matter sexual, or any other form, shape, or ways, in order to cash with the lies (, as mine sold me with no mercy, in which I was cancelling the wedding to a British man, but forced to marry. The United Kingdom closed borders (2014) while mine was left open with no protection in law for more than 28 years ago (1985-014) soon after the marriage to an Englishman, to stop the abuse, lies and spread to me and mine, like me the rest. As those people that were family to me protect human trafficking, but the same mother (mara) of the child (Rocío Núñez Castellanos that does the work sold me with lies to my persona, also my brother killed ( by the same sister (mara) spread and living free of tax payer, sponsor by the ex/husband that he never sponsor his unborn children and my children were killed as a result. My case reflects the rest of the world in which instead to do all the matters of “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and wave of lies (bullies) against me in closed doors, with a court of law as the law command and properly done by the law, not taken the law in their own hands as the rest, which is criminal activity. The Kray’s brothers of the ex/husband and his sister social worker ( that acts in the same way as the twin brothers and managed to dominate the Trafford area with help of the community (neighbourhood) and members of my family, that are ready to assist in the vendetta and in exchange of living free of tax payer in the UK, sponsor by the ex/husband and his sister but I get the blame, selling me for peanuts. A probe in law that the ex/husband sister social worker never did the career but her parents (type and research), failed the community badly as I am one of them and the UK peoples should thanks to “family problems”, as the country is crisis by those lack of professionalism, selling the country for peanuts.

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Social Worker/Care system.

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As we do not know how long the matters has been going on and since when started the abuse of power and profession: I calculate since Margaret Thatcher times but may before, also who is involve in the matter of sexual abuse to minors. What we know for sure is the possession of large amount of irrefutable and graphic evidence of child abuse, but never at any time interviewed, let alone arrested, or used the law properly and deliberately suppressed information linked to rape, molestation and even sexual abuse of children, not at any time intended to safeguard the minors as the law command, because the information gained as tools to blackmail by the police, M15 and those of social work, otherwise we would never be in this horrible and shameful spot: Child Abuse

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In which the matter affects badly The Queen, country, land and Her peoples reputation, instead of those professionals misconduct. In other words, the professional misconduct is an embarrassment to The Queen as years of Her hard work to provide an excellent life to her peoples better than, “Victorian Times”, to no avail. We believe strong that The Queen need to receive an apology from Her Peoples, particularly those that holds any profession and abused all forms, shapes and ways, the trust of the community in general. I reserve the rights to use not denture in my case until find a proper professional, that work with duty of care rather than hate by the “family problems” of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, also abide and obey the law and principles of own profession, instead of abuse power and profession and in order to expose the criminal activity to my persona, by those professionals in general even in dentistry and the way they left me, as “victim of crime”, also to protect The Queen and Her Peoples reputation. I do not hold anything against the UK peoples except exposing the abuse to me and mine, so the people that hate me and act with hate towards me, should be analyse by their own doctors to see what the problem is about, not me, as again I do not hold any grunges to nobody. “I, the same as the rest, victim of crime”-I am unable to understand the reasons of the MPs back emergency data powers laws until justify the matters but with the Terror peoples not the rest of the UK peoples that has nothing to do with the hate, also to have a good reasons in law, because terror peoples comes from the outside the world into the UK and trying to make us Terror criminals, since when?- When is justify the Airport checks in and out for and to deter any terror activity, but why the rest of the UK peoples need to pay the matters and lose privacy to be scrutiny by the government staff ?-As I explain before it was the “family problems” that sponsor my family in exchange to collaborate their own lies towards me and gain work, medals, money and fame, not me to the UK peoples. I do not hold anything against nobody in the UK. I am explaining matters that nobody ask me before, but then why to send/sent this wave of terror to me, as “those people hate me”, when I never meet them in my entitle life, but “family problems”?!-My emails closed for the same matters and reasons ( as the UK MP’s where invading my personal email box, but I do not need to be told what to do to help the country as you can read my blog, but your peoples, not me. I am not an official MP, but demand a proper job in government as I need to pay my house bills, in the same way as the rest, if you are so interested in my “professional advice and help”, as MP Blair earning millions and me doing the matter for free, so who is stealing data from unemployed (me)!?- I do not work for any of those peoples on mind, but to protect the Queen and Her peoples, as by law we should be entitle to know (as Emperor Nicholas II of Russia Protecting children from sexual abuse (predators), even in Google. We believe Time to Change the System complete and eradicate abuse of any kind including sexual abuse to minors, because there is nothing wrong with the system as a whole and one of the best in the whole wide world, but small groups of professionals that corrupt the system, including and not extent, the historic child sex abuse in previous decades and only God knows since when started, that my Lord is my witness, but falsely blame since 1985/2014, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.