Tony Blair and George Bush: Bloodshed in the Middle East is all yours – you own it!


חופש לישראל – Freedom for Israel – Libertad para Israel – Vryheid vir Israel – Liria për Izraelin – الحرية لإسرائيل – Freedom Իսրայելի համար – İsrail Azadlıq – Israel askatasuna – Свабода для Ізраіля – ইজরায়েল জন্য স্বাধীনতা – Sloboda za Izrael – Свобода за Израел – Llibertat per a Israel – Freedom alang sa Israel – 自由以色列 – Sloboda za Izrael – Svoboda pro Izrael – Frihed for Israel – Vrijheid voor Israël – Libereco por Israelo – Freedom Iisraelile – Kalayaan para sa Israel – Vapaus Israel – Liberté pour Israël – Liberdade para Israel – Freedom ისრაელში – Freiheit für Israel – Ελευθερία για το Ισραήλ – ઇઝરાયેલ માટે ફ્રીડમ – Libète pou pèp Izrayèl la – Freedom ga Isra’ila – इसराइल के लिए स्वतंत्रता – Kev ywj pheej rau cov neeg Ixayees – Freedom Izrael – Frelsi fyrir Ísrael – Onwe nke Israel – Kebebasan untuk Israel – Saoirse do Iosrael – Libertà per Israele – イスラエルの自由 – Ingatase hak bebas kanggo Israel – ಇಸ್ರೇಲ್ ಸ್ವಾತಂತ್ರ್ಯ – ​សេរីភាព​សម្រាប់​ប្រទេសអ៊ីស្រាអែល – 이스라엘에 대한 자유 – ​ອິດສະຫຼະພາບ​ສໍາລັບ​ອິດສະຣາເອນ – Libertas enim Israel – Brīvība Izraēlu – Laisvė Izraelio – Слобода за Израел – Kebebasan untuk Israel – Libertà għall-Iżrael – E tauatāina mo Iharaira – इस्रायल साठी स्वातंत्र्य – Израилийн төлөө эрх чөлөө – इस्राएलका लागि स्वतन्त्रता – Frihet for Israel – آزادی برای اسرائیل – Wolność dla Izraela – Liberdade para Israel – ਇਸਰਾਏਲ ਦੇ ਲਈ ਆਜ਼ਾਦੀ ਦਾ – Libertate pentru Israel – Свобода для Израиля – Слобода за Израел – Sloboda pre Izrael – Svoboda za Izrael – Freedom reer binu Israa’iil – Libertad para Israel – லிபர்டாட் பாரா இஸ்ரேல் – Libertad పారా ఇజ్రాయెల్ – เสรีภาพพิทักษ์อิสราเอล – Libertad para İsrail – Лібертад пункт Ізраїль – پیرا اسرائیل LIBERTAD – Libertad para Israel- ליבערטאַדLibertad Para Israyeli – פֿאַר ישראל ..

The Middle East peace envoy Tony Blair throw a lavish surprise 60th Birthday party to his wife Cherrie, while left Israel alone, totally alone with Terror Groups to deal with. Now Israel falsely accused of killing: 1000 Palestinians (80% civilians and 200 children), when in reality the world do not remember Blair – Bush legacy ( since the beginning, when years ago the holly Middle East history of mass destruction equipment and reasons why Blair and Bush murder millions victims of war and their own leaders, remember?-The first world countries inside the Middle East affairs, becoming horrible wars and teaching them, how to go against their own blood and brotherhood and blame someone else instead (Israel)!- ..

In Mèxico we lived a very similar matter of the America 11/11 (RIP), but called Pemex and did not made the afternoon news worldwide, even when the accident was a real stuff that hit my peoples badly (RIP) and when we said badly, the worse!- “The similarity of Pemex accident and the 11/11 was not a coincidence, but a sad reality”-Now after ten longest years had been passed and left a wave of mass destruction in the Middle East, with hundreds of well formed terror groups that are feed by those self proclaimed peace envoys (Bush/Blair), that incite the world population, somehow the world do not see it, except Israel. The Jewish people (Israel) are not fighting cowboy games, but the real stuff, the murder stuff, the killing stuff, the terror groups stuff, the peace envoys stuff. “When Israel fight terror groups in Gaza, not feed them with hate at any time, but first world countries (Blair/Bush)”-
Where the worldwide calls Ariel Sharon: Serial War Criminal (, Mass Murderer, but on those times in command at the Middle East, terror groups hardly ever existed, now we have them in plenty (Hamas, Isis, Taiban etc), thanks to Bush and Blair legacy. The reasons why we closed the Airports, do you remember, but leaving Israel alone?.

Supporting Israel in Massachusetts

It is not just the 3 Israeli boys ( that were killed by terror groups in the Middle East, but the endless rockets that people need to live in Israel, by the level of hate to Jews (Arabs) peoples ( The reasons why Gaza (Israel/Arabs) peoples are used/abused by terror groups (Hamas), not Israel. See video ( ) as talks of Jews peoples that are currently living in Gaza and for many years abused by Hamas, get your facts correct or we sued for inciting the world population against Israel. In which IDF ( removes from Gaza, while the UN comes and arrest the terror (Hamas) groups and sit them for war against humanity. So Gaza (Jews/Arabs) becomes legally part of Israel, mean Palestine (Arabs/Jews) becomes part of the original peoples, which is the Jews (Arabs) and get human rights and form of defence, otherwise they are on the hands of terror groups and the matter is the never end and continue criminal activity, none stop. “Israel has the Human Rights to defend themselves in the same way as Palestine peoples and the rights to conquer own countries like Gaza (Israel/Arabs) by Israel, to bring peace to the world”- In question of International law Israel can not interfere in the matters, but the same law that regulate the world to come and collect the Hamas groups and sit them for crimes against humanity (Gaza Peoples) as stipulate by the same laws and requirements, not Israel. In order for Israel and the Middle East peoples to gain peace, control and protection laws to own peoples (Israel Arabs), because Gaza (Palestine) now part of Israel by law. No more mislead but action from the UN officers ( towards Israel help from terror groups (Hamas Groups), in order to achieve peace, order, laws and settlements, because the terror groups is a worldwide matters, not just Israel, but fighting alone. Otherwise Israel government can sue for negligence direct to UN officers acting slow in the process of peace in the Middle East and the world becomes aggressive towards Israel reputation, leaving them with no form of protection laws which is a crime the assault, also tread of removal of everything including arms to Israel and in which grounds in law the abuse, because Hamas against Gaza not Israel, because Blair/Bush with terror groups deals not Israel, because first world countries feed terror groups in exchange of oil, not Israel. (Israel can sue)

“As the same as Palestine (Gaza), Israel comes with Human rights and respect!”- As Israel Peoples is one thing, Hamas Terror Groups is another matter and Gaza is another peoples and matters, somehow the world is making chile con carne and trying to harm Israel reputation when is Hamas/Terror Groups that use violence towards Gaza peoples, not Israel. It is not 5 years (, but a couple of weeks to draft the agreement, stamp at the International courts and Gaza becomes part of Israel. We must not carry on protecting terror groups (Hamas) and keep insulting Israel reputation trying to shell Bush/Blair past violent world that feed terror groups and mislead the public, or sue with bad reputation to Israel. Unfortunately in any war even Gaza, there is always casualties, nobody is God to avoid hit (terror groups) innocent peoples but targets (RIP), when nobody knows for 100% sure what is in the other end: “Innocent Palestine people caught in the middle”- Gaza People part of the same Israel (Arab/Palestine) world as mention before, so impossible for Israel to hit own people, simple impossible!-–a-confrontation-looms-085034400.html The same matter happens in Mexico since the Mexican army was trained (1994) by the American peoples, destroying my country, not Israel. The people who habitat the Middle East countries as own place is sitting in blood bed with terror groups need to move somewhere else to live in peace and emigrate to suffer racism, hate, discrimination and the same happens to Mexican people in America, also Israel in times of diaspora centuries ago, now when return to the Middle East after the WWII ended regarded as foreign by Palestine peoples when in reality they own the whole Middle East.

We, Israel peoples do not ask for love, but respect as the rest, thanks!

Zionism is not a crime when the matter protects own peoples from all kind of hate without reasons, as the world demonstrate against Israel, when Hamas the terror groups, not Israeli peoples. Israel reserve the fundamental rights to protect own Jew (Arabs) nationals from any kind of abuse, hate propaganda, bullying, intolerance, abuse and criminal activity. Free Israel from hate, Freedom and Liberty for peoples of Israel, Human and Civil Rights for Israel , Peace for Israel. Sionismo no es un delito cuando se protegen los mismos pueblos de odios sin fundamento, e Israel se reserva el Derecho fundamental de protejer sus propios Judios nacionales de cualquier tipo de abuso, odios de propaganda, bullying, intolerancia, abuso y hasta crimen organisado. Israel Libre de odios, Liberaciòn y Libertad para los pueblos de Israel, Derechos Humanos y Civiles para Israel, Paz para Israel. Former President Shimon Peres said that “return Gaza to Abbas” but if snatched from President Mahmoud Abbas, then may happen again, better with Israel. As Gaza (Israel/Arabs/Palestine) peoples are human individuals, not parcel to pass from one place to another and cause great turmoil, fear, instability, oppression, hate, wars, hungry, famine, lack of education, jobs, business and expose open to Hamas. IDF went inside Gaza, in which some staff killed (RIP) in the risqué and brusquè operation, not Abbas (with respect). Israel WON clean and clear the war against Hamas and re-coup Gaza peoples (Arabs/Israel/Palestine) in order to bring order, peace, laws, respect and stability in the Middle East. The International law need to do matters properly and according to the law and what the law represent, as Israel is allowed to live with peace, respect in the world and conquer own peoples back again (Gaza) in order to protect and gain peace. The International law need to bring Hamas and sit them for “crimes against humanity” with Gaza citizens. Blair and Bush need to sit at the International law to explain where they get the money from and past wars of Iraq and etc, in which millions killed. We hope the world can give a chance to Israel Peoples and demonstrate that is not us, but terror groups that are causing instability to the world, as Israel one of the most prosperous countries in the world by own means, effort and hard work. Israel intent to go for the whole Middle East to gain peace and re-coup lost land, particularly those cities that run wild and were left by Blair and Bush with no leaders in order to steal their own human resources (oil), today run wild by terror groups, gangs and bullies, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

WWII was a continuance of WWI, in which killed 6 million Jews victims of war, never again! ..