Domestic Abuse Worldwide matters, but who really cares of the matters? ..


I have been writing for more than 4 years, regarding the matter, that I lost faith in the UK system and worldwide. I am experiencing domestic abuse and the problem is more that I can possible understand in this country, or any country in the world, because of the level of abuse and hate in the same violence, that is extreme and monitor the victim so bad, as myself. I have to be strong, with the need to teach my children the symptoms of domestic abuse, as their own friends, now friends of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, also members of my family that are UNITED in the malice, hate and violence that corned the victim as myself, so well. People selected by the same system (social worker, social services, etc) and unable to hold into any parents, to gain control of the same groups of criminal activity, that do not belong to me, but the state to do own duty. The “family problems” of the ex/husband and his sister social worker that relay into members of my family so well, as I am the youngest ( in order, to sell me to the tax payer (that’s forking the luxuries) and purchase anything they want in the UK with benefits, education and life in “sponsor measure”-In which, the ex/husband would never sponsor his (mine) unborn children to live and killed in (family fiasco’s) terminations (abortion), thanks to lies of his sister/social worker with: five boys, the river and a wave of tales?- I should change the page in the book as you may ask, then why the “family problems” keep follow me everywhere I goes and stop me to gain life, in order for me to continue writing and requesting more help, but help from who’s, as where is the law nowadays: bend, sold, corrupt, purchased, hide like Harry Potter, etc?! -The law powerless to return members ( of my family back home for me and mine to gain some kind of peace in which, my brother died ( the same way, when returned back home family problems (azpiri, corona, matamoros, hazz, nuñez, delgadillo, sotelo, diaz, carol-david parker, etc)!-“I have no rights to bring this wave of abuse to the UK, in the same way as the ex/husband and his sister social worker got no rights to bring this wave of abuse to me and mine, including children, from Mèxico, Cancun, Canada, Germany and everywhere, or to tell family members where I am, for the haters to follow me in the hunting?!”-In fact against the law, the abuse of power and profession from both of them (ex/husband and his sister social worker), according to the English Law, as one social worker and the other did Jury service, so no excuses!?-The same family problems sold me and pushed me to live in the UK, as I was canceling the wedding 28 years ago, if the ex/husband remembers well and I told him why: “His own Sister”-For the same family and members to continue the hate against me and mine in the UK with FREE PASS from help of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that sponsor this hate propaganda, thanks to the British tax payer, not their own pockets, but the state to pay?!-As members of my family think of the ex/husband and his sister social worker to be some kind of, “soft, stupid, idiot, imbecile, easy goings, white pigs-marranos”, as they (pepita jr, mara, soco, rafa, flor, lupy, tere, etc) called them in front of me, so many times!!?-I do not remember seeing this kind of abnormal behavior from my own parents (RIP), or parents (azpiri, corona, matamoros, hazz, nuñez, delgadillo, sotelo, diaz, carol-david parker, etc) of my sisters husbands and brother (rafa) family in laws, never, not even once!?-My family from both sides never pardon me to be the first in the family, to be married to a different class of them, not even today, that we share the house!-As my sister soco detained under the mental health act by the same family problems (social worker sister of the ex/husband) and her own children’s lies of her reputation (que estaba loca), as they wanted to see dad in Veracruz. Now is my turn and reputation badly hurt, with the same haters and helpers of mara’s children, that went against soco ( Somehow my turn to lose my children by the same wave of haters, helpers and sponsors of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, where she must have a lot of work (££££££££) and money to pay her mortgage every month to subside her expenses, by using me and mine. Selling the family, even her own brother for peanuts since 1985 (after the wedding) with her pathetic excuses of the 5 boys and the river, now divorce (2012), but she still grabs, holds and wants more, helping the rest, very much as game, whoever pays, she is there to cash?!-Where we question legally”the family problems”: under the section 63(3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 not matter which part of the world the professional (hater) lives, to select people for appointment who are of “good character”, of any work relate. As I have sisters/brothers and their own children’s, cousins, friends and the ex/husband family that are professionals themselves, but brings a wave of hate to the same family, confusing even more, instead to use the law and finish with the hate in a court of law, as the law command!-Where the parents and family monitor own children and their own hate, intolerance and abuse and not to expect me to do everything for them, because I am not a social worker, police, or the law, but someone studying the law, at home, private, which is different in order to survive their own hate propaganda!-In which, I apologies on behalf of my family as they are as confuse as the rest, including the ex/husband sister social worker, that keep firing to me and mine with no idea, but the intention is hate, criminal activity and abuse of her power and profession, because in England is different the law, than elsewhere and she should know better!-I want to apologies for the ignorance of members of my family, but as bad as each other, as the ex/husband mother told me of her two children (as bad as each other, fighting all bleeding day!) and I am telling you the same of members of my family. I call the ex/husband and his sister social worker the Kray’s brothers, because I believe in law, they use the same system ( I wish, I could know what to call members of my family, as bad as the rest ( using me as the youngest to vent all their own problems and hate, as they are the reflection into each other even their own children, that I could even known who is doing what, with the ex/husband and his sister social worker as helpers, both families using me as “the problem” in order to cash. I was told to me and the ex/husband by his parents of the wishes of their own will and I was included as well as the rest, in the same way as I bring my parents monies into my married life, if the ex/husband well remember?-We (ex/husband and I) were told by the ex/husband own parents (Betty and Bernard), that the ex/husband to be in charge of the monies and the sister social worker to be in charge of her parents and family, the reasons why of her career (social worker) was made that way (parents typed and research and she won the career), to look after her family including her brother, to no avail. My children and responsibility as mother is totally mine, together with the ex/husband and nobody else is involve in the matter, as I do not grab children that are not mine, but respect!- I hope that the ex/husband sister social worker understand the matter and gravity of the problem, as I lost unborn children thanks to her malicious spread (, but unaware in the past. I prefer even to come out of the religion with my own children in order to stop the godmother/father bribery emotional blackmail and I request help from the pope for my matters, as no family holds into my children, but the ex and I only. The ex/mother passed away in the same way as my mother, father and members of my family ( ) with the emotional blackmail: “In Great Pain”, pumped with antibiotics, health scares, cancer matters, tooth removed, mental issues and a wave of hate to the elders, even my father, brother and I (antibiotics), or two sisters with mental issues (mara/soco). What I believe now is all down to abuse of power and profession within the same family problems and my elders sisters that started the hate and finished with their own children, that escalate to great measure of murder, treats, hate and spread, because medication do no help the problems, but the law, but where is the law?- Where I question legally under the law the family problems: even under the section 63 (3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, because those peoples that were hurt badly, but my own family and by their own children, that is the incredible thing to believe!- The reasons why I mention members of my family as doctors (mora, peres, etc), social workers (the ex/sister) and friends of them as dental and even used mine as solicitors and all of those people that participate in the hate against my own blood and “Full Aware” (corona, azpiri, matamoros, hazz, diaz, delgadillo, nuñez, parker, etc), because while you can blackmail, hide, or hurt our reputation badly, I understand better the matters. I use less judgement removing the hand of God, but compassion, love, harmony, respect, tolerance and kind attitude. So the ball is on your side, because those that hurt me and mine are going to see my Lord´s in heaven and he may use the same hand to you and yours, so to be aware, because I loved even the ex/mother as if she was my own mother, confuse with “family problems”, but nobody mention anything to me or mine!-When I understood better the “family problems”, I could not help the ex/husband mother any further and she passed away in the hate ritual (RIP). I promised the ex/husband mother to look after her son and I hope, I have been doing the job properly as he’s alive, well and happy and my brother passed away in the “family problems” of both families, but the same family stop me to gain the law in the UK on time?- I hope, the ex/husband mother understands in heaven that with not help from the law, I am powerless, even to help my own children, but the reasons why, I am and still at home with the excuse of the agreement after the divorce and unable to cope, no more!-If I was a solicitor, I could easily press charge murders for some members of my family, or even the whole lot complete, until we get a proper picture of the level of abuse and stop the hate, until spread further. As even the ex/husband was badly hurt with his teeth, knee, work and a wave of abuse in his own country, me I lost all!- If we see the peoples that send us this wave of hate are complete and lost nothing, then we will realize who is causing the hate and winning the points!- The similarities of both families are so alike and this is why I am saying of the “family problems” belongs to them only, not me and reasons of my divorce with the ex/husband, as I am not part of this destructive behavior, no way!-“I prefer to be the ugly ducky, idiot, imbecile, as they call me, that to fall for those clever and pretty brains that kills and exploit the generosity of the UK tax payer and humanity in general, because those people are not my responsibility but their own parents, families and even the state (the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers)”-

The abuse of power and profession of members of my family (including nieces, nephews, cousins, sisters, brothers, ex/husband/his sister social worker and own helpers) that thinks that they can get away with 4 murders (my unborn children and brother), but wrong!-Particularly as “family problems” keeps follows and corned me everywhere I goes and removes all, as if they are afraid of what could happens to them?-The same way as it was corned the victims of HRH Princess Diana, Dodi al fayed and the driver, inside the tunnel of Paris ( unable to escape, or receive fast medical treatment, do you remember?- How many times Princess Diana came out in the open to request help and nobody gave a cent to her, or offer any help, but she did to the rest, with 500+ charities around her belt?- The people responsible to stop the matters (police, social world, etc) friends of the ex/husband and his sister social worker and helpers, so when?- I blame the society that we live in the UK with no laws to deter “domestic abuse”, except in Mexico. I blame the lack of parents presence that do not monitor their own children, as children’s friends, social workers helpers, or whatever they come, but attach to “family problems”, as if was their own problems and presence is felt with bullying and take our space, because we hardly got any!?-Instead of the ex/husband sister social worker stop sending people at home that does her own job, but she gets paid and remove her brother and take him with her to her parents house, as requested by her own parents, until we sort the financial?-As for 28 long years I was the problem and cause of all the ex/husband and his sister social worker misfortune, so what stop them to move today from the house and what better to their own parents home as empty/vacate, or all the spread was lies, tales and defame hate against me and mine, in order to cash?-I have been writing for more than 4 years regarding the matter of domestic abuse as mention before, that I lost faith in the UK system totally. As the law and everything that is mine removed from me by the ex/husband sister social worker, that keeps bringing peoples to my life with no mercy, respect and unable to gain help, where she done her career to hurt me and very badly. Where I question legally: under the section 63 (3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, as Carol Parker social worker born in the UK, not members of my family to know better of the system and full aware of all the regulations, laws, rules, codes and to select people for appointment who are of “good character”, of any work relate and not to use work against the community, as I was and I am still, by law. Where Trafford council agrees now of “right to report” (, but I was left alone and badly hurt by more than 10 years with my reputation hurt, by their own staff. The matter need to happens to one of their own peoples to be acknowledge of the same matters as me, otherwise ignored and my reputation in taters by the same same council / government staff, that I am still waiting for the courts to have time in my matters regarding Trafford Council?- How many more people need to die and perished in the UK with the hate to the community, before the council and the state does something to help the rest of us, or when is far too late, even for simple dental problems (RIP)?- How many more people to be hurt by the same dental – health (social workers, social services, NHS, etc) problems and system (DWP, etc), that regulates all of us like the gestapo during the WWII.

After the ordeal of to be remove of all dental treatments in the area of Trafford by price, or any other relate matters even hurt of my reputation, the council staff send me an email, to see if I could see a difference into one country (Spain) and the other (UK) dental work. What council / government staff forget’s that they themselves spoke to the same government and services of any country, even before arrived the place as email monitor, bank staff tip off, telephone recorder communication, or even the ex/husband and his sister social worker scoring points and warned them of my persona and whereabouts?-So who is inflicting domestic abuse to the community with full permit of the council – government staff in order to help the “family problems” and cover the professional misconduct that hurt me badly?- It is well known that in the past, Traffod council staff traveled with us to the same hotel in Mallorca and all paid by the tax payer, not the ex/husband and his sister social worker own pockets, but the tax payer, as if they own the system and in order to control?- Domestic abuse do not see incapacity, color, religion, age, sexual orientation, etc, but hurt the same ( and with the same force the hate propaganda. I have never made any kind of fun regarding members of my own family personal matters, problems, or personal issues (, but I am to blame in order to cash and hurt my persona and reputation badly. It ‘s not enough the level of domestic abuse, but the removal of all that is mine by the ex/husband, his sister social worker and their own helpers (council/family/etc) and bullies, The incredible matter to believe is the same people that regulates the system and full aware of the domestic abuse to my persona and unable to leave the home, as I got nothing at all, thanks to them. “As the ex/husband told me, before I divorce him, wherever you are, I will follow you and very much the same as the Krays brothers?”- ( A few days ago, when I could repair all my teeth abroad, but refused treatment by the same hate that follows me everywhere, removing all that is mine, in which I spend a fortune in air fare, hotel and expenses, for nothing!-In which the council abroad refused to advice me, because they talk to the council in the UK and vice/versa, and use me as excuse to open their own relations, with any lies of my persona in order to help the ex/husband, his sister social worker, helpers and all because is the same lack of education?-The same system my sister (flor) used to speak to her friends even to Gladys telling her that her own daughter was lesbian, when I never said a matter of her own daughter reputation, but it was a way for that sister to say hello, or to sell items. The same sisters/brother and the one mention before very good friends to the ex/husband and his sister social worker, in order to sell own family reputation, that in life they all find each other and helps in the hate. I am surprise of how many people they know me, before I even meet hem, by the same hate spread?-All the matters and peoples that play the game of the ex/husband and his sister social worker is presented to the courts against me, in order for me not to receive a penny after the divorce settlement and blame me of anything in mind of the bullies and the courts without asking me of the legality of the matters, even applause of the same hate. When in reality, I want out of the hate, spread and game, but acts as if they (council staff direct payment, the ex/husband and his sister social worker, family, caritas, etc) purchased me, with a long line of haters, that plays their own part and get benefits (£££££) in exchange. What the courts avoid is to read all the matters that the bullies did to me (even ants spread), in which we were married but never nobody told me anything! Why no divorce me the ex/husband until I did myself (1985-2012), because it was all shows to cash, as he would not go to his own mother house now to live and probe of the same hate in a court of law, but years, of endless years of lies and hate towards my persona and the sister telling him what to do, which way to do it, how to do it, etc. As the Krays brothers case of hate towards the community (me), ( the sister is the active and the ex/husband is the passive, mean the sister tells the ex/husband everything that he has to do, or else!-Their own mother could not cope with the matter and those two people are the responsibility of the state, not mine, but trying to confuse with the help of all my family and helpers that cash (£££). In law, I am a “victim of crime” and from the moment I married till today divorce, none stop the abuse and reasons of monitor my persona, as hide a black past with a long tail of abuse!- The reasons why I refuse to have contact with any family, as before we deal in a court of law to protect each other, because of the severity in abuse of own peoples, family, blood, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, etc. As my sisters own children never were my own responsibility, but the same family and the contract finished, in the moment that we left the house of that sister as my parents pay for our stay, not sold us to them for ever. The same family left (sold) me here in the UK, but want the place now for themselves, because suddenly they find heaven without paying a penny in taxes like myself with several jobs at the same time since arrived to the UK and even the children own education, while sponsor for free to mine family?-The DWP staff and neighbor helper of the ex/husband stole all my jobs, references and even my claims of income support (2010/2014), not even the accident at work she could advice me but lost in claims (2006/2014), part of “Victim of Crime” by the same individuals that cover all, plus years of hate by the same trafford council staff when they were full aware of the hate and expenses in this past trip, as the ex/husband, his sister and helpers blocked me the way to gain health in Spain. I lost all today by the same hate and spread and I am the problem, but more like victim of crime!!?-The ex/husband and I we have an agreement after the divorce, not at any time, he is making me a favor, but an agreement and stamped by the law .. Rosario Castellanos de Parker.