American and British taxpayers´money propping up a Scottish Split, European separatism and endless Middle East Wars ..

“You better be telling the TRUTH defeated by SUCCESS of LIES” .. Mahatma Gandhi.
“In life be someone that dare to read, research, think, speak and write, then cherish and tender all kind of knowledge in order to achieve Peace” .. Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

American and British taxpayers´money propping up a Scottish Split, European separatism, Middle East wars, Famine, Analfabetism and abuse of power and profession, that leads to bullying the world most vulnerable peoples, with any kind of ideas, ideals and aims. In which that money could be well used and spend, to feed the most vulnerable, educate the ignorance, break the walls of hate and build the world again to what the elders wanted: “Peace”-The matters and times of Bush/Blair ( Middle East wars started all over again, except the matter now display a different type of character and peoples: American President, Obama and British PM, David Cameron, in order to dismiss, mislead and hide abuse, but achieve the target. A well program kind of government that match, select and even co-ordinate peoples by all means: The American President Obama was choose for the same role as today and avoid any kind of racist remarks in the Middle East Muslim world, also the British PM, David Cameron as Jew Ancestor, misleading the world and both of foreign parents, that lives in a free country, but helps terror groups?- I believe strong that the role of any representative (Minister, President, etc.) of any kind of peoples in the whole wide world countries not matter if they are born, or citizens of that country, but the matter is simple: representative and that person got not rights to change the whole structure of the country State, Politics and Government without a free vote of the same country peoples, otherwise is tradition, abuse of power and profession and criminal activity to the country. What I am trying to say here is according to the rule of the law, magna carta, human rights acts, international law and even any law/constitution worldwide, but nobody got the power to be above as the rest and everyone is entitle to enjoy freedoms, peace and defend own peoples not matter which country they belong, including Israel. Equality is for all regarded of colour, age, disability, country of birth, religion, sexual orientation, otherwise the past is complete and totally erased since centuries ago, not just from Napoleon Bonaparte times, but since the beginning of the times and nobody owns no land, but freedom of movement. Israel (Arabs) is allowed to gain respect of the world and to be recognize by the same world that we are all habitat, including laws, rules, regulations and even human rights that were born after the WWII, thanks to Israeli peoples: “As Victims of War”- Israel (Arabs) is allowed to gain all the laws, rights and freedoms mention before and re-coup land (The Middle East) that lost previously in diaspora times (Spanish Inquisition, WWII and now Palestine), in the same way as: “Napoleon Bonaparte, Admiral Viscount Lord Nelson, Vice Admiral Collingwood, Admiral Villeneuve, Admirals d’Aliva, Cisternas of Spain and etc”- Israel (Arabs) is allowed in the same way as the rest of the world, to expand own country in aid of our future generation, civilization and peace of the Middle East and the world as a whole, but lost all due to same hate propaganda as today, bullying and abuse of power and profession. We are talking about Gaza, or even Palestine peoples ( whichever way you want to call them, but the same Middle East country and peoples, that lives in the hands of terror groups. In which those terror groups are feed by the first world countries in order to bring confusion to the world and the Middle East peoples and steal from them, but blame Israel. Israel (Arabs) is a prosperous country that subside by the same peoples education, profession and hard work, because of that matter alone, they do not need to steal from nobody, quite contrary, the German Country and the Vatican (few examples) stole from them, during the WWII. However, in order to probe this matter that all in the Middle East belongs to all (Israel/Arabs), you only need to listen the song of this Gazan woman (, but trapped in Gaza living in fear, with terror groups and blame Israel ?!!-Unfortunately, the first world countries hide in terror groups from the International law, in order to avoid sanctions and steal from the most vulnerable peoples of the Middle East, that are used by terror groups in the most grotesque ways imagine to mind, even as human shields as young as one year old, but blame Israel?- Israel do not agree with any of the abuse, otherwise the words of Golda Meir would not be here with us today. Golda Meir ( means “they” as Palestine peoples ..

I believe education brings nothing to the first world countries and with respect, otherwise those peoples and countries would not be in war all the time with the Middle East and only God knows since when, but hide in high command of terror groups feeding them with arms deals (, because how come the United Kingdom ( and America want to sanction Israel Arms, but not Hamas/Terror Groups in the Middle East ( and in which grounds in law, as Israel is allowed to defend own peoples?- Israel won Gaza stripe and country back in clean and professional manner as the law request, removing themselves from Gaza, waiting for the International law to remove terror groups in exchange, to no avail. Instead an avalanche of lies were born soon after against Israel, even wants to remove arms from them as mention before and the question we have: “Gazan peoples lives are not worth the deal ($$££), but all a show to expose Israel and not Hamas terror groups!?”- We must request the same treatment from all the worlds (“Napoleon Bonaparte, Admiral Viscount Lord Nelson, Vice Admiral Collingwood, Admiral Villeneuve, Admirals d’Aliva, Cisternas of Spain and etc”-) that won land in the past wars and follow suit – set an example first, because Israel (Arabs) is here to stay in the Middle East, even Kings (, Prime Ministers and normal peoples are born from the same kind of breed and wants to re-coup land of the Middle East to save lives and improve standards of living to all (“The public in Gaza wants the war to stop, so any restart of fighting is a burden for.. ). In order to bring Israel all the necessary help to Gaza peoples and needs, instead of terror groups are feed again, by the International bodies that own them. Israel for the same reasons mention above cannot relay on any International bodies for help, except own peoples worldwide and time to finish what we started: “Peace for the Middle East”- We must remain the first world countries that many peoples that left the Middle East years ago due to the same wars as today, but would love to return back home. Israel and the Arabs are here to stay in the Middle East defending own peoples, country, land and glory, as we are one (, never again to be separate by lies, deceit, hate, intimidation, racism, etc. Israel is here to stay in the Middle East the same as the Arabs and we must not be intimidate by nobody, we cannot afford to be intimidate by nobody, furthermore as Golda Meir said: “We don’t thrive on military acts. We do them because we have to, and thank God we are efficient. We have always said that in our War with the Arabs we had a secret weapon — no alternative. The Egyptians could run to Egypt, the Syrians into Syria. The only place we could run was into the sea, and before we did that we might as well fight. Golda” .. and so be it in law. No fear, no returns and no regrets, in he same way as the rest, Israel is allowed to defend own peoples and gain land to protect and live in peace, no more, no less but all in equality. WE CALL WORLD LEADERS TO COME OUT THE HIDING PLACE AND HELP TO FIGHT “TERROR GROUPS” AS STATE PREVIOUSLY BY THEMSELVES AND HELP ISRAEL. Wake up World, or you are going to regret terror groups spread, because is not GAZA, but HAMAS, so wake up everybody!!-I hope when the time comes for your turn with terror groups, not Gaza, but Hamas, then there is still people to help you and yours, because neither Obama, or Benjamin Netanyahu world criminals, but world leaders and defending countries the best of ability, after the Bush/Blair fiasco, remember?! (Thanks!)

London Threatens Israel’s Arms Supply if Cease-fire Talks Fail and what about Hamas? ..

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu referred to the UN Human Rights Council in his Jerusalem office, following his meeting with New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo this afternoon (13/8/2014): “The UN Human Rights Council gives legitimacy to murderous terrorist organizations such as Hamas and ISIS. Instead of inquiring into Hamas’s attacks on Israeli civilians and its use of the residents of Gaza as human shields and instead of inquiring into the massacres that Assad is perpetrating against the Syrian people or that ISIS is perpetrating against the Kurds, the UN has decided to come and check Israel – the only democracy in the Middle East, a democracy which is acting legitimately to defend its citizens against murderous terrorism. The report of this committee has already been written. The committee chairman has already decided that Hamas is not a terrorist organization; therefore, they have nothing to look for here. They should visit Damascus, Baghdad and Tripoli; they should go see ISIS (, the Syrian army and Hamas – there they will find war crimes, not here.” .. Rosario Castellanos de Parker