The Queen Of Scotland: “great deal of concern, as Scotland decides” ..

The Queen takes the view that the fate of Scotland – to stay in the union or leave – is in the hands of its people, a Buckingham Palace spokesman has said. Decision is for Scots alone – Queen.
I believe strong that when Scotland is trying to take The Queen´s place is not the decision of them alone, but the woman (and her people´s) has the rights to fight her corner as well, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

The passivity of The Queen Elizabeth II is new to all of us, for a woman that used to fight any corner, as the news mention today: Any suggestion that the Queen Elizabeth II would wish to influence (“great deal of concern – uneasy”) the Scottish referendum campaign ( is “categorically wrong”, Buckingham Palace has said. The Queen said back in 1977: ‘I number kings and queens of England and of Scotland, and princes of Wales among my ancestors and so I can readily understand these aspirations. But I cannot forget that I was crowned Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Perhaps this jubilee is a time to remind ourselves of the benefits which union has conferred, at home and in our international dealings, on the inhabitants of all parts of this United Kingdom.’ And the News also mention the matter, so it was not just us, part of our mind, or “Scotland decides, in great concern”, but the rest.


I was not aware that The Queen Elizabeth II was a loser, otherwise She, Herself would not be where She is today, so what happened?-Who made The Queen to be a coward and said with, “great deal of concern, Scotland decides?”-Since when Scotland decides and made a bullshit of the English, Irish and Wales peoples and pinned us on the wall, unable to move, or speak on behalf/against of The Queen, or Scotland, according to our wishes?-Let’s to define ourselves tomorrow, from which side of the world we are cumming from, but today, to defend our small land, even Scotland. Who is leading this poor campaign in aid and/or to promote The Queen side of History as well, as The Scotland the Brave, otherwise this is The Last Queen of Scotland. Because The Queen Elizabeth II has a Right/s to promote Her side of the History not just Scotland, which is where She is today, She is not a coward, but a Fighter like Scotland the Brave.


The Conservatives, Labour and Liberals are going to be tomorrow (10/9/2014) in Scotland the Brave trying to change peoples ideas regarding Scotland referendum. What politicians forget is that own Scottish peoples, are not stupid (neither English, Irish and Wales). Scotland decides in referendum long time ago (today is the opportunity), not just now. Where the referendum to Scotland gives them freedom to vote, may win an independent state. Where not government, or staff will ever change that freedom, or liberty to apply, will ever decides for Scotland again, or will ever be again part of the English culture for may another 300 years. Where Her majesty will be: “The Last Queen Of Scotland, with “great deal of concern, as Scotland decides” and the English is silence?-Exactly, what Alex Salmon is doing and winning the battle!-If Scotland did not want the Referendum, they would never start the campaign in the first place, with aid of Alex Salmon. So the trip to Scotland today by the Conservatives, Labour and Liberals is not wanted, no need and no matter: “Tax Payer wast of money”-After the Conservatives, Labour and Liberals made a mess of the matters in the past years with benefits cuts, bedroom tax and a wave of hate against own peoples, instead to promote goodness of the place, left The Queen and Her peoples badly down and even the English peoples are pretty very much p… off. I lost all and worked all my life in the UK after emigrate from Mèxico and holding several jobs at the time in order to survive, unable to have a decent job today (as any excuses), business, pay cheque, education, human rights, nothing!- All thanks to confuse peoples and their own “Family problems culture”of the ex-husband, his sister social worker and club of helpers, that exploit the tax payer, not themselves, but the tax payer. What The Queen Elizabeth II, myself, or the rest of the country peoples has to do with those twisted minds and cultures, where Scottish peoples want out and who blames them?!- Instead to put the abuse in the dock for the criminal activity (see as example and abuse of power and profession, they are left to continue roam with the rest?-And for example, just to mention a few:

Politics (scandals):


Social Worker/Care system.
(from links: The lack of luxury of Tradition):

DWP (Unemployment-ATOS exams and Bedroom tax):




Domestic – violence/abuse:

Criminal-Judicial system:

“They should cap themselves” –

In which, the same David Cameron ask for public opinion ( in the matters of benefits cuts, bedroom tax and a wave of hate to us, after the “family problems” and government staff done the criminal activity and abuse of power and profession to us ( Now the same government (tell me if they are not twisted and with respect) wants your opinion for the bullying (bullshit) into our lives and acts, as if nothing ever happens, but wants to “end culture of entitlement?”-Well again, I worked and paid contributions to the state (see photo), not them, or the “family problems”, but me/us – tax payer and where is our help today, but erased!?”-Including an non extent David Cameron, Ministers, government and staff gets paid a juicy salary, benefits, pensions, bonuses, awards, entitlements and loads of holidays ( into own pockets. Alex Salmon against the same matters and abuses of power and profession as the rest (see links back again), so who do you think it will win the Scotland referendum!?- In a way, I wish, I was Scottish born. I wish, I was in the position of Scotland is today with referendum and I envy all of them with that freedom. I wish, the whole complete United Kingdom (Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England) was in the position to have a referendum, freedom, liberty to apply and: “end culture of entitlement” by politicians and government staff, not us (unemployed, vulnerable, poor, disabled, colour, sexual orientate, age and etc.). We the state(unemployed, vulnerable, poor, disabled, colour, sexual orientate, age and etc.)do not have access to the computer system as the government staff, but blame of everything, except themselves, incredible!-What is more incredible is the amount of people inside the dock for the abuse of DWP staff (framed), as explain before with the links. In order to write a juicy blank cheque into their own pockets and blame us of “Benefits culture -culture of entitlement”, after removed all from us, so how!!?-“In the same way as I have to do a few times (write white cheques), but me with no jobs, income, fully married by the Mexican law and not financial help from the ex/husband either (not even now after divorce) and the government staff with jobs (?). In the same way as my sisters (soco, tere, etc) did in Germany away of country, to their own ex/husbands, as I was told, as I was desperate, as I have no income, absolutely nothing at all!”-Everybody was watching the circus performance of those hate preachers “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers against my reputation, but did absolutely nothing, except to hide and cover -up the mess as government staff (trafford council, neighbour house #11, family, etc), knew full well of the matters. As everybody is watching me now in vulnerable situation, in full public, in full view of my children explaining my past, in the same way as Lady Diana of Wales and nobody did absolutely noting at all, to stop “family problems”-When the ex/husband and his family problems framed me several times to get in my records and removed all from my reach with two young children to feed, cloth, pay school fee’s, so how, but all forgotten and the father get the rewards!?-I was not allowed to tell carol, as her own mother told me several times when borrowed money from her, without me knowing of “family problems”, tales, lies and defamation against my reputation of: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc. A wave of culture arrived the UK sponsors by the same culture of entitlement of the ex/husband, his sister and helpers, that abuse tax payer generosity. I do not feel comfortable to carry on doing a free job in writing in order to explain my situation and the reason why we have the crisis, with no payment, benefits to subside and unemployed – removed my job by the same government staff, culture of entitlement, family problems and parasites, because even my children works and pay own bills. However, I nominate Cameron, Clegg, Miliband and the Ministers that participate in the UK political affairs to continue the job and feel in their own lives what is like to be me (before they become Minsters) and the same government staff, culture of entitlement, family problems (not my children) and parasites. When I understood the “family problems” properly well and I was trying to help the ex/husband mother, but she passed away, confuse into lies and not time to save, to explain, to nothing!- I am divorce since 2012 and the woman that regarded as my own mother passed away in 2014, so no chance! – “I am waiting to get a financial settlement from the ex/husband (as it comes from his mother state!!) and I will leave the area, as fast, as the law permit the matters”-In the same way, I made a full apology to The Queen Elizabeth II for such hatred, but do not come from me, as I divorce the lot!”-I wish the UK could forgive me in the way as I came in the full public requesting help (the same way as Lady Di), to no avail. I feel extremely sorry for the Queen as this is not the way to go after all what She did for Her own country, peoples and land: “She deserve better”-The Scotland (United Kingdom) referendum reflects the same desperation of Her peoples into the “New Government”, but I was forced to live with the same hate of the ex/husband and his sister “family problems” lies, tales and defamation for 28 + years?-“I wish, the people that is in command of the public and for community services (politicians, government staff, courts staff, solicitors, barristers, judges, social workers, NHS staff, DWP staff, police, etc.), to feel what is like to be in that position (poor, sick, unemployed, vulnerable, disabled, age, etc.) and not just to enjoy the rewards and start from today (10/9/2014), or lose own job with immediate effect. In the same way as the public is raped even by the law, when removed of own human rights, abused in all measures imaginary to mind, corrupted our lives, lose all, even (tooth) health and income to know what is like, twist our words and environment to own advantage, but their own advantage, etc.

etc ..


These Colours don’t run,
They stand firm on the floor,
They fight back,
They defend the Country.
Proud to be British Citizen,
because is not just the Passport
to a better life,
but warts and all! ..
For Country, Land and Glory,
let’s to define ourselves later,
but today,
we defend what is ours and by law!
Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

I come back in a few weeks time as I am not getting involve in the matters of the state, government, system and political affairs, not when The Queen affairs is involve, no way!-I will not betray my principles and believes in such way, as remove The Queen, Her place in Scotland, when I know full well is not Her, but Her own peoples as explain before. I am not part of the Scotland referendum, but on the side of The Queen. As I understand fully well what is like to lose all and is not your own fault, but those bastards (as I cannot find another words) that destroy all for your own fall, after you gave them all, even your own life! -I want to warn peoples of a yes referendum when you know full well is the government staff failures to public, then wait for the law. As myself (with/without licence), I will start procedures to reverse the whole lot in a form of “Conspiracy against The Queen, Constitution, Principles, State and even System”-As by law you (whoever said Yes!) need to have reasons and set of reasons into such procedure legally – removal of The Queen from Her Scottish State and change into legislation as it please you, because The Queen is not the problem, but the State and you know full well is the true with hundreds of links in this note that support me, full stop!- I am here if Her Majesty ever needs me, with respect, because is not just the money of my work (, but to stop any further the abuse. And please do me a favor, to return the 3 amigos (Cameron, Clegg and Miliband) back to England again (as they in Scotland) and stop embarrassing The Queen any further in the name of God, whichever is your God, because this is not a beauty contest, but Politics affairs, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.