“The Queen Elizabeth II and Her Husband, The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, need to Halt – Stop, the Scottish Referendum” ..


The Scottish big day arrived today, the day to decide which way to go in politics, as usual with a big bang, a big show and a big out of nothing. David Cameron and Alex Salmond signed the deal in October 2012 allowing the Scottish parliament to stage a full legally binding referendum on Independence, the consensus was that Cameron had outplayed the First Minister (Salmond) and/or that Alex Salmond won, or vice/versa. http://tinyurl.com/pqpczyf The sad reality is The place of The Queen Elizabeth II was gambled and today (18/9/2014) is the big day, the vote to decide Her fate. I am unable to understand who’s person advised The Queen, The Prime Minister, or The UK peoples in the past. I already spoke of the matters before and I am not going to repeat the same matters, all over again:


As The Queen Elizabeth II has the Rights to fight Her corner in the same way as Scotland. The Queen has the rights to have a said in the matters, not just to pass over herself by politics affairs, that has nothing to do with Her at the present times, She do not works on that environment at any time, except holds the Reign, which is different one to the other. We do not for sure the present and future plans for The Queen and Her place in history, if ever those two (Cameron and Salmond) never ever played in bigamy, mean against The Queen. I understand The Prime Minister, David Cameron is not supposed to know everything in law and even politics, relate the matter of Scotland referendum – independence and whoever advised him, wrong, totally wrong!-The Prime Minister comes with an army of advisers and he should know better, also start choosing carefully and with responsibility of the job involve, because at the same time as Alex Salmond, both liables in law. I am doing free advocacy for The Queen Elizabeth II, not at any time for the government and this is my job charging for the service in the same way Tony Blair charges millions (http://tinyurl.com/p6pan9o), but without the repercussion (War’s Iraq, Afganisthan, Middle East, etc).

The matter of legally binding referendum will backfire not just the Prime Minister, his Government, Scotland, The Queen, The Royal Family, Mr Alex Salmond and years of UK (England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales) Tradition, because I am UK (Scotland, Wales, Irish, British) citizen. As UK (Scotland, Wales, Irish, British) Citizen, I am excluded of today’s Scottish referendum according to Scottish peoples, English peoples, or whoever peoples, but using the law, any law, even the International law, I have the same Human Rights as the rest. The Queen Elizabeth II has the same Human Rights as me and the same Human Rights as the rest of UK (Scotland, Wales, Irish, British) peoples, to vote into the matters of today Scottish referendum and not just Scotland. The Queen Elizabeth II has the rights to halt and stop the Scottish referendum, until She is advice properly into Her own matters, because the matters of Scotland referendum comes direct from Her Majesty Tradition of life, not the government (David Cameron/Alex Salmond) affairs at any time.

As UK (Scotland, Wales, Irish, British) Citizen, I have the rights to vote into the Scottish referendum and have a say into the matters, but violate my Mexican Constitution, Human Rights, European law, International law, Magna Carta (freedoms), Rule of the Law (nobody is above the law) and etc. I am unable to vote today with the Scottish referendum and I wonder why, so the corrupt people can over take The Queen’s place. Again, I am UK (Scotland, Wales, Irish, British) Citizen and is not just a passport for a better life, but comes with ups and downs, left and right, rich or poor and everything in the middle, so I have the rights of a vote today, but excluded?-The same as me, hundreds of UK (Scotland, Wales, Irish, British) citizens and rights violate, while we are four entities ( Irish, Wales, British, or Scottish), not just one (Scotland), as Mr Alex Salmond is trying to pretend.

If the Constitution is the problem today, as UK (Scotland, Wales, Irish, British) Citizen, I place my Mexican Constitution to protect The Queen, but I will not accept corruption. If the English Constitution is the problem, no problem UK (Scotland, Wales, Irish, British) citizens can provide a substitute even of commonwealth of nations, if possible. If the lack of UK constitution is the problem, no problem, We, The UK (Scotland, Wales, Irish, British) peoples can start drafting one, starting from today, but I will not accept corruption. And if many If’s, not problem, I make sure, I cover the lot, but I will not accept corruption. As by law, Mr Alex Salmond and the Scottish peoples need to tell me the reason and set of reasons into why, of the Scotland referendum and why now that The Queen is in a fragile position and taking advantage,

What all started as game (legally binding referendum) when signed the deal (2012) may become a sad reality today, in which the Prime Minister, David Cameron spend the last two years in the matter and just the last two weeks plead Scotland “No” to leave the UK, in which he agree previously: “The time, the word and the 16/17 years old vote?”- http://tinyurl.com/pqpczyf If I was a Prime Minister of the UK (Scotland, Wales, Irish, British), I will stop (full stop!) the matters of Scottish referendum today, including the legally binding referendum (document) as the reasons set previously before, until a proper agreement is taking place with The Queen’s presence and full knowledge of the matters as the law state, not before.

In my Country Mexico which I am setting as example, in that place alone, or anywhere in the world that holds a full abide Constitution, do not exist referendum, with/without own peoples have a said in the matters (free vote/referendum), full stop!-Where peoples as Prime Minister of the UK (Scotland, Wales, Irish, British), David Cameron, or Scottish (Scotland) representative, Alex Salmond can take matters (legally binding referendum) into their own hands (with/without Constitution) and takes the UK (Scotland, Wales, Irish, British) citizens for a free ride, as if we are invisible peoples (except Scotland), or The Queen with little respect, impossible!-

Because, as I am UK (Scotland, Wales, Irish, British) citizen, also I am doing free advocacy to The Queen (not the government), I could easily impose an immediate court order anywhere in the UK (Scotland, Wales, Irish, British) to halt (stop, full stop!) such Scottish referendum as reasons mention before: “Until an agreement is taking place in the UK (Scotland, Wales, Irish, British), with the full knowledge and presence of The Queen Elizabeth II, drafted the document with full terms, conditions, reasons (and etc.), stamped in the UK (Scotland, Wales, Irish, British) courts, not just Scotland and acting on behalf of The Queen’s own interest as well, not just Scotland, but in equality”-

I believe strong that what is happening today in Scotland, equally to many hundreds years ago, to treason, plot, or to go – act against The Queen’s Elizabeth II own (interest) affairs, that is Scotland. I hold responsible of arrest if necessarily, to MP David Cameron and Alex Salmond until matters are settled properly in a court of law and explain properly the reasons why of this level of abuse of power and profession against The Queen own affairs, negligence in the matters handled and treason to defeat the Crown (to go against The Queen own affairs). David Cameron MP and Alex Salmond need to explain properly even in a court of law, into why of the matters arrived this far as referendum for Scotland, without full knowledge of The Queen, without a fight into Her own corner as well by The Queen, without the rights to have a say in the matters of Scotland State by The Queen. In which means – ways used, by David Cameron and Alex Salmond, that acted without The Queen’s presence, both of them (Cameron/Salmond) even signed – drafted document, as if The queen is invisible, nil, or zero on the left. Now people holds the following questions in which irrelevant in law, until a proper agreement with The Queen Elizabeth II and Scotland Minister takes place, with the full protection in law to The Queen and advice Her properly, not lightly: Can Scotland Independence end Monarchy?-Could Cameron go the way of Lord North?-I, Myself, I would said NO to referendum, until matters are taken place properly. As I believe Scotland has the rights to fight for independence, but also in equal manner, The Queen has the rights to fight Her corner and continue Her Place as The Scottish Queen for indefinite time, with the full protection of the law and the same law to advice Her Majesty properly, not hide the law.


etc ..

I received an email from MP David Cameron and I thank you for the matters, also I acknowledge the matters with respect to your wife and by principle, I know what to do without people telling me of the same, as my facebook acts on behalf of The Queen. https://www.facebook.com/rosario.parker1 Until matters of the State mention before are not properly done today, also full payment for my work as I do not work free for any government, except the Queen. The state and government are complete separate, in which David Cameron and Alex Salmond do not have any abide rights to go against the Crown, which is The Queen Elizabeth II, without Her full permit, consent and knowledge of the matters “Scotland referendum” not matters what is about of the same matters, irrelevant in law, and act of treason, not matter how innocent, as both professionals, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

On Thursday, Scotland votes – and the future of our country is at stake.
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A country with the British values of fairness, freedom and justice. Values that say wherever you are, whoever you are, your life has dignity and worth.
The greatest example of democracy the world has ever known, of openness, of people of different nationalities and faiths coming together as one.
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