Alex Salmond resigns as First Minister of Scotland after referendum fiasco and so, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron should follows after ..

The King George VI and Princess Elizabeth, “Lilibeth Windsor” ..

After Scotland rejects independence for coming together in mutual respect (with thanks!), support and spirit, working constructively that somehow, we manage to pass the first stage, then to our surprise, Alex Salmond resigns?!- The agreement that started two years ago as simple constructive matters for Scotland Independence (, lead the cause by the First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, with only two weeks in campaign from MP, David Cameron?-In which, both of them: Alex Salmond and David Cameron signed the document (see photo, not just Alex Salmond resigns, but in equal manner, David Cameron should resign as well. As the document itself (Scotland Independence) drafted wrongly, without the full consent, knowledge, permit and realism of the document ( itself direct to The Queen (as She is not invisible), because nobody explained to Her Majesty properly the pros and cons on that time, moment and seconds, of what Her options were/are in relations with Scotland, neither that She was allowed to fight for Her Legacy in the same way as Scotland and in equal manner (With Thanks to all the Scottish peoples!), because of that matters mention before, David Cameron should resign as well, as Alex Salmon. The English peoples need to honour own words, matters and ways ( in the same way as Scotland did to us with the referendum matters (stopped!) and David Cameron to resign, in the same way and equal manner as Alex Salmond. David Cameron comes with a long list of legal representatives including his own brother the QC, Alex Cameron ( so no excuses, on the time of signing the draft document itself ( and so, full aware of the law, paper itself, contents, words and what represent such acts of (treason) in the legal fields as form of negligence since centuries ago = Treason to own Queen, Country, Land and Glory. “As The Queen Elizabeth II is not invisible and She should be taken into full account ( even to be made present of the matters of Her State (Scotland), when signed the full legal document by David Cameron and Alex Salmond. So both representatives should leave with immediate effect poitics, not just Alex Salmond but David Cameron as well”- The matters lead to a great separatism and full realism by the UK peoples with respect, of what is like to be reject – no wanted in the real world and all thanks to Scotland, the Scottish peoples and by the Scots. The whole Scottish Independence matters may open the doors to more debate into the matters and open wounds – bad feelings and a wave of significant impacts to the UK, Europe and the world once again, but this time Ireland, Wales, Britain and the reasons why, to resign, Alex Salmond and David Cameron:
etc ..

The Queen Mother and Princess Elizabeth, “Lilibeth Windsor” ..

The Queen Mother a Scottish Woman herself ( was fear by Hitler and thanks to Her strong guts and attitude won the bloodies and fearest wars of all (WWII), can you imagine the rest of the Scottish peoples together?- What could lead the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) itself, if David Cameron do not resign with immediate effect, as their own leader, Alex Salmond as mention before. As the same Scottish peoples are not invisible, like The Queen Elizabeth II, but alive and want a different government, not Monarchy, but government. Where a Prime Minister, David Cameron offers matters to Scottish peoples to ditch referendum, and then later changes his mind, because that is corruption, deceit, incitement, etc.

Friday morning (19/9/2014) David Cameron offers:

Friday evening (19/9/2014) David Cameron offers (revenge?):

What kind of government is the one, that do not deliver what offers, as I am doing advocacy to The Queen Elizabeth II and Scotland at the same time, to get a proper agreement.

The referendum matters not just by me, but the rest speak:

etc ..

I prefer not to think of the consequences of the acts by representatives of the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain), but act upon the matters and with immediate effect, David Cameron should resign and leave Clegg in charge until a new vote by the nation (referendum) and with the full knowledge of The Queen, Her Peoples, Politics and Government of every single small – big step taken. As the Scottish referendum itself mean, the independence from government/politics not Royalty at any time, because one of them is “The Queen Mother, Scottish born national”, such peoples never betray own peoples, never, not even once and stick by own principles. For the full knowledge of The Queen Elizabeth II ( as Her own Mother (The Queen Mother), the most feared woman in the land and with respect. As the Scottish peoples has the rights to defend themselves in the same way as The Queen Elizabeth II ( and for an independent land, but upon an agreement, as there is nothing wrong with The Queen Elizabeth II, but government. The Scottish peoples has the rights to prove matters of themselves in a court of law if necessarily, in the same way as The Queen and with respect. The Scottish peoples has the rights to be taken seriously, with respect, full legally represented and any promises delivery with immediate effect. The Scottish peoples come with all the birth rights in the same way as the rest of the UK nationals (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain), to fight own corner and to be heard in any matters that concern their own nation by the UK govenment (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain), to be part of the House of Lords, the House of Parliament and the House of the Queen Elizabeth II, also counted in UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) society, as the rest.

So whichever way present matters of Scotland referendum can be accomodate in a proper agreement, where The Queen Elizabeth II is present in the same way as the representants and full aware of such changes taking places and reasons, as the old agreement (Cameron/Salmond) do not exist anymore, but the culprit. (1.) David Cameron leaves his post with immediate effect for treason to The Queen, Her peoples, Country and Land. As David Cameron to be the highest person in range of command in the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain), including Alex Salmond in Scotland and full aware of the law to be charged as the law state, when betrayal own Queen and principles. (2.) Alex Salmond post reinstated again in politics and continue in aim of his own country, with full access to any UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) government and services. (3.) Both: David Cameron and Alex Salmond leaves politics with immediate effect ( As both (Cameron/Salmond) signed document, at the same time, date and place, without The Queen Elizabeth II to be present to read and acknowledge such document, equal to treason. As The Queen need to know all the time, everything that happens in Her land (UK). I worked on benefit of The Queen Elizabeth II to settle matters of Her State (Scotland referendum) and my job of advocacy to Her (and Scotland) is free, but I do not work for the government at any time. I expect the sum of one million pounds of payment for my wages (Scotland referendum) in order to settle matters, to make sure matters are settle properly as the law state, command and order in aid of The Queen Elizabeth II and Her peoples and land (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain). (My paypal button in my blog, so no excuses). I am expecting my wages soon from MP David Cameron, with respect of my job and my job “as self employed” to be consider with the same respect as his job and the same way as the rest, with respect. As Blair charges 30 million + to advice the Middle East government and for Iraq, Afganistan and bloodbath?- Including David Cameron brother earns a fortune filling legal aid as “white cheques” to own advantage. I am unemployed, my benefits, jobs, business education and even the area where I live removed by the “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker, government staff and helpers, not way to subside myself in the UK. My children wants to leave me for the same reasons, when is not my own fault, but as victim of crime. Where even David Cameron steals my work for his own speeches (Scotland referendum) and pretends is himself and at the same time as me, The Queen and for so many years now the abuse. I work for peace not war, agreement not corruption, settlements not stealings, resolution not greed, equality not inequality, birthrights not stealing someone rights, laws not illegal procedures that comes from education, not stealing the same and pretend. I am expecting my payday (cheque) at any time now, as The Queen got a lot of work to deal with at the present time, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.