Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN) meets with UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) Prime Minister, David Cameron ..

“Purred like a kitten” did she, Cameron? ( .. That’s no way to discuss The Queen, Elizabeth II” ..

Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN), President of Mexico and UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) Prime Minister, David Cameron meets for the UN Climate Summit. US President, Barack Obama and UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) Prime Minister, David Cameron and leaders address UN Climate Summit. In which, Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto congratulate David Cameron, on the decision to keep Scotland as part of the United Kingdom?- Please tell me, if they are not as bad as each other, ignorants, full of themselves and hipocrites. As Mexican President and UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) Prime Minister, both of them leaves own peoples to starve to death, removes all and live in ignorance, not The Queen, but Government (see inside links reasons why Scotland wants out, as they will never do matter to own peoples!-I am making this note in full public, as Mexican born with British Citizenship, I refuse bad treatment to my peoples, or the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) nationals ( and I do advocacy:

I am making this note as well, because I do not work for the Government, either Mexico, or UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) at any time and up to 24/9/2014. I do not support any matters of the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) and Scotland as the Mexican President, EPN mention in the climate summit, with Prime Minister, David Cameron. However, I believe strong that either, The Queen, or Her legacy which is Scotland has the rights to fight for own matters (referendum) and legally, without suffering reprisals. I believe strong that The Queen, Elizabeth II has the rights to be in government meetings, when important matters takes place, particularly of Her state (UK = Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain), or beyond the Seas (Commonwealth of Nations). The Queen has the rights to fight for what is Her own matters and in the same way should do Scotland at any time and restore Alex Salmond, First Prime Minister of Scotland. One matter is to give support to any cause which I am not and another matter very diferent is to indicate when peoples have rights and the case with The Queen and Scotland.


“Purred like a kitten” did she, Cameron?-That’s no way to discuss The Queen, Elizabeth II”- (In Medieval times a treason to a King, or Queen was a cause of great concern). I understand stress in politics is great, as I can feel it, when research the matters and write of the same matters to assist The Queen. As I believe strong, “The Queen Elizabeth II” need to know of everything that happens in Her environment, in order to assist Her and take the correct channel, in the same way as the rest:

etc ..

When I started the research was basically for myself, as I come from “family problems” and I wanted to know of those matters as Mexican born/British citizen and I even teach myself the law to assist me, now result that the whole UK is in the same position as myself and even The Queen for our surprise, with the Scottish matters!-The politics matters, I do not get paid for to do the full time job, or The Queen, but the Prime Minister, David Cameron. We, the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) peoples do not ask for perfect MP, but someone that can address matters, someone that understand political matters, someone that do not steal my matters. As the person concern like David Cameron, or the Mexican President, EPN do not have my permission, consent, or knowledge relate of my writing, but steal. We can see as mirrors and the politicians mislead the public funds, because is not the same to copy my matters, than study matters as myself, with influx of links to support matters?-A teacher never can be a GP, unless educate, the same as Prime Minister and everything is down to education gained by the purposes, instead of lie, steal, or cheat. Now with this in mind, the rest of the UK peoples can feel the difference of yesterday and today Prime Minister (true, or false!), because is not the same to copy a matter (mine) by the Prime Minister, than to learn a matter properly with research, so who is capable to do the job as Prime Minister, David Cameron, or myself and with respect?- My research do not fulfill any of my blogs notes, not matter how long is the research, but a quick reference into the matters and the rest is kept apart and that matter that kept apart, also gets stolen to aid Mr David Cameron speeches, misleading the public?-I get furious, as I am unemployed, living on a low income, benefits, jobs and business removed to aid another person and in which grounds in law the abuse?-The mislead to the public is getting to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, as he keep changing the tune all the time with false promises as we saw the Scotland referendum and etc. We do not know who is advising David Cameron into politics, state, government, law and system, as David Cameron keep changing the tune all the time and the rest killing the country?- I am not liable for what people want to understand with my material and supported with links, to protect me legally.

We live to the point that people request Petition to David Cameron, mental issues!!-I signed purely personal matters and with respect to Prime Minister, David Cameron, or to whom it may concern the matters. I do not agree in many (99%) of David Cameron personal and political agendas affecting not just me badly, but the whole complete community in general. Particularly the most vulnerable peoples in the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) and even the personal affairs of The Queen Elizabeth II that stand to lose a lot, with the Scotland referendum. In which, the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) system need to set standards, priorities, regulations, laws, controls, advocacy and not mislead the public. What I do with my blog is exposing matters, for The Queen to acknowledge of the same, not government. Because “of how we are in the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain)”, we stand to lose a lot ( and reasons why I signed the petition not personal with the Prime Minister, David Cameron. I apologies beforehand, but everything comes with limits, even our sanity. “I lost all, even the area where I livea and still today, unable to know reasons?”- I am not a doctor to regulate the matters of mental issues of anybody (, but financially and the rest, I am badly affected. Where many times, I need to expose the same links 3, 4, 5, 8 times to follows the matters, pattern, and aim of the problem, because of the gravity of the case, the issue itself, similarities and continuity of the same pattern. A pattern into the same matters that goes around in circles and nobody can cope anymore, particularly with false promises by the UK government to us, because there is no need of those length matters and the expenditure projects money ends up in the drain 99% of the times, and vulnerable people living on food banks, what a decency?-

I studied since younger physiology particularly the brain matters, as psychologist, mainly as survival of “family problems”, like the International law to protect me and mine. I wanted to understand matters and why matters were affecting me badly, since I meet a wonderful friend of my sister that was psychologist. I cannot tell you, how much this Mexican woman make me to love the career (psychologist,) itself, that I studied psychologist alone. I studied all my family in silence, and the reasons why they reacted that way with me and mine, that I am not over – judgemental with peoples, but act as mirror to them in order to change and challenge the bullies. My family (as I was 9 + years old) wanted to know if my deafness affected me in any way, or form and to reach for help. It is now that I understand that I needed a hearing aid, sign language, or any form of aids for deafness, more than a psychologist, but that all we have in Mexico on that time. I can not thank my parents enormously, when meet this woman, a psychologist. I must to tell you, that not every person is the same and have the power and perception of a psychologist and get years to master the career itself. In my opinion, the brain is another part of our body, with no power whatsoever to/over us, that many times, the criminal gets away with the crime. The reasons why I believe mental illness is a passing facet that comes and goes, with the correct help, like stress. Including there is not medication for family problems (domestic abuse – violence) in my case, except the law. The reasons why I protect the mental matters of the Prime Minister, as he gets hundreds of workers below him, that make him the way he is with the so many millions changes, that confuse the most rational of all. The reasons why I signed to follow matters ( ), as there is not just the Prime Minister, David Cameron badly affected, but an army of government staff that pass him information, wrong, bad, or good, but affects badly any political decision, government and system.

I always admire the Queen Mother and I was taken by her strong guts particularly, with the WWII affairs. I believe strong that for her caring attitude the Queen Mother was English, but wrong, She is Scottish born in Scotland, by the pure breed of the Scots and time to respect the fact. We have one Scottish woman (The Queen Elizabeth, other than The Queen Mother) that destroyed the German Nazi (Hitler), can you imagine the rest together against the UK, because of David Cameron false promises to Scotland?- After the Scotland referendum where there is not winners, or losers in the matter not matter what the Mexican President EPN means, or anybody else, but time to consider change in Politics, by the 4 states (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Britain) together, not just one (Britain), but the rest. Time to give a full consideration to peoples that are voiceless, unspoken, undeclared and silent for centuries like the Scottish peoples, with UK matters, but lives in the same Island?-No matter which way you voted, we need to work together for the future of the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain), not the future of the conservatives, labour, liberals, but the community in general, including The Queen. As any politics, the conservatives, labour and liberals many times stand to destroy everything that is on our way in order to progress. I apologies on behalf of the Mexican peoples to Scotland, as we should not give support, or take sides at any time in any referendum, politics, or government affairs not matter status, like the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN). The reasons why, I never vote, support, or take sides, except advocacy when breach of human rights, like the Queen and Scotland matters abused enormously with referendums, by the political affairs that failed to reach an agreement of peace, but war. “I do not represent at any time any United Kingdom (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain), or even Mexican (Republic state) politics, government, or similar, but unemployed. I started my own business (sept 2014) in advocacy legal fields in which government give you 3 months, before declaring as self employed. I charge one million pounds for the present political matters to UK government and aid The Queen and Scotland, to reach an agreement. “My paypal button in my blog”-Tony Blair charges 30 million + to advice the Middle East government ( Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and blood bath?- David Cameron brother (Alex Cameron, QC) earns a fortune filling legal aid forms, as “white cheques” to own advantage, but steal my case?- The advocacy to The Queen Elizabeth II and Scotland from me is free, but not to any government, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

David Cameron to apologize for ‘purring queen’