The British Prime Minister, David Cameron will apology in person to the Queen, Elizabeth II for the (“purring”) gaffe ..

“Purred like a kitten” did she, Cameron? ( ..
That’s no way to discuss The Queen, Elizabeth II” ..

The Prime Minister of the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain), David Cameron will make the unprecedented apology in person to the Queen, Elizabeth II for the “purring gaffe”, at pleasure of results from Scotland referendum (18/9/2014). I spoke the matter yesterday in my blog, with the presence of another person of high rank as David Cameron MP, that keep messing with my Mexican peoples in the same way as the UK peoples and representative: The Queen Elizabeth II. I hope, British Prime Minister, David Cameron and Mexican President, EPN understand where their own possition lays in public places and ways of behaviour expected all the time. I hope the Prime Minister, David Cameron remembers own words and writing ( in respect of Scotland referendum and acts upon those words spoken, promises and any relate matters to Scottish peoples. In which a “No” was Scotland answer to The Queen’s Referendum, not at any time to the UK government, but what’s the answer from the Prime Minister, David Cameron and his government to Scotland: a gaffe, a mislead, a tale, a lie, a give me 5, a joke, a laugh, a having a good time syndrome and a big child attitude. Because peoples with pranks died RIP ( unable to gain justice and victims get blame for the bullying (gaffe), like myself that lost unborn children by the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, “family problems” lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girls, etc) and gaffes”- I spoke of the matters from the Scotland referendum before: (and even David Cameron ridicule The Queen’s Mother place of Birth, Scotland with foreign mandataries (Mexico), what a decency!?)

neither myself, Stop, Full Stop Bullying! ..

One matter is The Queen Elizabeth II and another different matter is the UK government, that do not act upon the other at any time and divorce since hundreds years ago, full stop!- The problem Scotland comes is within and direct the United Kingdom (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) government that is unable to lets them be part of the same government (even by laws and birth rights of the same land), that has nothing to do with The Queen, Elizabeth II at any time!-Time to divide matters and stop, full stop confusing peoples, with tales, lies, gaffes, but act upon age, responsibility and job description, like David Cameron and UK Minsters. When the politicians acts in the same ways as the UK present times, makes Scotland more determine to stand their own ground for freedoms, in which their own Queen is the representative of such freedoms, but She herself is unable to do much as we can see the gaffes. The Queen Elizabeth II needs Her Peoples now more, much more than when you need Her before She dare to take all of you out of the Victorians times and ages, but fragile now. I request respect in The Queen’s present position (old age) that do not stop Her from any kind of duty, quite contrary, but patience is required all the times, that even The Queen Victoria was sitting all day in the chair. I sit all day in the chair, as I need to do research, typing and double check matters all over again, to make sure is human understandable my blog. It´s a full time job, exhaustive and with no rewards, that I fall asleep anywhere, anyhow and somehow, I survive in pennies.I request as “payback” to do exactly as The Queen did to Her peoples since years ago, not just Scotland as the leader with the “No referendum”, but the rest and any problems direct with the government, not The Queen. It’s time to stop, full stop, embarrassing The Queen Elizabeth II with all kind of gaffes, false promises and intolerance of an ASBO attitude and behaviour, from the Prime Minister, David Cameron to The Queen’s peoples – professionals, that should know better of regulations, laws, code of conduct, code of practice, etc.

I spoke of the matters on the following link (at the bottom where it said: And please do me a favor, to return the 3 amigos back to England again as they are in Scotland etc ..) when David Cameron and his friends in Parliament, went to Scotland to speak with the public 2 weeks before the Scottish referendum, not within 2 years “before” the referendum, “as it should be?”-I received email of the same matters from David Cameron (with thanks!) and acknowledge (see link at the bottom, but two weeks before the referendum (?) and expect wonders the lazy b.., as he get pay to do the job, not me?-What kind of government wait for the rest to help and not their own peoples as they get paid with great salaries and bonuses, not myself, not even the “Thank you”?-In a form of “thank you” the same (local) government staff (trafford council) sent to me the gestapo to hurt me after, as I got involved to help The Queen and Her peoples as my blog explain “exposing matters”, losing tooths, sanity, reputation, by professionals ( that hurt the community badly in my case the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers (mexican family, council staff, etc.). As the ex/husband mother said of her children (ex/husband and his sister social worker): they fight all day long, non stop intolerance and somehow, I am the problem, as I get the blame, but a reflection of themselves comes to me?- “The thing is those professionals can mess with us badly and when I said badly right on the bottom (, but never us to them, or the whole complete NHS, DWP, Dentist, GP’s, government, council staff and mexican family that cash (sponsors = ££$$$) comes against us (a reflexion of the ex/husband and his sister isn’t?)?”- As you can see link matters that started more than 28 + years ago, with lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl) and agravate since the ex/husband sister social worker gained career (, thanks to her parents (type and research) and then we ask why the crisis, why the murder of my brother, why was my sister detained under the mental health act and etc. As we are left the country in the hands of over – judgemental, vengeful, treason professionals that take the law on own hands, instead to use the courts, as they know full well they will lose their own licence?- As soon as I removed the ex/husband mother caveat (last week), a successive matters comes to my way by local government trafford council staff (as I got a claim against them) refused and arrived today (25/9/2014), so who pay for past crimes to me and mine?- I mention in the same paper of the ex/husband mother caveat (RIP) that the judge is responsable of the order (27/8/2014), as she wants me to stop the caveat, when I am fighting financial help after the divorce, then the same juge refused my claim again when trying to get a better settlement, basicaly goes against her own laws, order, principles and the reasons why she is sitting on that place as a Judge, but taking sides (the ex/husband)?-Somehow those peoples that bring problems to me and mine, trying to place me as problem, when in reality, there is laws in the UK to abide and obey, so I am not doing anything against the law, but them!!-

My question is who is monitor the disturbances in the community, as the same goes against their own principles, their own words (as the Judge order – council regulations and constitution), but I get punished, bathered ( and badly hurt?-When the law is there to protect The Queen, me, mine and the community, but use even my children when a long trail that comes from 28 years ago (5 boys the river, etc) and they are 21/24 years old, so how?- So basically, this is what we got for justice at the courts in the United Kingdom, a vindictive professionals that take own law in their own hands, by hard punishement even removal of my healthy tooth instead of the law?- When I am fighting for my rights as well with the ex/husband mother caveat (as he wants to pay me with that money!) and by law?-So where is my crime in the matter, why I am falsely accused by the matter, why the vendetta by the professionals, punishment, hate propaganda and who is using others as my children now, to cover themselves of past actions of 28 + years (5 boys, the river, etc) and why the law accept (hide) the matters?- Have you notice that non professional takes us – community to the courts, except with “confidentiality acts” to hide themselves?-It ‘s now that I understand the matters of my present position, where my intention purely to help The Queen and her peoples, but even the removal of my tooth to get involve?- “I do not work for the United Kingdom (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain), or Mexican (Republic) government at any time (past, present, or future plans), but members of my family”-I tried to enlist but failed twice, and invited again, but refused this time. In which, my father gave the job to my elder sister husband to feed his own family and the contract finished when he left his work years ago, but passed to his children to abuse the family?- My advocacy is free to the Queen, but not to the United Kingdom – Mexican Government. So at any time, I am NOT asking to be used/abused as cash for questions in the House of Lords/Parliament in order to open relations direct with my country ( ), without my explicit concent in writing, but the rest is abuse of power and profession. I am not invisible in the same way as The Queen Elizabeth II with the gaffes (“I can not lead you into battle, I do not give you laws or administer justice, but I can do something else – I can give my heart and my devotion to these islands and to all peoples of our brotherhood of nations” .. Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom) and my ideas, my blog and by law, the rest is abuse of power and profession!-Please find the next victim to do your job full time, with no form of subsidy in the UK, remuneration, job prospectus, business, but used – abused my reputation badly, in the same way the community in general and even The queen badly affected by the professionals (I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong, Elizabeth II.). that should know better, as the ex/husband mother told me of her own daughter, social worker.

Where we question legally: under the section 63 (3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of “good character”, at any work (paid/unpaid) with anyone that represents the system in any way, form or shape, even professionals. “I believe strong that the ex/husband sister social worker did the career with help of her own parents, in order to hit me badly today with her lies and removes all from me, even my unborn children, as victim of crime myself (”, but unable to use the courts as mention before, with trafford council court and claims?-The reasons why we said no to gagging laws, that jeopardize freedoms of the community particularly: “The Queen.”- I charge one million pounds for the present political matters to the United Kingdom government and aid The Queen and Scotland, to reach an agreement. “My paypal button in my blog for Prime Minister, David Cameron to pay me and honour his words, to honour his laws to me, to honour his system to me and mine but removed, to honour equality but attacked by the same equality officer of trafford council as mention before, to honour protection laws, but attacked several times and even use/abuse of my persona without my consent, to honour health, but removal of 4 healthy tooths and wave of hate to me and mine since 1985 when emigrate from Mexico till 2014 by the family problems of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, with lies, tales, defamation of 5 boys, the river ( and etc”- Tony Blair charges ( 30 million + to advice the Middle East government for Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, Middle East and blood bath?- David Cameron brother (Alex Cameron, QC) earns a fortune filling legal aid forms, as “white cheques” to own advantage and even steal my advocacy?- The good news is that The Queen Elizabeth II will received a public apology from the Prime Minister, David Cameron gaffe, contrary to me by the “ex/husband and his family problems” of 28 + years of pure hate propaganda, non stop intolerance and as bad as each other, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.