Renee Zellweger unrecognisable ..

They killed all of mine that even the fear “to be me” removed,
Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

With respect, Renee Zellweger may be happy ( and I am happy for her changes in life as well, for her achievements, triumphs, loses and even ups and downs in life, as her new changes need a lot of bravery. I do not question happiness in life but Renee Zellweger physical appearance, as if she’s trying to force us to accept someone else, like mislead!?-I prefer Renee Zellwegerr “before” as I am unable to recognize this new person as the old Renee Zellweger – totally different, she lost all and everything gone, with respect!-If Renee Zellweger is thinking not to come back to the stardom again is fine the changes, but when she returns, perhaps people will find hard to assimilate her old self, into her new Imagen (role). The matter of Renee Zellweger works out very much as, when you buy a kitten in the shop and the owner gave you a puppy instead?-“The mislead is what works as, confusing matters to some relevant parts in our society, even in law – the perfect example with Renee Zellweger” –

I, the same as the rest of human peoples that mature with age, but when people see me again after 28 years since left Mexico (1985-2014) may not recognise me again, but Renee Zellweger (with respect) went for a few days, months, or perhaps a few years in the matter, not a massive – whopping 28 + years, like me?!!- I am not saying Renee Zellweger looks ugly now in any way, form, or even shape, but another pretty person and very much different in everything!-I never meet Renee Zellweger in the past as person not even today, but as star, perhaps on that matter alone (as star), I take the liberty to express a free opinion in the changes and what motivate such drastic – realistic changes in life, not the person. Where I believe strong, that, better to enjoy natural beauty as “it is” in which we are all born an connected into, because nobody is “born perfect”, so please LOVE yourself first, before you can love someone else’s. In which, some people opt for the next “way out ticket” and spend a fortune in “make me fell better treatments” and many times affect us brilliant according to the matters and badly in the worse possible ways with no remedy, like those treatments that cannot be undone. What I feel most (with great green envy!) is the money over spend trying to fix a tinny little simple mistake, that maybe better to leave such “mistakes” alone, because such “mistakes are what makes us – human people, the person of today”, not the perfection. Work out yourself in the next level ahead of the rest and leave the tinny, little and small “mistakes” to those (envy) peoples, that cannot compete with us and have the strong necessity to continue putting us down, with any stupid remarks. Where I leave Renee Zellweger just here, as the rest that comes after in this note, do not belong to her at any time, but a different kind of re-constructive therapy, with thanks!-


My motto in life is very simple: “When people are nasty to us because they envy us, they want to steal everything from us!”-When much younger, I did not understand the meaning of the matters, but today, as I lost unborn children removed from my womb with all kind of tales, lies and defamation and then not happy with the matters, my brother perished ( as well. !!So, answer to your questions: “Yes, ENVY kills!!” We even saw the criminal attack against a fragile woman, with little mercy. Where we hope that peoples do not mix matters of re-constructive surgeries, but undergo therapy to see own beauty, without assistance of drastic measures. Where I am against such peoples that want to help the rest, when they need the help first and furthermore, what is inside the person that motivate such help?-Where thanks God even in law there is the test of aptitude (, but not the rest of professionals standards. I question what motivate the person to do the career and in which way is going to be taken: good or bad, because good supplement is OK, but bad intentions, no way – sign a contract!-Where used the same Doctors and GP’s professionals standards that are not allowed by law to treat own family, full stop!- As the ex/husband sister social worker example: where her parents done the research and typed her university work, the result today is world crisis. As the professional standards unable to perform properly the rest (test), leaving the community totally neglect. Where I believe strong the ex/husband sister social worker studied (apparently) her career, based on her own lies against me and mine, when she was in Mexico “before” the weeding (1985) and her parents believe her tales: 5 boys, the river, etc, in order to assist. On the top of that matter, after the ex/husband sister social worker gained her degree certificate, she even bring family of mine from abroad to help and collaborate her lies against me, including the area of Trafford, neighbourhood and anyone that helps to promote the cause – madness, into my life in order to cash. Where the madness affected me and mine badly even today and shows on the following and relevant link, that do not make the professional misconduct alone, but aided, “as if we were in war?-

As the “family problems” knew that I will not help them in the matters (of any matters), as they sent to me even their son (javo azpiri to study free in England and exploit the good heart of the tax payer and in which grounds in law the assault?) and he was returned (1990) back to Mexico, when my first child was born and this promote the cause of hate, because I will not play their own games, not even now. “I want to clarify, that when we lived in the sister house (azpiri) my parents pay for our stay (including my brother) and we have (still today) a home to live in Puebla, but removed in order to financially help my elders sisters, sold like slaves, which is a crime in law!”- My brother Jose in the same way as me, he sent back to Puebla from Veracruz the azpiri family and he was molested using my matters in order for me to get the blame, as usual. As the ex/husband sister social worker and the azpiri family ( got strong bonds – friendship that help each other (past/present), excuse of (empty) dishwasher of the ex/husband against me now (not just the 5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, but the dishwasher as well?!), in order to frame me legally. When the dishwasher matters from the ex/husband against me, excuse to hurt my brother badly, that resulted in his death the abuse, because the ex/husband still alive and my brother killed, so who is lying?- Where I question no friendship between professional and standards, but the reasons why of the profession. The real reasons why of such profession, before such professionals takes place and want to help (restore) humanity (physical, mental, etc.) accepted into our society, before university accept them, before professional licence is renewed, before anything is granted. As member of the community as myself that lost so much (my brother, my unborn children, sister detained under the mental health act, children bullied, pets destroyed, etc.), I come with rights to ask the UK government to check first and double check any professional status – standards, to avoid any criminal activity and drastic measures when transforming our society, like the “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers against me and mine in the past and today as present, in order to avoid a volatile future. I call the ex/husband and his sister social worker the Krays Brothers (, purely and only because, they got the complete area brushed and only peoples that want to dominate areas, control people and system, brings such fear and terror, to us – the community.


Where my children are not going to be used as weapons against society, as book belongs to the neighbour (house #11) friend of the ex/husband by her husband (house #11), also neighbourhood leader (house #11). job centre plus staff (house #11), Trafford council/government staff (house #11), and so many jobs into one single person alone. Where we question legally professional standards, by the way the Trafford area has been cordoned in the past with such control (freak), covered in criminal activity to the neighbours ( and myself badly affected as mention before with my brother (, sister detained under the mental health act, “family problems” and even cars – blow up. The criminal activity even travels distance as mention before no problem, but I get the blame. When in reality all my jobs, education, services and everything removed and even request “references” to the same neighbours badly affected like me, if nobody remembers is not my problem. The level of abuse to the community has to come from the same person that is in charge of the neighbourhood, in fact I am against. I helped the community in the past direct to “disabled” peoples run by Trafford council DAG – Gaynor Burton acting as manager (she was never my manager!) and I was a resident of the same area, nothing else!- Trafford DAG was performed inside the council building not on the road, on the streets, in my home, or somewhere else, but inside trafford council premises. What trafford council staff does in their own free time soon after the DAG meetings is not my problem, but purely to help the “disabled” community, nothing else came out of the matter. As I am still unemployed, badly affected by such help, that I lost all today and I will say never again!- What comes out of the same Trafford council staff in order to confuse the community (as neighbourhood), control and trap society with lies and brings even the Police officers (with respect) to lose status in the community, forced to take a second income to survive. While again, I am against the cheap neighbourhood programs and I prefer the Police officers to recruit more help, with hearty salary to avoid anyone to take second jobs, seconds status, or second abuses, where the same police force need to sell themselves to the first bidder.

As one thing is the police and order and another matter very much different is the community and services, neither of them match at any time, but badly used – abused beyond recognition, with respect to anyone affected, but those peoples that abuse the community do not respect us at any time, otherwise we would not be where we are today, confused as they want us to be, but not me. I do not question the friendship of anyone mention here including the “family problems”, but the criminal activity and professional misconduct that comes from such force, strong bond and friendship. When on time for the investigation for the abuse of power and profession to any victim badly affected by the professional miscounduct, the law acts so painfully slow and powerless towards (my) matters, because of the bond in friendship (the family problems of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers), that is so hard to break, but blame anyone like myself. For the reasons above mention is respectfully request to whom it may concern the matters that anyone emerging into any profession need to pass the test before, not after, including reasons of such profession, even as friends in any “family” to avoid another confusing story like mine. Where all professions by the professionals to the community use the same respect, code of conduct, code of practice, duty of care, regulations, constitution and principles. As Doctors and GP’s that are not allowed to treat own family, at any time. I mean to say this matter, as I got children not matter age, that I need to protect from such force of profession that comes from friendship, family problems (, or any other close source, that can be used for/and/or against the law. We need to consider the pros and cons to society by such kind of friendship of the professionals, that I question legally, the level of abuse and criminal activity in any court of law. As happened to my sister detained under the mental health act, brother killed, my unborn children perished, children bullied, pets badly hurt and all for lies, tales and cash the system with no mercy. When we should ask ourselves where all this professional misconduct will take us, including the hate propaganda that is against the law and takes the community into a different motion of real life, furthermore, when the bullying (professionals against the community) will stop, full stop!-

When I emigrate to the UK 28 + years ago (1985) “Margaret Thatcher times”, everything was different, even standards and as much I study the English law and the English system today in order to protect me and mine, also to understand matters, but nothing same to match, everything differ from one to the other (see the links: ), so who is lying?- Where I am even accused of matters by the same “family problems” of the ex/husband, sister social worker and helpers, but the odds against me and the odds against the professionals is like 1 (me) against 10000000 (professional misconduct) and still counting, so who is lying?-As you can read the news with the level of abuse by the professional misconduct to society, that you can not hide the sun any – more with just one finger, so who is lying?-In other words, I am unable to assimilate the yesterday and today in order to go forwards to tomorrows, complete changed (by the corruption) the structure by the use of your own books (not mine, yours!) that speak different, when is the same United Kingdom system, so who is lying?- I wanted to use Renee Zellweger example with respect in case if anyone find difficult to concentrate, except with a pretty girl to take your attention, understand matters as purchased materials when on University, as the ex/husband sister social worker, that was helped by her own parents, now in crisis!-In order to understand the fallen standards in society can not be jeopardise, unable to recognize matters by the level of (local) government corruption and for you to understand the gravity of the problems. Affecting badly the most vulnerable peoples of our society like me and mine, by the professional misconduct – driven by green envy, greed and lack of regulation standards taken place, very much like Hurrican Gonzalo ( ) that came and gone leaving millions in compensation, without prejudice, without discrimination and without taken places in society, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.