Shall the United Kingdom peoples afford to stuff, Barrosa, Clegg, Cameron, Osborne, Miliband, Farange and etc? –

Only David Cameron and the Conservatives can give you a referendum on Europe. Well that is not the true of the present UK regulations, imposed by the same legal structure (not me), that govern the country where it said: “Nobody is above The Queen Elizabeth II and furthermore nobody is above of the Rule of the Law, with respect. Now, if The Queen Elizabeth II never over passed the Law, who gives the rights to the rest of government bodies, as the community is not invisible, but real peoples, please respect?!- Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

Please observe following video, as even animals can live together in complete harmony, peace and contentment – without fighting, why the human kind is downgrade?- We stand to repeat History again as this matter dictatorship happened in Franco’s – Spain times, where peoples (victims) lived a long period (1930 – 1975) of anarchism ( and at the same time, the WWII lived the most horrid and short (Nazi) war (1939-45) ever survived by the Human kind itself. As the victims of war never gained any kind of proper justice, memory, apology, compensation and non/repetition of the abuse against humanity, by the criminal courts, criminal activity itself, crimes against human peoples, neither ruled by the International law, with a whopping 6 million Jews victims of war. Where history is repeating itself today (as yesterday), with a non warranty of non repetition (of the same hate portrayed to Jews 1939-45) legally. As Israel Online Ambassadors in order to protect Jews population worldwide – Israel peoples since 1930’s that started the fulling in public places and public domains ( We, The Jews – Israel peoples ask legally, why of the fallen standards by the International Law and what are the reasons of lack of protection laws to Jews/Israel citizens of the world, because preference (Palestine, WWII, Spanish Inquisition, etc) is not acceptable legally. The matter legally of preference stand as discrimination – racist attack direct to Israeli peoples worldwide that comes with birth rights (all of them), magna carta (freedoms), rule of the law (nobody is above the law), constitution for every single country that need to emigrate, since the diaspora times and a bunch of irregularities, that hide regulations that can not be taken from Israel at any time, not after my parents, parents, parents lost so much since centuries ago and even removed our ID, ruling us out of the Middle Est and question every single movement of our birth rights as nation, dispersed by the same bullying, supremacy, hate propaganda and intolerance towards us and for no reasons the criminal activity. The hypocrisy is enormous – way out of order legally. As somehow Palestine stand today as victims by the same system that produce the horrors, movies, violence and crimes, but not Israel and the Jews peoples allowed to speak of the same matters that happened to them for more than centuries ago, with the Spanish Inquisition, WWII with Hitler and now Palestine (Gazza) used to bring another round of fuelling match of hate. Including “Insufficient evidence” to charge George Galloway over ‘Israel free zone” speech (, prosecutors decide and Galloway fell free to hurt reputation of Israel in public places (like Hitler) and you call this law, order, principles?-When Israel has the rights to protect own peoples in the same way as the rest? – Where in reality today (26/10/2014), the Jews peoples worldwide lives with non warranty and form of non repetition of the same hate portrayed to Jews back in 1939-45, what are the reasons legally?-When in reality the Jews and the Arabs are brothers and sisters that need to be recognize by themselves as pulled apart since centuries ago, by intolerance against own peoples (Jews/Arabs), the cause of so many wars, by so many excuses: religion, country of birth, sexual orientation, age, colour of skin, incapacity, etc. I spoke of the Euro – European Union matters before, but still in the same square:

– Where Mr Barossa (with respect) told the public (as if we are invisible) audience that if Britain could do anything to control immigration from the European Union then, we were dreaming!

-David Cameron presently (26/10/2014) consider to press “emergency brakes in order to control immigration” furthermore, anything that do not produce the country nothing good (low-skilled EU, Immigrants and foreign aliens that abuse benefit system in general).

-In which, the EU reforms “right to free movement across Europe” would bring (full – scale) changes in treaties may impossible to deliver.

-I, Myself worry of the effects the EU changes will made “strong impression that may impossible to heal (recover without another war like WWII) later” with the financial world: from small business (badly affected), investors (may take money somewhere else more secure) and billionaire worlds (trying to protect own patch).

-I will not get relate into any disputes may arise from the same matters that has nothing to do with the European public in general (me), but politicians that need to sort the (matters) differences like: If Britain not part of the EU would be zero (more like Zero tolerance to any bullying in politics!).

-In the UK so far, there is strong messages across the EU community at the present times, in which better to evaluate the pros and cons of the exit to any European resolutions (as Britain), above all, what the changes will bring latter, as another WWII (WWIII)?-

-As the European community – Euro was born by the elders to stop the fight, fire and even bombs with fallen (whopping) 70 million (Europeans) victims of war, that nobody did any justice to them at any time, even after the end of the WWII. Now the spoil children that WWII left behind and never witness the most horrid war/s ever known to men/women (WWI-WWII), alike before, but stand to repeat itself today (with respect)? –

-A strong necessity to speak each other Minister in future regulations, even abroad as the European summit: “David Cameron responded furiously to the bill from the EU yesterday, complaining that he had been ambushed at a summit of fellow leaders”-

Merkel: I will block PM on immigrants with the “fundamental principles of free movement in the EU”- A strong necessity (the “fundamental principles of free movement in the EU”) to keep us all together in principles. In fact, a realistic necessity of survival, in which I agree totally with Merkel, our Human rights, magna carta (freedoms), rule of the law (nobody is above the law), constitution, regulations, duty of care, duty of conduct, principles: “Free movement in the world with no restrictions whatsoever, except the shoes that we are using for transport”- Rosario Castellanos de Parker.