Let’s Talk Mental Illness Like Adults: “Are You Listening Family?” ..

-If my GOD is with me, who can be against me?-
Si mi DIOS està conmigo, quien estarà contra mi persona?

The Blog is a form of communication with my children, because even if we live in the same house but we lost the touch, unable to hold any matters without feeling somehow appreciative and the father which is the ex-husband, answer the questions all the time on the children´s behalf, with endless shouts, abuse, intolerance and laugh, even if I dare to snore for a bit in the couch. This reflect very much the kind of atmosphere my sister (soco) was living in Germany, not better, not worse, so it must be the same family (elder sisters) and their own primiada, that interfere with my matters and previous the rest of the family matters, as all is reflection: destroying our lives. As this is the way they want to leave the rest of the family by the elders sisters destroying our lives, to show the world that we are the problem, when in reality, they are the problem against us, even join forces with the ex/families to combat us (parker, hazz, etc), as if we are in wars?- http://tinyurl.com/mv6rpdu I was not aware (1985 – 2012) of any wars in a form of “family problems” and all is down that my elders sisters and their own children as the primiada found each other with matters that belong to the rest of the family and somehow can not RESPECT anything that is ours (the rest of the family) and by law, but steal (sergio gomes pintado, hazz,friends, etc) even in the present and purchase in the past with favours. “Today the elders sisters and their own primiada need to repay with the ex/husband and his sister social worker of past favours against the rest of the family (http://goo.gl/i1sZL), but it is ” us (the rest of the family)” the problem and not the “elders sisters” together with the “ex/husband and his sister social worker and la primiada” that makes such plans, causing negligence all the time to us (the rest of the family)?”- Because this is how they love to keep us the rest of the family by the elders sisters, fighting all the time – for stupid matters, but today, I am giving to them their own medicine and exposing this abnormal behaviour by the elders sisters to the rest of the family, because is something happens to me and mine in the same way as my brother(http://goo.gl/i1sZL), then the rest of the family goes against the elders sisters, as this matter of hate into the same family, need to stop, full stop!-All is forgotten and in the past now, even buried my brother (http://goo.gl/i1sZL) and removed all me and mine in the past (sergio gomes pintado, etc), in order to steal and manipulate to own advantage. As if we – the rest of the family are the property of the elders sisters?-How much the elders sisters pay for us, for the rest of the family, in order to own us?-when the debt will be clear and for how long more the rest of the family need to keep in debt with the elders sisters, in order for them to stop interfere into our lives, but destroying all that is and belongs to us?-Today, my children and the elders sisters children’s seeing for the first time solo – in time history in the UK, incredible but the true!-This is how long and how far we are apart in the family, but I was to blame by the elders sisters and the rest of the family of their own misfortunes in order to cash, together with the ex/husband and his sister social worker (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, the dishwasher ..). When in reality of this paranoia for family (not me and my children but the rest), I myself lost totally touch with the family and since I emigrate to the UK (1985-2014), that I need to record this matter in my blog as form of celebration!-I refuse to see the family, before we deal with the “family issues – my unborn children – my brother’s life” in a court of law. (http://goo.gl/i1sZL) Because the family was another matter that was stolen by the same “family problems” of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, plus the elders sisters, in order – the sister (carol) to have the close-nest of my family, removed from me, with lies of “all about me”, instead to just said: hallo, but use me, grass me of the worse and even label me of a problem, but what a tale?-I am not worry of the friendship between my children and the family – primiada, but any kind of disturbance, paranoia, hate propaganda against their own mother (me), manipulation to remove them from me, interference as “agreement contract (for past favours to ex/husband and his sister social worker, because if that is the case to pay themselves, not me and mine?)” to check on my persona all the time (as lack of trust). As happened to my other sisters (soco, etc) years ago and then detained under the mental health act soon after and I was to blame, but today acting in the same way as yesterday with me, so how is/was me, but left the reflection inside their own children’s heart against their own family, as la primiada, so how is/was me?-My elders sisters can not understand that what is in Mexico, is not the same in England, but use each other with the help of the ex/husband and his sister social worker that cannot control herself, to get rid of me and destroy all me and mine sending their own children as “show off” and take centre part of the rest of the family business and matters. As the Gestapo was with the Jews in the past this is how the elders sisters use to the rest of the family to implement fear, but when I do the same to the elders sisters and the rest of the family sending the gestapo to them, non/stop, but use a live blog for communication, again when I use that lunacy of “check the rest of the family” with paranoia non/stop, when?-If the ex/husband and his sister, or the elders sisters and the rest of the family, or to whom it may concern the matters wants to get rid of me, the courts exist and as professionals is time to use those services, to avoid the confusing matters, to avoid the “go between” as they are using the children now (and then blame them later), to avoid any more criminal damage and use and abuse the services in the UK for lies, tales and defamation, from all of them against me, Cowards!- Where the rest of the family since younger, we need to live in state of paranoia, fear and cut off our freedoms some how, by the elders sisters that controls and use even the ex/husband and his sister social worker, so happy to assist them (even if it is against the law), ably and help, when it helps them even financially, the same happened to the other sister (soco) with the ex/husband (hazz) and his family, the similarities is a reflection. http://tinyurl.com/mv6rpdu As past favours between the elders sisters to the ex/husband and his sister social worker repeat today, the same favours – but against me now?-When for years the elders sisters and ex/husband and his sister social worker, blame me of all the things that happened to the family, then they should probe in law the matter and abuse, because this is how I am today. I am in the same position of the rest of the family (arrested – cut off from the rest – cut off from own liberty – separate – with not communication with anyone), so when? .. funny isn’t?- So this blog acts as form of memory for the future, as the matters that happened to the rest of the family (soco, etc) is happening to me now (selling own family), by the elders sisters and their own children (“La Primiada”), that push children’s to go against their own mother, in this case was Riqui son of Soco´s that sorted own mother to the mental hospital to blame me after. So how I am the problem, if I am in the same place today – removed all from me like soco was in the UK, so how?-Because somehow the rest of the family we are not well except the elders sisters and helpers (ex/husband and his sister social worker), that have that doses of grandeur, that are allowed to live super well with the reputation of the rest of the family and steals all from us, not from today, but from yesterday that all started – today continue, so who is not well?-Where the matter reflect to the ex/husband and his own family that witness this disturbances and copied matters, even if their own family are not perfect as my family, because their own mother used to complain of both of them: fight all day long, non/stop and as bad as each other. So where is the perfect immaculate family and who’s bands holds the perfect family, as I regard them as the Krays brothers for controlling and paroling the area, when there is the law and order in the UK, but takes the law. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kray_twins In order for the ex/husband sister social worker to come and lay the law to me and my family, when she never done the career of social worker but her parents, when she never put the example but keep fighting with peoples using “confidentiality acts” to hide herself from mischief, where the disturbances started soon after I emigrate to the UK (1985-2014) and still very much alive today, with cashing: 5 boys, the river when all that was a bunch of lies that killed my unborn children and brother, where I do not want my children’s to learn this kind of abnormal behaviour. The elders interference into the lives of the rest of the family is unacceptable to us legally, because we do not act in the same way with them, but spread as further from them, as I do not want to know anything about them, until sort the criminal (http://goo.gl/i1sZL) activity to me and mine. Because I am not interest in the family with the elders, never was, as I understand how delicate they are with the rest of us, that we opted for to copied them and I really hope, that they notice and fell the pain that we need to live from their own racism towards the rest of the family, unacceptable in law, or any kind of principles. So who gives the elders sisters and their own children as la primiada the rights to continue interfere into our personal life, even travels to the UK, to destroy everything from me and mine (the rest of the famly), all the times and into my matters, because it was not enough to stole all from me in the past (sergio gomes pintado stands as probe of stealing, friends, unborn children, country of birth, family and even connection, etc.), but continue today in the present. Again if anyone has any problems with me the courts exist even in the UK to use them, not to take the law, as the “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker, and their own helpers (elders sisters, primiada, neighbourhood, council staff, etc) that manipulate the area and beyond the seas, incredible the lunacy, so please back off!?- http://tinyurl.com/mv6rpdu This blog stands as remembrance to any matters that happened and is happening now, to remember in the future, as I, the same as the rest of my family, deserves to gain peace, justice, memory, compensation and recognition in a form of an apology from the elders sisters to the rest of the family, because of destructive behaviour towards us – is way out of question legally. This matter stands as order (because is not possible to live in peace) serves to the ex/husband and his sister social worker as an example to whoever dare to use and abuse my family again, no negotiable and “without prejudice” in law. As soon as I receive my share of the house, I will move away from the area, not before, because the ex/husband never meet me in the council, but I come from educate family in Mexico. So whoever comes to the UK and visit us – welcome, but comes in holly peace, harmony and contentment, leaving all your garbage at home, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.