Cambridge Paedophile Myles Bradbury: “Robots replaced, as Human Inteligence, understanding, respect of individuals needs, could that matter be possible in the near future?” ..


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The Children’s Doctors and Cambridge Educate in Medicine by Paedophile Myles Bradbury: “Where Robots are replaced as Human fails – strong force of millions of particles forms of Intelligence, understanding of privacy matters in reasoning (analysis and theory) law, of any law worldwide. A big concern of our society today, any professional (misconduct) doctor principles as Paedophile Myles Bradbury, with, or without lack of respect to individuals needs not matter age (primordial), either in Biology, Physics, Physiology, and even our modern Psychology (mind, body, spirit, behaviour and even reasoned reasons study) could be possible in the near future, if everything fails in professional misconduct?”-I, Myself would not go near a professional, without a video camera planted in the work place of the same professional ( “private, or NHS”) and in full working order. The ex/husband mother (RIP) and her own relations would do the same, scream the (stepping hill Stockport) hospital – place into one, as happened to her when soon after Bernard passed away and she landed in the hospital so many times, with fractures. When I understood the game of “family problems” of the ex/husband and his sister social worker and I tried to help the person that I regarded as mother, it was too late, I was divorce. As I refuse to use the game of chaperone (family, etc) – representative (police force, social worker, etc) to accompany me to see advice of a professional (any standards), when that is the last resort, venue and matters, that I want in my life (as independent person / individual).”As video cameras can be used instead of a chaperone – representative for less money to the state – tax payer bill, that monitor closely, widely and properly any kind of abuses of professionals (misconduct) worldwide, as Bradbury and with my full respect”-Let’s be honest with the previous matters explain before, where may look to you for a lot of mumbo jumbos, but the sad reasons of small groups of our professional force and their own misconduct. “Where Hitler mastered to move a complete country (Germany) with the full backing of such masters of professionalism, because alone he, himself would never get as far as the bus stop!”-

NHS (scandals):
Social Worker/Care System.
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I remember times, when life was easy as switch on/off lights at home, or even tv monitors, but falsely accused by the ex/husband and his sister social worker of complicate, when they hold 8 monitors just to switch on, a simple tv (see photo, next to the magic ball), monitor, machine, or robot?-When matters at home did not work properly and repair (out of the blue like magic) by the ex-husband “expertise” and for the last 27 years, that lasted the holly ordeal!- On that time, I questioned how good he (ex/husband) was, how clever, brilliant and incredible intelligent, without realise that it was himself who was moving matters on and off all the time like magic: that it was him and his sister social worker role of professionals, both acting as one in the malice (like the Kray Brother’s control of the area), against me with full understanding in law principles as profession (social worker / jury service), but playing (mind) – scoring games, the same today, even after divorce. Where the ex/husband and his sister social worker holds the children to control me, as random, as guarantee, or as whatever you wants, because afraid of what could happens to them. As I lost unborn children by the same mind games of themselves and lies (1985) of the ex/husband sister social worker (5 boys, the river, etc), now the ex/husband use matters with another different tales (empty the dishwasher) and use the children to help them, when they were not born on those times (1985), also the ex/husband and his sister social worker alive, well and happy (2014) and my unborn children and my brother perished in the river of hate, with 27 years the ordeal (1985-2014), so how?- Where age do not change peoples perspectives in life not even as professionals as Paedophile Myles Bradbury, but the same low standards – silly games (scoring points) passed into the children and that is what worry me, as I never teach them such low degrading standards, that in law calls: bullying, domestic violence (mental, physical and verbal), abuse (of power and profession) and intolerance and just a few examples of such low decadency in profession, any profession, that abuse own position:

Trafford Council (scandals):

Politics (scandals):

DWP (Unemployment-ATOS exams and Bedroom tax):




Domestic – violence/abuse:

Criminal-Judicial system:

Middle East – World affairs:

Where the ex/husband and his sister social worker use the children as servants, slaves, or maids, to help them to clean their own mess in the past ( and matters afters. Including to help empty own parents (Betty and Bernard) house complete in order to sell it after, in which is their own full responsibility – rights as children, not my children as helpers – sponsors and then get blame after?-Where my children learn the same way as the ex/husband and his sister social worker used to speak to own parents, with loads of shouts, jokes and fun to them, while I do not mind how they address their own parents as the law exist is not invisible, but now they are teaching my own children to do the same low standards with me, as I never teach my children to speak that way to any adult – parent, but education, respect and tolerance?-I do not mind who’s the children speak, or have any kind of relationship because I teach them the good/bad bits in life, but not to bring at home the same disrespect, insults, and hate, as I do not sent my own children to be used as tolls – weapons against society, never!- “At home that still on both names (me and the ex/husband), I am unable to get hold into anything in the area (jobs, housing, education, benefits, services, etc) including BT line, that the phone keeps ringing twice, every hour or so, and every single day for years the ordeal, can you imagine, including heat hide in the roof?-I decide to move out of the area as soon as the financial matters are settled, because nobody can leave in an area (, with nothing to hold into life. In which, I am unable to gain access to the internet, but studying on the internet with University stuff and the ex-husband gets – controls of the matters and removes everything from me?-Now, as the ex/husband gets hold of all the matters at home, even monitor the radiator, boiler, rips of the house as it please him, including to get access into my personal matters, as the previous links indicate. Where I do not mind the mistakes as we all make them sometimes, but what others “professionals” take advantage with, even imposing me and my sister with mental issues – capacities by the ex/husband sister social worker (that is against her profession?), falsely accused – confuse matters, as I standing for more than 27 + years the (bleeding) ordeal?-


Everything is de – coded at home, from the T.V. company (Sky), or even the same BT staff friend of the ex/husband (as neighbour), and his sister social worker – tip off from me and mine, includes: “all about me” whereabouts to frame after, which is against the law “the hunting”, any principle and code of conduct, by abuse of professional standards. As the matter happened to me today (30/11/2014), not just the internet gone, but my laptop attacked: “the thing disappear – whipped off complete, except this time I hold witness in the matter, before I was afraid to be call names?”-“I was doing an internet space in Google to my children today (30/11/2014), to sell own matters as blog, shop, or promote own stuff, then the internet went off – out of the blue. At the same time (like magic), all the items of the shop that I was decoding into a blog for my child to sell on and during Christmas, where landed on the top of the roof of the house, coincidence never, or some companies spy on us, because 2 things together never happens, without “specific” reasons, never!?”-The same matters happened to me years ago (2008-2010), where my children helped me with my eBay business doing the financial books, postage and matters, but removed after from them with the trade marks excuses, that arrived to my home (as tip off) and passed my business to family (betito), included Trafford college expenses and university for free?- My old peoples customers and jobs of mine stolen as well from me as career, with endless lies from the ex/husband sister social worker that landed in the hospital (maclesfield), including her own mother as explain before she landed in Stockport (stepping hill) hospital so many times, when after Bernard passed away suffered multiple fractures, hospital stays, illness scares and the full matter of abuse, by her own daughter, not me. I am not a social worker, I never was in such places, but a simple career, so how I did the matters, except lies, abuse of power and profession by families, that took advantage of the generosity of the UK tax payer, but I got the blame?- As the following link did not made itself with the continuance of bullying to me and mine. Where the ex/husband and his sister social worker full aware that my children were helping me in my small business (eBay and looking after old peoples as own Granma’s), while my hand was on mend, but stealing all from us, with tales and lies, that nobody can live that way, by constant / non stop, removal of all from me and mine and reasons to make the blogs to my children, but always everything is removed from us, as explain before and pass matters to another person. Because not matter how hard we tried in the UK, we are gong to be living by the terms and conditions of the ex/husband and his sister social worker extreme jealousy, malicious intent and hate spread?-As today (30/11/2014) the ex/husband and his sister social worker use the children to own advantage as helpers, to clean own parents home, while it is own full responsibility, including their own mother (,but I am unable to help me, or my children in the UK to do any business – jobs, or gain success in life by own efforts, nothing, not even a sad blog is performed in tranquillity, without full scales, shows and power off’?! -I remember back in 2008, the whole family got into paranoid state of mind and concept changed phone numbers, as on that time the ex/husband lost his knee, lost his job, lost his teeth and lost his reputation as he told me. “I lost everything today, even my unborn children, brother, sister detained under the mental health act, children bullied, pets killed, etc”-Where never before those matters happened at home and suddenly we landed in a war zone style (approx. 2008/2009) “state of paranoia” as the ex/husband told me he will be seeing by his own sister (no wonder he lost all and I got the blame?), changing phone numbers and a wave of crap, but on the hands of unsuited peoples my personal matters. As I was not aware of any family problems on that time (1985 – 2012), or at any time, but reasons of my divorce, because I never gave my permit, consent, knowledge, but abuse of profession?!! – The Children’s doctor as Cambridge Paedophile Myles Bradbury faces prison for sexual abuse of boys he was treating. These little peoples vulnerable, gravely ill, with no defence at all and left with little protection, or none form of help, that if fixed a proper video cameras the matters would never happens in the first place, even my tooth would never been removed ( without a proper reasons, but lack of treatment, neglect by the professionals standards. In all my years experience as parent – mother, I never read such grotesque betrayal of Hippocratic oath, professional misconduct and abuse of power and profession. Where pictures of simple shoes as blog shop for my children with own Google accounts after finish the matters and listing passed to them, not sexual split, or in any way, form, or shape dishonour peoples, but expose a simple internet shop?-So where is the crime, to be removed the internet, then my computer to be wiped after and land on the roof the items and why the abuse and jealously?- Where it is time to acknowledge what is real crime and what is a simple business that stands as shop to sell items on the internet, as myself. The reasons why in the UK citizens never prosper at any time, as a load of removal without their own consent, knowledge and permit, bring so much problems, passing the companies to robotic machines, instead of human bodies, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.