The Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, as The Queen of Scotland: Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond will be standing for Westminster, at next year’s general election 2015.

To Dream a Thousand Dreams
Not afraid to dream
when shadows fall at night,
when there is only darkness,
not a crack of light.

Not afraid to dream
when no one at all
notices your bloodied heart
splattered all around.

Not afraid to dream
when locked up in a cage,
only bars are visible
and the water is getting low.

Not afraid to dream
when the world says no more,
when roads converge
on one spot, going nowhere.

To dream is to fly
to scale unscaled heights,
To dream is to hold your head high
and never look back,
To dream is to love without knowing
where you’re going,
To dream is to dream a thousand dreams
and to never stop dreaming.
Sharon Lindeman
New York, USA, 1994.

John McDermott – The Skye Boat Song

I intent to put Scotland in higher place of the world in full honour and on the name of a great woman of substance, that defended her faith, principles and convictions against the most feared men in time history, like Hitler. The same woman that will not take matters with solicitude, but firmly, politely and bravely refuse. A remarkable strong woman, where her convictions lay so solidly, firm and hard in a form of duty, to a country that she regarded her own, as England, even won not just admiration of world leaders – prominent peoples of her time, but the heart of her loved Bertie, the King George VI. The Queen Elizabeth as we know her, as the Queen Mother, who was born in Scotland The Brave, and comes as well with Scottish gentle nature in her roots, she married a future King of England, George VI and out of that deep love were born: Princess Margaret and The Queen Elizabeth II. In which, the last one is the only survivor of “The Four Of Us” as the King George VI addressed his own family with tenderly love (see photo) and we know her today as: “The Queen Elizabeth II and Her gentle, sensitive, nature and always servile husband, The Prince Philip, to Her beside of the UK, world and beyond the seas. The envy said that this remarkable woman: The Queen Elizabeth, as the Queen Mother comes from French national (, I want you to know that I am the first one in the queue to follow suit, as I was brought up – surround by peoples, that helped my own mother and that was the “normal” living standards, on those times, not today, but yesterday!-This complete non-sense in the matters of, The Queen Elizabeth, as the Queen Mother is pure evil envy, as the woman trespassed from an unknown person, to be the most recognised individual and even feared of all. Where not just The Queen Elizabeth, as the Queen Mother represented in a form of home-maker, also in bed with The King George VI that stole His heart, but surpassed politics and government alone, so advanced she was on her times and for the envy of the rest. This matter of The Queen Mother bring so much disputes between brothers (King George VI and Edward), as Edward was always teasing her as loved married woman, this demonstrate when left the UK in standstill and married a divorce. The envy portrayed The future King of England, George VI as the weak between brothers (Edward VIII), well not the true of the matters. As The King George VI got enough guts, valour and strength inside him that we all witness the same, as He and His wife, The Queen Mother stopped a war (WWII) and saved the world from own destruction with the help of the UK peoples and the world who helped, in order to hold the UK – world in one place. “You tell me, please tell me, who got more guts: The King George VI, or his brother, Edward VIII that made a disappearing act out of magic during the hardest times of Britain history and treason the United Kingdom, when he went into the hands of German Nazi, Hitler. (“Fascination with Nazism” ), can you imagine what the UK would be now, if Edward VIII won?”-What broke the man as King George VI was that his Royal Family was ripped apart during and after the WWII in the same way as mine (reasons of my divorce), that He will never address to Edward VIII in the same way as when younger, because the trust gone for ever, as duty to country comes first!-While I do not come with any duty except to my own parents as form of gratitude, solicitude and enormous love to them, but the life of my unborn children and brother is not negotiable and if I need to distance myself from family (Mexico – England) in order to gain justice, in the same way as The King George VI distance himself from his brother Edward VIII to win the most horrible and hardest battles of all times ever known to man – woman alike, then I will follow suit!-I believe strong that Hitler fear of The Queen Elizabeth as the Queen Mother and on that time for several reasons and Edward VIII was one of them, because he would not stand near Her and regarded as, “the enemy” but again, who was the enemy: The King George VI, or Edward VIII that left the UK badly broken during and after the war (WWII) finished, to no repair – the bond, between brothers, very much the same with my sisters and the other brother, also the ex/husband and his sister social worker in war with me for more than 28 years (1985), but not aware of it and reasons of my divorce (2012). As I, the same as King George VI and His wife, The Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother will not stand the lies, tales, lunacy, treason, malice and hate propaganda against them by Edward VIII and my direct family, but no time to tell us of the same as lack of courage the cowards hide in “confidentiality acts” from me and “Hitler” with Edward VIII, so in those 28 years gap as family of mine, eat from the same treason to family!!-The Queen Elizabeth as the Queen Mother, a mixture of fiery and gentle as peal of rose, that dominate social life, politics and government to their lowest point, in order to bring so much to the UK and make sure nobody was left out of essentials and work. This is how much, The Queen Mother loved Her peoples in Britain, with 7 million debt direct to the government in order to give jobs to the rest, food and cloths, She was not an empress – extravagance, but a caring nature individual, that saw England rose from poverty, to riches and she knew full well that the government was rich beyond your dreams, thanks to the Royal Family status, so please no more lies, but gratitude!-Particularly today the legacy of The Queen Mother that was made in good nature and heart, but continues that we are over – staffed in so many places, with hundreds of new names as jobs (social workers, etc) and education tools, born since and after Margaret Thatcher if we remember well in order to expand standards beyond capacity, as today: “Fully booked”- In other words we have more professionals prime donas that the state can possible cope, as is not the profession or such standards that worry me, because many comes with excellent backgrounds and prospectus that out-stand the rest, but the malice that breeds like illness and is born from those places, way out of order. As victim myself of such hatred by professional standards (, that I need to run to Spain for treatment in order to gain further treatment, but the professionals still follows me there (, removed treatment with false pretences, that at the end, I lost 3 healthy teeth, before I could pass out in real life murder attack to me?- As such matters, that I fully request to the House of Lords to pass a bill, where force by law every single profession with up to date and functional videos recorder in perfect working order, before they can dream to touch, address, or seek, a single patient, or benefit claimant, to avoid more problems to the community, as the NHS, DWP (, etc, because is not the system that fails, as one of the best in the world, but the service provide that abuse the community all over the UK. As former career myself, I can not stand the bad practice to peoples of any age and this comes with the NVQ’s that I studied together with the job, as someone that understand psychology and the law no need the abuse of power and profession against your own community, because this is not what The Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip did for peoples, country and land, let alone The Queen Mother and The King George VI. I believe strong the matters of abuse against the community by government and professional staff, happens to all over the UK, not just targets X places – peoples. What I have been able to compile with my blog is the length of time, where England benefit (somehow!) from better standards and very rare Scotland, Wales and Ireland that get hold – pinned in the wall from such important matters, rights and laws, but need to beg for the same in society, politics and even make a full blast in government as Alex Salmond did months ago. Where both politics (Scotland – England) try to mix royalty with government that are two different matters in law (any law), government (present time 8/12/2014), principles (any) and even constitution (Scotland, Wales and Ireland lacks, but lives in the same Island?). Instead government (England), fight against own government (Scotland, Wales and Ireland), or vice/versa (whichever way you want), to reach a better understanding – deals to own community, but the same government standards united (UK=England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) between themselves, to avoid bad feelings each other and leave The Queen Elizabeth II legacy totally alone. As standards in government affect Her Majesty, The Queen Elizabeth II as Scotland badly, because of Her own Mother, The Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother own roots, as I spotted:


I am trying to make conscience here because, The Queen Elizabeth II has a Birth Rights to fight her corner and save herself to be apart of Scotland, as Her own mother roots and why the pulling, who give you the rights?-In the same way as I was pulled from my birth roots (1985) long ago and now from my children after divorce (2012), because all was removed from me in the Trafford Area with full intention, reasons to fail today. As”family problems”of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers lies, tales and defamation against me for so long, so long got me to know the true, in the same way for The Queen Elizabeth II of her own government – politics, where she nearly lost Scotland, unless spotted (by me)?!-Where Trafford council could warn me of the same “family problems” of the ex/husband and his sister social worker years ago, as duty of care to the community, as I am one of them and by law, but failed totally, covering with “confidentiality acts” to carry on the hate propaganda – killing spree ( against me and mine. When in full contact Trafford council with the ex/husband sister social worker links direct, with social services and system in general, because above link did not made itself, but a full profession and their own standards helped in the vendetta – cosa nostra, as the ex/husband sister social worker called years ago, today it make sense. “As mention before, we are full of professionals that we can cope in the UK and making ill the complete community, when trying to take advantage of the most disadvantage”- In this note (, I speak of “time” compare to the Professor that came alive in the news probably charging cash for the matter (taking advantage) and days after ( of mine ( free to read, but protect by trade marks and I hope with respect of my work. As I was talking of fixing video cameras in professionals practices in my note as you can read not humanoids – robots, because I am not eminent as Stephen Hawking with respect, but a complete imbecile according to your peoples, otherwise Gestapo would not be follow me, killing me and mine reputation ( with spread in order to steal. As God is the only eminent with respect in my point of view, because nobody has any rights to kill human kind even with ideas, in order to follow suit even after bio – politics, government, or intelligence, but a simple video camera to monitor malpractice, so where is the crime and why the Gestapo to me?! – Now the “family problems” of the ex/husband, sister social worker and helpers try to fix damages: murder of my unborn children and brother (, continue harassment using mental capacity threads to me (“as if we walk in broken glass”), measured with a bowl of “Spaghetti Bolognese” but refuse to take responsibility of abuse ( by Gestapo, cosa nostra and vendetta and never gained compensation for the ordeal?!”- In terminology is called “broken window theory” in crime matters ( ), but in psychology there is nothing relate to probe in law by me and expose “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers constant, non-stop as their own mother used to tell me of her own children (ex/husband and his sister social worker) and as bad as each other, “as if we are walking in broken glass”-When in law, I am no responsible as I was not aware of any “family problems” as mention before, not even Trafford council staff warned me of the same matters, even left trail ( of criminal activity, other as “broken window theory” which is a crime in law and reasons of my divorce now, but continue holding into me with any excuses: bullying?-


Where in any doctor – gp medical constitution is against the law to seek own family (lost liberty, Magna Carta), so why the continuance to use family (nobody is above the law, Rule of the Law) in any form relate (my children and their own friends), including me and mine (as my sister soco with her own child Riqui, when collect his own mother requesting me to accompany inside the ambulance to be frame – blame after, because all was the same “family problems” of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, as neighbours problems started with Carol in Glossop, to be pass to me and mine (soco) after?- ). I am accused, but the family (both families) still friends (before and after the divorce ?), as you can see them all in FB social life, beside each other in order for me to probe legally, stealing all from me to be used after as evidence, but unable to know as “confidentiality acts?” -As my brother is death and the ex/husband is alive with the lie of dishwasher ( by the ex/husband, but still friends with all my family and friends even in FB, so when I did what they said in lies?-Where I believe strong “the family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers need to sort own matters first in a court of law, before I communicate with anyone and pay any new – old past favours between themselves as arranged before, because nothing comes from me as state by them, as I am pushed from same family so how and when?-Where the same “family problems” need to seek the law properly, for the continue non/stop criminal activity to community, society and my family. I remember the mother (Julie) of a friend of my children, now boy – friend, that were fixed – used by the same “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers (neighbour house #11), where she told me: “Why Rosa, why we need to move from the area, as her own husband left and even insinuate – accuse me of matters between us?”-As why, The Queen Elizabeth II need to pay for professional misconduct of Her own peoples, when removed the Victorian times from all of them to gain a better life, when she was not expecting this wave of hate as form of “thank you”, but full abuse generate (see links: ) and why my unborn children and brother need to perish by the “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers like Trafford council staff, that because of “confidentiality acts unable to tell me any further?- (As the matter of social workers as the ex/husband sister in the UK is well known, not just by me, but the rest speak, from link where it said: The lack of luxury of Traditionl) What The Queen Elizabeth II done in the past – present to deserve pulling her apart from Scotland, when government fails Scottish peoples, not Her Majesty?-I back 100000000% Alex Salmond, but direct with the UK government that need to address matters and fight his own corner to help Scottish peoples in Westminster Abbey, not The Queen Elizabeth II and with my fullest respect as not negotiable, but direct with government. As Nicola Sturgeon becomes the next SNP leader, but Alex Salmond never left the party in the first place but forced into, so again they need to sort own matters, as the vow still stand.


Where the UK is over staffed (, with so many jobs for just one role, as fifty years ago police officers dominate the order in the UK (as example), now the social workers, social services, council staff, solicitors, barristers, judges and even neighbourhood manipulate police, confusing more the system. As The Queen Mother legacy with so many jobs for everyone and just one post, that was made with good heart in order to help the English community to come out of own poverty, with equality to all, but leaving the rest (Scotland, Wales and Ireland) resenting matters, or those jobs passed to own family, friends, pals, etc. As happened to me with the ex/husband sister social worker that got hold of all my jobs – as old ladies, based on lies?- My question: “Have you got a clue into how to handle technology, as many jobs for just one role and many times can be done on-line, as worked at the bank, post office and own eBay business, but form of technology ( read properly, not humanoid – robots, but machinery, as technology) that is cutting workforce, as managers hold into jobs ( ), or pass to friends with no form of training?- Rosario Castelanos de Parker.