The Queen of England, Elizabeth II and The Vatican, Pope Francis: Christmas speech, also our prayers lays with the Archbishop of Canterbury illness, as pneumonia! –

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believe in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” – John 3:16

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I am taking this opportunity to make a Special Christmas request to The Queen of England, Vatican, Religion leaders and the World in general: “My Unborn Children that perished in family problems, due to lies, tales and defamation against my persona”-In which, I am unable to flourish in the world, because all mine stolen, hide, or removed, also reasons why, unable to shine by myself except those that are selected to steal all mine, with false precedences, like thieves. Everything was made since younger by the family problems of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, in a sort of way for you and yours to live and mine died, also enjoy life to the fullest and mine watch and suffer in silence, in other words a distinctive life full of racist attitude. Where the white won against the brown because even today, after years of keeping the ordeal of my unborn children right inside of me, that perished in the flames and rivers of ignorance, hate and racism: I am unable to bring charges for the deaths, also of my brother”- I understand that for you is Christmas, but for me there is not better time than today to bring this matter to yourselves, as even Christmas was removed from me, by the envy of your kind, when my unborn children perished, now my brother. Those peoples as individuals that you call human kind, with little or non decency – respect in life as whole, removed all inside from me, exactly one month before of every Christmas, without my permit, consent and knowledge of the matters, forced against my will by the abuse of the bullies, that comes with no rights in law to murder after, but as joke and many times as form of winning points (see photos). Where I leave to you the hundreds of excuses into why, or why not, to be the first woman in the whole wide world to bring charges and justice for my unborn children, as I understand is new to you, but not to me, or the UK – International law, as murder without my explicit consent, permit and knowledge is murder charges in any language, law and country of birth and so be it in law!-I do not condemn of women that want to have a termination (abortion) for whatever reasons they want, but you have no rights to force me into the criminal side of the matter, without my permit, consent and knowledge, but direct to the man, or family problems that forced me into and unable to remember today?-As I am unable to get pregnant by the holly ghost alone and I need the men part to get pregnant. Where the doctors love the money of clandestine practice of termination (abortion), but refuse to accept responsibility. You may have the hundreds of excuses of today, but on my time, there was no excuses, let alone any exit (the same for the Jews peoples during the WWII and their own boat returned back to Germany), while I could run, jump and even swim the ocean to leave the clinic, but who could accompany me and stop my family, that even today they will not stop harassment, persecution, lies and s-talkies, so when, how and where?- Where in the same way as I was forced into termination (abortion), I am forcing the relevant peoples mention here before previously, to terminate this way of stopping life and persecute the correct peoples not me, in order for me to gain Justice, Memory, Compensation and NON-Repetition of the same matters to me and mine, because life is life, whichever you want to see it and you have no rights to kill, murder and exterminate! – I understand that I will not re-coup my unborn children and brother, but I can impose a Law that eradicate abuse against unborn children – vulnerable peoples in any situation, because mine they have the rights of a life, full stop!-Where I want a bunch of laws, to gain Justice like the rest, exactly in the same way as the bullies operate: expose – frame me of the worse, chain – pin me on the wall unable to move and stole all from me to live, driven by money greed for the last 28 years, non/stop the ordeal and today the intolerance is present and reflects in my blog. Because what you do with your own life is up to you and what I do with my life is up to me, as I will seek my Lord’s not you, but me. I will need to account for any matters of my life, in the same way as you and yours, not matter of who you are in this life, irrelevant in law, principle and particle that regulate the universal system, that operate with accordance to my Lord’s: so you got no escape, excuse and even motive in the same way as me and mine!-This time of the year is a joy to the world and should be a time of happy memories and traditions, but not for me, until justice is gained. You see, since I lost my unborn children my family placed me and mine in time capsule and while your life revolves around happy and content, mine was stolen and placed in the limbo, with no justice and time of parole, until now, that I managed to take your full attention, with thanks!-The responsibility lays to the people that did the criminal damaged to me and mine, not me as I am unable to get pregnant by the holly ghost, as I need the men part and I am a woman?-I am unable to perform my own termination (abortion) in a million years time, as I am not a doctor, nobody can do anything with anaesthetic and I could run exactly where, as you can see me fighting in this blog for my unborn children and brother for the last 4 years, and I am still in the same square and place, so when!?-While the rest of the family and peoples that knew of my unborn children and brother may departed, but ignored matters, unable to continue the after life, but you are full aware, so no excuses!- I intent to gain justice for my unborn children and my brother, from whatever place the criminal activity – damage operate, under the seas, above the sky, left or right, but justice to me and mine!- Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


The Christmas Speech – Message 2014 reflects: “The United Kingdom and Commonwealth of Nations special bond, that reflects 100 year Anniversary of World War I. In which, The Queen’s deeply touched by selflessness of medics fighting diseases. The importance of human value and their own priority, with strong urgency to any kind of reconciliation. Particularly the unusual game of the thrones that lacks any kind of consideration, unity, form, respect, tolerance and tradition direct to Queen, Country, Land and Glory may leave doors open to abuse. The Vatican and religious principles speak open of wishes for peace direct to the world – Middle East, also without reserve attacks diseases of child abuse, making phone calls to Iraq refugees, in which condemns any kind of religious violence – persecution and focuses primordial on Children in peril, God Bless” –

The Queen’s Christmas Speech – Message 2014:
“… A role model of reconciliation and forgiveness, he stretched out his hands in love, acceptance and healing. Christ’s example has taught me to seek to respect and value all people, of whatever faith or none.
Sometimes it seems that reconciliation stands little chance in the face of war and discord. But, as the Christmas truce a century ago reminds us, peace and goodwill have lasting power in the hearts of men and women.
On that chilly Christmas Eve in 1914 many of the German forces sang Silent Night, its haunting melody inching across the line.
That carol is still much-loved today, a legacy of the Christmas truce, and a reminder to us all that even in the unlikeliest of places hope can still be found.

A very happy Christmas to you all.” ~

Pope Francis delivers melancholy Christmas speech:
Dear Brothers and Sisters, Happy Christmas!
Jesus, the Son of God, the Savior of the world, is born for us, born in Bethlehem of a Virgin, fulfilling the ancient prophecies. The Virgin’s name is Mary, the wife of Joseph.

Humble people, full of hope in the goodness of God, are those who welcome Jesus and recognize him. And so the Holy Spirit enlightened the shepherds of Bethlehem, who hastened to the grotto and adored the Child. Then the Spirit led the elderly and humble couple Simeon and Anna into the temple of Jerusalem, and they recognized in Jesus the Messiah. “My eyes have seen your salvation”, Simeon exclaimed, “the salvation prepared by God in the sight of all peoples” (Lk 2:30).

Yes, brothers and sisters, Jesus is the salvation for every person and for every people! Today I ask him, the Savior of the world, to look upon our brothers and sisters in Iraq and Syria, who for too long now have suffered the effects of ongoing conflict, and who, together with those belonging to other ethnic and religious groups, are suffering a brutal persecution. May Christmas bring them hope, as indeed also to the many displaced persons, exiles and refugees, children, adults and elderly, from this region and from the whole world. May indifference be changed into closeness and rejection into hospitality, so that all who now are suffering may receive the necessary humanitarian help to overcome the rigors of winter, return to their countries and live with dignity.

May the Lord open hearts to trust, and may he bestow his peace upon the whole Middle East, beginning with the land blessed by his birth, thereby sustaining the efforts of those committed effectively to dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians. May Jesus, Savior of the world, protect all who suffer in Ukraine, and grant that their beloved land may overcome tensions, conquer hatred and violence, and set out on a new journey of fraternity and reconciliation. May Christ the Savior give peace to Nigeria, where (even in these hours) more blood is being shed and too many people are unjustly deprived of their possessions, held as hostages or killed. I invoke peace also on the other parts of the African continent, thinking especially of Libya, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and various regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I beseech all who have political responsibility to commit themselves through dialogue to overcoming differences and to building a lasting, fraternal coexistence. May Jesus save the vast numbers of children who are victims of violence, made objects of trade and trafficking, or forced to become soldiers; children, so many abused children. May he give comfort to the families of the children killed in Pakistan last week. May he be close to all who suffer from illness, especially the victims of the Ebola epidemic, above all in Liberia, in Sierra Leone and in Guinea.

As I thank all who are courageously dedicated to assisting the sick and their family members, I once more make an urgent appeal that the necessary assistance and treatment be provided. The Child Jesus. My thoughts turn to all those children today who are killed and ill-treated, be they infants killed in the womb, deprived of that generous love of their parents and then buried in the egoism of a culture that does not love life; be they children displaced due to war and persecution, abused and taken advantage of before our very eyes and our complicit silence. I think also of those infants massacred in bomb attacks, also those where the Son of God was born. Even today, their impotent silence cries out under the sword of so many Herods. On their blood stands the shadow of contemporary Herods.Truly there are so many tears this Christmas, together with the tears of the Infant Jesus.

Dear brothers and sisters, may the Holy Spirit today enlighten our hearts, that we may recognize in the Infant Jesus, born in Bethlehem of the Virgin Mary, the salvation given by God to each one of us, to each man and woman and to all the peoples of the earth.May the power of Christ, which brings freedom and service, be felt in so many hearts afflicted by war, persecution and slavery. May this divine power, by its meekness, take away the hardness of heart of so many men and women immersed in worldliness and indifference, the globalization of indifference. May his redeeming strength transform arms into ploughshares, destruction into creativity, hatred into love and tenderness.Then we will be able to cry out with joy: “Our eyes have seen your salvation”.With these thoughts I wish you all a Happy Christmas!

Vatican City, Speech 2014. (AP) —

Archbishop of Canterbury’s Christmas sermon: Thursday 25th December 2014. The Archbishop was regrettably not able to deliver it at Canterbury Cathedral this morning due to suffering from a severe cold, which now is pneumonia and we wish him a fast recovery!-

Isaiah 9:2-7, Titus 2:11-14, Luke 2:1-20. At Christmas 1914 soldiers took the risk, crossed a battle-line and kindled an evening of friendship and football. It is the moment all have picked on this year, whether in adverts or sermons. The truce illustrates something of the heart of Christmas, whereby God sends his Son, that vulnerable sign of peace, to a weary war-torn world. The problem is that the way it is told now it seems to end with a ‘happy ever after’.

Of course we like Christmas stories with happy endings: singing carols, swapping photos, shaking hands, sharing chocolate, but the following day the war continued with the same severity. Nothing had changed; it was a one-day wonder. That is not the world in which we live – truces are rare. Disease does not have any truce. Last week I was in Sierra Leone to meet faith leaders struggling with a plague that has spread across three countries. But Ebola will be as virulent today as it was yesterday, crossing boundaries defiantly. It will be beaten by those courageous people treating and working, both locals and many from this country, but the struggle is hard.

Today there is no Christmas truce in the Middle East, or in north-east Nigeria where Christians are persecuted, with other minorities. The tension in the ancient lands of Jesus’ birth rises by the day. Fear does not have a truce, nor the animosity and hatred whose tangible outcome is increasing separation between Israeli and Palestinian. The Christmas story could be told simply with a happy ending where the gospel reading ended. ‘Shepherds are cold, shepherds see angels, shepherds head into town and see baby, and shepherds disappear into sunrise, happy’. If we end there, Christmas removes us from reality. Christmas becomes something utterly remote, about lives entirely different, fictional, naïve, tidy. That’s not Christmas. Jesus came to the reality of this world to transform that reality – not to take us into some fantasy kind of ‘happy ever after’ but to ‘Good News of great joy for all people.’

It is Good News precisely because God addresses the world as it is. Isaiah speaks of warriors and garments rolled in blood, of yokes on people’s shoulders, of oppression. We know that story; it is the lived reality of so many suffering today. Yet Isaiah announces the news of God bringing light, joy, and exultation, through a child! It is ‘good news of great joy’ because a helpless baby (who is God) becomes the one who changes this world decisively. Differently to any other figure in human history Jesus breaks in, not to help us escape, but to transform and take hold of our past, our present and our future. This baby brings the promise of forgiveness, the certainty of love and the hope of peace.

This means that whilst we must truly face the state of the world to which Jesus came, we can – we must – be equally realistic about the difference he makes. Jesus did not come for one day. Jesus changed things for ever. He comes to the person who turns and calls to him, bringing forgiveness and new life. That is an offer to all of us today, whether full of the joy of Christmas or in the midst of a personal darkness of despair and hopelessness. If Jesus can be laid in a manger there is nowhere that is not fitting for him to come, no person who is unfit to receive him. He comes to the person nearing death, whether that death is premature or after a long life, and he brings the assurance of his presence, and the hope of eternity. Jesus is the promise that ‘God is with us’, no matter what.

To the region caught up in war or to the family caught up in fights, he offers a transformation of hearts so there might be reconciliation. He offers a stepping out of the trenches, away from positions taken against enemies – and into new paths of relating. He comes to lives that can too easily get caught up in acquiring, amassing, consuming and self-obsessing, bringing a shift in our horizon – beyond ourselves, to those who don’t have what we have. If we hear this story properly we look away from ourselves, from our life with its care and burdens. This is freedom: as our perspective widens, so we are healed. This is good news of great joy for all people. The epistle to Titus describes his impact, the creation of people and communities that live out the reality of the love of God in Christ.

Yet because Jesus comes as child, as baby, we are not manipulated or forced, we have freedom to choose whether to hear his story properly or not. This baby is love so fierce it changes universes, love so gentle that the weakest is free to choose. Rowan Williams puts it beautifully in his poem ‘Advent Calendar’,

‘He will come, will come,

will come like crying in the night,

like blood, like breaking,

as the earth writhes to toss him free.

He will come like child.’

Jesus does not remove us from reality, he indwells it; and he indwells us if we invite him. To be indwelt by Christ changes our understanding of reality, so that with his eyes we may see the world and love it, overflowing with the love that he gives to us. Last week I saw a young woman named Monica near Freetown [in Sierra Leone], teaching a group of Ebola orphans to sing about Jesus building community. Her face, her manner, her pragmatic Christ-likeness is before me in my mind as I remember. That is the impact of the baby in the manger, the impact of the one who reaches out to us and brings not a day-long truce but permanent peace with God, not escapism but to a call to be those who change the world in which we live. What an extraordinary God this is who makes all the difference in the world. Don’t we all long for his reality rather than our make believe? The question is whether we will have open hands and ears, hearts and lives to receive him, not just on Christmas, but each day of our lives. More than that, having received him, whether we will make it our life’s aim – like the shepherds – for the sake of his world to be the difference Jesus came to bring. Jesus is no mere 24-hour truce: he is joy forever.