Top Surgeon, Joseph Meirion Thomas in war, with abuse from NHS staff ..


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Joseph Meirion Thomas could no keep quiet about the abuse of the NHS and caught the attention of Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, who ordered a full investigation. The Professor J Meirion Thomas, who is Senior Surgeon both private and NHS practice at The Royal Marsden, faced investigation for refusing treatment to health tourist. In which, before all those professional Surgeons exposed the matters of abuse within the NHS, I came alive in full pubic, in order to highly the (abuse) problem that the NHS face today. My persona profoundly express within the “family problems” of the ex-husband and his sister social worker, that works for Macclesfield Hospital, even the ex-mother ( spend time in and out from hospitals – to hospitals with several illness, fractures and health scares, but I was falsely accused and I am not a social worker?-When I understood matters of “family problems” was a more serious nature, but far too late, I was divorce!- When the ex-husband parents (Betty and Bernard) placed their own daughter social worker, to look after themselves when older, to no avail. I was falsely accused years ago by the Trafford council – direct payments staff (Anita Jones) of neglect old people, when the ex/husband own mother was admitted to Stockport Hospital for so many times, but again I am not a social worker, but her own child?-I was not in contact with the ex-husband direct family except birthdays, anniversaries and festivities, which is once a year, so when?-Apparently in health as social worker, community staff and social services, reflects “neglect” by own daughter (carol parker), direct with her own mother (Betty), not me?- I am not a social worker, I never was into any health relate matters, neither worked in any hospital that I can recall, except a simple carer!?- My aim is to clear my name as I was falsely accused, but unable to know the “reasons why” until today. As the following link could not made itself, but aided by a wave of corrupt peoples that’s exterminate the English system (as top Surgeon, Joseph Meirion Thomas mention), also nothing to do with The Queen Elizabeth II, Her peoples, or the community – society in general, but professional misconduct and time to stop, full stop the abuse, simple implant videos in every single health relate practice.

I do not question the English system one of the best in the whole wide world, but the criminal activity, the abuse and misconduct. I believe strong that all the false accusations relate my family (corona, azpiri, matamoros, hazz, nuñez, carol and david parker, etc) against me, when my own mother visit the UK, but unable to have her with me for longer periods of time. I had financial problems that reflect today, in which my sister in Germany (soco) was full aware of the matter, but unable to tell me of the spread against me, as she was part of the matters?-My own mother the same as the ex/husband mother very rich indeed and owned properties, also money in the bank that my own family were using and cashing for themselves, but sending to me – my own mother, when they knew full well that I was broke thanks to all of them and then spreading of my reputation?-I can not understand the abuse from family, particularly as one of them was a social worker (now divorce) sister of the ex/husband, and you?-I loved my mother very much, but not enough when broke, from where?-I found the matter abusive indeed, when my own mother was very rich and my elder sisters and the rest of the family stealing, also abusing the situation, or perhaps covering, even my own brother that passed away was financially exploited. Unfortunately, when people do not have the financial means in a foreign country and hard of hearing individual as myself, unable to have extra responsibility that I already carry alone, as I had to bring my own children with no financial help from the ex-husband and fully married, remember?-I do not complain of my children as the best present from God, but to carry alone, when there was a proper system implanted in the UK and I need to carry several jobs in order to survive, plus school fee’s?- Where the Top Surgeon, Joseph Meirion Thomas, refused to attend foreign people, as I understand my family have money but exploit the UK system, by using the ex/husband and his sister social worker that opens (sponsor) the doors to this country courtesy of the tax payer, not their own pockets, but yours, as I am unemployed, removed all with lies, defamation and tales, even the area, remember?-

Where if I work again in the country not matter if I am UK born, or UK citizen apply the same, but I have the rights to request by law in which part my holly and almighty TAXES and contributions will back me after, when unemployment, illness, or in pension standards arise. As I lost all by the same present government standards, that removed all from me ( with lies of their own staff (as my neighbor house #11) and the rest of the country badly affected by the same abuse. As on that time and even today all my jobs – income removed, by the “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers (neighbor house #11, job center plus staff as neighbor house #11, also member active of our neighborhood road as neighbor house #11 and not just happy with such matters, also trafford council staff representative of disabled peoples as neighbor house #11, but at the same time removes all from me and mine with spread, false accusations against a resident, as I am one of them, but I could not hold into anything for longer periods of time, because of the same low attitude form government staff and neighbor house #11 and you call that British standards, or racism, hate propaganda, intolerance, spread, ASBO, criminal activity, criminal action, criminality, crimes to society, etc?). Where I live in the fear that Top Surgeons as Joseph Meirion Thomas, removes all and even treatments as I lost 3 healthy toots for the last year or so, by the NHS and private dentistry staff and all to please, “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister ( social worker and own helpers, that regulate the kind of abnormal system and even use my children to help them and work for the community, or against the community (or 50 – 50 in the stakes of the gamble!) and trying hard to confuse the same community – society?-

NHS (scandals):
etc ..

The abuse between my own family and the social worker sister of the ex/husband that should know better as born in England, but acted wrongly against my persona, very cruel indeed, abused her own position and misconduct in her own job place ( ), by (swapping her professional card) opening (sponsor) the UK doors to members of my own family, in order for them to bring a wave of hater preachers, to me and mine? – Can you imagine this kind of abuse to you and yours for more than 28 longest years (1985-2015), non stop the fight, as their own mother told me of her two children (ex/husband and his sister social worker) and as bad as each other, but falsely accused of to be “the problem” (in order to cash?) and since when, as all removed, so how?-Acting the ex/husband and his sister social working like the Krays brothers, that got hold of the complete area and beyond. Where the “problem (ex/husband and his sister social worker)” passed to the UK state complete, as I am divorce. My children and I refuse to start another war, because we are not weapons against society and because we were not aware of family problems at any time in the past and reflects, as Trafford council refused to investigate “the problem ” and so I did (!!- Where my family and the social worker sister of the ex/husband, still very much in contact “after the divorce” as you can check the social places, with little care, or respect into all my matters, to be blame after for anything that happens and without my knowledge of such friendship taken place?-As if, I am in the center of their own private life stealing own family, matters and friends (sergio gomes pintado, etc), as they do to me in the past – present times with little care, respect and knowledge, for after to be blame me and mine (children) of any matters and with any excuses?-As I was falsely accused of my brother’s ( ) death (RIP) soon after happened, but without me knowing of such friendship taken place since after my marriage (1985), with intention to steal all mine (friends, family, work, now my children, etc), blame me and mine after with any lies, tales and defamation keeping themselves hide in the occult the cowards, with “confidentiality acts”- In order, to continue abuse the “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers today (2015), even after the divorce (2012) that still in contact with each other, to act against me and mine because that is the reasons, but some of them act as social worker (sister of the ex/husband), for the benefit, not against of the community and society in general: “As me and mine (children) represent society?”-

Furthermore, those peoples that represent themselves as family when it suit them, but try to use – frame me and mine (children) to continue abuse and somehow, to made us account responsible of their own actions in the past – present, when my children were not even born, but enjoy the cruelty, until their own game is over, as today. As we don’t mine friendship but to account in a court of law, for the crime committed ( as professionals themselves, criminal activity ( of constant non – stop molestation to me and mine and furthermore the murder of my unborn children and dear brother that stand today ( with no justice!!”-Where the ex-husband sister social worker spend such great time, money and even resources of the tax payer by sending to me and mine (children) a full wave of hate propaganda and vendetta as far as Mexico, Germany, Canada, Cancun, etc, even when I tried to bring this level of abuse within the NHS staff to the public, to no avail. Where I mention before the ex/husband mother tried with little chance to stop the bicker-y between her own children to no avail, but I was made to be the ” problem” instead to re-direct all their own problems and hide criminal activity, to the extent to bring a complete madness to “all about me”, but nobody question “all about them”?-Where I question legally: under the section 63(3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of “good character”, at any work (paid/unpaid/charity) with anyone that represents the UK system in any way, form or shape, even professionals. The reasons why we said no to gagging law ( ), such act jeopardize the freedoms of the community particularly: “The Queen Elizabeth II that stand to lose all, even with the Scottish fiasco in the past, but we managed to stop, the abuse. As both ministers, politics and government staff: “Scotland and England (Ireland and Wales)” need to speak open of problems that arise in the same government, politics affairs and the community, not keep playing ” games of the thrones” with matters that do not belong to them, but The Queen affairs. Where that is not politics affairs to jeopardize the legacy of The Queen, Country, Land and Glory, but cheap government, because is either you play the games of the rules, or you are out of the job – full stop, there is not other option and exit.

As I, myself or peoples like the Top Surgeon, Joseph Meirion Thomas do not work for the government, but helping. When we (me and the doctor) do not get paid for to do the job, but a wave of abuse to me in the past – present from the same system (DWP, NHS, etc), but who regulate such abuses, as the state is in the hands of foreign criminals (as you call us), with UK nationality?-I do understand that they are foreign peoples in the UK living with such low standards, but we are not all the same and treat in the same way as your enoch powell account and lie and that is racism (, hate propaganda and discrimination to any standards, principles and regulations. Where the Government staff Christmas holidays for 3 long weeks + full pay, leaving the important matters of the state to peoples like myself to address in my humble blog and with no wage to live present times. As all my ideas are stolen from me, to use in your speeches and misguiding the community?-Where the government arrive this week and speak of “next year general election” which is this year 2015 and who’s in charge of the rest of the year and political affairs, because I am out!!-Until I get professional fee’s for my work, as I got bills to pay in the same way as the rest and I do not care a bit, as all is regulate with endless holidays paid taken by the same government staff. As how many Holidays the Prime Minister, David Cameron used last year and who address the state, while he is away, but people like myself, but I do not work for any government (Mexican – British) and refuse to carry on without wages, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.