Des milliers partout dans le monde: solidarité, libertè, fraternitè, unité, humanitè, avec Paris: “Je Suis Le France” ..

Thousands rally for Paris victims.

Тамара Гвердцители – Памяти Эдит Пиаф (1988)

Charlie Hebdo Attack, 7 of January, 2015 (RIP): Je Suis Le France. I spoke of Nationalism around the globe ( and unfortunately molesting foreign nationals that lost own country for many different reasons and need to live abroad in foreign land with different religions, traditions, laws and even principles is not helping anybody. When such foreign peoples got their own country of birth totally destroyed, without a small of remorse, a bit of compassion, or even a bit of intention to repair the matter, but the dynasty wants to continue today, with the business?- While I understand that every brother and sister is different, but if the American people wants so more of the past mistakes, “War of Terror” as it was called, then you should go on your own, at your own peril, without taking the rest of the world with you and I mean the UK, also my country Mèxico and worldwide!- As we can see clearly, with the matters of Charlie Hebdo Attack (RIP) !?- As the American government use in Politics affairs to take advantage in the matters of immigration (cashing!), knowing with full facts that the wife of former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush is a Mexican born to control our peoples in America. Promoting the Bush brand and trade mark, instead to show the full patriotism, “as Mexican born”, but selling us – Mexicans: for American peanuts, American doughnuts, American pop – corn and even American soda. In order, to pin in the wall all the Mexicans peoples living in America and continue the business (oil resources) as unusual, using the tax payer (Americans!!) to fork any kind of crimes in the Middle East, Mèxico and worldwide and all for the love of the black gold (oil)?- We Mexicans peoples are made of skin and bone, individuals, that have feelings, also communicate such feelings, somehow!!- As many as 50% of my Mexicans peoples lack education, resources, money, freedoms, work, prosperity, or any other means, ways, or forms to gain own matters. I am doing free advocacy on my Mexican peoples as position us in the world, exactly in same place, as the one, you call oppression!- So, where is our crime as Mexicans, how makes us criminals without the tools (Mexican army, order – law, etc) and resources (money, business, etc) to purchase a form of protection laws (Mexican law, ammunition, rockets, bombs, order, etc). Please tell me in the name of God how, as Mexican national with no resources, as where I can see is oppression, not freedoms, because the same of us – Mexicans, 50% perish in the Middle East!- The Middle East matters calls war on terror = oil and in Mexico calls drugs barons, pemex = oil, but the same matters in different sides of the world and lead by the same government – politicians, as we lack of resources, so how?-When the terror groups as you call them are feed by the same government, not the community as we lack forms, ways, means and even resources, so how?- Here, I should ask the Bush – Blair groups to remember of such wars (Middle East, the 11/11, etc) and the cause of today so much pain as Charlie Hebdo Attack (RIP ), with my most respect to every single victim, but how the rest of immortals can commit acts of terrorism, without resources?- I feel the same as the rest, responsible for the whole wide world attitude towards the oppress and I cannot continue viewing such acts of criminal acts – activity on the news. When I understand fully well, the principles of laws and what such laws stands for the community, not against of the same community and peoples, that comes from government and staff, because us the community lacks of resources! -I am not interfere in the matters, but doing advocacy of such matters by the extent of abuse of power and profession, in order to protect individuals, that lacks of protection laws removed by the same government, so where is my crime?!-Where, I ask my Lord, to give us a response, for such murders, or at lest 50/50% chance of survival. Where I ask my Lord, for a bit of pity for us, a small remorse of such crimes and please stop cruelty, full stop!!-


Unfortunately, the reality of the past and present matters need to be contest in a court of law, with the international law and crimes, for the amount of such murders, abuses, criminal activity, as account in law: as genocide – holocaust!?- I mean to say that, as British MP, David Cameron asks American President, Barack Obama to help with the war on terrorism as mention before and I wonder, if we are confuse, as the world cannot commit such acts of crimes, terrorism, negligence and murders spree as lack of resources, but the same government staff and politicians. The lack of respect between peoples from different parts of the world, colors, cultures, disabilities, sexual orientation and even religion is what makes racism difficult to control today, participate in free communication, debates in politics and even integrate those peoples into our society, but a wave of racial stigma, confusion, child (sexual abuse) attitude and hate propaganda. Affects badly our society and community relations, when the same government staff lacks knowledge of principles in life, as “The Noble Qur’an”- Because, “The Noble Qur’an” and Muslim world are 2 different matters in law: “One is the Religion itself (with respect) and another is the Person that follows the same patter of Religion”-Now, because is not your religion that you follows for your own path in life, you got no rights to intimidate the rest, in the same way count as crimes, both acts in law: totally wrong, unlawful, without means, ways, or even form, as the law is not invisible. “As we count in law: freedoms to religion, freedoms to pray without reprisals of feeling fear and freedoms to express that religion in the wide open, but inside a building (church, etc) without hiding the matter (not outside on the road, intimidate!), or to be ashamed of the matter, but respect, tolerance, equality as there is laws, even divine laws!-


When I am showing photos that do not belong to me at any time, form, or shape (with respect), as you can view them in this note, but I am not intimidate the world, only highlighting such crimes – abuses, that nobody wants to take full responsibility of the matters, because my advocacy to the most vulnerable in the world is with not cost, for you to read, but not to copy, as my trade marks. The bullying to religion affairs as Charlie Hebdo Attack (RIP ), also the crimes commit for such acts, both acts are crimes. Respect means in our society that because the God in Principle is not your own, you go not rights to insult somebody’s, furthermore to take the law in your own hands for any reasons, so both acts – ways unlawful and out of order legally, if you want advancement, not to come back to cave times! –


We need to remember ( the reasons why, many foreign peoples lives presently in your own country, furthermore when their own country lives in permanent war, due to your own politicians and government staff past – present mistakes. So when the government clean own mess properly again, then peace will be granted in fullest, as many of those foreign nationals will return back home again, but hide and ban matters only makes such matters worse, not gain any better. As jeopardize even The Queen Elizabeth II, own matters, as place Her in the same place as vulnerable peoples of the world. It is important to speak open of the real dangers that represent “the ignorance”, without suffering reprisals, as myself, that protect with the law, as it is my right to protect vulnerable peoples, as I understand the law, psychology and the meaning of life.


As the cause of problems today for the continuance of hiding such criminal activity in the world, that affect badly the lives of vulnerable peoples. As the world choose to ignore such avarice, abuse, intolerance, racism, hate and bullying, that stand the Middle East, Mèxico and vulnerable peoples of the world, so let´s to balance accordingly, into what is the reality. I spoke of my “family problems” in my blog ( to highly my own problems and request help to the UK government, not to be used my material without my consent, permit and knowledge and with little respect to my unborn children and brother, as I am unable to use the law in the UK, to gain Justice!- The Palm Tree down below stands as all my family and their own problems knew of the matters and abuses against me and mine (unborn children and brother) since day one (1985-2015). Today the “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers still be-friends each other families (in social places) after the divorce, with little respect to my matters (unborn children and brother) and acts, as nothing ever happened?-Instead to address their own criminal activity – abuses against me and mine in the past – present times, in a court of law for the crimes – abuse commit, to no avail. As the Holly and Almighty Palm Tree belongs to the ex/husband mother since a small tiny matter – problem (1985), that grows out of proportion by lack of communication between families that cashed (2015) on my name with lies, slander and tales of my reputation, with the full benefit of the rest ( ). Today the “family problems” lives in hiding; Germany, Mexico, Cancun, UK, Canada and elsewhere courtesy of the ex-husband sister social worker, that opened the doors to each one of them against me and mine in the UK, paid all expenses by the tax payer, also left in hiding the UK (maybe) in same way as they enter the country and all thanks to the social worker, but blame me and mine (children!) after?-When both families use all me and mine including my old friends, with little respect and without my consent, knowledge, or to be aware of problems, but frame, accuse, lie of my reputation and hide in “confidentiality acts” the cowards!!?-I ask: if this is what social workers does to the community to be against own community, as the above link did not made itself, but a wave of criminal activity by the social worker, sister of the ex/husband?- As my family entered the UK to bring such hate to me and mine (children, sister, brother, etc) for more than 28 years that lasted the assault, terrorism and abuse to my persona and all that is mine (children, sister and brother), but nobody told me a thing, except left a, “palm tree”, packed with full of lies. Now the “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers (members of my family, council staff, etc) try to frame the ex/husband parents as they passed away (RIP). When in reality, if never such lies of the ex/husband sister social worker and the rest: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, the dishwasher never told that way in hiding, but in a court of law by the defamation against my persona, then, we would not be in this state of war, between families, that acts in friendship, or in state of hate when it suit them?- All this circus display by the ex-husband, his sister social worker and helpers with no respect of the death (RIP): my unborn children and brother, but I got the blame and I lost contact with family after married (1985) and emigrate to the UK, now divorce for the same, “family problems” (2012), so when?!-


Paris attacks: David Cameron to discuss greater spying powers with UK security chiefs, as calls to revive snooper’s charter grow. My question regarding snooper’s charters (with respect) grow: Against Freedoms of Religious affairs, because that was the problem in the first place in France (RIP), as mention before. Where peoples of any colors, nationalities and country of birth can pray with such freedoms and not in hide, using their own building (church, etc) and not in public inciting the rest., with phantasmagorical ideas, ideals, aims and sub-realism, but the reality to prevail!-


As we have the Magna Carta (freedoms), also the Rule of the Law (where nobody is above the law, nobody!), International and National Laws, Regulations, Human Rights Acts and so is not that easy to continue hiding such criminal activity as mention before, either by the bully, or those peoples that do not respect the law, freedoms and understand “The reality” –


The Prime minister wants to be cut links between: “The European community, the Human rights acts, Benefits and UK system as whole, also Scotland matters that belongs to the Queen as ancestry, but want to gamble and in which rights in law the abuse?”-It doesn’t matter how things are address in present times in politics – government, or in which order appear the relevant matters in law, because either way is the sad reality of our life: spying, stalk, follows, or any other ways, forms or means that affect the whole structure – pattern of our society. Where we could get a better standards of life in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland), cheaper and clean of hate propaganda, abuse, intolerance, corruption and bullying. As you can read the speech of MP, David Cameron. I ask: who is in war?-Why the hate to the Middle East peoples (Afghanistan, etc), when they are extremely poor to start any war?- The extremist peoples are feed by the same government staff, that use them in the Middle East (Bush – Blair) to protect the black gold (oil), including Mexico is used the drugs barons, so how?-Where the world cannot cope any longer with such racism, idealism and hate, maybe need to be address the matters ASAP, even with the International Law. As many times the child of an immigrant and maybe perhaps a criminal – terrorist ( ) could be yourself, because in “reality”, we are all the children of foreign nationals, so please respect! -Where not matters how we come, as we all come with a past: good, or bad, but the color of skin is not a passport for better life, so please respect!-

10365790_708736459174269_1151464857421576970_n (2)

And Yes, I do come from France as well as Mèxico and even Jews of Spain by my own parents – parents and I can not be more proud indeed of such gorgeous roots, traditions, blood and peoples thanks to the genes of my parents, that stands as mixture of everything, including all the colors of the rainbow. As you can see the photo of my mother´s parents (down below), which is my granddad (a French National), as he was extremely tall indeed, blue, white and blond and my petite grandma, brown, brown and brown, just like me!-

IMGP0827 copy

Unfortunately, for me the color of skin means nothing. I grow up with all the colors of the rainbow in Mexico, thank´s to my parents, that gave me all and every single opportunity. My parents never for once guessed of my ability to perform, in the same way as the rest of my family. The competition with members of my family was extremely hard for me, as you can see the racism and preference, otherwise I would not be writing of “family problems” that do not belong to me, but such peoples that act as bullies. I got there in my life safely and somehow, I develop better than the rest of such peoples that call family. My lovely parents put my incapacity and any color preference on one side, because I was born normal and develop meningitis after, when much younger and themselves mixed with all the colors of the rainbow. For my parents was more important for me to probe the world of my capacity to perform properly and in accordance with any religious status, laws and principles of life, than any others matters, excuses, or even motives and with thanks! – Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

My Parents when younger, as I can not be more proud of both of them! ..