Harvey Price gets £1,000 per day UK Social Security Benefits (DWP), but not the rest of the population as heavy price to us? ..

“Enoch Powell has offered me £1,000 to go home, which is great, because it’s only £10 on the train from here to Birmingham and I wonder what UKIP (http://tinyurl.com/l595jed) is willing to offer?” .. Lenny Henry.

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I must to point out that when capping a person for social security benefits not matter age, colour of skin, religion, disability and even incapacity is against the law – principles that govern the UK, totally wrong, childish, immature, unsuitable, racist, bullish and discriminate the person – victim badly and when we said badly is the bottom. “We must defend Katie Price’s right to welfare benefits for her disabled son”. http://tinyurl.com/l4n6vv2 Well, I am not defending the matter of Harvey Price (with respect) and I want to explain the reasons why not of such matters. I must be the first person in the United Kingdom who oppose such difference in culture with Harvey Price, racism of whatever is the (your) problem and supremacy (believes in grandeur), because in the same way is/was the Prime Minister, David Cameron own children ( RIP http://tinyurl.com/l9kx3t4 ), that relay on DSS benefits in the past but all forgotten in the present (with respect to Ivan RIP) and not the rest of the population and in which grounds in law the abuse?- When The Queen Elizabeth II made the system available to all UK residents in a form of equality – regarded off, not just a bunch of rich individuals of the state, like David Cameron and Katie Price, that works and pays benefits to the state and so the rest of the UK peoples like myself in the past, so why the difference (of colour, sex, age, religion, incapacity, illness, etc), abuse of power and profession and discrimination and in which grounds in law the racism, abuse and intolerance?-In reality such children of famous peoples got the posh, position, means, opportunities and earns in cash, but not the rest of the country. The matter itself is not envy, because I believe myself capable of that lifestyle and much more, but removed from me in the past as all my jobs – business gone with the help of DWP staff, as neighbour house #11, neighbourhood house #11, job-centre plus staff house #11, etc (too many jobs into one? http://tinyurl.com/p4rcdva), that calls abuse of power and profession, including and not extent, exploiting the resources when full aware of crisis, if exist such crisis!?-The UK government looks like my Mexican family that the 3 (amigos) elders sisters got every opportunity in life with the help of the rest of the family (me) and cashed (sold us) on our holly name and tree (http://tinyurl.com/przppq4), living super well but not the rest of the family (me and mine), left to neglect, decay and despair and not much different from the ex/husband and his sister social worker lies.http://tinyurl.com/loz3gsc Where we need to be born with the silver spoon to qualify in order to receive help – benefits and parents (David Cameron and Katie Price) rich beyond your own dreams but qualify (somehow?) and not the rest of the UK residents that are capped all the time, humiliate in public all the time and exposed to fear, danger, abuse and infinite matters all the time, with endless medicals exams, bedroom taxes, hate propaganda and even bullied all the time, in order to save the nation millions (to keep themselves!). When in reality the rich and famous are all ALLOWED to claim anything in the UK, but not the rest of the country and paying benefits, taxes and more taxes and in which grounds in law: the abuse, assault and stealing?-


In any law worldwide the matter – difference is totally wrong and racist, as one person not matter age gets better status in society as Harvey Prince (because his parents are rich, millionaires, famous, etc), but not the rest?-It happened to me with the ex/husband sister social worker because of her status as UK born (me UK Citizen) get better life and paying the same taxes, she gets better standards of life even get away with the murder of my unborn children by spread ILL of my reputation, as the law is powerless (?), also she gets to hold her social security benefits as her condition (with respect) qualify not matter how much she earns (even by ill spread of my reputation!) and me hard of hearing gets fresh air (as my condition = hard of hearing), but paying the same bleeding taxes? ..etc, etc. Where it gets to the point that if I ever work again in the UK, I have the full rights by law to request the UK government staff (http://tinyurl.com/p4rcdva) in which grounds by holding the law, my holly taxes are going to be used, as when in times of need as today, I am left in point blank and my bank balance shows and reaches Zero (tolerance) and like me the rest?-

DWP (Unemployment-ATOS exams and Bedroom tax):
http://rcp13.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/george-iain-duncan-smith-secretary-of.html?utm_source=BP_recent http://goo.gl/c5tnnP
http://rosario1960.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/keir-starmer-qc-wants-tough-stance-on.html?utm_source=BP_recent http://goo.gl/EyaxLn

The matter of difference between one tax payer (David Cameron, Katie Price and etc) and the rest of tax payer (me, etc) is discriminator, even as the one that do not pay taxes in time present, but maybe in the future (with any hope!): student, disabled, child, etc. http://tinyurl.com/o343mq4 As one person (David Cameron, Katie Price, the ex/husband sister and etc) not matter age receives benefits and another person (me) with the exactly the same illness (hard of hearing, etc), incapacity, or needs in life – paying taxes (as I was) would get not help and in which grounds in law the abuse and assault to me and mine?-As the Prime Minister, David Cameron got the best resources in law (his brother, Alex Cameron http://tinyurl.com/nwuju5b) to even intent to over – pass the magna carta and the rule of the law (just to start!) with any excuses, as the law is not a lottery ticket to the amusements of the corrupt peoples that holds the same law, but on benefit of the community, not against society, so be aware!- In other words: “Nobody can pass the law as it please the person, without a proper reason, or set of reasons, but a good grounds in law, not even The Queen Elizabeth II,, let alone The Prime Minister”-If The Queen Elizabeth II never abused Her position in the UK and above the Seas as the highest command in law and representative of the country, land and glory, why the Prime Minister, David Cameron and in which grounds in law the abuse of power and profession, as he is for the benefit of the community, not against?- http://tinyurl.com/ot58egq Equality means everybody gets the same benefits – standards in life, either in cash, health, social life and system.In which nothing wrong with the UK system as whole, but we question legally the amount of “accidents” that result in “deaths (http://goo.gl/RG9NB0)” after of the same principles, that cost not just money to the tax payer (billions in claims), reputation of the UK as whole (http://tinyurl.com/kkvpu5n), but lives to the same. http://tinyurl.com/o42w3oy Again: the matter is not ENVY, because I believe strong that all the peoples in the world can produce well if given the correct tools – material in life, but if the government staff comes and steal all from us as lack of capability (because I can not see any other reasons), so when?- http://tinyurl.com/p4rcdva


My P45 as the photo shows, mean in law: that I worked and paid my contributions to the state, with not just one job at the time, but endless jobs in order to pay the exuberant lifestyle of the ex/husband and his own country – taxes. Today my benefits removed totally by the UK Minister and in which grounds in law the abuse, assault to my persona?- http://goo.gl/c5tnnP As I am disabled as Harvey Price (hard of hearing), discrimination for whatever reasons the department for work and pensions – DWP staff (http://tinyurl.com/p4rcdva) comes with such excuses, lies, tales and inequality totally into one illness, colour, sex, religion, age, incapacity (Cameron, Price and the ex/husband sister social worker, etc.) against the other (me) and in which grounds in law the abuse, hate, financial gain, intimidation, racism, etc?- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-30224493 The same Nick Clegg as he should know better, because of his own wife works in legal fields and the law is not invisible, but real. As the UK is full of disabled – vulnerable peoples and Clegg never interfere before to help any of such peoples, unless comes with flashing money as Kate Price Family, that stands today collecting £1,000 per day, per child, plus child benefit, etc?- http://tinyurl.com/mynfvdd Ed Miliband is not different for the benefit fiasco – matters, as he comes with well paid job, great benefits, plus expenses, for him and his legal field wife, so no excuses. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-27911518 Racism is the difference into one human person to another individual, excluded from society not matter reasons, colour preference, incapacity of any kind, as age is not a barrier, also freedom of religion, but treat better than the other half, then criminal charges for the assault to vulnerable peoples that put the UK government into a catalogue of bullies. As many victims of the UK government takes own life, plus the crime by government staff that stand as murder charges for the victim itself of the state and before you acknowledge matters, the marry goes around with the abuse of power and position, with such Hitler ideas, ideals, aims that long passed to a better times, or same as today?-


Please tell me WHY of the difference that cause such racism into our society – community, with hate propaganda, barriers, chains and lacks inclusion, as incapacity, colour, religion, status (Jews – Arabs), age, or any other excuse is not a passport for a better life, because we all belong to the same God, World and Community. As in my case, the ex/husband sister social worker treat me in the UK for the last 28 years non/stop, with a wave of intolerance, hate propaganda, abuse of power and position against me with any reasons and excuses, otherwise not even the holly and almighty palm tree would be exposed in full public that stand as witness ( http://tinyurl.com/przppq4 ) of the interminable abuse to me and mine, even today, when we all belong to the same world, tell me WHY!!!??- We all have dreams for a better and stable world, not just you and yours, but the rest as well, as members of the same community, not matter colour, religion, status (Jews – Arabs), age, sexual orientation, incapacity, etc! – http://tinyurl.com/oh2n8ry


Who gives you the RIGHT to condemn peoples just because they are JEWS – Arabs, or because of colour preference, incapacity, sexual orientation and even age, when that stigma – racism alone is not a passport for a better life to anyone, as we all come with the same birth rights, laws and regulations!! .. Rosario Castellanos de Parker.