The Chameleon speaks again: “British Prime Minister, David Cameron” –

Cameron leans on Netanyahu to pursue two-state solution!-

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I am getting sick of such false prophets and their own peoples that steal the work of another person, with little or not respect to the individual creditability as myself, except to mislead a complete whole wide world. The matter happened to me to be used as “the go between” without my permit, consent, receive a remuneration for my work, or even respect to my matters, but like thieves STEALS all mine ( see Spanish Metaphysics ) and pretend, leaving me with all kind of backgrounds to sort own mess after. I wonder how many of your own wives, sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins, or even nieces would be in my same position, surround with the low of the low, as the ex/husband sold me and told me after 28 years of marriage, which become plans from “family problems” against me. Today the bullies of “family problems” that attacked me for more than 28 + years none/stop can not cope with me, in full public telling you: “all about them” when in the past they were telling everyone, “all about me?”- Such bullies of “family problems”, that even brushed the Timperley – Trafford area where I live, placing defamation to my character in wide open and in full public to read (see photos of “defend life” ). In fact such bullies of “family problems” even create so many public platforms, in order to gain, to mislead and to hunt. I wonder how many of you and yours in reality “defend life” and place yourself in such clinics, that kills not just the child but the mother alive?-How many of you and yours, in reality stopped my sister (tere) in Mexico, or the ex/husband (david) in England to take me to the chambers of horrors?- When in reality there is not excuses to murder, as the UK helps “on that time, not this time” single mothers and benefits?-Whichever God, or even Faith you believe, don’t even dare to lecture me with any circus displays, that even Hitler, returned the boat back to Germany, full of Jews peoples that intent to escape the German Holocaust, so how?- In the same way as my sister Ana Pia, that drove my father’s car from Puebla to Mexico Airport, escorted with my mother as witness, in order to return to Britain for more and I still got the Mexican Passport, so how?-So as you can see all the crimes in my family from both sides, as the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that started and followed: murder, hate, spread, genocide, holocaust, intolerance, anti-Semitism ( wave of well organised “family problems”, that continue today, in order to gain for own purposes. Except now all is forgotten by the “family problems”, trying hard to (frame) pull my children into the same waveland, when my own were not educate to be tools against society.

“While I don’t condemn such peoples that want, or don’t want to have a termination (abortion), so who gives you the right, to even dare intent with me, when you do not know the full story of my life?-For a woman to get pregnant, she needs the man matters, full stop!-So how we women get pregnant and the man hide – protect by law, that can not act properly, except when suit them, as formed by men?-. In which women stand accused “worldwide” by the same law, principles, church, society, community relations of directions that want with own life either: termination, or not termination (abortion), but lack of manhood?-Please tell me as an adult person that I believe and I am dealing with: how I got pregnant so many times, by the Holly Spirit, an invisible alien, instead of a real manhood?-I believe, I deserve to put an end to any gossip, spread, hate of such peoples that stand as “family problems” with such low standards (Spanish Metaphysics ), even use a simple book to get revenge of matters that happened to them. Instead the cowards to face the real culprit that started the “family problems” against them, somehow the confused individuals and their own groups of lunatics (“psychopathy” ), that cashed on my unborn children’s names with no form of respect, no mercy and no even a drop of remorse in the crime (, including the (local ) government staff: Mexico, UK, Worldwide. I want justice in the same way as the rest who are falsely accused, for more than 28+ years with lies, defamations and tales by the “family problems”, when my own body can not produce what men does in real life?- Where I could not book my own termination as unable to speak English in the UK, in fact I left the ex/husband sister social worker the English job in Puebla, Mexico “before the wedding (if she remembers?)”, as the same place where I was studying. “As before and after the marriage, I could not speak English, but sold like a slave, when I was cancelling the wedding”- In the same way my sister tere need to stand next to the doctor to make sure he done the job properly (abortion) and arrived to flor’s house after, in order to hide, complete the crime and live (cash $$$££££) from the matter.


I want you to understand very clear, that I do belong to any Mexico – United Kingdom Political party, that act “as if”, when “I am not”- I will never sell The Queen Elizabeth II, neither the Mexican peoples. “I stand as Independent political party with humanitarian grounds, to benefit not against the community”- I said this matter as all my notes in my blog are taken into consideration by both set of government (Mexico / UK), with no knowledge of the matters, permit, reasons, or remuneration – cash payment, but stealing my work, as one example of the multiples.

I wrote as Israel ( on/line supporter:

The primer Minister wrote his own copy as mine (the rest of my blog stolen my ideas)?-

While I thank for the preference, but unfortunately the UK and Mexican government hide my blog with any excuses, in order to use all mine and made their own political ideas, ideals and aims, with little, or not respect in my own matters. As you can see my paypal account as my blog reflects stands empty (, but the government (Mexico and the UK) accounts are leaving full and the country dry?-

When singers, writers and politicians earn by own means and matters, why not me, but stealing all mine to give to the lowest, of the low as the ex/husband told me of his “family problems” vendetta. Where the ex/husband purchase my side of the house, but unable to get a solicitor to purchase anything, as the letter written by his own solicitor send a wave of confusion to whoever I am dealing with, even use the children, acting as little boy?!-The same matters and ways happened to HRH Princes Diana of Wales, exploited financially in the past and even today, by using peoples (, or Duchy of Cornwall. I work for myself in Humanitarian help, but the same as the rest, I expect to receive cash for my work, not expect to live from fresh air and even my own UK benefits removed. Where David Cameron and Nick Clegg 5 years political performance, that stand in complete shatters: ( ) has they finish with the country, or not yet? – The Arrogant (as they call not me British Prime Minister, David Cameron let’s peoples to sort own problems when the law exist is not invisible at any time (, removing everything from the most vulnerable (me), with no mercy, compassion, or respect in the matter?- My question is where shall I sent my bill for all my humanitarian work stolen from my blog, using “confidentiality acts” of Trafford council staff in order to help, “family problems” of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, making even invisible deals in order to trap me with further abuses and passing the law and their own power, that stand the rule of the law, the magna carta, etc:

Trafford Council (scandals):
etc …

I want to make an appeal and request to the (or any wife) wife of Prime Minister, David Cameron, while I thank for the compliments in my humanitarian work, but I will not stand to any false accusations, in order to monitor her husband. As I said before: I refer here to any politician as politics affairs only, anything that pass – over pass the line of decency and creditability against own principles, not matter if comes from the same wife of the politician, irrelevant in law and I will sued for defamation. I request respect in my humanitarian work, in the same way as I respect the rest. I treat everyone with respect and I expect to get the same, this was writing (The Chameleon speaks again: “British Prime Minister, David Cameron” – ) as a result of all my matters given to the lowest of the low, with no respect and in which grounds in law?-

Pro – Life and Pro – Choice, you sort your own Life, as I am doing mine.
In fact, I do not need to agree with any of your choices, as it is your Life, not mine!!
Rosario Castellanos de Parker.